RIAH – Chapter 92: En Route

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Chapter 92: En Route

This time, they were fully equipped for their trip to the Four Seasons Manor. Since the weather was freezing, no matter how much Xiao Yu stressed the fact that he wasn’t afraid of the cold, Yan Jin still packed half a trunk full of little clothes for him.

Yes, they were the type of little clothes that only a hamster could wear. Yan Jin drew all of the designs when he was bored and sent them to a factory to be produced. Most were made of knitted fabric in the shape of a vest. According to Chairman Yan, he got inspiration from the tie Xiao Yu wore in the commercial they just shot.

On a side note, Yan Jin recorded the whole process of Xiao Yu filming the commercial, and he also downloaded the finished commercial from the website. He then edited out the other parts and created a new video with only Xiao Yu’s parts. It seemed like once Yan Jin returned to the villa, he would turn an empty room into a private home theatre specifically for him to enjoy his video.

In regards to this, Xiao Yu could only say: Pervertedness is contagious, stay a bit further away from me.

As for the newly delivered clothes, Xiao Yu didn’t have much of an opinion about them. His job didn’t involve clothing design, so he did not have any special opinion when it came to clothes. It was good as long as it could be worn.

Also, he had seen people dressing up their cats and dogs in his past life, so he didn’t see anything wrong with what Yan Jin was doing.

During the Christmas holiday two days prior, Xiao Yu received a Christmas hat and a Christmas scarf. He was wearing them when they left the villa, but it became too hot once he got into the car, so he carelessly took them off and tossed them to the side.

The heater inside the car was turned up just right for Xiao Yu to happily sit in the back seat and chat with Nannan on the iPad while he dealt with Yan Jin’s endless chatter.

“I can’t drive too slowly. Are you comfortable in the back at this speed?”

“Squeak.” It’s okay.

“Come sit in the front passenger seat after this section of the road.”

“Squeak.” No need.

“Hmm? Why not? You can still play your games over here.”

“Squeakk.” No need means no need. Shut your mouth and pay attention to your driving.

Yan Jin choked.

He could see from the rear view mirror that the little guy never looked up even once from his iPad. As Chairman Yan felt his heart being pierced, he started to ponder how he should deal with this.

Currently, it seemed that the best option was to directly confiscate the iPad. However, once he thought about Xiao Yu’s teary eyes, Yan Jin doubted that he could sustain this punishment over a long period.

Limiting the amount of time the iPad could be used sounded pretty good, but that would just be treating the symptom and not the cause. What Yan Jin wanted was for Fishy to sit in his lap while he played with the iPad.

…… Maybe he should just get a chauffeur. That way he could sit with Fishy in the back.

That’s right, he should also get a new car. One that was a bit bigger so that Fishy’s cage could fit inside. Right now, the space between the front seat and the back seat was just a bit too small, which greatly limited its functionality.

If the car was just a bit bigger, they could even bring toys. This time, they weren’t able to bring many of Xiao Yu’s toys because the cage took up too much space. They could only pack a few little winter clothes before the trunk was filled up. Originally, he had planned to bring more stuff along on their trip, but the things that they were actually able to bring were definitely not enough.

Chairman Yan sank into a deep contemplation.


Xiao Yu was completely unaware of the wild imagination Yan Jin had going through his head. To Xiao Yu, sitting in the back seat was a very pleasant thing. He could do what he wanted without constantly being on the lookout for Yan Jin’s tricks.

[Nannan]: Master, the sales for Heart Lock have been pretty good.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: Yes, thanks to you.

[Nannan]: No, no, it’s because Master taught me well.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: You’ve made great improvements. The design you showed me last time was very good.

[Nannan]: Thank you, Master.

[Nannan]: happy.jpg.

Because Nannan was such a smooth talker, he was able to coax Xiao Yu into a great mood. Xiao Yu sat in the back seat and laughed a few times, attracting Yan Jin’s resentful gaze from the front.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: Recently, all of your designs are pretty good. Your store must be doing well.

