RIAH – Chapter 78: Insomnia is Also Contagious

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Chapter 78: Insomnia is Also Contagious

Later that night, something made Xiao Yu extremely angry.

Yan Jin said earlier that he would bring Xiao Yu back into the bedroom to sleep. It was already eleven, and five minutes ago, he clearly saw Yan Jin turn off the bedroom lights from his current position.

It took five minutes for Xiao Yu to realize that Yan Jin’s actions meant that he had completely forgotten about Xiao Yu.

He could not believe that Yan Jin would become a heartless asshole who forgot about his pet once he got a boyfriend!

……Okay, so it seemed like he was also the boyfriend.

Suddenly, Xiao Yu felt a bit lacking.

He was angry that he was not able to return to the bedroom. This was the first day of their relationship, and he could not even sleep in the same room as his boyfriend.

Though truthfully speaking, Xiao Yu was not too miserable at the moment. He lowered his head as he happily reread his conversation with Yan Jin.

The surface of his iPad felt hot from the long use. There were over 100 messages back and forth between them. Most were just casual “flirty” messages. In the beginning, they discussed the unfair conditions Xiao Yu had to fulfill in order for Yan Jin to agree not to investigate him. Later on, their chat was filled with Yan Jin’s one sided questions; like Xiao Yu’s favorite foods and such. Xiao Yu refused to answer the more personal questions like whether he ever dated a guy before. The last bit of their conversation involved Xiao Yu painstakingly coaxing Yan Jin to go sleep with great difficulty.

Hmm, it seemed that Yan Jin was not entirely responsible for forgetting about him. At the very least, Xiao Yu himself also bore part of the blame.

Normally, Xiao Yu would feel sleepy the moment he entered his small house, but tonight he couldn’t sleep at all.

He did not know why, but every time he closed his eyes, he would remember the miraculous experience of having Yan Jin confess to him, and then he would not feel sleepy at all. At times, he would even start laughing by himself just thinking about it.

He had a boyfriend. Yan Jin was his boyfriend.

Xiao Yu cheerfully rolled around in his little house.

Bloop bloop——

After twenty six years of being alive, this was the first time someone had asked him out.

And coincidentally, it was also someone he liked.

Wait, erase the previous sentence. He never said that he liked Yan Jin. The most that could be said was that he appreciated him, appreciated.

No way would he let Yan Jin off that easily. He still had to hold Yan Jin accountable to forgetting about him tomorrow.

Still, it felt unbelievable that Yan Jin actually liked him for seven years, seven whole years!

This was even more incredible than the plot of a TV drama. If this had not happened to him personally, Xiao Yu would never believe that something like this could happen in real life.


Xiao Yu carelessly rolled out of his little house and bumped against the slide. Then he suddenly remembered the boyfriend that Yan Jin had brought home the other day.

Hold on, Yan Jin said that he liked Xiao Yu for seven years. Where did the boyfriend come from?

At this point, Xiao Yu almost charged into the bedroom to interrogate Yan Jin. Xiao Yu would judge Yan Jin’s guilt after he got the answer.

……Luckily, he managed to calm down before he did anything rash.

Fine, he should not blame Yan Jin. Since he had never appeared before Yan Jin, it was unrealistic to expect Yan Jin to save himself for Xiao Yu. He could write off the ex-boyfriend as long as Yan Jin remained faithful to him from now on.

Speaking of which, just how was Yan Jin was able to recognize him?

No matter how Xiao Yu ponder about it, this whole situation was like a fantasy. Xiao Yu remembered that Yan Jin had previously mentioned his favorite designer. He even said that as long as that designer’s work appeared before him, he would be able to recognize it.

At the time, he sneered at Yan Jin’s words, but now it seemed like there was some truth to it.

Did Yan Jin recognize him from his work? Which one?

By now, Xiao Yu no longer intended to sleep. He started to think back on the conversation they just had and he quickly came to a conclusion.

Jade Court!

No doubt, it had to be due to the Jade Court! But why?

What made Yan Jin recognize Jade Court when he never noticed Xiao Yu’s other designs?

Xiao Yu could not make sense of it, but he decided not to continue dwelling on it.

In his previous life, up until his car accident, Yan Jin had never sought him out. This matter clearly showed that there was no danger of the human Xiao Yu ruining things for him. And obviously, he would not expose himself, so there was no need for him to worry over this matter.

Forget it, he should just stay calm and date Yan Jin.

Xiao Yu happily rolled in a few more circles before returning to his little house.

He had always wondered about Yan Jin’s sexual preference in the past. Now he had his answer.

This explained why Yan Jin never had any scandals—— Chairman Yan was gay. This news was one that could not be spread.

Hn, Yan Jin was lucky he was bi-curious. If he was a completely straight man, even under Yan Jin’s threats, he would still refuse to compromise.


Xiao Yu decided to quit while he was ahead.

Although a pile of matters still cluttering his thoughts, Xiao Yu’s sweet mood finally allowed him to enter dreamland.

The night passed peacefully and quietly.

The next day was also the second day of the Autumn Release Conference.

The various enterprises brought forth their best efforts to attract more visitors to their booths. And although YL had superb results yesterday, they did not rest on their laurels. Even with their chairperson away, they were able to show uncommon execution and cohesion. All of the exhibition items were placed neatly in their display and all of YL’s employees went about their business in a well-disciplined manner.

On the second day, the sign for the Jade Court was changed; the word “Winter” became “Spring. Accordingly, the heavy winter snowfall became a spring scene full of vitally.

