RIAH – Chapter 82: An Unexpected Need to Break-Up

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Chapter 82: An Unexpected Need to Break-Up

Chairman Yan, who had a rare case of the heavy cold, took his medicine and slept. When he woke up, not only were his symptoms worse, he even had a mild fever. Lying on his bed with a fuzzy brain, Yan Jin’s first sentence was unexpectedly “Do not call Chu Ge.”

Xiao Yu had complex feelings as he put the smart thermometer to the side. He put the two medications he had prepared into Yan Jin’s mouth, then…… he patted Yan Jin to indicate that he should get up and drink the water himself.

Even though Yan Jin was a cold and ruthless scoundrel, it was fortunate that Chu Ge was a good friend. Before he left, he told Xiao Yu what to expect with Yan Jin’s situation. That was why Xiao Yu had prepared for the possibility of Yan Jin waking up with a fever.

According to Chu Ge, this was what Yan Jin’s constitution was like. If his illness was not treated in a timely manner, it would become more severe, making it imperative for someone to stay by his side to monitor him. At the same time, he recovered very quickly whenever he did get sick; sort of like a trade-off.

Later that night, Xiao Yu suddenly jolted awake as if he shared a telepathic connection with Yan Jin. The moment he opened his eyes, he could see a hand groping at the bedside nightstand in the dark.


The hand stopped moving and retreated back under the blankets, but Yan Jin was only fooling himself.

Xiao Yu rubbed at his sleepy little eyes, then quickly came darting out of his cage, agilely climbed up the nightstand, and wrestled a cup of water closer to Yan Jin.

Knowing that he was caught, Yan Jin could only poke his head out from under his covers and reached out to pet Xiao Yu’s little head: “Thanks Fishy.”

“Squeakk.” It’ll be better if the water was hot.

“It’s fine.” Yan Jin rubbed Xiao Yu a few more times. The nice feeling of petting his fluffy hamster made Yan Jin feel as if his illness recovered by half.

Xiao Yu could feel the abnormal heat on top of his head and his neck couldn’t help shrinking back a bit at the contact.

“It’s great that you can see in the dark……” Yan Jin helplessly smiled: “Right now, other than you, I can’t see anything else clearly.”

It would be more accurate to say that right now all Yan Jin could see were Xiao Yu’s little eyes glowing in the dark. That was how he was able to locate Xiao Yu’s head so easily.

“Squeakk!” Of course!

A hamster’s night vision was very good. His eyesight at night was even better than during the day.

Xiao Yu proudly lifted his head up high. Then he noticed that he could see Yan Jin’s slightly frail face exceptionally clearly.

Right now, Yan Jin did not have the same handsome appearance he had during the day. After sleeping, his hair was tousled, his lips were dry and cracked from dehydration, and his face pale from illness. All together, this reduced his appearance points. But against the dark background, this version of Yan Jin looked the most real out of all the times Xiao Yu had seen him. As they made eye contact, Xiao Yu could see that the ice in Yan Jin’s usual glacial eyes was broken, revealing the clear lake underneath.

This Yan Jin seemed more approachable, no longer like a frozen mountain peak that kept everyone away.

But Xiao Yu did not reach out to him.

He looked at Yan Jin, who was just one step away, but felt as though he was looking at a mirage that came from afar.

The heavily ill Yan Jin finished drinking his water before quickly going back to sleep, while Xiao Yu stood on the nightstand and watched him for a long time.

When Xiao Yu first started living here, he had questioned why there were no personal maids at the villa when Yan Jin obviously had the money to hire them.

Right now, Xiao Yu pondered this matter once again.

It would be nice to have someone stay by Yan Jin’s side at a time like this. Someone who could keep him company, smooth away the stray hairs on his forehead, bring him a cup of steaming hot water, and personally place it to his lips.

Someone to cover him with the blankets and lay in his arms, accompanying him through this uncomfortable night.

That person probably wouldn’t be a maid, but someone who could accompany Yan Jin for life.

But whether that person was a man or woman, young or mature, common or dazzling, at the very least…… that someone had to be a human.

This was the first time since Xiao Yu’s rebirth that he questioned why he came back to life.

He did not know if it was some supernatural being’s idea of a joke, or if it was god’s arrangement, just ——

Why was he sent to Yan Jin’s side? Why did he find out all these things he had never known before? Why was his fate tangled up with Yan Jin’s?

Why was it that even though their souls were so close, even though he was right before his eyes, even though he reached out his hand, he still had no way to get closer to that person?

What was the reason?

What was the point of his rebirth? Since he could be brought back to life, why couldn’t he also be a human?


That weekend, Xiao Yu fussed over Yan Jin like a mother hen. He reminded Yan Jin when to take his medicine, paid attention to the temperature of the room, and checked Yan Jin’s temperature at regular intervals to make sure he didn’t have a fever. He even got out the little measuring cup for cough syrup and carried it on his head to get water for Yan Jin. It took about ten minutes for one round trip, but there was nothing he could do about that. If he didn’t make the journey, Yan Jin would refuse to take his medicine. This was something that Yan Jin should be doing himself. Xiao Yu could still accept the fact that Yan Jin did not attach any importance to taking his medicine, but Yan Jin would even try to get away with not taking it.

“Fishy, I don’t feel sick anymore……” Yan Jin tried to lift up his covers.

“Squeakk!” Get back in bed and lie down!

Xiao Yu stood on the edge of the bed with his arms stretched out to the sides like he could hold back an entire army by himself.

