RIAH – Chapter 65: Social Media Weapon

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Chapter Sixty-Five: Social Media Weapon

The answer was naturally negative.

Chu Ge couldn’t even handle Yan Jin, much less the hamster that Yan Jin could not properly deal with.

Xiao Yu had found out a long time ago about the itinerary that Yan Jin had left behind for Chu Ge. However, the hamster had no plans of complying with it.

Now that he had the additional identity of ‘great demon’, Chu Ge would not dare to force him at all. Instead, Xiao Yu was able to tyrannically abuse Chu Ge.

“Squeakk!” Water, water.

“Ayy, coming.”

“Squeakkkkk.” Melon seeds and walnuts.

“Okay, okay, hold on a minute.”

“Squeakkk!” Where’s the human?!

“I’m washing my hands. Coming over right away!”

On the second day after Yan Jin had left, Chu Ge was already contemplating the things he needed to prepare to resign from the Yan family.

That little fellow is simply too tyrannical. I really wonder how Yan Jin manages to tolerate him.

It was natural that Chu Ge wouldn’t know that when Yan Jin was around, Xiao Yu would not be as arrogant in the first place. The doctor was the only person to be bullied by Xiao Yu to such an extent.

As Chu Ge did not possess the ‘supernatural ability’ to understand animal languages like Yan Jin, whenever Xiao Yu had something he needed Chu Ge to assist with, the hamster would type it down on his iPad, then call the doctor over to take a look at it.

Xiao Yu felt that it was very troublesome to do that because Chu Ge was not as convenient as Yan Jin. The chairman was better after all.

The human and hamster who loathed one another did not get along well right from the beginning.

It was like that until –

On the first day of the Autumn Release Conference, Xiao Yu started lurking on his QQ account early in the morning. However, there was no news from Yan Jin at all. He thought that it was quite strange until around ten in the morning when he was surfing the contest forum and discovered a notification that there were only five more hours left until the opening ceremony.

Xiao Yu glanced at the time and realized that the first day was the opening ceremony. It mainly consisted of announcing the exhibition booth placements and letting the guests of honor and corporate representatives interact. Which was why the itinerary was only planned for half a day from three in the afternoon to eight in the evening.

*Sighs*, the whole morning was wasted waiting for nothing.

The slightly depressed Xiao Yu watched Chu Ge playing on his mobile on the sofa and decided to redirect the blame.

For the sake of Yan Jin’s business trip this time, Chu Ge had taken a whole week off from work. Initially, it was against the rules, but because Chu Ge’s status was quite special, the one-week leave was quickly approved with Yan Jin’s help.

“Squeakkk!” Xiao Yu jumped and plopped onto Chu Ge’s thighs.

“Ohjes-“ Chu Chu was startled as he quickly put down his mobile and stretched his hand out to stabilized the hamster lord.

Xiao Yu pointed at the iPad on the coffee table and it had ‘Pour water for me’ written on it.

Chu Ge pleaded: “Fishy, wait a little while more, okay? Once I’m done with this round, I’ll go get you some water.”

This round?

Xiao Yu perked his ears up as he stuck his head out to look at Chu Ge’s mobile screen.

Just as expected, the familiar scene from Toxic appeared on Chu Ge’s mobile screen. Chu Ge was actually playing Toxic?

Xiao Yu remained silent as he stood on Chu Ge’s thighs, tugging on the doctor’s pants as he stared at the screen.

Chu Ge did not know that Xiao Yu wanted to watch him play, so when he tried to withdraw his hand, the hamster stopped him.

“Squeakk.” Xiao Yu pointed at Chu Ge’s mobile. Thankfully, the doctor was smart as he immediately understood the hamster.

“Fishy, you want to watch me play? Well, why not…”

Chu Ge placed Xiao Yu onto his shoulder so that it was easier for him to watch the game from a higher perspective.

Xiao Yu was very satisfied with Chu Ge’s tactfulness. He sat on Chu Ge’s shoulder and began to observe.

After watching for a while, Xiao Yu felt that something was amiss.

