RIAH – Chapter 94: How Misunderstandings are Created

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Chapter 94: How Misunderstandings are Created

After dinner, Xiao Yu asked Yan Jin to bring him out to the courtyard. It snowed two days ago. Although the snow had stopped today, the accumulated snow had not melted yet, and he wanted to build a snowman.

Yan Jin did not refuse him, but he insisted that Xiao Yu wear the red Christmas scarf.

The fluffy Xiao Yu wore a fluffy little scarf, looking especially conspicuous as he ran adorably into the snow.

The center of the Four Seasons Manor was built on top of water. It wasn’t a problem from spring to fall, but now that the weather was so cold, the water had frozen over, which was extremely dangerous. Although Xiao Yu had the impulse to go down and skate for a bit, he was aware that Yan Jin would never agree. After all, Yan Jin didn’t even allow him to get close to the pavilion above the water.

However, the suites to the East and the West were not built along the water and each had their own little courtyard. At this time, the peach blossoms planted in the one facing East had withered, whereas the plum blossoms in the one facing West were blooming beautifully.

Xiao Yu earnestly rolled together a huge snowball to create a snowman. Although the wind was bitingly cold, he didn’t feel cold at all.

Yan Jin was originally following behind Xiao Yu. When he saw that Xiao Yu had stopped to build a snowman, he had someone bring him a chair and he sat by himself on the snow covered ground.

Very quickly, Xiao Yu finished rolling the bottom portion of the snowman.

“Squeakk.” Let’s do this together.

Xiao Yu invited Yan Jin to come and join him.

Actually, it was not as if he especially wanted to play with Yan Jin. It was just that having that person staring squarely at him from behind made Xiao Yu feel as though he had a burr stuck on his back.

Yan Jin cheerfully accepted his invitation.

He rolled up his sleeves and crouched down, carefully gathering a bit of white snow and kneading it into a ball. Then he placed it on top of the bottom portion that Xiao Yu made and compared the two. He said awkwardly: “Since mine is bigger, why don’t we use it for the bottom portion instead?”

Xiao Yu angrily tossed the snowball he was holding in his paws at Yan Jin.

He missed.

The snowball came apart midway, turning into bits of snow and disappearing into the air.

Yan Jin suppressed his laughter.

Xiao Yu immediately lay down in the snow with his fur standing on end and rolled in a few circles, then shot straight at Yan Jin.

The helpless Chairman Yan could only reach out with both hands in order to receive Xiao Yu. No one expected the snow covered Xiao Yu to make a huge turn midway, dodging Yan Jin’s hands and pouncing on his knees.

Yan Jin, who was squatting down, instantly had his pants covered in snow.

“Fishy.” Yan Jin held up Xiao Yu, who was sneezing after he breathed in some snow. He squinted both eyes: “Are you satisfied now?”

“Squeakk.” Xiao Yu indicated that he was very satisfied.

“Are you cold?”

“Squeak.” A little bit.

And so, with his wet pants, Chairman Yan could only sacrifice his pair of hands to warm up the little guy.

Under the person and the hamster’s hard work (?) the snowman was completed.

The snowman looked sort of funny with its head larger than its bottom. Xiao Yu used his claws to personally create the indentations for the eyes and the mouth. Yan Jin originally wanted to use a stick to represent the nose, but as a result of Xiao Yu’s intense protest, Yan Jin could only have the kitchen send over a carrot. Because its size was not appropriate, Chairman Yan exhibited the knife skills he honed after his years in the kitchen on the spot, carving out a mini carrot to place below the snowman’s eyes.

The little snowman was only a bit taller than Xiao Yu. It was extremely adorable… though Xiao Yu was definitely cuter.

Chairman Yan and Xiao Yu himself both thought so.

Once it was finished, Xiao Yu felt that something was missing. After circling around it a few time, inspiration struck. Under Yan Jin sad gaze, Xiao Yu unwound his own little scarf and wrapped it around the snowman’s neck.


Xiao Yu patted his little paws together and turned his head:

“Squeakk.” What are you staring for? Go take a picture.

As someone obsessed with taking pictures, Yan Jin could not work up any enthusiasm: “I didn’t bring my camera.”

“Squeak.” You’re too much. I’m getting angry.

Yan Jin hesitated for a while, then pushed Xiao Yu toward the snowman: “Fine, go stand over there.”

Afterwards, Xiao Yu and the little snowman posed for several pictures: “a snowman with a scarf and a hamster without a scarf pic”, “a snowman without a scarf and a hamster with a scarf pic”, and “a snowman without a scarf and a hamster without a scarf pic”. Yan Jin kept the scarf in his pocket for the last picture.

After taking the pictures, Xiao Yu wanted to have a snowball fight. As expected, Yan Jin cornered him completely and did not give him any chance to retaliate.


A huge snowball hit Xiao Yu head-on and he fell onto the snowy ground.

“Fishy!?” Yan Jin hurried over and squatted down when he saw a snowball shoot toward him like a bullet.

Unable to evade in time, Yan Jin could only helplessly receive the “snowball attack.” Taking advantage of the momentum, he gathered the other into his arms.

Nestled against Yan Jin’s chest, the snowball revealed what was inside. Knowing that a regular attack would never be able to hit Yan Jin, the little hamster Xiao Yu could only use dirty tricks.

Once again, Xiao Yu used his snow covered body to bump into Yan Jin, this time causing his coat to get wet.

Because City S did not see much snow all year around, Xiao Yu didn’t really get a chance to experience these kinds of games and thus became overly enthusiastic.

Seeing his family’s pet so excited, Yan Jin could only sacrifice himself to accompany the hamster.