[Nannan]: It depends on what you’re comparing my sales to. Although it is not doing so well compared to pirated works, they are selling extremely well for original jewelry, ha ha.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: You’re no longer making replicas?

[Nannan]: I don’t dare to …

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: Why don’t you dare to?

[Nannan]: It’s hard to explain.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: What’s hard to explain?

[Nannan]: I’m the one who drew the original design drawing. If I do make a pirated version, I’m afraid it would be hard to explain afterwards.

[Nannan]: weaksmile.jpg

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: …

Xiao Yu, who was questioning Nannan closely, suddenly didn’t know what to say.

It was fine when Nannan didn’t say anything, but once he brought it up, Xiao Yu finally realized the seriousness of this matter.

Nannan was the one who drew all of the original design drawings for the jewelry that were currently most popular. If he really were to create pirated copies, the consequences would be …

Fortunately, Nannan did not try to do anything crooked. If he had, there would’ve been trouble.

As Xiao Yu rejoiced, he sent Nannan a picture of a hamster making heart hands.

Yes, this was the picture that Yan Jin had circulated on his QQ not long ago. Xiao Yu thought that the picture wasn’t bad, so he decided to use it.

[Nannan]: received.jpg

[Nannan]: Oh, that’s right Master, I’ll be in S City for two days. Do you want to meet up?

Xiao Yu sucked in a breath of cold air.

Did he say something wrong just now? What caused Nannan to suddenly suspect his identity?

What should he do? He really did not know how to reply.

Although he was mentally prepared for his identity to be discovered, he never thought that this day would come so quickly.

A-anyway, he should first try to see if he could muddle his way through.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: I’m sorry, these days I have some work……

[Nannan]: Oh, no problem. I was just casually asking. If Master is busy, then forget it.

Xiao Yu was a bit surprised. He actually got away that easily?

Ever since Xiao Yu spun his web of lies, he felt anxious and uneasy, as if people would suspect him the moment he said something wrong.

However, this was all in Xiao Yu’s own imagination.

Take this time for example, Nan Wei was only making a casual suggestion. At most, he just wanted to express his admiration for a master in the design industry. He totally did not intend to poke holes in Xiao Yu’s shakily crafted story.

At this moment, Nan Wei was telling his childhood sweetheart about how disappointed he was that Guru didn’t have time to meet with him.

The childhood sweetheart just grunted once, as if he had already expected this.

“Two days ago, Yan Jin said that he would be going to the Du family’s old mansion and now you’re asking if he has time, hah.” The childhood sweetheart’s gaze did not move from the magazine in his hand as he flipped the page.

“Dammit, I didn’t know about that!” Nan Wei was furious: “What a bother. Why doesn’t cousin inform me of his matters anymore?”

“What would be the use of letting you know?”

Nan Wei felt stifled as he shut his mouth, only to suddenly become exhilarated one moment later: “Aha, I got it! All I have to do is go to the Manor. That way, not only will I be able to see my Master, I’ll also be able to mentally prepare my future sister in-law.”

“How would you prepare him mentally?”

“Hey, can you focus on the main point?”

“Have a pleasant trip.”

“Let’s go, let’s go. I’ll drive. Hurry and pack your bag.”

The childhood sweetheart flipped another page in his magazine, calmly stating: “I’m not going.”

Nan Wei coldly snorted before taking a couple of big strides to the sofa. Then like an octopus, he wrapped himself around his childhood sweetheart: “Come on, you’re such a bore!!”

Unmoved, the childhood sweetheart thought in his mind: Naturally not as interesting as you, using seduction when words don’t work.

“Are you coming or not?”

The childhood sweetheart freed a hand after much difficulty. He loosened his joints before pulling Nan Wei’s head over in front of him. Looking Nan Wei in the eyes, he enunciated each word carefully: “Can you guess why Yan Jin gave himself a little vacation when the year is coming to a close?”