Chu Ge’s hero was a short mid-lane mage. He had neither evade nor barrier skills and was overall squishy. However, his strength was his ability to control his powers and ambush people from the bushes. With just a single set of skills, he could pick a minion off easily. It was a hero that was more suitable for being a badass in the early game and ambushing in the end game.

The problem was, it was already twenty odd minutes into the game. The number of kills for both parties was at 41-20, yet Chu Ge’s battle score was at 0-0-5.

It did not seem like there were any big issues with this battle score – it may be possible that Chu Ge had poor luck and did not manage to get any kills. Xiao Yu had started watching from mid-match, which was why he did not realize the issue with the doctor’s battle score. He watched how Chu Ge had defended the mid-lane tower and had never gone to ambush anyone. He thought that Chu Ge was simply waiting for the right opportunity.

It turned out that when the next wave of team fighting began, Chu Ge excitedly went to help out and successfully controlled the opponent’s archer. Then…

He ran.

Xiao Yu watched in shock as Chu Ge gave up the chance to kill, ran away from the battlefield, and didn’t even bother to look back.

The match had come to an end. Che Ge’s team had the overwhelming advantage while the other team just struggled until the end and was defeated very quickly.

Chu Ge did not forget what he had promised Xiao Yu earlier. He got up and poured a cup of water from the small kettle that was custom made for hamsters.

Yan Jin had customized this set of miniature furniture especially for hamsters. It was extremely troublesome for humans to use, but it was user-friendly for Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu accepted the small kettle and took a sip as he calmed himself down. Then, he watched Chu Ge start another match.

In this match, Chu Ge was still a mage. Compared to the previous match, this mage was better at crowd-control. Furthermore, it had been upgraded recently. The spawn rate was way too high as he used three area of effect skills to control the crowd. The defense barrier was terrifyingly thick, as was the damage from the attack skill. It easily crossed the tower and got five kills.

Eight minutes into the match, both teams’ kill counts were 10-11 and Chu Ge’s score was 0-0-1.

Xiao Yu jumped down from Chu Ge’s shoulder and landed on the mobile screen.

“Fishy?” Chu Ge got a scare as he released his grip and let go of the controls.

Xiao Yu ignored the doctor as he stepped on Chu Ge’s hand with his feet to stabilized himself. Next, he laid his entire body onto the screen and started operating Chu Ge’s character.

“Eh?” Chu Ge seemed to realize something: “You wanna play too, Fishy? You should have told me that earlier. I’ll download it on your iPad.”

Xiao Yu replied with a squeak.

It was not that Chu Ge minded Xiao Yu using his account – his rank wasn’t high enough. Besides, he was not aiming to raise his rank, so it would not have mattered how it was played.

The only thing that troubled him was the fact that he was constantly reported recently. It cost him quite a bit of points, and if he lost any more points this round, his account could be banned for a while.

I’ll treat it as an offering to the hamster lord then, Chu Ge thought pathetically.

Then, the doctor was deeply insulted.

First, Xiao Yu headed to the wild area and killed two beasts and gained one buff. Next, he manipulated the character and charged straight to the enemies’ den from the mid lane. When enemies got near, he would release two crowd control skills and calmly widen the effects, immediately killing off two members from the enemy’s team. One opponent had evaded and ran out of the battle area. Xiao Yu swiftly caught up.

Triple kill.

Xiao Yu ignored Chu Ge, who drew a deep breathe from the shock. He controlled the character and released an assemble signal. After purchasing equipment to power up his mage attacks, he forced his way over and ended the game in just five minutes.

The post-game screen came up: Xiao Yu’s character, which was also Chu Ge’s account, became the MVP with a score of 10-0-8 and two triple kills.

Chu Ge had his eyes wide open – that was his first time getting MVP. At this time, he wanted to prostrate himself in worship towards Xiao Yu.

“Fishy, nonono, God Hammy.” Chu Ge flattered Xiao Yu with a peeled melon seed: “Shall we start a match together?”

Xiao Yu nodded his head reservedly.

The idle afternoon passed by as Xiao Yu led Chu Ge in those matches. The doctor’s techniques were simply too crude. Xiao Yu immediately made Chu Ge his apprentice and started doing master-apprentice missions together.

