RIAH – Chapter 90: What Goes Around Comes Around

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Chapter 90: What Goes Around Comes Around

With a “plak” sound, the heel on her seven inch stilettos broke.

Dou Yixin originally only planned on taking one step back, but ended up falling backwards with a sharp cry. She landed in an extremely comical posture on the floor.

“Yixin!” The closest assistant rushed over to support her.

“What happened?”

“Oh, Miss Dou. Are you okay, Miss Dou?”

The scene descended into chaos.

Dou Yixin did not get up. She sluggishly leaned on her assistant for a few seconds, her pretty eyes resentfully looking toward Yan Jin.

Yan Jin didn’t even spare her a glance. His entire focus was on the hamster who was scared silly in his palm.

Xiao Yu really was scared silly. Just now, he only wanted to push Dou Yixin away because he was momentarily muddle headed. With his strength being so weak, how was he able to push a person to the ground?

“Fishy, are you feeling sick?” Yan Jin raised Xiao Yu up a bit: “I heard you sneeze earlier.”

“Squeakk.” It wasn’t my fault. She fell on her own.

“Oh, you’re no longer calling her a goddess?” King Yan Jin was happy, so he took a melon seed out of his pocket and put it into Xiao Yu’s paws.

“Squeakk!” You’re still making fun of me at a time like this!

The hamster curled up into a ball in the middle of his palm. Even his fur looked gloomier, making him seem wronged and hurt.

Xiao Yu’s pitiful appearance made Yan Jin’s heart ache. He was so used to seeing the little guy with an arrogant and domineering attitude, that Yan Jin could not stand seeing Xiao Yu shivering in a little ball.

“Fishy, what is it? Where do you feel uncomfortable?” Yan Jin rushed to comfort him.

“Squeakkk.” Quickly go… Quickly go and see.

Xiao Yu’s eyes had turned red and his voice even carried a hint of sobbing.

Dou Yixin was still sitting on the floor, unable to get up. Nothing was wrong with her, right? Every part of an actress’s body was worth money. If he caused her to get hurt, he wouldn’t be able to compensate her even if he sold himself.

What should he do? He caused such a big disaster, squeak.

Obviously, Xiao Yu wanted to cry because he was afraid of getting into trouble. But from Yan Jin’s perspective, he came to a different conclusion after seeing Xiao Yu’s reaction.

How dare she make his Fishy feel this unhappy? Dou Yixin, well done.

Yan Jin’s gaze landed on Dou Yixin, who thought that she was sitting elegantly on the floor.

This was his little treasure that he was reluctant to bump even with a fingertip. How could he let another person come out of nowhere and bully his precious?

The scene was in a mess. Many people reached out to help Dou Yixin up, but she wouldn’t get off the floor. Her gaze inadvertently landed on Yan Jin as she waited for him to reach out a hand to help her up. But seeing that the other party had no reaction after a long time, Dou Yixin began to feel that something was odd.

“Yixin, nothing’s wrong right?” The assistant lowered her head to look at Dou Yixin’s ankle. Then, after receiving the signal in Dou Yixin’s eyes, she cried out: “It looks a bit swollen. That little animal really should be more careful!”

“It’s fine. Chairman Yan’s hamster didn’t do it on purpose. The little guy was just playing with me.” Dou Yixin explained to the crowd that came to comfort her: “How could I blame Chairman Yan?”

“Oh, it hurts. I can’t get up.” Dou Yixin tried to move her leg, before saying with reddened eyes: “It really hurts. Chairman Yan, can you help pull Yixin up?”

“Miss Dou.” Yan Jin finally opened his mouth, but what came out was completely different from what Dou Yixin was expecting:

“It looks like Fishy doesn’t like you, so Miss Dou does not need to be in this commercial.”

Everyone became silent.

Dou Yixin thought that she might have had an auditory hallucination. Shouldn’t Yan Jin try to comfort her? Didn’t Yan Jin have feelings for her? Why… why was Yan Jin asking her to leave the film crew?

She was shocked. She thought that she must have heard wrong. But when she looked at the assistant by her side and at the people around her, she could see that some looked as stunned as she was, while others had schadenfreude expressions on their faces—

Her shock turned into panic.

Why? Why wasn’t anyone saying anything in her defense? She was the victim here!

The first person to break the silence was Shao Yue. When he saw Dou Yixin’s disbelieving expression, like she suspected that there was something wrong with her ears, he laughed.

This wasn’t a soft scoff either, but a full belly laugh.

The sound attracted the crowd’s attention and they all looked toward Shao Yue.

“Hey, well said, well said.” Shao Yue even started clapping: “The mouse from before was so dedicated to his role, but Miss Dou was able to kick it out with merely one sentence by saying that it was scary. Now this is what you call what goes around comes around.”

Shao Yue still thought it was unfair for the little mouse to be shooed away. Of course, the main reason was because he disliked Dou Yixin. Ever since the first day of filming, he found this retarded actress who kept claiming to know Yan Jin especially disgusting.

What made him really angry was that when he went to inform Yan Jin of the situation, the chairman left him behind at the office and went home early.

Now, being able to see Yan Jin so furious and Dou Yixin out of luck, Shao Yue couldn’t help but feel like he profited big this time.

In this matter, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration for him to call himself the winner.

“You!” Dou Yixin viciously glared at Shao Yue, hating that she couldn’t skin him alive and swallow him whole.

“Director Du, can we start filming now? Fishy can’t wait any longer.” Yan Jin said coldly.

