RIAH – Chapter 79: The End and the Sequel

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Chapter 79: The End and the Sequel

The miniature artifact showed that the fourth empty room on the second floor was now being used. Although the decorations were not as magnificent as the earlier ones, it retained its original look with snow white walls and an ordinary little square table. If the other rooms were a “luxurious feast,” then this room would be a side dish with a unique flavor.

Xiao Yu paid special attention to the number of rooms on the second floor. He found that there were ten. Although he did not know if all of them could be used, considering the speed that these rooms were being occupied, they would be filled up sooner or later. Xiao Yu was actually very curious as to what Yan Jin would do then. He wouldn’t go so far as to buy another villa right?

Naturally, Xiao Yu was not as surprised as the first time he received his miniature artifact. Still, he looked forward to finding out what kind of miniature artifacts he would receive each month. As for the golden presents, although he would not refuse them, there was no way Xiao Yu could admire those terrible designs.

While Xiao Yu played in the game room on the second floor until sunset, Yan Jin had tossed away his work in order to hide at home to get closer to his boyfriend. The Autumn Release Conference went on smoothly, completely unaffected by this pair of irresponsible lovers.

The Autumn Release Conference announced its conclusion three days later.

Due to the many newsworthy stories at this year’s Autumn Release Conference, the media brought a lot of publicity to this event. The scope of this year’s conference was probably the biggest one in several years. Though it was too soon for the results to be apparent, according to Xiao Yu’s godly perspective, he conservatively estimated that this year’s Autumn Release Conference would have an even greater impact on the sale of new releases than in his past life.

Xiao Yu might not understand all there was to know about YL, but he did know that YL’s online sales were not especially outstanding. YL’s in store sales usually relied on advertisements and promotions. That was why Xiao Yu was able to predictions about the effects of the Autumn Release Conference.

As SI’s former chief designer, and as the current mysterious designer, it should be Xiao Yu’s obligation and responsibility to pay close attention to the Autumn Release Conference. But who would think that after three days, other than eating, drinking, and playing, he basically did not do anything constructive.

It was not because his determination was not strong enough. I was all Yan Jin’s fault that things turned out that way.

The Chairman Yan who was lost in his romance was not someone ordinary people could deal with. Within these three days, Xiao Yu received countless messages from Yan Jin on QQ. Messages like when he woke up, when he slept, what he ate, as well as a forum that caught his attention. It was almost to the level of madness. No matter what Yan Jin ended up doing, he had to tell Xiao Yu about it.

Maybe for another person, it could be sweet having a lover who volunteered information of what they were up to. The problem was, Xiao Yu already knew exactly what Yan Jin was doing all day long, and as such these reports were redundant.

Not to mention, what Yan Jin did was a huge burden to Xiao Yu, because he had to nervously and cautiously hide himself in a corner in order to reply to Yan Jin’s messages…… Luckily, all of Yan Jin’s attention was consumed by his cellphone and he did not notice anything, which greatly lowered the pressure on Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu was exhausted by Yan Jin’s relentless behavior of reporting every single detail about his day. To be honest, he felt that instead of wasting time like this, Yan Jin should take him upstairs to play for a while.

This was not even the worst thing Xiao Yu had to deal with. The things that made Xiao Yu really feel like falling apart were the pictures Yan Jin kept sending him.

[Grey-white SS]: I just ate with Fishy.

[Grey-white SS]: picture.jpg

Xiao Yu accepted the file with complicated feelings. He did not know how many pictures of himself he had received from Yan Jin.

Yes, this was Yan Jin’s most regrettable habit. It was as if Yan Jin didn’t know how to take a selfie. No matter what he was doing, the picture he sent to Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both would always depict a hamster.

It was downright evil.

After racking his brain to understand the significance behind Yan Jin’s action, Xiao Yu finally gave up trying to make sense of Chairman Yan’s inexplicable actions.

Finally, the nightmarish three days passed and Yan Jin had to go back to work. The extremely grateful Xiao Yu sent Yan Jin off at the door, waving his little claw energetically. Perhaps his actions were too obvious, as Yan Jin raised an eyebrow and took his cellphone out to snap a photo before sending it to Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both.

After Yan Jin left, Xiao Yu logged onto QQ and unsurprisingly received two new messages.

[Grey-white SS]: picture.jpg

[Grey-white SS]: It’s admirable that you were able to raise such a worrisome hamster.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: Meow? If you don’t like it, you can give it back to me.

[Grey-white SS]: Okay.

That “okay” was a shock to Xiao Yu’s poor heart. Luckily, Yan Jin quickly added another sentence and did not leave him to panic for long.

[Grey-white SS]: I’ll return it to you, and you return to me.

[Grey-white SS]: A fair exchange.

As Xiao Yu let out a sigh of relief, he quickly denounced Yan Jin’s unpredictable intentions.

After chatting for a few minutes, Xiao Yu used the excuse of having something to take care of in order to logout.

After all, he knew that the roads in S City were not easy to navigate. Since Yan Jin drove himself to work, he didn’t want Yan Jin to get into a car accident because they were too busy chatting.

Not to mention, Xiao Yu could briefly remember that Yan Jin’s driving skills were a bit rough. Once, he even violated traffic rules by stopping in the middle of the road.

It was obvious that Xiao Yu’s memories were biased. He completely left out the actual reason for Yan Jin’s actions and blamed everything on Yan Jin’s driving skills.

