RIAH – Chapter 89: You Can’t Do That Even if You’re a Goddess

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Chapter Eighty-Nine: You Can’t Do That Even if You’re a Goddess

“Oh my god, so cute!”

“I heard that hamsters get scared easily, but this one doesn’t seem scared of humans at all.”

“Hey, I just heard someone say that Chairman Yan raised this hamster. Is that true?”

“Ah, this pose used to be really popular…”

“It even knows how to do the peace sign, OMG! I want to take a picture and sent it to my friends. ”

Xiao Yu twisted his waist to one side, extended two of his small claws, and posed like the “troublemaker” meme, which made the surrounding people exclaim in surprise, “How adorable!”

A while later, a cute lady gave Xiao Yu a piece of carrot. Xiao Yu raised his paw, accepted it, and immediately stuffed it into his mouth.

Munch, munch, munch.

“Whoa, it’s eating!”

“It’s so adorable~ Ahhhh, save me! It’s so cute I’m going to die!”

“I want to raise a hamster too~ Did the the crew raise it? Can I keep it after we finish shooting?”

Multiple consecutive flashes and the sound of the shutter clicking allowed Xiao Yu to feel like he truly had become the star, and he became immensely proud. Unfortunately, the feeling of being the center of attention did not last long, and he was lifted.

Omigod, who has the gall to touch me? Don’t they know whose hamster I am?!

Xiao Yu angrily lifted his head and looked up, then was silent.

It wasn’t only him, the entire crowd fell silent in the blink of an eye.

“Hey, why are you here? Didn’t you say that you would leave it to me?” The person who had the hamster stolen away when it was in his grasp, Shao Yue, was upset.

“You’re too slow.”

Yan Jin expressionlessly protected Xiao Yu in his cupped hands with the bearing of a person who absolutely “would not let other people see.”

“Dammit, it’s not even his turn…” Shao Yue explained, “Can’t I get him used to the actress?”

“No need.” Yan Jin brought the disobedient Xiao Yu along and walked to the side, “Get the director to shoot Fishy’s scene first, then take care of the rest.”

Shao Yue was completely speechless this time.

Alright, fine. This person was the big boss. He could do whatever he wanted and that was none of his business.

“Squeak squeak!” Xiao Yu squeaked a few times, basically asking why he came.

The other people in the area heard a meaningless sound, but Yan Jin could grasp the meaning of the question that Xiao Yu wanted to ask with startling accuracy.

“If you finish shooting earlier, we can go home sooner,” he answered.

These were just empty words. In reality, after seeing his hamster surrounded and having his picture taken, Chairman Yan could not suppress his desire to monopolize. His earlier explanation of finishing the shooting earlier so that they could go home sooner, was also because he did not want anyone else to see Xiao Yu.

Chairman Yan did not find anything wrong with his train of thought at all.

Xiao Yu silently tilted his head, minded his own business, and gnawed on his carrot.

Yan Jin’s sharp eyes immediately noticed the object in Xiao Yu’s paws. This was not something that he had brought for Xiao Yu.

“You must not eat what other people give you. What if it was poisoned?” Yan Jin forcefully extracted the carrot from Xiao Yu’s arms and threw it in the trash with conviction.

From a certain perspective, to be able to snatch food away from a hamster who was extremely protective over its food, Yan Jin’s actions could be considered amazing.

Xiao Yu was caught off guard by Yan Jin’s deadpan nonsense, but he could only let it pass. He couldn’t out talk Yan Jin. Besides, he didn’t come here to be surrounded.

“Squeakk.” Yan Jin, Yan Jin, where is my goddess?

Yan Jin paused for three seconds before he replied, “What did you say?”

“Squeakk.” My goddess. Xinxin, the goddess Dou Yixin.

Even if Yan Jin had a supernatural ability, he could not figure out a person’s name from “squeakk” (aside from his own name). However, it did not prevent him from hearing the term “goddess”.

Before Yan Jin had the chance to confront Xiao Yu about this statement, the breathless voice of a female interrupted.

“Chairman Yan, long time no see. Why have you personally come here?”

The voice came from behind. Before Yan Jin could even turn around, the Xiao Yu in his hand had exploded.

“Squeak, squeak, squeaakkk!”

Goddess, goddess, I am your biggest fan!

The person who arrived was Dou Yixin, the goddess Xiao Yu had been dreaming about.

Dou Yixin had run here straight, so right now she was breathing heavily. However, this did not stop her from appearing to be a gentle person with a refreshing smile. She looked at Yan Jin with affection.

Just as Yan Jin intended to reply, a series of squeaks escaped from the palm of his hand.

“Oh, this is…” Dou Yixin tucked her hair behind her ear and leaned down, “This is the little one that is going to costar with me for the video? So cute.”

Being praised as cute by his goddess almost made Xiao Yu so happy that he fainted. His limbs seemed to turn into jelly, but he still strived to make a heart shape with his paws for Dou Yixin.

It was not easy for a hamster to make this pose, but Xiao Yu was desperate to show off to his goddess as he maintained the difficult position.

The surrounding temperature suddenly dropped.

In front of outsiders, Chairman Yan was always an expressionless glacier. Even when he was enraged, he would actually appear to be smiling. However, for the few people who really knew Yan Jin, they could guess his mood from the smallest change.

Of course, people who knew Yan Jin well were few in number. However, as Yan Jin’s classmate for several years, Shao Yue was still considered to be one of them.

Furthermore, it was not hard to guess the situation.

Shao Yue, who purposely followed behind Dou Yixin to watch the scene unfold, could not stand the chill. He walked away while shouting, “Turn up the heater”.

Sighs, this is one hell of a supernatural ability.” Shao Yue grumbled.

