RIAH – Chapter 84: But it Would be Awesome

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Editor: Rei

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Chapter 84: But it Would be Awesome

“Squeak?” Four Seasons Manor?

Once the lethargic Xiao Yu heard the name, he immediately regained his vigor and nodded his head twenty times in five seconds.

“Don’t nod so hard.” Yan Jin wrinkled his forehead.

“Squeak.” You even need to control that.

Xiao Yu turned his little body, facing his butt towards Yan Jin to show his dissatisfaction.

Four Seasons Manor…… Last time, they unexpectedly left early due to an accident. Xiao Yu had not played enough and always wanted to go there again. He just didn’t expect Yan Jin to suggest going there at a time like this.

The end of the month. That was in two weeks. Was there anything special about those days?

As Xiao Yu became lost in his thoughts, he realized that he wasn’t even sure what today’s date was.

My god, the days just run together.

“I have a break for the New Year. Including the paid leave I still have, we can stay for three extra days.” Yan Jin answered Xiao Yu’s question: “It’s the perfect time for us to visit the Four Seasons Manor.”

Xiao Yu squeaked twice in agreement.

Seeing Xiao Yu regain his energy, Chairman Yan let out a sigh of relief and felt assured enough to go to work.

Xiao Yu said goodbye to Yan Jin, waving his little paws. Then, he suddenly thought of today’s date.

More accurately speaking, he remembered that he received another miniature artifact two days ago — a very charming candy house. Of course, only its appearance resembled the candy house from a fairy tale; it was not made out of real candy. At this point, Yan Jin would like to clarify something. It was not that Chairman Yan was not able to get a candy house made of real candy. He was just afraid that if he had decided to use real candy, Xiao Yu would not be able to control himself and get into trouble from eating too much candy.

Yan Jin had said before that he would not dig too deeply into Xiao Yu’s identity, and he would not try to investigate things that Xiao Yu was unwilling to disclose. Yan Jin was a man of his word. But regarding food, he had asked Xiao Yu once before — as a hamster demon, wouldn’t the range of his diet be much wider compared to that of regular hamsters?

Inside, Xiao Yu wished he could say that his diet range was in the same category as humans. But in the end, for the sake of his own health, he could only obediently say no.

After that, Yan Jin was the same as before when it came to Xiao Yu’s food intake. He controlled everything very strictly. Things that he could not eat, Yan Jin would definitely not give him. Things that he should not eat a lot of, Yan Jin would set limits.

That was to say that he could only dream about being given an entire house made of colored pigments and artificially flavored carbohydrates.

Oh yes, two days ago, other than the candy house, Xiao Yu also received a golden fishy. That fishy should not be mistaken for a certain Fishy. Instead, it was the kind of fishy that swam in water. A fish shaped golden ornament.

Just like the others, it was very ugly.

Inferring from this information…… two days ago was the fifteenth, which would make today the seventeenth.

While Xiao Yu admired his ability to calculate the date, he felt disdainful of his memory, which was getting worse and worse.

Sigh, what was he doing? He even forgot about the celebration they just had for his monthly birthday. Was it getting so cold lately that even his IQ was frozen?

Xiao Yu quickly ate a walnut to steady his emotions.

Kacha Kacha.

Speaking of which, the Autumn Release Conference had been over for a month, so the sales report should be out now.

As Xiao Yu gnawed on his walnut, he casually opened Yan Jin’s mailbox.

That’s right, he opened Yan Jin’s mailbox. It was not even Yan Jin’s side account, but his work account.

In the past, Xiao Yu had sworn to himself that he would never use his identity as Chairman Yan’s pet to do anything illegal. But now, he did not feel even the slightest bit ashamed to rely on his pet status to arrogantly do what he wanted.

What? What would he do if Yan Jin discovered him?

He would just give him a muwah.

Xiao Yu clicked open the mailbox, then openly browsed through YL Corporation’s internal, confidential information.

