RIAH – Chapter 93: Revisiting Four Seasons Manor

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Chapter 93: Revisiting Four Seasons Manor

Just because he agreed didn’t mean he had to carry it out. From the start, he had broken countless oaths and Yan Jin still couldn’t find a way to deal with him.

After being spoiled to the high heavens, in Xiao Yu’s mind, he already considered reneging on his promises to be the norm. He did not feel even a sliver of guilt.


About three hours later, the human and the hamster finally arrived at the Four Seasons Manor.

A few days earlier, Yan Jin had sent people over to thoroughly clean up the manor to get it ready for their stay.

It snowed two days ago, and the winter scenery at the Four Seasons Manor truly was beautiful enough to stun people breathless. Looking out from the tallest window, the manor that was surrounded by the thick four colored forest was like a fantasy paradise that others could only dream of.

Since Xiao Yu did not cause any trouble in the car this time, it was not dark by the time they got to the Four Seasons Manor. More accurately speaking, the day was still young.

The moment he entered the room, Xiao Yu pulled off the scarf around his neck and the hat on top of his head. He carelessly tossed them to the ground and ran over to the bed. Using the bed sheets to climb up the bed, he darted into the soft blankets and disappeared.

“Fishy.” Yan Jin, who got a hat but lost a hamster, said somewhat helplessly: “Quickly come out from there before you get smothered.”

“Squeakk.” Don’t wanna. It’s too cold outside.

Xiao Yu’s entire hamster body was under the blankets, his four limbs facing up as he lay flat on his back. Since the winter blankets were thick and Xiao Yu’s body was small, his position was not noticeable from the outside.

“If you’re cold, then why did you take your clothes off?”

“Squeak.” Hn.

Xiao Yu snorted disdainfully. Those little clothes only existed to satisfy Yan Jin’s bad tastes. He obviously was not cold at all and having a scarf wrapped around his neck was very uncomfortable, yet Yan Jin still insisted that he wear it.

That’s right, he wasn’t the least bit cold. He only hid himself in the blankets to give Yan Jin a headache and as a way to retaliate against Yan Jin for forcing him to wear unnecessary clothes.

Yan Jin could hear the discontent in Xiao Yu’s tone and he could roughly guess what Xiao Yu was thinking. He couldn’t help but feel awkward.

Those miniature garments especially complimented the little guy. In the last two days, the pictures of the little guy wearing the Christmas scarf and hat exploded within his group of friends. Some TV stations even wanted to contact him.

It should be pointed out that this account was not verified, so to others, he just looked like an ordinary person who loved little animals. This made Yan Jin even prouder of the fact that the TV stations still tried to contact him.

Yan Jin was very knowledgeable about that show. It was a variety show about a pet’s daily life that received great reviews from various pet slaves. It was worth mentioning that Yan Jin was one of the sponsors for this show. You could even add “the largest” as a prefix.

It was a pity that Yan Jin never planned for Fishy to be on TV. After all, Fishy was not a real hamster. Under the watch of so many eyes, there was no guarantee that people would not noticed that there was something unusual about Fishy. The risk was not worth it. The commercial was the bottom line for what Yan Jin was willing to accept. Secondly, his urge to monopolize was part of the reason. Yan Jin did not want so many people to have the little guy in their sights. Thus, after he rejected the good intentions of the program producer, Chairman Yan immediately contacted the person in charge of the show to double his sponsorship. The other felt as if he had suddenly won a five million dollar lottery ticket. He couldn’t believe it and was stunned at the favor.

In short, no matter what, Yan Jin was not willing to give up his perk of seeing “Xiao Yu wearing tiny clothing.”

He even personally designed those clothes. Just thinking of this fact gave him a sense of accomplishment.

Since he refused to compromise, he could only accompany Xiao Yu in his game.

“Squeak squeakk.” Come and find me. If you can’t, then you need to listen to me.

Xiao Yu bet that Yan Jin couldn’t find him hiding under the blankets.

The next second, the black field that originally covered his vision suddenly brightened up…

Xiao Yu stared at Yan Jin in shock.

As the thick cotton blanket came back down and Yan Jin saw that Xiao Yu was about to be buried again, he quickly kicked off his slippers and threw his body in Xiao Yu’s direction.


From the lax grip of Yan Jin’s hand, Xiao Yu poked half a head out and unhappily let out a few squeaks.

The cotton blanket shrouded them, blocking out the light.

In the dark, Xiao Yu could clearly see Yan Jin’s lips open and close. Three words came out: “I caught you.”

Xiao Yu turned his head like a tsundere and scoffed once.

As a chairman, isn’t it too childish to heave a blanket?

He didn’t know why, but as long as it involved Yan Jin, every time he discovered something new about the other, Xiao Yu would feel really happy. It felt as if he was just a bit closer to Yan Jin.

As if the gap between them was disappearing bit by bit.

After Yan Jin captured him from the blanket, Xiao Yu didn’t continue to cause trouble. He obediently nestled in Yan Jin’s arms and watched a movie. The movie was playing on the iPad. Yan Jin had downloaded it before they left the house.

After the movie was over, there was still some time left before dinner, so Xiao Yu took the initiative to suggest soaking in the hot spring.

Last time, the incident where he fainted before he had gotten his fill out of soaking in the hot spring had always been like a fishbone stuck in his throat. Since Yan Jin forcibly cut their vacation short previously, Xiao Yu had not forgotten about this matter. This time, he definitely needed to wash away this shame and prove that last time was only an accident.

Yan Jin was obviously a bit hesitant.

The shadow left in Yan Jin’s heart when Xiao Yu fainted in the hot spring was probably even bigger than the shadow it had left in Xiao Yu’s own heart.

“Why don’t we go on the last day?” Yan Jin suggested.