Meanwhile, at the scene, the excited Xiao Yu and equally excited Dou Yixin were clearly unaware of the dreadful situation.

“Wow, you can even pose for a heart? Is that for me?”

Dou Yixin asked casually. Although her fans were called “Little Hearts” and their signature pose was a heart gesture, that particular pose was not limited to her. Plus, how would a hamster know anything about it? This was Yan Jin’s hamster, so it must have been taught by Yan Jin.

Even though it was an unrealistic dream that many other actresses had, Dou Yixin was not naive enough to think that Yan Jin would really train his hamster just for her sake.

But who would have expected to see Xiao Yu nod his head.

It was not just a casual nod. Xiao Yu nodded his head enthusiastically and maintained his pose while taking a few steps forward, right towards Dou Yixin.

Then, even Dou Yixin was confused.

Her heart suddenly beat crazily as an unbelievable guess took shape in her heart.

C-could it be that Yan Jin had been…

But when had it started? They only met a few times. Could it be that one time…

Yan Jin finally took his eyes off from his hamster who suddenly reacted weirdly. He turned his gaze onto the actress he had never met before, who was indulged in her own fantasy.

Yan Jin studied the actress and realized that “never met before” was inaccurately used.

They had met before, but at that time, this woman was not a famous actress yet. He was not YL’s chairman either, but he held a status that was even more important.

So she’s an “acquaintance”.

“Chairman Yan, your hamster sure is interesting.”

Dou Yixin looked up and used what she assumed was a tender and soft gaze to look at Yan Jin.

Before anyone noticed, the entire studio suddenly went silent. Ever since Yan Jin had appeared and dismissed the crowd, everyone else was busy with their own duties ー fiddling with their mobiles or reading their script. However, every single one of them was eavesdropping as they stole glances at the two people who were standing in the middle of the studio.

There was also a hamster, who for some reason, was very eye-catching.

Shao Yue stood at a distance and snorted coldly as he mouthed the word ‘farewell’.

He maliciously thought, Yan Jin, that’s payback for not listening to me at how idiotic that woman is. Now you’re getting the worst of it. Serves you right.

“Director Shao, is Chairman Yan still planning to shoot?” The production director asked as he walked over. He saw how no one surrounded Yan Jin and Dou Yixin, and that made him think twice about approaching them. Therefore, he questioned Shao Yue who was standing by the side.

The production director was pretty speechless as well. Just a moment ago, Yan Jin had suddenly come over to him and instructed him to film the mouse’s portion first and push back the rest. He agreed to it, but now that everything had been set up, Chairman Yan and Dou Yixin were standing together.

He had no problem with them standing together. The problem was, Dou Yixin was one of the main actresses and the other main lead was in Yan Jin’s hand.

Without the two main leads, how was he going to shoot?

“I think it’s over.” Shao Yue said.

The production director gasped in shock.

His question of ‘planning to shoot’ was referring to whether to shoot the mouse’s portion. If not, they could film the other clips. But Shao Yue’s ‘it’s over’ was referring to…

The production director’s shock and unsure gaze landed in the vacuum area right in the middle.

While the conversation was ongoing at the side, Dou Yixin almost leaned against Yan Jin.

“Chairman Yan, Yixin is really happy to see you here personally.”

Those pair of eyes that claimed to be endearing to everyone’s heart were completely filled with Yan Jin. If it was anyone else, they might not be able to withstand such an attack and quickly surrender.

What a pity, she just had to do it with Yan Jin.

Ever since Dou Yixin’s greeting, Yan Jin had never said a word. However, his increasingly gentle expression made Dou Yixin misunderstand that he was responding to her words, so she did not notice that his gaze grew increasingly cold.

Xiao Yu finally realized that something was amiss.

He continued to make a few different adorable poses, but Dou Yixin’s attention was completely focused on Yan Jin.

At first, Xiao Yu was quite angry ー Yan Jin is just a background. Goddess, look at me, quick!

However, at this moment, he finally realized what Dou Yixin was trying to do.

She did not come because of ‘this adorable hamster’. Her goal was very obvious right from the start.

In fact, the only person who had not realized that earlier was him.


Dou Yixin was standing closed by. So close that he could even smell the expensive perfume from her body.

However, the smell of perfume from his goddess did not make Xiao Yu feel happy. He wasn’t sure if it was a added effect from having a hamster’s keen sense of smell, but that strong scent made Xiao Yu feel slightly uncomfortable.

Also, being squeezed between two people did not feel good at all.

Even if Xiao Yu had raised his head to the highest, he could only see their chin.

The fact that “the Goddess is interested in Yan Jin” was too much of a shock to Xiao Yu. For a moment, he wasn’t even sure who was he jealous of.

The confusing thoughts and pungent perfume made Xiao Yu a little dizzy.

Speaking of which, had Yan Jin never used cologne before?

Even if he had not used any cologne, he should still have some unique scent. Xiao Yu had heard before that animals could use scent to differentiate their owners. It was puzzling that he had never smelled any scent from Yan Jin. A hamster’s smell should be really sharp, right?


Xiao Yu sneezed and suddenly realized why.

It was not that Yan Jin did not have any smells on him, but that it was covered by other scents.

By the scent of melon seeds, walnuts, and little snacks…

And his own scent as well.

Right before Xiao Yu eyes was a splash of dark red. It was the color of what Dou Yixin was wearing today.

At his current position, Xiao Yu could get up-close with his goddess’ breast ー it was something that Xiao Yu would never have thought of before.

But when this incident really came true, Xiao Yu did something that he had never thought of before.

He stretched his paw out and harshly pushed forward.


You can’t do that even if you’re a Goddess!

Yan Jin belongs to only one person (hamster), him!

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