Well, it might not be accurate to call it confidential information, as truly confidential information would never be sent through email. These were merely reports that would most likely end up on their main webpage after Yan Jin went over them. Yan Jin put them in his mailbox to make it more convenient to work from home. He would never bring anything truly critical out of the office.

Xiao Yu was able to dig out the Luxuriant Flower design drawings from Yan Jin’s mailbox, as these were not confidential documents. It would take him a lot of time and hard-work to collect the whole set from the Internet.

In his past life, when Xiao Yu discovered the possibility of his designs being plagiarized at the Autumn Release Conference, he had scrutinized YL. That was why he was very clear about the data in YL’s sales report after the conference.

The mystery designer’s Moonlit Manacles occupied the number one spot on YL’s new items sales list as well as the number one spot on this year’s jewelry list. The other series also performed well. However, the series that sold the best was not a new release, but the Luxuriant Flower series that performed averagely last year— This was what Xiao Yu remembered from his past life.

The report in Yan Jin’s mailbox clearly stated that in this life, the results were not all that different.

Xiao Yu picked up another walnut.

The Moonlit Manacles sold extremely well, almost comparable to the number of units sold in an entire series. Even compared to the data from two major publications from the previous year, the Moonlit Manacles place at the top was unshakable.


The claw Xiao Yu used to click through the report froze.

He suddenly noticed a problem. The series that did the best in his past life was also the Luxuriant Flowers?

Why was it the Luxuriant Flowers? There was a clear explanation for why the Luxuriant Flowers did so well in this life— It was fortunate enough to ride on the Jade Court’s coattails. But in his past life, why was this outdated series suddenly able to explode in popularity with such a high number of sales without the Jade Court?


Xiao Yu thought of a possibility that caused him to drip with cold sweat. Was there really nothing like the Jade Court in his past life?

In the past, at the time, he was already completely embroiled in his investigation into the mysterious designer’s true identity. Could he have carelessly neglected the existence of the Jade Court?

At this Autumn Release Conference, the Jade Court could be considered one of the most stunning exhibitions. To have ‘carelessly’ overlooked such a piece would not have been easy to do.

Could there be some other hidden secrets? He thought back to his past life. After he finished arranging the exhibition booth at the Autumn Release Conference, what did he do?

He should have gone on to investigate the mysterious designer. But Xiao Yu could not be completely certain.

Xiao Yu randomly clicked on a few forums. As he expected, the human Xiao Yu had replied to many of the discussions relating to the identity of the mysterious designer.

During this month, the mystery designer’s name had spread throughout the entire industry. His fan club was even established overnight. Under YL’s deliberate indulgence, the crazy hype and speculation over the mysterious designer’s identity exploded. There were people who believed that he was anyone from the successor of a corporation; to a down on his luck designer; to a student returning from out of the country. What made it scarier was how many people believed in these rumors. The media, who did not care about the validity of their articles, just added oil to the fire. If you asked ten different fans what the mystery designer’s background was, you would get ten different answers.

YL was pleased to see this situation. No matter who people thought the mysterious designer was, whether the mysterious designer was male or female, as long as it guaranteed that Mr. Mystery’s name was at the front and center of everyone’s mind; this season’s new releases were guaranteed to have a market.

During this period, the human Xiao Yu was already frantically searching for the identity of the mysterious designer. After all, what aroused his suspicions that someone was plagiarizing his designs did not originate with the Moonlit Manacles, it even went back to the foreign billionaire’s jewelry order.

In the eyes of the masses, they might think of various aspects where the designs were not alike, but the person being plagiarized would surely be able to feel the similarities.

Could he have been too focused on his design drawings being plagiarized to take notice of the Jade Court?

This logic seemed reasonable, but he couldn’t help but find it weird. The Jade Court was such big news. It was too strange for him not to even have an impression of it.

But looking at the results, if there was also a Jade Court in his past life, then that meant that his rebirth had not derailed the future by much. That’s great, isn’t it?

Oh, maybe this was god giving him a chance to discover what he had missed in the past so that he could fix it.

Xiao Yu’s imagination ran wild for a bit before he unexpectedly decided that it made sense.

