RIAH – Chapter 81: What it was like Having Split Personalities

Translator: Twin.Fishes

Editor: Rei

Quality Check: Tezuka

First Published on Chaleuria

Chapter 81: What it was like Having Split Personalities

After being scolded, Yan Jin subconsciously looked at Xiao Yu with a complex gaze.

Xiao Yu guiltily turned his head toward the wall to avoid Yan Jin’s gaze, trying to act dumb.

“My girlfriend is coming over to pick me up this afternoon, so I’m leaving. You have a good rest. Give me a call if anything happens.” Chu Ge originally planned to continue harping on Yan Jin, but seeing that it was getting late, he decided to give Yan Jin a break. He could yell at Yan Jin another day.

When they heard Chu Ge say that he was leaving, one person and one hamster let out a sigh of relief. They didn’t even bother to gossip about how many girlfriends Chu Ge had.

“Oh, I almost forgot.” Chu Ge crooked a finger at Xiao Yu: “Fishy come here.”

“Squeak?” Xiao Yu was suspicious.

“I’ll tell you the location of the medicine box and teach you some common knowledge. Next time something like this happens, you can give Yan Jin some first aid……”

Oh, is that all?

Xiao Yu didn’t see any problems with it, so he obediently allowed Chu Ge to bring him and his iPad to the living room; completely missing the looks of pity Yan Jin was giving him from behind.

Two hours later, Chu Ge left.

Yan Jin could hear movement coming from outside the room, but he continued to read his magazine leisurely.

About five minutes later, Xiao Yu made it back into the room.

Yan Jin now closed his magazine and tossed it to the side. He watched as Xiao Yu stumbled over, climbed up the bed with difficulty, then crookedly took two or three more steps before burying his head onto the chairman’s tummy.

He flopped around a few times, and stilled.

Yan Jin smiled understandingly and reached out a hand to poke at Xiao Yu’s melancholy back. Although he already knew the answer, he still asked, taking joy in Xiao Yu’s misery: “What’s wrong?”

“Squeakkk squeak……” The third generation cephalosporin……

Xiao Yu mumbled unintelligibly as he lay on top of the blanket.

The little guy’s wretched appearance put Yan Jin in a great mood. Not just anyone could make it through Chu Ge’s class on the Foundational Knowledge of Medicine. In the past, Yan Jin also had the privilege to experience it. Afterwards, he did his best to stay a respectful distance away from this nightmarish course.

It could not be said that Chu Ge was a bad teacher. Although Chu Ge seemed like the type of person who looks respectable on the outside while being a beast on the inside, he was truly a talented health professional. He graduated with double majors, and during his Masters and Doctoral program, he studied under an internationally renowned doctor. No matter his talent or educational background, Chu Ge was a leader in his field.

The problem was, Chu Ge could not differentiate between salient and trivial information, which might have been a side effect of him studying too much. Usually, all people wanted to know about cold medicine was: how to take it, what it was effective against, and how many to take— whereas Chu Ge felt the need to thoroughly explain the side effects, contraindications, and the metabolism of the medication while expecting his student to recite it back to him.

Yan Jin had a passable understanding of what was in the little medicine box Chu Ge prepared. Other than band aids, rubbing alcohol, cotton balls, and the like for external wounds, there were also not more than five types of medicine useful for treating colds, fever, diarrhea, and headaches. Most people only required a few minutes to introduce all of it, while Chu Ge took two hours.

“Squeakkk……” The medicine of choice to treat anaphylactic shock is……

Subconsciously, Xiao Yu was still answering the questions buzzing around his ears that refused to be shooed away.

“Hah, I don’t even have any allergies.” Yan Jin relied on his uncommon talent in order to understand that complex gibberish while bringing the physically and emotionally drained Xiao Yu back to reality.

Yan Jin felt the soft ball lying on his body suddenly freeze at his words.

“Squeakk!” Xiao Yu exploded forth with the last of his strength and earnestly punched Yan Jin’s palm with his little fist.

Very naturally, Yan Jin caught hold of Xiao Yu’s fluffy little paw before seizing the whole hamster with his hand.