The people within the industry quickly realized that based on the current trend, the Jade Court should have a total of four forms: winter, spring, summer, and autumn. It just so happened that the fourth day, when the theme would be autumn, was also the last day of the Autumn Release Conference.

The truth was as they predicted. This was the arrangement Xiao Yu planned out on the proposal he sent to Yan Jin.

Xiao Yu did not know if the set design was something Yan Jin prepared. He secretly felt that it was more likely that the other designers in YL pitched in. But no matter what, the way the Jade Court was portrayed in the exhibit corresponded perfectly with how Xiao Yu imagined it to look.

Yan Jin had led a group to work overnight to enhance the scenery of the four seasons for the Jade Court. Though Xiao Yu did not want to admit it, the end results were better than the drawings he sent. At least, it suited the atmosphere of the Autumn Release Conference more.

Xiao Yu did not believe that either Yan Jin or a designer from YL was better than him. There was only one explanation for this situation—— Nannan was not a professional within this industry and naturally could not compare to the insights of the world-wise Yan Jin.

Xiao Yu yawned as he checked the news posted on the various forums and on weibo.

He did not know why he woke up early today, but with nothing better to do, he crawled up to see what was happening at the Autumn Release Conference.

Who would have thought that not even twenty minutes later, Xiao Yu would see the freshly washed and incredibly handsome Yan Jin come out from his bedroom.

This rare sight shocked Xiao Yu and he quickly looked at the time.


Was this still the same Yan Jin who refused to get up before nine unless he was forced to do so by urgent matters?

Was insomnia also contagious?

As Yan Jin walked through the living room on his way to the kitchen, his gaze never wandered.

Xiao Yu: “Squeak!”

“Hmm, Fishy?”

Yan Jin looked back at the sound. Xiao Yu did not know whether he was mistaken, but he felt that Yan Jin was smiling and even his usual, universally acknowledged, frosty expression seemed gentler.

“What is it?” When Xiao Yu did not reply, Yan Jin stooped lower and reached out with his hand: “Are you feeling uncomfortable?”

“Squeak.” Why didn’t you bring me back to the bedroom last night?

“Oh, I forgot, I’m sorry.” Yan Jin immediately admitted his fault, but the happy tone of his words made Xiao Yu suspicious of whether Yan Jin truly realized the severity of his mistake.

Yan Jin felt as if his entire body was floating. After his apology, Yan Jin seemed distracted and became lost in his own world. He did not even notice the resentment in Xiao Yu’s voice.

Xiao Yu tried squeaking a few more times but Chairman Yan, whose whole body was surrounded by pink bubbles, did not pay him any attention. Xiao Yu gritted his teeth and ruthlessly——

He clung to Yan Jin’s finger and vigorously rubbed his face against it, as if he was marking his territory.

Hn, this person was already his. Even though he is a bit dumb, no one could snatch him away!

At lunchtime, one person and one hamster sat harmoniously in the dining room to eat when Yan Jin suddenly asked: “What was your previous owner like?”

Xiao Yu was not a person (hamster) with modesty. The moment he heard the question, he immediately described “himself” as a handsome, sophisticated, and talented person who loved small animals. At the same time, he complained about how Yan Jin neglected him last night.

“Oh, I have been meaning to ask you……” Yan Jin squinted his eyes: “If your previous owner was so wonderful, why did you leave him? You’re a hamster spirit, you couldn’t possibly have gotten lost.”

Xiao Yu, who just dug his own grave, was speechless.

Yan Jin looked at him with eyes as bright as a torch.

In the end, Xiao Yu sorrowfully typed on his iPad: “Although my previous owner was a great person, unfortunately, he was also very poor. That’s why, that’s why I wanted a change of surroundings……”

“Very poor?” Yan Jin touched his chin, speaking to himself: “That’s unlikely. How could such a talented designer be unable to make money?”

It was fortunate that his made up answer did not incite any suspicion from the love-struck Yan Jin. When Chairman Yan heard that Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both was really poor, Yan Jin immediately sent him the reward from the Autumn Release Conference.

Xiao Yu watched as Yan Jin completed the task and put down his cellphone. Yan Jin smiled as he poked Xiao Yu’s little tummy, then asking softly: “You wouldn’t mind having another owner would you?”

He stopped for a moment before adding: “A male owner.”

“From now on, we can all go vacation at Four Seasons Manor, like a regular family of three.”

Xiao Yu thought hah.

Please don’t joke. That was impossible unless he could split into a human and a hamster.

Though these were his true thoughts, Xiao Yu cooperated with Yan Jin and obediently nodded his head.

“Squeakk?” You’re talking about my previous owner?

“You can even guess that? Am I that obvious?” Yan Jin asked sweetly as he reflected on his actions.

Xiao Yu felt a bit embarrassed to watch.

My god, whose family’s chairman is this? Quickly, come and take him away before I become blind.

Hold on, it seemed like that was his chairman..


Today, Xiao Yu received his fourth miniature artifact. Although Yan Jin was lost in his own romance, he still had not forgotten about their monthly celebration, which made Xiao Yu happy.

Compared to the other three miniature artifacts, this one was not as stunning, but it did have more heart-warming significance.

That was because this artifact was modeled after Yan Jin’s villa, and each corner of it gave Xiao Yu a sense of familiarity. He was even able to find his cage on the desk in the master bedroom. Of course, given its miniature size, there was no way for Xiao Yu to fit in the cage. However, amusingly enough, he found a hamster figurine inside the cage. The adorable figurine had his head lowered and was protectively biting his melon seed.

No doubt, it was supposed to represent his own (hamster) self.

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