RIAH – Chapter 80: Weather Change

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Chapter Eighty: Weather Change

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: Yes?

[Lil’ Ye-Zhou]: Chairman Yan’s strategy sure is extraordinary.

The sarcasm-filled sentence aroused the anger within Xiao Yu as all of the fur on his body stood on end.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: Oh? How so?

[Lil’ Ye-Zhou]: I didn’t expect Chairman Yan to have recruited the mystery designer preemptively. That’s such a brilliant feat.

Xiao Yu snorted disdainfully at the sentence while cupping his chubby little face.

Hah. I didn’t expect that a scheming fellow like you would fail to notice that the owner of this account would actually be the very mystery designer you’re talking about.

Xiao Yu even thought that after the Autumn Release Conference, Lin Zhou would have realized that something was suspicious about Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both. He did not expect Lin Zhou to be stupider than he thought.

[Lil’ Ye-Zhou]: Although it seems like the mystery designer under you had an unfair advantage over the competition.

Oh. I take it back.

A few months ago, when Xiao Yu had logged into Yan Jin’s account and duped Lin Zhou into adding his own account, the hamster then discovered Lin Zhou’s plot again and accidentally received the draft for Moonlit Manacles. With that, he successfully outshone himself at the Ragnarok competition.

With the private order for the overseas billionaire, Xiao Yu made full use of his knowledge about the future and amended the original design. Putting aside Lin Zhou’s opinion, not even human Xiao Yu would have recognized that the drawing was amended from someone’s original draft. However, it was different this time.

Xiao Yu did not completely change the Moonlit Manacles’ design. Anyone could had derived that conclusion just from the fact that both Lin Zhou’s work as well as his own were couple rings.

If Xiao Yu really did not intend to arouse Lin Zhou’s suspicions, he could have changed the couple rings into something else. The first problem was that nothing could replace a design as specific as couple rings. Secondly, those were the couple rings that the mystery designer had presented in his previous life.

In his previous life, it was after this conference, or more like after the Ragnarok competition, that the human Xiao Yu realized there was a possibility he was being plagiarized.

Xiao Yu was not shocked that Lin Zhou would come to the same conclusion. Of course, there was also the possibility that the human Xiao Yu told Lin Zhou about it privately, thus allowing him to realize that.

The question now was, how should he pull it off?

If Lin Zhou realized that Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both used the draft that he had sent, things may not be as easy to resolve. In the worst case scenario, Lin Zhou could discover his identity as the mystery designer.

Initially, Xiao Yu was not particularly worried about that. After all, for more than half a year in his previous life, his attempts to find out more about the mystery designer’s identity were completely futile. At the very least, he was sure that his identity was not revealed in the design circle.

However right now, after Xiao Yu had made some changes to the storyline in his previous life, he felt slightly panicky.

Hold on, I merely added Jade Court into the picture. The Moonlit Manacles were exactly the same as what the mystery designer had presented in my previous life. Shouldn’t that mean… maybe… perhaps it’s okay…?

As Xiao Yu pondered, he replied very cautiously.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: You’re referring to?

[Lil’ Ye-Zhou]: The work that the mystery designer sent in for the voting process was like a different approach, but equally on par with mine.

Xiao Yu gasped in disbelief.

Fuck, I’ve seen all kinds of shameless people, but this guy takes the cake. ‘Equally on par with mine’? Ignoring the fact that your ‘design’ was a stolen work, your style was entirely different from the mystery designer, got it?

This guy had such confidence. It was he who plagiarized. On the other hand, the mystery designer… In a certain sense, he wasn’t plagiarizing, but simply using his ‘own’ creativity.

Then again, it was impossible for Lin Zhou to admit that he had plagiarized his company junior’s work. By pointing it out, he would admit that he had plagiarized someone else’s work.

Thankfully, Xiao Yu was not afraid of Lin Zhou saying that. In this incident, Lin Zhou was the one who would not approach the topic of plagiarism.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: So, you’re saying that Mr. Mystery copied your design? Do you have any evidence?

Of course he didn’t have any. Even if he did, Lin Zhou wouldn’t dare to show it.

The draft did not belong to Lin Zhou, but he sent it. If an investigation was conducted, the person in trouble would surely not be Mr. Mystery.

[Lil’ Ye-Zhou]: You misunderstood me, Chairman Yan. I did not say that.

[Lil’ Ye-Zhou]: If it wasn’t because the mystery designer’s work was evaluated first, I naturally wouldn’t have lost the bet with you.

Xiao Yu realized that the situation was a little different from what he was expecting. Lin Zhou seemed… unaware that Xiao Yu had used his draft?

If that was really the case, it would be the best outcome. Other than this incident and the mystery designer’s identity, Xiao Yu had no other information that could be used against himself.

But the question was, bet? What bet?

Had he bet with Lin Zhou before?

Luckily, Xiao Yu’s memory was not that bad. After pinching his chin and recalling his memories, he remembered.

Lin Zhou should be referring to the time he showed Xiao Yu the draft and mentioned that if he could enter the top ten, Yan Jin would allow him to join YL.

Xiao Yu was unsure how the promise was formed, but he didn’t really care. After all, Lin Zhou did not fulfill the conditions.

Plus, even if Lin Zhou got lucky and managed to enter the top ten, Xiao Yu was not Yan Jin. He could simply delete his account and disappear.