“I told you not to call Chu Ge. Now do you understand the damage he can cause?” Yan Jin’s words carried zero sympathy.

“Squeakkk!” You never told me Chu Ge was such a nag. And I wouldn’t have called him if you knew where your medicine was!

“Ugh, I really miss those days when I could just lock Chu Ge outside.” Yan Jin reminisced about the past, then poked at Xiao Yu, who finally stood on his paws with great difficulty, making him fall over again: “It’s all because of you.”

That really was the truth. Yan Jin only gave Chu Ge permission to freely enter and exit from his villa because of Xiao Yu. In the past, Chu Ge even had trouble getting a hold of Yan Jin for his bi-annual checkups. Now, Chu Ge even had the audacity to increase the checkups to once a month.

If Yan Jin was not completely certain that his body was healthy and his mind was stable, he would have suspected that he had some kind of terminal illness.


Xiao Yu weakly squeaked without getting up. He looked even worse off than Yan Jin, who was the patient.

Maybe that was the truth, because right now, he could still hear Chu Ge’s lecture like a broken record. It was even worse than hearing the chanting of Buddhist scriptures.

Hn, if it weren’t for Yan Jin, I wouldn’t have made such a big sacrifice!

Xiao Yu very naturally pushed the blame onto Yan Jin’s head.

“Squeakk.” Tell me quickly; how are you going to compensate me?

Xiao Yu leaped up like a carp, with one paw leaning on Yan Jin’s palm, one paw pointing at Yan Jin’s nose. His little face full of arrogance.

“You dare to ask for compensation?” Yan Jin asked amusedly : “I still haven’t held you accountable for turning off the heater in the middle of the night.”

Hearing those words, Xiao Yu suddenly went silent.

“Squeakkk……” You turned the heater up too high.

“Liar.” Yan Jin squinted his eyes: “If you thought it was too hot, you could’ve just lowered the temperature. Why did you turn it off…… Tell me, did you do it on purpose?”

As Yan Jin spoke, he used both hands to pinch the sides of Xiao Yu’s fat little waist. Then, without giving Xiao Yu any time to react, he started tickling Xiao Yu thoroughly.

The unguarded Xiao Yu fell for Yan Jin’s trick and started laughing uncontrollably. As he struggled to get away, he did not forget to defend himself:

“Squeakk!” I didn’t, I didn’t, I didn’t!

“You still dare to quibble?” Yan Jin increased his tickle attack, interrogating him: “Is it because I haven’t spent enough time with you these past two days, so you became jealous?”

Xiao Yu was too busy gasping for breath to ponder too deeply on the question. At least Yan Jin was not completely without compassion. When Xiao Yu laughed until he couldn’t catch his breath anymore, Yan Jin stopped his ‘atrocity.’

Xiao Yu, who slowly recovered, finally understood what Yan Jin just said ——

He was probably referring to the two whole days he spent wrapped around Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both.

Xiao Yu seriously replied:

“Squeakkk.” Completely not jealous.

But the truth was, Xiao Yu did hope that Yan Jin could decrease the time he spent chatting with Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both. That way he would not have to worry all day about being discovered when he replied to Yan Jin!

Sighs, the pressure he was under right now was as if he was going behind his master’s back to keep a lover on the side.

When this thought came to mind, Xiao Yu immediately thought about Yan Jin’s circumstances at the moment. Wasn’t he the one who went behind his pet’s back to keep a lover on the side?

Oh, this image is too beautiful. You could even call it the split-personality hamster’s battlefield to the death…

Xiao Yu didn’t dare to continue thinking about this subject.

“Fine, I’ll take your words for the truth.” Yan Jin didn’t look like he believed Xiao Yu for a second as he gave a slight smile of indulgence and helplessness: “From now on, I’ll spend more time with you, okay?”

Certain that he had satisfied his family’s hamster, Yan Jin completely missed the hopelessness on Xiao Yu’s face.

To Xiao Yu, this change meant that the number of times he had to reply to Yan Jin would decrease, but the chances of him getting caught would increase……

Can’t this troublemaker make things more proportional?