Director Du apprehensively took two steps forward, wiping away the cold sweat on his forehead. Then, he spoke softly: “Chairman Yan, it was very difficult for my company to invite Miss Dou for this commercial. N-now you want to replace her. It wouldn’t be good to break the contract…”

Although he said that his company invited her, the truth was that this was something Dou Yixin’s sponsor had arranged. There were many stars that relied on their background support to be arrogant, but not many became as arrogant as Dou Yixin. Over these past few days, Dou Yixin offended practically everyone on the film crew. The director didn’t want to speak up for her, but he was a bit worried about the fee to terminate her contract and about the reaction from the sponsor supporting Dou Yixin from behind.

“Naturally, this is not something Director Du has to worry about.” Yan Jin raised an eyebrow: “My relationship with Mr. Xue isn’t bad. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind doing me this favor.”

Mr. Xue was Dou Yixin’s sponsor.

The director became relieved upon hearing those words, while Dou Yixin’s face became completely white.

“Oh my god, Mr. Xue? It can’t be that Mr. Xue, can it? He’s old enough to be her grandfather.”

“And she claimed that she relied on herself and didn’t need a sponsor when she was hanging on to such an old man. What a slut.”

“Hey, don’t you think our words are too harsh?”

“Relax, women who pester Chairman Yan never have a good ending. Since Chairman Yan has already spoken, that woman is finished.”

Many people within the film crew did not like Dou Yixin. Most of them only tolerated her on account of her background. Now that they saw that she was out of luck, their resentment, which had been accumulating these last few days, exploded.

The sounds of discussion filled the air. Even though everyone was having their own private conversations, for some reason, Dou Yixin was able to hear each sentence clearly.

What happened? Why did things turn out like this? How had matters blown up to this stage?

What did she do wrong? It was not her fault. She was the victim. Yan Jin’s hamster was the one that made her fall and twist her ankle.

However, who would believe that a hamster was able to push her over?

After Yan Jin finished speaking, he went up the stage with the director, but the crowd did not disperse that easily.

“Is there anything that slut wouldn’t do to get to Chairman Yan?”

“Only an idiot would believe that a hamster was able to push her to the ground. Even a person made of paper isn’t that fragile.”

“Stop looking at her. Chairman Yan’s hamster is so cute, let’s hurry over. The director is calling for you.”

Stunned, Dou Yixin sat on the floor, still uncertain of what had happened.

But there was one point that she finally understood. It was not the hamster that made her fall. At the time, when the hamster tried to push her, Yan Jin stepped to the side. So the hamster did not actually touch her. It was she who stepped back too forcefully and carelessly broke the heel of her stilettos, which caused her to fall.

Why did Yan Jin step to the side?

Was it to prevent her from being pushed by the hamster?

No, that wasn’t it.

“Miss Dou, Chairman Yan has already spoken. Please leave the premises immediately. Don’t affect the filming progress.

“Yixin. Yixin, let’s go. They really are too much. I’m sure Mr. Xue will not sit back and do nothing.

Dou Yixin was pulled up by her assistant. As she stumbled her way outside, she thought of the frigid way Yan Jin had looked at her right before he left. It felt like an ice cold grip on her throat, causing her to miss her last opportunity to protest.

“…It was to prevent his hamster from touching me. He thought I was dirty.”

Sitting in the car on her way back, Dou Yixin suddenly said this sentence that didn’t make any sense. Afterwards, no matter how her assistant asked her, she didn’t speak again.

Even without Dou Yixin, the commercial still needed to be filmed. Although changing the main lead was very troublesome, since Chairman Yan supported this move, the director was not bothered by it.

If there was any fallout with the public, YL would deal with it. What was important right now was to finish filming the commercial.

Xiao Yu was extremely stupefied.

Ever since Yan Jin started his conversation with Dou Yixin, he became stupefied. Everything happened so quickly that by the time he woke up from his daze, Dou Yixin was already kicked out by Yan Jin.

Not to mention… He wasn’t sure why, but nobody held him accountable for what happened.

“Your name is Fishy, right? How pitiful. That woman is so annoying. How could she even bully such a cute little guy?” The stylist put a tie on Xiao Yu as she complained about what happened earlier.

“That’s right, and she even scared Fishy. Come here, I’ll give you a melon seed.” The makeup artist standing off to the side came over and took out a melon seed.

Xiao Yu who looked like he might’ve been bullied sniffed with his nose, then lowered his head to nibble at the melon seed.


“He can’t eat human food.” Yan Jin stole the de-shelled melon seed from Xiao Yu’s paws and tossed it into his mouth: “You guys hurry up. The director is calling.”

Xiao Yu: “Squeakk!” You’re like this even when other people are around!

“Chairman Yan!”

“Chairman Yan, why are you here?”

Yan Jin’s expression did not change as he spoke: “I’m just passing a message along on behalf of the director.”

The makeup artist and the stylist ladies watched as Yan Jin walked away, then they looked at each other and laughed: “Actually, the chairman of YL is not as scary as rumors say.”

“Yeah, and he’s even raising such a cutey.”

Hearing those words, Xiao Yu immediately felt proud of himself.

See how useful he was? Yan Jin better show him some gratitude.

Before Xiao Yu got on stage, he was circled by a crowd until he became dizzy. So it wasn’t until the instant when the spotlight hit him that he finally realized a problem.

Wait, was the matter with Dou Yixin considered finished?

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