RIAH – Chapter 91: It Was Over Just like That

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Chapter 91: It Was Over Just like That

Was it over just like that? It couldn’t be.

A superstar was kicked out of filming just like that. He reckoned that this news would spread immediately.

Although this matter destroyed the image of Dou Yixin in his heart as a goddess, he should take responsibility for Dou Yixin’s fall regardless. It was obvious that Yan Jin wanted to protect him, but it was also a fact that he caused trouble for Yan Jin and the film crew. He certainly needed to apologize.

He was a good hamster (?) that didn’t shirk his responsibilities.

The question was how he should apologize. After all, he was only a hamster. He definitely couldn’t go alone… Should he ask Yan Jin to apologize for him? Speaking of which, Yan Jin had such a high position. He should be able to compensate Dou Yixin in some other way, like giving her an endorsement deal for example.

Oh, but it was obvious that Dou Yixin was interested in Yan Jin. What would he do if something were to develop from their contact with one another? Who knew if Yan Jin was completely bent? What would he do if she straightened him out?

From Yan Jin’s behavior just now, he should have already seen through Dou Yixin. I was obvious that he didn’t feel anything for her.

Still, Yan Jin should compensate her in a way that didn’t require much contact.

Like ……

Tangled into a furry ball, many scenarios sprang up in Xiao Yu’s brain. Not only did he come up with what action Yan Jin should take after this, he even thought of what excuse Yan Jin should use to justify his action.

Before he even tried to convince Yan Jin, Xiao Yu had already convinced himself.

They successfully finished filming the commercial and were on their way back home. Xiao Yu had thought hard on the wording of his proposal before hesitantly asking Yan Jin: “Was this incident considered over?”

“Of course not.” Yan Jin was driving as he replied seriously: “She still needs to pay a higher price for what she did. That way, she will learn that there are some people she can’t provoke, and that there are things she can’t do.”


Xiao Yu couldn’t stand it anymore and jumped onto the steering wheel, one hind leg stepping on Yan Jin’s hand.

Yan Jin inhaled sharply before he slammed on the brakes and pulled over to the side of the road. After he made sure that they were safe, he prepared to deal with his little ancestor.

“What did you promise me before getting into the car? Didn’t you agree that you would only sit quietly and nothing else?”

Yan Jin tried to keep a cold expression on his face so that he would look more stern, but in front of Xiao Yu, his expression database did not include a “stern” option.

This included all sorts of negative expressions like rage, indifference, and anger.

They stared at each other for a moment, but looking at Xiao Yu’s face that was full of “arrogance”, “dissatisfaction”, and “extreme anger,” without any hint of fear, Yan Jin could only helplessly raise a white flag and surrender: “How about I increase your snacks by a quarter this week? Can you be good until we get home?”

“Squeakk!” That’s not what I’m talking about!

Xiao Yu looked even angrier.

“Can we wait to talk about this more once we get home?” Yan Jin attempted to let things pass.

“Squeak.” No.

The person and the hamster stared at each other, and Yan Jin quickly lost.

The helpless Chairman Yan looked out the window. The spot he stopped at could be considered remote, so he shouldn’t be in danger of getting a ticket.

“Fine. You talk, I’ll listen.”

“Squeakk.” I just told you.

“Dou Yixin?”

“Squeak.” Yes.

“Weren’t you calling her a goddess before?” Yan Jin still couldn’t let that go.

“Squeakkk!” Can you focus on the main point?!

Inside, Xiao Yu thought to himself, Dou Yixin was no longer his goddess.

“Relax, you can trust me.” Yan Jin reached out with his thumb to pat Xiao Yu’s little nose before bending it to rest it on Xiao Yu’s tummy: “I will definitely handle this well. I guarantee that it will be even better than what you imagined. Pinky promise, okay?”

Xiao Yu put his little paw onto Yan Jin’s pinky and they shook on it.

A warmth spread to his paw from above.

This was the first time Xiao Yu pinky promised with another person. Due to the special circumstances of his childhood, he was mature for his age and would never do something so childish. After he became an adult, it was even more impossible for him to do something like this.

Xiao Yu shyly held his little paw and nestled back into the passenger seat. He no longer moved about and completely tossing his “perfect plan” to the back of his head.

“Squeakk.” It’s a promise.

Yan Jin, who was finally allowed to continue driving, sighed in relief. At the same time, he mentally made a note of this matter with Dou Yixin.

This was the first time Fishy showed so much concern over something. Dou Yixin must have really frightened him.

It seemed that his previous plan wouldn’t be enough.

One week later, as Xiao Yu was playing games in the living room, Yan Jin suddenly came out of the bedroom. He waited until Xiao Yu finished his game before he grabbed Xiao Yu’s iPad and started tapping on the screen.

“Squeakk!” What are you doing? Give that back!

Xiao Yu became anxious and reached his paws out to get his iPad back. Too bad his little body was only ten centimeters long. Yan Jin only had to stand up straight to render Xiao Yu helpless.

“Squeakk!” Even hamsters have their own privacy!

Help! The information on his iPad was not ordinary. Those secrets could very well lead to his identity being exposed!

“Okay, here you go.”

Yan Jin left the screen on a news channel before he put it down in front of Xiao Yu, then turned and went to the kitchen. He didn’t even check Xiao Yu’s so-called “secret.”

Confused, Xiao Yu watched as Yan Jin, who seemed to be in a good mood, entered the kitchen. He turned to look at his iPad.

