RIAH – Chapter 88: The Modeling Hamster

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Chapter Eighty-Eight: The Modeling Hamster

Heart Lock’s huge success made YL into a hot topic once again.

This time, YL boldly attempted to use animal concepts to advertise their products. It gained positive feedback from the public and further encouraged the advertising department to strike while the iron’s hot. Thus, they decided to use the same concept in their next advertisement clip.

It just so happened that YL’s upcoming jewelry set happened to have accessories with the twelve Chinese zodiacs as the theme. It was very suitable to integrate the animal concept. Of course, for the sake of a good impression, not all accessories would be associated with an animal.

The entire advisement clip went smoothly – even the problematic snake was solved with a miniature snake wearing a tiny hat. In the end, what halted the advertisement team was an animal that nobody had paid attention to – the rat.


Yan Jin yawned several times as the annoyance in his eyes was obvious. However, it went unnoticed by the person in front of him as he continued to grumble non-stop.

Chairman Yan had spent his entire morning listening to his advertising director complain about the actress that the commercial company had hired. The actress was scared by the rat during the scene as she cried and threatened to leave. What made things even worse was that the actress had a powerful background, making it difficult for the team to change people. Without a choice, they had to pause the filming and wait for the new manuscript to be written. For every minute they wasted, they could hear their profits depreciating. It turned out that the actress couldn’t even differentiate good from bad, had a ugly face and a horrible personality, blablabla…

The advertising director was recruited by Yan Jin when he returned from overseas. He was in the prime of his youth and had outstanding abilities. The level of focus he had towards his work was unbelievable. The only shortcoming was how he would go on and on for the whole day when he met someone he could not get along with. Not only that, he would definitely drag somebody over to listen to his complains, just like how he was now.

Due to the fact that they were schoolmates once and had a good relationship with one another, the young advertising director was one of those few heroic characters who would not be thrown out after he barged into their chairman’s office, stopped Yan Jin from leaving, and forced him to chat together.

Yan Jin absent-mindedly commented as he flipped through the previous manuscript: “It’s quite well-written.”

“It was well-written. But that bitch won’t agree to it, so we have no choice but to change it. I can’t believe that kind of person can be an actress. Public morals sure are degenerating with each passing day. Those headlines must be created by fake accounts.”

Yan Jin declined to comment. He knew that the advertising director was not an objective person. Whenever the director talked bad about someone, he should only take it with a pinch of salt.

Yan Jin had vaguely heard about the actress before. She had a good reputation within the circle. Whether or not her fame was backed by fake accounts, Yan Jin wouldn’t know. What he knew was that the actress’s background was pretty average – The real problem was the financial-backer supporting her.

Although he said ‘problem’, that was the opinion of average people. Yan Jin knew that financial-backer and had some connections with him. The issue could be resolved if they found a different solution.

That should be the best way to resolve the issue. However, seeing how well the manuscript was written, Yan Jin suddenly had a very interesting idea.

And it was an idea that would kill two birds with one stone.

“What if we changed the animal?” Yan Jin placed the manuscript into his briefcase: “She dislikes rats, but there are several other species in the mouse taxonomy.”

“Like what?”

“For example, a hamster.”

Hamsters were similarly a part of the mouse taxonomy, but they portrayed a completely different impression compared to a mouse. It was an adorable creature in all aspects and a very, very common pet.

“Not bad.” The advertising director nodded before he frowned again: “That choice isn’t a problem, but where can we find a trained hamster all of the sudden? The pause in our production is costing us a lot of money. We simply can’t drag this on for too long.”

“When is the filming scheduled to be done?”

“It’s today~ Who would have expected the star to be dissatisfied with the first animal?”

Yan Jin carried his briefcase: “Apply for leave on my behalf. Wait for my good news.”

The advertising director watched as Yan Jin got up from his seat, lifted his briefcase, put on his coat, and wrapped his shawl around his neck. He did not react until Yan Jin walked past him and headed for the door. It was then that he came around in shock: “Wait! You’re leaving just like that?”


“What about the afternoon meeting?”

“The troublemaker will hold the meeting.”

“Dafug, hold on, what the- Yan Jin? You’re kidding me?”

“Sprouting vulgarities in front of your superior, one-month’s bonus deduction.”

The door closed with a thud, leaving the advertising director in a daze.

A moment later, that person finally realized what had happened:

“You just wanted me to stop talking, didn’t you?”

“End of our friendship. Hmph.”


Xiao Yu sat on the side passenger seat with a detached expression.

Sighs, I’ve been reborn with great difficulty. Continuing my previous profession was one thing. Who would have expected that I would be forced to develop a new career – walking on the entertainment industry’s red carpet.

“Just treat it like a year-end vacation.” Yan Jin rubbed Xiao Yu’s little head: “Isn’t it boring to be cooped up at home all the time?”

“Squeakk!” Let me go back and continue my boredom, thank you.

“Be good. It’ll be quick. Plus, your acting part isn’t that much.” Yan Jin comforted.

“Squeak!” Not at all!

Xiao Yu flipped another page of the manuscript as the densely packed red lines appeared before him.

To make it convenient for Xiao Yu to read, Yan Jin purposely reconstructed the original A4-sized paper, filtering the important parts and considerately pointed out the relevant acting parts for his hamster.