Two hours ago, he was momentarily soft hearted and allowed Yan Jin to go to the kitchen to cook something. When Yan Jin came back, he started sneezing and Xiao Yu discovered that he had a light fever again.

Yan Jin said helplessly: “Fine, if you insist that I stay in bed, can you bring my documents over here?”

Xiao Yu turned his head to look over at the stack of documents that was taller than himself and indifferently said:

“Squeakk.” Since you’ll be calling in sick on Monday, you can look at the documents then.

“Fishy, I can’t finish it in one day……” Yan Jin blinked his eyes, trying to coax Xiao Yu to yield by acting pitiful.

“Squeakk.” Maybe Chu Ge can come and help carry your documents over to you?

It was a pity that Xiao Yu remained unmoved. He even brought up Chu Ge to threaten Yan Jin.

Yan Jin had no way to deal with Xiao Yu, who could be neither threatened nor persuaded. He could only sigh and stay in bed.

After a while, a head poked out from under the blankets: “Fishy, what are we going to do about dinner?”

“Squeak.” Takeout.

Yan Jin was thoroughly defeated.

Yan Jin was not sleepy at all after lying in bed all day, and he soon sat up.

Xiao Yu was lying on his iPad when he saw Yan Jin sit up and he immediately became vigilant.

“Squeak?” What is it?

“It’s nothing. I just slept all day and can’t sleep anymore.” Yan Jin spread his hands.

“Squeakk.” Then just sit there and look at your cell phone.

Xiao Yu suggested.

“I don’t really want to.” Yan Jin paused before saying: “Your previous owner didn’t even respond.”

Xiao Yu: ……

My god, look at the thief crying about catching a thief. The reason he did not have time to answer Yan Jin’s messages was entirely because he used up all of his energy to take care of Yan Jin, okay? Anyone who took care of Chairman Yan would know that he was troublesome when he was sick, okay?

So frustrating.

Never mind Yan Jin, he didn’t even have time to reply to Nannan who needed his help. He could only briefly greet Nannan and say that he would find time to contact him next week. That was his first student in his entire life yet he had to heartlessly reject him. And now Yan Jin dared to ask for more?!

Xiao Yu angrily turned his head away, but from Yan Jin’s point of view, Xiao Yu reacted that way for another reason.

“I’m sorry. I said before that I’ll keep you company, so I shouldn’t have brought him up.”

Yan Jin reached out to bring Xiao Yu over and settled him on top of the blanket: “Tell me, do you think I did something wrong?”


“That is, I shouldn’t have…… forced your previous owner to go out with me.”

Xiao Yu was astonished. He had no idea that Yan Jin was someone who possessed self-awareness.

Seeing how Yan Jin used his power to coerce when he failed to woo someone, he thought that Yan Jin would follow the route of an overbearing CEO in relationship matters.

……But in a certain sense, their relationship couldn’t be considered forced.

There were complex reasons that led to what happened between them.

As Xiao Yu thought and thought, his little face started to flush.

“In the past, I considered Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both as…… someone I greatly revered, but very quickly, I became attracted to his charisma. His soulful designs were able to touch me in a way I’ve never felt before.” Yan Jin scratched under Xiao Yu’s chin, his words a bit dispirited: “I could feel a profound fate with him, and afterwards, I had been searching for him. The more I was unable to find him, the stronger that feeling became.”

“Squeakk?” Haven’t you found him now?

Xiao Yu obviously did not understand the meaning behind Yan Jin’s words.

“Yes, I’ve found him.” Yan Jin’s hand stopped: “That’s how I realized that the fate that I seem to share with him doesn’t seem to be what I’ve imagined.”

Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both is very important to me. I considered those feelings to be affection, and if I could’ve gotten to know him earlier, I would’ve confessed my feelings to him…… But to him, I’m just a stranger, maybe even an annoyance.”

Yan Jin said softly: “You can’t consider us to be in love.”

That’s wrong!

Xiao Yu wanted to let out a sharp cry. He wanted to let Yan Jin know that their fate with each other was as deep as Yan Jin had ever imagined it to be, but he was unable to make a single sound, unable to say a single word.

He could only stare, completely stunned to hear Yan Jin’s conclusion.

“There has to be something wrong with us. Although I don’t know what it is, I do know that I should apologize.”

“Even if we don’t have…… that kind of special relationship, Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both is still a designer I very much appreciate. In the future, he will definitely have a place in YL.”

From the beginning to the end, Yan Jin had never questioned whether or not his own feelings were truly love.

Xiao Yu didn’t understand. From his point of view, that was a question Yan Jin should really focus on.

Could a person really fall in love with someone he had never seen just because of a few designs?

But Yan Jin never questioned it.

Xiao Yu didn’t understand, but that did not stop him from getting angry.



Yan Jin never thought that Xiao Yu would become so agitated. He quickly reached behind Xiao Yu’s back to smooth down his bristling fur and carefully said: “I will not bring this up immediately. I’ll wait for a period of time for us both to calm down……”


After all this, he still wanted to breakup.

Yan Jin actually wanted to breakup with him. That’s just cold and ruthless, stirring up trouble for no reason!

They were only together for a few days. Could their relationship cool off that fast?

How could Yan Jin suddenly break up with him simply because he came to a conclusion on his own? If there was a problem in their relationship, shouldn’t they calmly discuss it?

Oh, he forgot that he didn’t have time to chat with Yan Jin these past two days.

But that still couldn’t be considered a reason.

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