Several master-apprentice missions later, the hamster and human relationship had visibly advanced by leaps and bounds.

“Fishy, Fishy, I got killed by the opponent’s archer.”

“Squeakkk.” Wait and see, I’ll avenge you.

“God Hammy! The opponent’s assassin became legendary!”

“Squeakkkk!” Don’t panic, it’s just some crazy growth. Wait for me to get up.

Xiao Yu’s main account was almost at throne rank, so he opened a new side account and led Chu Ge around the lower ranked matches. It was annihilation the whole road, triumph in every battle, and simply invincible all the way.

Xiao Yu successfully gained one fanboy named Chu Ge.

“Speaking of which, I didn’t think you would play Toxic. Yan Jin doesn’t play any games at all.” Xiao Yu typed.

“I’m a person that follows the trends closely, unlike that country bumpkin Yan Jin.” Chu Ge spoke without restraint knowing that Yan Jin was not around.

In reality, the only reason he played this game was because his current girlfriend was a university student and this game was quite popular among female university students.

After they finished a match, Chu Ge stretched his fingers and said: “I didn’t expect Yan Jin to dote on you so much that he even opened a QQ account for you.”

“Squeak.” Why, of course.

Xiao Yu thought to himself that Chu Ge didn’t even know that Yan Jin had also opened a xBao account for him.

Chu Ge suddenly realized something as he turned around suddenly. Then it dawned on him: “I was wondering why he would suddenly install a completely useless elevator. So, it’s because of you.”

“He even installed the button on the floor. The longer you live, the more things you see.” Chu Ge ridiculed.

Xiao Yu shot an arrogant glare back and was lifted by Chu Ge: “Let’s go, Fishy. Let’s not play games. Bring me to the second level to see what new additions there are.”

Xiao Yu did not mind at all, but just as he was about to agree, he suddenly heard the sound of his iPad notification alert.

“Squeakk.” Xiao Yu began to struggle like crazy.

Chu Ge reluctantly placed Xiao Yu back onto the table and tried to negotiate: “I’ll bring you and the iPad to the second floor, okay?”

Xiao Yu took a glance at the icon that popped up and opened the memo app. He typed: “My friend is looking for me. You go ahead and start a match first, we’ll go upstairs after two matches.”

“You even have friends? Can I see who they are?” Chu Ge leaned over.

“They’re the big shots of the demon world. You could be silenced if you see it. Are you sure you want to see it?” Xiao Yu weaved his lies guiltlessly.

“In that case…” Chu Ge resentfully withdrew his curious gaze and shifted to the farthest end of the sofa: “You may carry on, I promise not to peek.”

Xiao Yu nodded his head contently and opened the conversation tab with the demon world’s big shot – Grey-white SS.

[Grey-white SS]: Impressive.

Xiao Yu was overjoyed. Yan Jin’s appearance meant that the opening ceremony had already begun.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: What’s impressive?

Xiao Yu purposely feigned ignorance.

Grey-white SS sent a picture. Xiao Yu opened it and it turned out to be the Autumn Release Conference’s evaluation for the chosen works.

Xiao Yu casually glanced through and saw his own work awarded in the Most Popular and Best Design categories.

One design winning two super grand awards – that was rarely seen, regardless of which competition it was. Xiao Yu suppressed his agitated emotions and continued to scroll down to look for familiar names. Sure enough, he found Lin Zhou’s work among the qualifying awards.

Hah. Xiao Yu snorted coldly in his heart.

The final placing, which was also the exhibition placing, would be a combination of the awards given and the decision of the invited guest-of-honors. Although the ranking was more or less confirmed looking at the awards given.

Xiao Yu was a little puzzled. The individual work category and the corporate work category was evaluated separately, but this picture only had the award list for the individual work… In the next second, he immediately realized something. Could it be that YL’s ranking was bad and Yan Jin was embarrassed to show him?

Hehe, you think that would stop me?

Xiao Yu opened the private chat group for the qualifying designers. Because he had forgotten about the time while he gamed earlier, he even forgot that he had this convenient QQ chat group.

Just as expected, the chat group had released the full list of award evaluations for all competitions half an hour ago.

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