To this day, the Autumn Release Conference and the follow-up events could be considered completed. But there was still a thread hanging loose— In his past life, he designed a matching piece for the Moonlit Manacles, the Heart Lock, which was already on its way to being released.

The manacle couple rings originally belonged in a set. In his past life, after he failed to win over the audience at the Autumn Release Conference with his design, Xiao Yu gave up on the draft that he had designed to go along with it.

The Heart Lock and the Moonlight Manacles were designed together, Since the draft was already drawn, Xiao Yu simply took it out and posed it as this year’s design.

There was an annual event at S City for those in the jewelry industry. At the end of the year, every designer would bring out what they considered represented their most successful creation for that year. The various enterprises would chose a few designs to enter into S City’s Year End Design Competition. This competition was limited to those within the industry and was not open to the public. The designers who could enter this competition were not nobodies. Basically, this was just an entertaining event for industry insiders within the city to show off.

But this year, the usually harmonious event would become a part of SI and YL’s battle to become the strongest in S City. After the Autumn Release Conference, many industry insiders were watching these two corporations struggle against each other with glee.

Actually the plot of this sequel to the Autumn Release Conference was easy to guess. The victory would go to none other than the Heart Lock.

It was a pity that it would not be the Heart Lock from Xiao Yu of SI. Instead, it would be the Heart Lock from the mysterious designer at YL, Mr. Mystery.

That would also mean that at this competition, YL would officially announce that Mr. Mystery was a special designer that YL contracted. He could no longer muddy the waters like before.

Why was this considered special? Naturally, this was because Mr. Mystery’s name, age, contact information, and salary were all kept confidential. Everything about this mystery designer was ‘unknown.’

But compared to the first two times, this time’s situation was much simpler.

After all, even if Xiao Yu used his nail to think, he could still guess that Lin Zhou was definitely going to steal the human Xiao Yu’s design drawing, hoping in vain that he could steamroll the competition and catch Yan Jin’s attention.

The original script would have the mystery designer perform some face slapping on the spot, win first place, and announce that Lin Zhou’s plan failed.

In order to keep complications to a minimum, Xiao Yu already received the final draft of the Heart Lock from Nannan a week ago and had it sent to Yan Jin.

Incidentally, this was also what happened in his past life.

The Year End Competition only accepted designs that would be released within six months and had never been shown in a public competition. That was why he gave his design to Yan Jin, so that YL could have it registered early, which wouldn’t violate the rules.

This move of Xiao Yu’s did not affect YL in the slightest, but as for SI……

He was afraid things would get amusing.

Lin Zhou would steal the design draft after much difficulty, then spend two days without sleep to modify the draft, and rush to publish the finished draft before the human Xiao Yu. What would he think when he saw YL announce the finished product of Heart Lock? Xiao Yu didn’t know what sort of mood Lin Zhou would be in then.

Of course, he could go and sue YL for plagiarism; as long as he had the courage and was brainless enough to do so.

It was a pity that he did not have that kind of courage and his intellect could be considered alright.

As for the human Xiao Yu……

Xiao Yu could only apologize to himself.

His failure at the Year End Competition shook his position at SI, though this was nothing compared to his rage and panic when he discovered that his design had been plagiarized.

Sigh, Xiao Yu ate another walnut to calm his nerves.

Xiao Yu had another walnut again.

Even though this was a bit like dealing 1000 damage to his enemy while dealing 1200 damage to himself, but……

Damn it feels great.

Just thinking of the expression on Lin Zhou’s face when he realized that his plan had failed, when Lin Zhou realized that all his efforts were for nothing, Xiao Yu felt like he could eat a couple more bowls of melon seeds.

Xiao Yu bet that never in Lin Zhou’s wildest dreams could he ever imagine that while he, the mantis, stalked human Xiao Yu, the cicada, that hamster Xiao Yu would also be the oriole stalking him from behind.

Comparing ‘not knowing when he would get promoted’ with ‘immediately being able to cover his enemy in blood,’ Xiao Yu, who held Yan Jin’s secondary credit card, indicated— he would chose the latter.

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