After that one glance, his gaze was stuck to the iPad until lunch time.

Headline: “Popular Superstar’s True Face: Is her Virtuous Image Just an Act?”

The following three pages contained indecent pictures and even a video that was secretly taken. He didn’t know what the media was thinking to not even censor the content, candidly posting them on their website. The image of the man was fuzzy, but the woman, who was the star of this news, was clearly Dou Yixin.

The comments section below exploded furiously. Some were there to defend their goddess, but those were only a minority. With such a clear video being displayed, a large portion of the comments condemned Dou Yixin.

Xiao Yu closed the news app and logged onto Weibo. As expected, Dou Yixin’s Weibo was completely flooded. Although there were a rare few who spoke out for Dou Yixin, they were completely submerged by the endless “get out of the entertainment industry” messages.

Xiao Yu scrolled down. Sure enough, he found his own account within the comments that were flooded over.

More accurately speaking, that would be the human Xiao Yu’s account.

Thinking carefully, this incident also occurred in his past life. Various entertainment media companies exposed Dou Yixin’s scandals overnight, instantly destroying her image as the nation’s goddess.

At the time, Xiao Yu very firmly believed that his Goddess Xinxin was falsely accused, that the pictures were photoshopped, and the video faked. Every day, he fought against the anti-fans and trolls to show his support for his Goddess Xinxin, hoping that his goddess would not give up on her career. Fortunately, Goddess Xinxin quickly picked herself up. Although her popularity did take a hit, she did not leave the entertainment industry.

In the past, Xiao Yu stupidly considered this to be bad luck on Dou Yinxin’s part. He thought that she suffered this tragedy because people were jealous of her popularity, and he felt very bad for his Goddess Xinxin.

But now ——

“Squeakk!” Yan Jin, didn’t we pinky promise? Didn’t you ask me to trust you? What is this?!

“Hmm? Are you not satisfied?” Yan Jin was cooking in the kitchen when he heard a sound and poked his head out. Obviously a bit bewildered, he said: “It’s difficult to make a big move inside the country. And isn’t it a bit much to completely destroy her over such a small matter?”

Afterwards, Yan Jin thought for a moment before adding: “If you beg me, I can trick her into leaving the country in a few days and deal with her.”

Deal with her my ass!

Xiao Yu was so stupefied, he lost his ability to complain.

He thought he could rest assured and leave the matter with Yan Jin. They even pinky promised. Did Yan Jin’s conscience even twinge? Clearly he had already made the arrangements, so why didn’t Yan Jin act according to his plan?


Xiao Yu tried to think back. At the time, had he informed Yan Jin of his “perfect plan?”


At lunchtime, Xiao Yu finally clearly relayed the matter to Yan Jin.

Especially the part where he caused Dou Yixin to fall and his guilty conscience for causing trouble for Yan Jin.

After Yan Jin finished listening, he smiled.

“Are you done?”

“Squeak.” Yes, I’m done.

“Did you misunderstand something?” Yan Jin put down his chopsticks and reached out his hand.

After taking a few strides, Xiao Yu climbed into Yan Jin’s palm. Then he was held up and his fur smoothed over.

“She fell because of her own actions. It had nothing to do with Fishy. Fishy didn’t even bump into her.” Yan Jin stared at Xiao Yu’s fluffy white tummy and couldn’t help stealing a big kiss.

“Squeak.” That feels itchy, go away.

Xiao Yu used his little paws to resist Yan Jin’s incoming face.

“Not to mention, even if you let her go, I can’t ignore the fact that she used my beloved Fishy to get closer to me.”

Xiao Yu was unable push Yan Jin away. Instead, Yan Jin buried his nose into Xiao Yu’s belly and snuggled against the soft fur.

The warm air from Yan Jin’s breath blew on Xiao Yu’s sensitive tummy, which made him feel itchy as well as embarrassed, turning his face red.

“Squeak!” Go away. If you don’t, I wouldn’t come up here next time!

It was their agreement that when Yan Jin reached out his hand, Xiao Yu would climb onto his palm. But every time, Yan Jin couldn’t control his bad behavior whenever he saw the obedient Xiao Yu’s cuteness and he would end up doing some “troublesome” things, such as stealing kisses and the like. Xiao Yu had warned Yan Jin a few times, but Yan Jin kept violating the rules.

It looked like he needed to adopt measures so that Yan Jin could remember his warnings.

Xiao Yu became lost in his thoughts.

Yan Jin reluctantly moved further away from Xiao Yu. Then a thought suddenly came to mind, and the look in Yan Jin’s eyes became dangerous: “On account of the fact that at the last moment, you were going to push Dou Yixin away, I will stop pursuing the matter of the ‘goddess.’”

Xiao Yu felt a bit guilty. It wasn’t like he knew that Dou Yixin was that kind of person. It was normal for there to be some bias since he only saw her through a screen.

“As for causing me trouble,” Yan Jin thought for a moment before saying: “You truly did cause some problems. But Dou Yixin got what she deserved, so your apology is not necessary. The film crew does not need your apology either, so…”

That afternoon, Grey-white SS shared countless pictures of a hamster making a “heart hand” amongst his friends. The adorableness of these pictures garnered a bunch of likes and comments from his pet raising friends.

At this moment, the incident was declared to be officially over and the person and the hamster were on their way to the Four Seasons Manor.

The naïve Xiao Yu had a feeling that something was not quite right, but he was quickly enchanted by the Four Seasons Manor and tossed the matter to the back of his mind.

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