By midnight, Yan Jin’s expensive coat was scrapped. He forcibly placed the happily playing Xiao Yu into his clothing to bring him back to their room to wash up and sleep.

Once Xiao Yu returned to their room, he forgot all about the snowman that Yan Jin seemed to have looked down on. That was why he didn’t know that after they left, Yan Jin immediately had someone place the snowman into a glass box and preserve it in a freezer. He seriously had the intention of saving it until next winter.

On the second day at Four Seasons Manor, Xiao Yu lazed in bed until ten.

It was not his fault. The main reason was because he played wildly last night until it was late. Look, even Yan Jin overslept.

When Yan Jin woke up, the first thing he saw was Xiao Yu sitting at the head of the bed, playing video games. After saying good morning, the first sentence he said was: “A guest will be visiting at noon today, so be good.”

“Squeakk.” But it’s already noon.

Xiao Yu spoke casually without even looking up.

Yan Jin was stunned for a moment before taking out his cellphone to check the time. Afterwards, he rubbed at his temple.

This was the first time in his life that he slept until noon. It was truly an occasion worth remembering. The guest could do whatever he wanted to. Who cared about the guest? He could leave if he wanted to.

“Did you eat yet?” Yan Jin poked at Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu’s match was over just in time, so he lifted a paw to point at the bowl of melon seeds to the side: “Squeakk.” I ate already.


“Cousin, cousin!”

Speak of the devil, the guest visiting at noon had already arrived.

Yan Jin did not have much of a reaction. He just got out of bed, changed his clothes, patted down his hair, and became the Chairman Yan that was handsome beyond reason. He was ready to go out and greet his guest.

Since this was someone Yan Jin was familiar with, he did not dress formally.

Xiao Yu was rather curious.

He did not recognize that voice. When Yan Jin told him that someone was visiting, he thought it would be Chu Ge.

Since the other called him cousin, it should be Yan Jin’s relative. But he had never heard of this person before.

Could it be an affluent family’s secret?

Xiao Yu immediately launched his wild imagination

“Hey, my cousin isn’t up yet? Really? Dafuq… That, I-I’ll just wait for him outside.”

That person was probably blocked off by the maids outside. His voice suddenly became faint.

“Come in.” Yan Jin walked up to the door and opened it.

Nan Wei came in carrying a backpack. The moment he entered the room, he started sizing up the surroundings with glowing eyes.

Nan Wei did not see the mistress he was imagining in his head, but he did see the pants and coat hanging on the clothing stand with moist spots in suspicious areas.

Nan Wei: …

“I slept late last night, so I woke up late. Have a seat.”

“That’s okay, that’s okay.” Nan Wei retreated half a step back, waving his hand: “Hey, cousin, how come you’re by yourself?”

Yan Jin looked at Nan Wei strangely: “I asked Chu Ge, but he said that he’s spending time with his girlfriend.”

“O-oh, that’s good, what…” Nan Wei self-consciously stopped speaking. Just as he was about to change the subject, he saw something coming out from behind the iPad: “Hey, what is that?”

“Fishy, come here and say hi.” Yan Jin reached over to bring Xiao Yu closer.

Xiao Yu looked at the unfamiliar young man in front of him, then shyly waved a paw.

“Ah, isn’t that what you keep sharing on QQ day and night?” Nan Wei was surprised. He felt at his pockets and took out a preserved plum candy: “Can he eat this? It doesn’t have much sugar in it.”

Not waiting for Yan Jin to respond, Xiao Yu already grabbed the preserved plum candy and started licking it.

“Squeakk.” Thank you.

Yan Jin poked at Xiao Yu’s head: “You greedy thing.”

Xiao Yu ignored him.

“Let me introduce you. This is Nan Wei.” Yan Jin said.

“Hi, that’s me.” Nan Wei cooperated with Yan Jin’s actions. He reached out a finger, posing as if he wanted to shake hands.

He also liked fluffy little animals. He had always wanted to raise one of his own, but a certain childhood sweetheart was allergic to many things, including all kinds of cats and dogs. He could only watch them from afar, so Nannan could not have any pets.

A hamster… That’s not a bad idea. If they keep it in the cage and don’t let it run around the house, his childhood sweetheart shouldn’t be affected.

Nan Wei’s train of thoughts was broken by a strange touch on his finger.

Nan Wei was stunned to see that the hamster named Fishy actually reached out a short paw to wrap around his finger and earnestly rocked it up and down.

“Damn, that’s amazing!”

Yan Jin proudly nodded his head.

Xiao Yu didn’t know why, but he couldn’t help finding this young man familiar. However, he knew without a doubt that he had never seen this person before.

Maybe he had heard Yan Jin mention him.

“Have a seat, lunch is almost ready.” Yan Jin said.

“No no, I-I should probably head back.” Nan Wei said.

Yan Jin: ?

“This place was on the way, so I just came by to say hi to my cousin since I haven’t seen you in a while.” Nan Wei awkwardly laughed before retreating: “Cousin, you guys have a nice vacation. I have someone waiting for me at home.”

After he finished talking, Nan Wei did not pay any attention to the stunned Yan Jin and Xiao Yu as he disappeared like smoke and even closed the door on his way out.

Outside the Four Seasons Manor, Nan Wei leaned against an ancient tree and called his childhood sweetheart.

“Hey, today I happened upon a huge matter. Cousin really doesn’t have any self-control. He was still in bed when I arrived. They must’ve been banging all night long… I wasn’t able to see my Master. Cousin was still pretending with me, and I didn’t dare poke holes in his story… It was too scary to see my cousin “fully fed” and sleeping until noon. This was my first time seeing him so cheerful. It’s terrifying. I’m coming back…”

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