The Xiao Yu right now did not realize how stupid it was to act on the assumption that others judged by his standards.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: And so you’re using this as an excuse to act dumb?

Xiao Yu was prepared to harshly humiliate Lin Zhou the very moment he acknowledged that. Too bad Lin Zhou did not give him that opportunity.

[Lil’ Ye-Zhou]: Of course I wouldn’t. Why would I be such a person?

[Lil’ Ye-Zhou]: I just hope that Chairman Yan would give me another chance. Next time, I’ll show Chairman Yan my true ability and determination to work for YL.

Xiao Yu couldn’t understand why Lin Zhou was so persistent on giving up SI to join YL.

That question had troubled him for the longest time and he still did not have an answer to it.

What upset Xiao Yu was that even if he asked Lin Zhou that question, he wouldn’t get a real answer. Lin Zhou would surely use the excuse of ‘not being recognized in SI’ and ‘outcasted by colleagues’ to brush it off. What made it more detestable was the fact that Xiao Yu was ‘Yan Jin’ right now, so he couldn’t raise any suspicion at Lin Zhou’s lies.

If the real Yan Jin was here, he would not even bother with Lin Zhou’s unwavering pestering. However, Xiao Yu was different. Keeping a time bomb like Lin Zhou around was in fact a good thing for his sake. This way, even if Lin Zhou planned to do something stupid, Xiao Yu would be alerted beforehand, and that would make things easier to handle.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: Although I don’t mind giving you another chance, platforms like the Autumn Release Conference are far and few between.

[Lil’ Ye-Zhou]: I’m grateful that Chairman Yan agrees to it.

[Lil’ Ye-Zhou]: As for the opportunity, I suppose there will be one very soon.


This year, Yan Jin started using his heating and cooling unit a lot earlier than he did previously.

Although he was rich beyond comprehension, it was not to the point where he would make such meaningless waste. During spring and autumn, he wouldn’t switch on the heater. This year, he made an exception.

Because his little hamster sneezed three times in a row when he woke up that morning.

When Yan Jin noticed that small detail, he also felt that the weather was changing over the past two days. Thus, he switched on the central heating system in the villa.

Xiao Yu did not expect that his sneezing incident would make Yan Jin think so far. Because of Yan Jin’s action, Xiao Yu woke up from the heat in the middle of the night and could not fall asleep.

The reason was obvious – as a living thing that was covered with thick fur, he was more tolerant to the cold than he looked.

That night, when Xiao Yu was awakened by the overwhelming heat, he dashed out from his little house, unreservedly climbed onto the bedside cabinet, and switched off the heater without Yan Jin realizing.

The next day, Yan Jin, who had thrown away his blanket after switching on the heater, was down with a heavy flu.

“I’m glad you don’t have a fever. Take the medicine quickly and drink more water. Also, take note not to get too cold.”

Chu Ge sanitized the thermometer before he put it away and began reprimanding: “Could you please take the initiative to contact me? If Fishy had not informed me, were you planning to brush it off again? Blablablabla…”

Yan Jin rubbed his throbbing temples.

That was probably why he did not want to look for Chu Ge.

Normally, Chu Ge was like a true elite member of society with his intellectual looks and all. However, the doctor was a long winded nagger deep down. The moment something was related to a patient or an illness, he could go on and on for a very long time.

“Squeak!” Quiet!

Even Xiao Yu couldn’t bear to listen any longer. Shouldn’t this be the time to let the patient rest?

Chu Ge stopped his reprimanding speech under Xiao Yu’s glare. He lowered his head as he wrote down the things to take note of: “I’ve noted down how to take these medications and what food to avoid. Have you made arrangements with your company?”

“It’s the weekend. By Monday I should…”

“Take leave, thanks.”

Chu Ge did not let Yan Jin argue at all as he made the decision for the chairman without raising his head.

Yan Jin resentfully shut his mouth.

Although in most arguments with Chu Ge, Yan Jin would always be the one who had the upper hand, there was only one exceptional situation.

Yes, that was now.

Chu Ge’s terrifying aura that could be seen with naked eyes was something that even Chairman Yan would take a step back from.

“I’ll bring your medical kit to your company on Monday and drop by to do a re-examination.” Chu Ge explained as he put the medical kit into his own bag.

“Hold on, there’s no need…” Yan Jin attempted to resist.

“Our dear little Yan who caught a cold at this age while sleeping, what do you want to say?” Chu Ge asked while smiling.

Yan Jin: ……

Xiao Yu couldn’t bear to see this any further. It was completely his fault that Yan Jin had caught a cold. If he had not switched off the heater in the middle of the night, Yan Jin would not have gotten sick.

The guilt made Xiao Yu secretly find a chance to inform Chu Ge even after Yan Jin had mentioned several times not to tell the doctor.

And when Chu Ge had arrived and saw Yan Jin, who was half-dead on the bed without strength to even take his own medicine, the doctor instantly blew up.


“Fishy, don’t say a word for him.” Chu Ge said with a stern tone that stunned Xiao Yu speechless.

Chu Ge stood up and looked down from above at Yan Jin, who was lying on the bed, and Xiao Yu, who was on the pillow. His words were icy cold.

“It’s all because he asked for it. The weather changed long ago. Wearing less to sleep is one thing, he deserves it for not switching on the heater.”

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