“Be good and finish the advertisement and I’ll overlook your mistake of eating too many snacks.” Seeing how nice words did not work, Yan Jin could switch to a different approach with a threatening tone.

Using both the carrot and the stick, he both tempted and threatened. Only when facing Xiao Yu would Chairman Yan, who meant what he said, ever lower his tone.

However, a certain hamster refused to let the matter drop.

“Squeak?” What’s in it for me?

“You can have anything you want.” Yan Jin paused for a moment before he added: “You finished your snack. Anything except that.”

Xiao Yu resentfully retorted: “Squeakk.” I’m not that gluttonous.

Yan Jin smiled without a word as he took out a bag of melon seeds from the side of his driver’s seat. He opened the package and took out a melon seed to pass to Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu snatched the melon seed as quick as lightning as he grabbed it tightly in his little paws. He started gnawing on it as he spoke at the same time: “Squeak.” Don’t you dare assume that will suffice.

“Naturally.” Yan Jin had a sudden urge to install closed circuit TVs in his car. It was unbearably tough not to record his Fishy’s adorable actions while he was driving.

Xiao Yu finish gnawing on his melon seed as he threw the meat into his mouth. He continued looking at the manuscript with his cheeks protruding on one side of his face. The adorable scene once again made Yan Jin horribly regretful that he had not installed closed circuit TVs in his car.


Xiao Yu flipped another page and he finally finished reading all the contents. The last two pages included the list of participating artists. Xiao Yu was planning to skim through briefly before putting down the manuscript. But he couldn’t.

He saw a familiar name. Not only was the name familiar to him, it was a familiar name in the entertainment industry, a name that everyone was familiar with.

The nation’s goddess, Dou Yixin!

Goddess Xinxin is shooting for the advertisement? Ohmygod.

Xiao Yu was Dou Yixin’s loyal, diehard fan all along. He had prided himself as her number one fan as he fought against those anti-fans from all directions. Due to the fact that he was busy with work, he was unable to attend the movie premier when his Goddess Xinxin had arrived in City S for publicity, leaving him with no choice but to contribute his support by buying a few more movie tickets.

Little did he imagined that after getting reborn in this life, he could actually meet his Goddess Xinxin in person, not just on the screen!

It was just that… YL was successful enough to be able to get Goddess Xinxin to shoot an advertisement for them.

Was there such an incident in his previous life?

“What’s wrong?” Yan Jin realized that his hamster had gotten excited all of a sudden, which puzzled him.

“Squeakk.” It’s nothing. Drive fasterrrr.

Half an hour later, the human and the hamster arrived at their destination.

To avoid attracting attention, Yan Jin took out a small cage for carrying the hamster. After laying a few layers of wood shaving, he put Xiao Yu inside the cage with heartache. He said apologetically: “I’ll let you out very quickly. Just tolerate it for a short while.”

“Squeak.” Xiao Yu expressed that he did not mind all those details. At this moment, he just hoped to see his Goddess Xinxin real soon.

The moment they entered the film studio, Yan Jin was stopped by someone.

“You’re too much!” Shao Yue, who was also the advertising director that Yan Jin ditched at the office earlier that morning, scolded in exasperated frustration: “You actually left me behind to clean that mess for you? Where’s our comradery?!”

“It’s called making the best use of everything.” Yan Jin retorted: “Plus, I helped you settle the big problem. You made a profit.”

“Dafug? How did I profit?” Shao Yue was almost angered to death. What profit? Wasn’t he working under the big boss, Yan Jin?

Just as Shao Yue was planning to continue the debate, he suddenly glimpsed the little cage in Yan Jin’s hand. He saw a pair of little round eyes staring back at him as they grabbed his attention: “What’s this?”


Shao Yue immediately squatted down and waved his hand: “Hey, how are you~”

Xiao Yu played along and swayed his paw. He had mastered the greeting a long time ago. He had to greet Yan Jin every morning and every night. In fact, it should be impossible to find another hamster that could master the greeting so skillfully and proficiently.

“That’s amazing.” Shao Yue was taken aback as expected: “I didn’t see that coming, Yan Jin. Where did you get this from?”

“It’s mine. His name is Fishy.” Yan Jin look down from above as his face was full of arrogance.

“Seriously?” Shao Yue obviously did not believe it: “You can keep a pet?”

“Stop your bullshit. Are you going to film it?”

“Of course! Why wouldn’t I film it.” Shao Yue accepted the cage from Yan Jin’s hand as he brought it to his eye level and teased it: “You must work hard to make that idiot with the princess-syndrome fall in love with you, okay? I have faith in you.”

Yan Jin reminded: “Be cautious with him. You drop him, you pay with your life.”

“I got it. You should rest assured when I’m in charge.” Shao Yue ridiculed as he walked away with Xiao Yu.

The moment Yan Jin entered the studio, several people had gathered around him. However, he simply did not pay those people any attention as he found an empty spot to sit in. He watched from afar as his hamster was surrounded by a ground of people squealing at how adorable his hamster was. He was proud and frustrated at the same time.

That was his hamster. Why were those people marveling over it?

“Xiao Zhang.” Chairman Yan called over the assistant director that was beside him: “Get them to start filming quickly. What’s with the big fuss?”

“Yes, Chairman. I’ll inform them immediately.”


After that shooting, Chairman Yan regretted a decision made at work for the first time in his life.

Sure enough, he should have let them change the manuscript.

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