Nan Wei froze, and the arms and legs he used to wrap around his childhood sweetheart subconsciously loosened.

“Have a pleasant trip.” The childhood sweetheart coldly repeated.

Nan Wei scratched his head.

This was why it could be said that there were benefits to being ignorant and incompetent. For example, he could happily go on a trip right now, while the able elites had no choice but to take a certain chairman’s place and work overtime.

As Nan Wei packed up his things, he reviewed his interpretation that being competent was useless to his childhood sweetheart.

The only reply he got was the flipping sound of the pages in the magazine being turned.

Seeing that the childhood sweetheart had no interest in cooperating with him, Nan Wei believed that the other must be jealous of him, which caused him to happily hum a song as he made a phone call.

It seemed like he had selectively forgotten that he was preparing to close his shop to become a designer at YL.

The childhood sweetheart looked over at Nan Wei, who was cheerfully packing his bag. Then, he continued to read his magazine, not envious at all.

This was what karma was for. What goes around, comes around.



The cellphone rang.

Yan Jin glanced at the caller ID before pulling the car over to the side.

It was fortunate that they had already come down from the highway, otherwise he could only reject the call.

“Hey, what’s up?”

“What a coincidence, I’m on my way right now. How are you coming over… That’s fine, I’ll see you tomorrow at noon.”


Yan Jin had more to say, but he suddenly felt something strange touch his hand. When he looked down, he found that Xiao Yu had unknowingly come over from the back and stepped over Yan Jin’s arm as he tried to climb onto the passenger seat.

With a light flip of his hand, Yan Jin clutched Xiao Yu in his palm, immediately causing the little guy to cry out unhappily.

“Let’s talk again after I get there. I’m driving, so it’s not convenient to talk right now.”

Yan Jin hastily hanged up the phone, then stared into Xiao Yu’s round little eyes. He asked: “What are you up to now?”

“Squeakk!” You’re so hateful! I came over especially to keep you company.

Xiao Yu felt really wronged. Obviously, he decided to come sit in the front passenger seat to chat with Yan Jin seeing that Yan Jin looked so bored sitting in the front by himself.

“Really?” Yan Jin squinted his eyes suspiciously.

“Squeak.” Really.

Xiao Yu widened his sincere eyes to cover up the flustered feeling in his heart.

The real reason was that Nannan had something to do and logged off and Xiao Yu didn’t feel like playing any more games. He only thought of Yan Jin because he was bored.

Naturally, this wasn’t something he could let Yan Jin know.

Yan Jin was able to guess that Xiao Yu was definitely up to no good, but due to the other’s “sincere” gaze, Yan Jin quickly allowed it to slide.

“Fine, on account of your cuteness.” Yan Jin reached out a finger to scratch Xiao Yu on the nose.


Xiao Yu, who was teased, angrily grabbed onto Yan Jin’s thumb, which he put into his mouth and bit!


Following the weird sound, a small piece of nail came off from Yan Jin’s finger.

Xiao Yu covered his mouth with both hands.


Yan Jin immediately pulled Xiao Yu’s little paws aside before opening Xiao Yu’s mouth: “Quickly, open your mouth and let me see if you hurt yourself!”

Xiao Yu smacked his lips a few times, then cooperatively revealed his sharp white little teeth.

Yan Jin used his thumb, which had almost been bitten, to feel Xiao Yu’s little teeth. It looked like he wasn’t afraid of being bitten again.

“Does it hurt?”

“Eak.” No.

Xiao Yu wasn’t able to squeak clearly with his mouth open.

“It’s good that it doesn’t hurt.” Yan Jin withdrew his finger, then poked at Xiao Yu’s little tummy: “Let’s see if you still dare to randomly bite people next time.”

“Squeak.” I won’t anymore.

Xiao Yu agreed in a rush.

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