RIAH – Chapter 95: Who’s Paying for It?

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Chapter Ninety-Five: Who’s Paying for It?

Inclusive of New Year’s Day, Yan Jin had a total of five days’ worth of vacation leave. As a workaholic chairman, such a long rest was very rare.

But still, Fishy benefited the most from this vacation. After all, unlike Yan Jin, who was a chairman with an incomprehensible background, a place like the Four Seasons Manor was somewhere he had never ever dreamt of before.

Besides its natural, gorgeous scenery, Xiao Yu also loved the Four Seasons Manor due to the highest level of treatment he could enjoy only at this manor.

He slept on a mini cradle made of special material, and the blanket had his selfie printed on it. It was all placed right on the headrest of Yan Jin’s bed, making it possible for him to order the chairman around to run errands for him. The food he consumed had expensive vegetables, fruits, cooked beef, and fish jerky. He even had a pretty lady on standby to pass him the water and wipe his mouth. The entertainment consisted of all kinds of interesting mini games. Since they had caught a chill on the first day, Yan Jin instructed his helpers to transport the snow into their room. That allowed Xiao Yu to remain in the warm room while he built his snowman. He did not feel cold even if he buried himself in the snow. The helpers continuously replenished the snow, ensuring that there would be an endless supply for Xiao Yu to play with.

Xiao Yu’s initial meal arrangement included seventeen to eighteen small dishes, each carrying different varieties of food. At most, the hamster would finish eating one piece out of each dish before getting full. He even left some of the dishes untouched. All of the dishes would eventually be cleared away and replaced with fresh ones in the evening. It was as if Xiao Yu was enjoying the life of an emperor from the past, who only ate a small mouthful out of every dish.

However, at this moment, god knows what Yan Jin was up to. He pushed away all those delicacies and insisted on eating Xiao Yu’s hamster food. After several rounds of failed attempts in politely refusing the man, the hamster ended up sharing his meal with Yan Jin – which dwindled their food supply.

Occasionally, Xiao Yu would gratefully think about how hamsters were considered omnivores. If he were to be a herbivore, then Yan Jin would surely suffer for the next few days.

Of course, there was a higher chance that if Xiao Yu wasn’t an omnivore, Yan Jin would not eat the same food as him. However, that assumption was quite unfound in Xiao Yu’s opinion.

Afterall, Yan Jin was a person who… @#$%^$#

Xiao Yu put down the snowball in his paw and turned around. He saw Yan Jin wrap a scarf over the newly built snowman and entertain himself by holding it in his hand and kissing it. The hamster turned back silently.

I shouldn’t watch him. The more I see, the colder I get.

During the time Yan Jin and Xiao Yu were enjoying their holiday, the year end design competition had been ongoing like wildfire. Yan Jin would usually avoid participating in such half-entertainment, half-competition industry events that were held on cruises. This time around, it was even more exaggerated. When everything had been settled and his secretary phoned him, informing him that they had a new collaboration opportunity, Yan Jin finally remembered the event.

On the contrary, Xiao Yu had been keeping his eye on the event. He also got wind of news that Heart Lock won the competition from the internet right after it was announced. The huge amount of reward monies had benefited Yan Jin. Even if they had not taken into consideration the worth of his name after winning the competition, just looking at the amount of reward monies and the drawing of Heart Lock – those were all given to Yan Jin for free.

*Sighs* Working for free under Yan Jin is such an unpleasant feeling.

Xiao Yu decided to torture the chairman even more for the next two days to compensate for the losses he made.

At the same time, he also kept a lookout on human Xiao Yu’s situation.

Hm, it was quite a tragic sight.

The continuous defeat made people who doubted his ability spring up rapidly. Age, academic qualification, certification, background – all these things were used as tools to attack him.

Yet the most hateful thing of all was how Xiao Yu could not refute the fact that he was a non-major in design. It was all because of that missing step. No matter what he did, nothing would be right. The further he advanced, the further he strayed from the path. No matter how he did it, it would never be recognized.

Xiao Yu wondered many times, if he had graduated from the top-class design college in the country, then headed overseas to further his studies… he might not have faced so much trouble.

During this time, aside from tracking down the mystery designer, human Xiao Yu was also flustered by company matters. Even the annoying things happening at home had to join in the mess. It was like adding hail to snow.

Xiao Yu, who was enjoying the snowing scenery in a greenhouse, suddenly understood something. No wonder he did not remember such a beautiful snow scenery in his previous life.

Now that he thought of it, how could he have the mood to enjoy the scenery when he had so many troublesome matters at hand?

Simultaneously, the entirety of SI was at their lowest point. This meant that Lin Zhou could not have been enjoying his time either. After the incident with Heart Lock, perhaps he had already realized that something was amiss. Or maybe he was too busy with company matters that didn’t allow him to contact Xiao Yu again.

Towards Lin Zhou, Xiao Yu’s only thought was, so long as that person had a hard time in life, he would be at peace.

Fun times always passed by quickly. Things like holidays would always come to an end without them realizing.

“Fishy.” Yan Jin said with both frustration and helplessness: “Let go.”

Xiao Yu shook his head as he remained unmoved, clinging tightly to the door frame.

If Yan Jin were to add a little more strength into his grip, Xiao Yu would slot his little paw deeper into the gap between the wooden door frame. Furthermore, Yan Jin was afraid that he would hurt Xiao Yu if he used too much strength, which was why they had already wasted an entire hour.