His words clearly showed that he was worried that this would be a repeat of last time. If something really happened, then they would have to end their vacation early once again. Leaving it for the last day was just insurance.

“Squeakk.” There really won’t be a problem. Last time was an accident.

Xiao Yu immediately started acting cute and spoiled, lying on his back in Yan Jin’s palm to reveal his fluffy white little belly and blinked his big eyes at Yan Jin.

“Squeak.” Please?

“…… Only for half an hour. Dinner is almost ready.”


The clear pool and misty fog made people feel perfectly warm even if the weather was freezing in this snowy season.

Xiao Yu lay in a small wooden basin, floating here and there along with the flow of the water.

After a while, he felt that he had mostly adapted, so he put his little yellow ducky into the water and carefully climbed out.

A light breeze brushed by, suddenly blowing the little yellow ducky away.

Ah, his reach was a bit lacking.

Xiao Yu hung onto the side of the wooden basin and cried, unable to go either up or down.

A big hand suddenly reached over from the side, but instead of reaching for Xiao Yu, it pulled the little yellow ducky closer.

Xiao Yu successfully sat on top of the little yellow ducky and he gratefully looked toward Yan Jin.

Straight into the black lens of a camera.

The sound of the shutter clicking made all of Xiao Yu’s gratefulness instantly fly away like ashes.

Hn, only knowing how to take pictures.

Xiao Yu dipped his little feet into the water and earnestly paddled, hoping to get away from Yan Jin.

Yan Jin got up out of the hot spring.

The wave that suddenly formed caused Xiao Yu, who sat on the small vessel, to rise and fall. Terrified, Xiao Yu tightly clutched at the neck of the little yellow ducky, refusing to let go. Luckily, the wave quickly stabilized and he didn’t fall into the water.

“Squeak!” Why did you suddenly do that?!

Xiao Yu was furious.

“Filming a video.” Yan Jin replied.

Once he was done speaking, Yan Jin jumped back into the hot spring. Unable to guard himself in time, Xiao Yu flew into the air along with the little yellow ducky. He sharply screeched that his vessel was going to be overturned. The instant he lost his balance, Xiao Yu closed his eyes in despair.

But the moment of his drowning in the water never came.

Before he fell into the water, Yan Jin had already securely caught him with his hand.

Xiao Yu was so scared that he could only lie limply in the palm of Yan Jin’s hand. His little paws made fists to hammer at Yan Jin a few times.

The camera was on a stand on dry land, loyally recording this moment of the person and the hamster playing.

Half an hour later, Xiao Yu had obviously not played enough, so he tried once again to use his cute attack. Too bad, this time Yan Jin followed his principles. Once he said no, he meant no.

Unable to change Yan Jin’s mind, Xiao Yu was unwillingly brought out of the hot spring. They returned to their room to enjoy a scrumptious dinner that was fit for a king.

At home, other than occasionally ordering take out, Yan Jin usually cooked himself. Although Xiao Yu always considered Yan Jin’s ability to cook incredibly unbelievable, he had to admit that Yan Jin’s standard was above average. His accomplishments in performing household chores could be described as virtuous.

It was not that Xiao Yu looked down on Yan Jin’s cooking, but as awesome as Yan Jin was, he could only make regular home cooked meals. The food at the Four Seasons Manor was at the level of an imperial banquet.

It was a pity that the only person who could enjoy this quality of food was Yan Jin. As a nonhuman animal, Xiao Yu could only pitifully gnaw on nuts, dried fruits, dried vegetables, and the like.

“Squeak.” He was drooling.

Xiao Yu stared at the chicken meat Yan Jin held in his chopsticks and felt as if the walnut in his paws had lost its flavor.

Yan Jin threw a sideways glance at him before he stretched his chopsticks over to Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu immediately turned his gaze away.

Do not think that he wasn’t aware of the plot Yan Jin had in mind. The moment he moved his head closer, Yan Jin would definitely move his chopsticks away and deliver the chicken into his own mouth.

Xiao Yu had long developed resistance against this fellow’s horrible nature and would not allow him to succeed so easily.

When Yan Jin saw that Xiao Yu did not fall for the bait, he was really surprised.

As Xiao Yu gnawed on the tasteless nut in his paws, his small pair of eyes were completely glued to the tens of delicacies spread out in front of Yan Jin.

“Squeak.” So envious.

Yan Jin glanced at Xiao Yu again, then he placed his white jade chopsticks on top of the table.

“Clear the table and leave.”

At the Four Seasons Manor, Yan Jin’s character returned to that of a cold and oppressive Chairman. Once an order was given, his subordinates would faithfully carry it out without a single question. The maids waiting on both sides immediately started to work. They lifted up all of the delicacies that were barely even touched and carried them out. In the blink of an eye, only Yan Jin was left inside the room.

Xiao Yu was stunned at the sight. After a while, he turned his head back to look at Yan Jin, who looked like he was both smiling and not smiling. Confused, Xiao Yu asked:

“Squeakk.” You’re done eating? Are you full already?


“Squeakk?” Then why did you have them take the food away?

Yan Jin curved the corner of his mouth, replying softly: “The main reason was that I wasn’t willing.”

“Squeakk.” Not willing to what?

Yan Jin did not answer. Instead, he lifted up the big plate of nuts, dried fruits, and dried vegetables that was in front of Xiao Yu and poured half of it on the table.

Only when Yan Jin tossed a melon seed into his own mouth did Xiao Yu finally understand what Yan Jin meant.

Yan Jin wasn’t willing to see the envious look in Xiao Yu’s eyes as he could only watch but not eat.

Xiao Yu turned red as he ruthlessly bit into his dinner.

Asshole, it’s just a meal. Do you have to be so sentimental?

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