Yan Jin suddenly coughed a few time, proving that he really was sick.

“Squeakk.” You should go to sleep. I’ll stop bothering you.

“……Fine, I’ll sleep for a while.”

After Yan Jin lay down, he gently put Xiao Yu on the floor: “Colds are contagious. You should stay further away from me. Go back to your cage.”

Xiao Yu cooperatively went away.

After a while, Xiao Yu thought that Yan Jin was already asleep, but then he heard a hoarse voice coming from under the blankets: “Never ever call Chu Ge to come over again.”

“Squeak!” Understood!

When Yan Jin heard the response, he was finally satisfied enough to sleep.

Xiao Yu let out a sigh at Yan Jin’s worries.

Now that he knew where to find the medicine, of course he was never going to call Chu Ge to come here to torture them again.

After knowing Chu Ge for some time now, he really couldn’t tell that Chu Ge was such a nag. He wondered how Chu Ge’s girlfriends were able to put up with him.


A private hospital in S City.

As Chu Ge walked down the hall in the hospital, he encountered a lady doctor he knew heading his way.

“Dr. Chu, a lady was just looking for you. I asked a nurse to show her to your office.”

“Thank you.” Chu Ge gratefully nodded.

“You don’t have to be so polite……” The lady doctor was not finished speaking, but found that Chu Ge had no intentions of slowing his pace and brushed right by her. In the moment that it took for her to stop, Chu Ge had already traveled a great distance away.

The lady doctor thought that Chu Ge was in a hurry to see his girlfriend and smiled while she shook her head, then continued on her way.

But after taking a few steps, she noticed that something was wrong.

“Dr. Chu’s office isn’t in that direction though……”

This was an internationally famed private hospital. It was not easy for commoners to be able to be admitted to this hospital. Appointments had to be made at least weeks in advance. Patients were expected to pay for almost all of their medications out of pocket, which had prices that were high enough to scare people. Of course, bargaining was not permitted. Some of the medications were not available even if you had money. Under the circumstances where you might spend money without receiving relief, some might not want to come here to be treated even if they could afford it.

But even with these unreasonable demands, the patients coming here to seek treatment did not decrease. That was because the skills and experience of the staff at this hospital were the same as the price— both were at the top of the field.

Chu Ge did not stop even once as he headed straight up to the top level of the hospital ward.

This floor was special. The patient rooms here were the most extravagant within the country, but there were not many occupants.

The expense was one of the reasons. The price to stay for one day was even more expensive than staying at the presidential suite of a five star hotel, though the reason for this price was not because the facilities in the room were as lavish as a hotel room.

From the surroundings, visitors to this floor would think that they were no longer in the present century. The furnishings were seamlessly put together. Through the special glass that encased each patient room, various sharp instruments and state of the art equipment could be seen. Not an ounce of humanity could be felt in the atmosphere. The only sound that could be heard was cold and mechanical……

Looking at this scene, you might be able to infer the other reason ——

The people on this floor, no matter their wealth, power, or advanced techniques, were unable to recover their health.

It was like a prison sentence without an end; for them and their loved ones.

“Mr. Chu, you’re here.” A nurse came to welcome him as if she already knew Chu Ge was coming.

“How is the patient?” Chu Ge stood still outside the glass wall, looking longingly at the person inside.

“The same as before. The irregular brainwave pattern was probably due to equipment error.”

Chu Ge slowly nodded his head and did not speak.

His gaze was calm. He looked like he had already forgotten the memory that made his heart ache.

The nurse let out a deep sigh before leaving with her head lowered.

Besides the beeping sounds of the equipment, the silence in the room was enough to cause people to panic. It was like a formless beast opening its wide maw, wanting to savagely swallow everyone.

Chu Ge maintained his position for a long while. When he left, he put a white wildflower by the wall.

Unfortunately, it was not permitted to give fresh flowers to the patients, and even the little flower would soon be cleared away.

“I wish I could bring you to see a field of flowers……”

These bittersweet words ultimately dissipated in this world full of grieving.

However, the sound was unable to penetrate through the double layered vacuum-sealed glass wall.

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