The helpers around them understood the logic behind not interfering when the big characters were fighting or peasants like them would be suffer. They silently disappeared without a trace, leaving Yan Jin behind, pacing back and forth at his wit’s end.

“We can come back again after the lunar new year. The year end holidays can only be this long. Didn’t we agree on that already?”

“Squeakk.” Who agreed with you?

Xiao Yu turned hostile and insisted on staying back.

Yan Jin paced around for a few rounds before he finally squatted down and said to Xiao Yu: “Just one more day.”

Xiao Yu was shocked as he stared in a daze at Yan Jin.

Only god knows he was just acting like a hooligan, trying to get Yan Jin to give more snacks and he would give in eventually. Never had he expect that Yan Jin would really stay back for another day.

Just one more day might not mean anything to an average person – it was just a matter of taking one more day of leave from work and probably a bonus deduction. However, this was that Yan Jin who had to deal with a host of problems every day…

Just as expected, a short while later, Xiao Yu could hear Yan Jin making a call to his subordinates.

“We’ll talk about the contract next week. It will have to wait regardless… Doesn’t matter how much it would earn. Even if it goes above a million, there’s nothing we can do. I can’t go back now. Otherwise…”

Xiao Yu silently munched on his melon seed.

A contract that was worth hundreds of thousand, gone just like that. That changed his impression of Yan Jin as an elite entrepreneur in his heart.

Yan Jin entered the room after he finished his call, casually threw his coat onto the bed, and grabbed Xiao Yu.

“Do you know how much I lost?” Yan Jin purposely put on a vicious gaze and lowered his voice.

“Squeak.” Not interested.

Xiao Yu was very calm, completely not fooled by Yan Jin’s horrible acting. He didn’t even bother to act cute and beg for forgiveness.

After all, even if Yan Jin were to ask him to compensate him for those few hundred thousand dollars, he couldn’t come out with any. Plus, if Yan Jin had really been interested in that deal, the chairman wouldn’t had just given up just like that for his sake.

“Fine, you win.” Yan Jin tapped on Xiao Yu’s forehead.

It was supposedly a scolding, but Xiao Yu still felt like he was pampered.

Oh well, after all, this is Yan Jin.

“I have to apologize to your ex-owner later.”


Xiao Yu was puzzled.

Apologize? For what?


The one day that they earned painstakingly pass by in a blink of an eye. As it was snowing heavily outside, the human and hamster sat on the high building as they watched the snowing scenery for the entire day and took a lot of pictures.

On the second day after they got home, Yan Jin had gone to work as usual. Xiao Yu logged in to his Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both account and finally understood why Yan Jin had to apologize back then.

As he read the message sent by Grey-white SS, he felt like something was clogged in his throat, yet he couldn’t spit it out.

Xiao Yu found out what contract it was that they had lost. It was with a gaming company that was looking for a jewelry company to release game-related merchandise. A few hundred thousand dollars was an understatement. With the fame that this game had right now, the profits could easily hit a million.

This deal had already been announced within the industry. Xiao Yu had some memories from his previous life and was even more clear on this matter. He had used his Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both’s account and discussed this matter with Yan Jin before the New Year Day. Basically, he had mentioned that if YL could get the deal, he would be willing to contribute his work.

Of course, those were just words on the table. He knew for sure that YL would get that deal and had Nannan begin preparing for the items long ago.

But now…

Xiao Yu felt like shouting “Man proposes, but God disposes”.

The gaming company probably had their eyes set on YL during the year end competition, which was why they had decided to sign the contract with Yan Jin. However, who would expect that Yan Jin would let go of such a big deal just to keep a hamster company to watch the snow scenery?!

[Grey-white SS]: My apologies. We did not manage to get the contact.

[Grey-white SS]: There have been some other deals recently. If you don’t mind, you can have a look.

No, he minded very much.

The deal with this gaming merchandise would be an endless source of income for YL in the next half year. Even if no one had given the collaboration a second look at the beginning, the reality in the end would make everyone speechless.

In fact, Xiao Yu himself had not been optimistic on this gaming merchandise deal. But he had the experience from his previous life. He was clearer than anyone else that this deal would be the one that earned the most money in the next few months.

And yet Yan Jin was telling him that he was not signing the deal?

Dream on.

In fact, looking into the issue, he could not escape responsibility. He would pay for the mistake he made.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: I have high regards for this deal. I really hope you can reconsider.

[Grey-white SS]: YL has no experience with such a collaboration. We can’t guarantee that we would do it well. Plus, the company already said that they would work with SI two days ago.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: As long as the contract hasn’t been signed, there’s still a chance.

[Grey-white SS]: You mean?

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: Snatch the deal back.

YL’s history was no doubt shorter. There weren’t many projects that they had worked on before. It was understandable that they did not see the huge profits behind this deal. However, SI had done similar projects in the past. The profits were pretty good, so they would not be willing to part with this popular gaming company.

In his previous lifetime, Xiao Yu clearly remembered that the gaming company was prepared to sign the contract with YL, but SI was the one who would not give up and insist on fighting for it with their full capabilities. In the end, the gaming company agreed to give both companies a fair competition; to let their design speak.

Ultimately, SI was no match for the mystery designer and had a miserable defeat.

In this lifetime, the offense and defense had been reversed, making YL the side doing the attacking.

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