Xiao Yu: dailyblamepushing.jpg

Other than hoping that Yan Jin would focus on his driving, Xiao Yu also had another reason to go offline —— Nannan had just sent him a message.

After Xiao Yu logged off, he immediately hid his active status before logging back on.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: I’m sorry, these last few days were hectic and I wasn’t able to thank you properly. The money was sent out earlier. Have you received it?

[Nannan]: Oh, that’s fine, that’s fine. Guru is a busy person.

[Nannan]: I received the money. Thanks a lot Guru.

[Nannan]: I saw on the news that this year’s Autumn Release Conference went well. It’s all because of Guru.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: It’s looks great right now. If YL is able to properly utilize this opportunity, they won’t have to worry about sales for the next six months.

[Nannan]: Oh, oh, that’s great.

[Nannan]: Guru…

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: If you have something to say, just say it.

[Nannan]: It’s nothing big, I just saw on the news that SI didn’t seem to do so well this time.

Xiao Yu froze for a second, suddenly feeling a moment of crisis.

He was well aware of the tragic outcome SI faced this time and did not need Nanan to evasively hint at it to him. But for Nannan to specifically bring it up now, could he have discovered something?

There were many pictures and videos from the Autumn Release Conference. He could not guarantee that the human Xiao Yu was not filmed at the event. The human Xiao Yu’s enmity with YL was very apparent, yet Xiao Yu always had a caring attitude towards YL whenever he spoke to Nannan. This contradiction might seem off to others.

Xiao Yu pondered a bit before deciding that a conservative responsive would be better.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: SI was caught a bit unprepared this time, but their foundation is still there. You don’t need to worry.

This was a complete lie; one without even a hint of truth. Xiao Yu understood very well from his past life that this time’s Autumn Release Conference laid the groundwork for SI’s downward slump.

To be mediocre in this industry was to be eliminated. Although SI had not fallen to the point of being mediocre, unfortunately, YL was boosted to a stunning level. One mountain cannot house two tigers. After the Autumn Release Conference, YL went from being cautious and low-key to actively baring its teeth and claws against the old established brand of SI. YL would suppress the unprepared SI up until the day Xiao Yu got into his car accident.

Only Xiao Yu himself knew about these future events, so his diplomatic words were enough to fool others.

[Nannan]: Oh, so it’s like that.

This was a case of Xiao Yu overcomplicating things. Truthfully, Nan Wei only asked about SI on account of Xiao Yu being his future sister in-law (?). He really didn’t have any intentions of questioning Xiao Yu’s motives.

He was suspicious at first when Xiao Yu sent the initial design drawing to him, since he could not be sure if Xiao Yu was telling the truth. Now that he had witnessed how Xiao Yu was able to help YL rise to the top with his own eyes, he knew that his suspicion was not warranted.

Actually, the reason he contacted Xiao Yu today had nothing to do with to the Autumn Release Conference. Instead, he felt awkward bringing up the real matter he wanted to speak about, so he was just warming up to the main topic.

[Nannan]: Oh, that’s right Guru. Are you busy at the moment?

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: No, I’m not. Do you need something?

[Nannan]: It’s like this. My store is coming out with a new jewelry series soon. If Guru is not busy, can you please help me take a look? As for your consultation fee, I-I have money.

After Nan Wei sent out that message, his palms started sweating. He was so embarrassed. FISH-guru was an elite in the industry and the orders FISH usually handled would be priced at one to ten million dollars at least. Nan Wei’s plagiarized designs using cheap materials would only be considered un-displayable second rate goods in front of him.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: No problem. I can do it anytime. Right now, I have a lot of free time.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: I have seen your design drawings before. Even compared with designers in the industry, they’re not bad.

Xiao Yu was extremely enthusiastic. After the Autumn Release Conference, there would be a long period of time in which YL would definitely concentrate their energy on sales. For YL’s employees, this wasn’t a rest period. They were still as busy as usual. On the other hand, Xiao Yu was very free. After all, when YL did not require any drawings from him, there would be no opportunity to display his strength..

Naturally, he wouldn’t refuse work that came knocking on his door, especially when it was right up his alley.

[Nannan]: Thank you Guru!

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: It’s nothing. You also helped me a lot. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t know what to do.

When Nan Wei saw Xiao Yu’s reply, he felt very touched and warm.

Guru didn’t look down on my design drawings because of my small business. Instead Guru said that I was very capable……

Even if he was being diplomatic, just being able to get FISH’s recognition was an honor, not to mention the sincerity in Xiao Yu’s word.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: Oh right, I can help you look over your design drawings but I can’t help you edit it. How about I teach you during this time and give you some pointers on your technical skills?

Earlier, Xiao Yu had requested that Nannan to put his own inspiration into the design. Now, he wanted to add another layer to it. He wanted to help Nannan bring his own design ideas to life, increasing the quality of his work.

[Nannan]: Thanks a lot Guru. Really, thank you.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: Hah, I’m very strict, you know.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: stern.jpg

[Nannan]: I will definitely work hard.

Xiao Yu could no longer hold back his desire to be a teacher. He was about to ask Nannan to hurry up and send his design drawing over when QQ suddenly rang to indicate that he had a new message.

Xiao Yu’s good mood disappeared when he saw the familiar screen name.

“Hn,” he said coldly, before accepting the chat.

It was finally here.

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