RIAH – Chapter 96: Trump Card

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Chapter Ninety-Six: Trump Card

The outburst of great ambition was like a raging inferno burning in Xiao Yu’s chest, filling him with motivation.

SI stealing the deal away? That wasn’t even an issue – it could be dealt with at the snap of his fingers.

He was SI’s former chief designer; the current Guru behind the scene; the hamster lord who could predict the future and shouldered the mission of rebirth. This was just one contract. How could it stop him?

However, maybe even the heavens could not bear Xiao Yu’s smooth success thus far –

[Grey-white SS]: YL is not at the stage where we have to steal contracts from others.

[Grey-white SS]: Plus, regardless of whether we get the deal, people will talk about it. We don’t have to do things that will inflict damage on ourselves.

Xiao Yu, who was drenched in cold water from head to toe: ……

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: But, milord, this deal is really, really good.

[Grey-white SS]: It’s just eight hundred thousand. We have deals that are worth millions.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: It will be worth much more than that in the futureee. You have to see it from a long-term perspective. Plus, this company has gotten really popular recently. A long-term collaboration with them will surely benefit us. Also, I’ve been very free recently. I feel very motivated to do this drawing.

Grey-white SS sent a folder.

[Grey-white SS]: The top ones are merchants who are officially collaborating with YL. All of them have decent backgrounds. The bottom ones are contacts signed recently. You can see which ones make you feel motivated to draw. I’ll give you priority to choose.

The speechless Xiao Yu gloomily sent three consecutive dots.

For all that he had planned, he never expected that Yan Jin would not go according to his plan.

Even though stealing deals was not quite open and candid, but letting their drawing speak for them wasn’t considered too despicable. It was just a matter of fair competition. In his previous lifetime, SI had no qualms doing it at all. Why would it turn out this way when it came to Yan Jin?

Moreover, why was he looking down on this deal? This would be an extremely profitable project in the future. How could Yan Jin not see that with his entrepreneur’s vision?

Xiao Yu really wanted to tell Yan Jin everything that what would happen in the future. But too bad, even if he told Yan Jin, the chairman would definitely not believe it. Plus, he wasn’t stupid enough to dig his own grave. If he accidentally revealed his identity, then it wouldn’t be worth it.

It wasn’t like the Autumn Release Conference this time around. At that time, even if Yan Jin didn’t agree to let him participate in the corporate work category, he could still take the long route and help them out eventually. For example, he could win the individual work category, then arrange for the exhibition product later. But this time, it was exclusively a match between companies. If Yan Jin really insisted on not fighting for the deal, he would be powerless even if he had remarkable abilities.

What should he do? Give up? Xiao Yu would never be willing to do that, no matter what.

But if he didn’t give up, then what other bargaining chips did he have to convince Yan Jin?

Maybe… try to persuade Yan Jin using his identity as a boyfriend?

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: For the sake of our cyberdating, can’t you close one eye?

[Grey-white SS]: Sure. Let’s meet, and I’ll guarantee that I will snatch the deal back for you.

[Grey-white SS]: Eight hundred thousand in exchange for one meeting. You’re not losing out.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: No thank you.

Only Yan Jin could come up with such a sneaky way of changing concepts. If he got this contract for YL, the profits would still go to YL. Could it be that Yan Jin was preparing to avoid direct competition and use some underhand methods to forcefully win this deal?

Well, looking at his idiotic reply, Xiao Yu really thought that there was such a possibility.

The round little hamster laid on the iPad gloomily and rolled around twice.

What should he do?

Meeting up was clearly impossible. In that case, there was one less option.

What other way could he convince Yan Jin?

Xiao Yu opened the webpage at his wit’s end and started looking up the gaming company’s background in an attempt to find something that he may have missed out previously. However, he no longer had any hope at the moment.

Yan Jin would have looked up the background. If he really had high regards for the client’s strength, he would have acted the way Xiao Yu imagined at the Four Seasons Manor. He would surely never give up the contract just because his pet was throwing a tantrum.

Which meant to say that Yan Jin felt that this contract was optional right from the start. Now that he really didn’t plan on signing the contract, Xiao Yu alone would not be enough to change Yan Jin’s opinion.

That’s so frustratinggg.

If he had known that things would turned out this way, he would not have acted like a brat at the Four Seasons Manor.

But Yan Jin must take responsibility for this matter too. It was just a pet throwing tantrum. Whack it until it submits. Why must you give in? That’s an eight hundred thousand dealll.

Xiao Yu’s little heart throbbed painfully.

What made him feel worse was knowing that there was little to no hope, but he was no resigned to it as he browsed through the gaming company’s news.

A large-scale game app release five years ago blablabla… The famous mobile game app Toxic released three years ago… Recent…

Hold on, Toxic?

Ohmygod, how could I forget about Toxic!

How could he not use this trump card? He could even feel his intelligence weeping.

Xiao Yu immediately came up with a plan as he logged into his other QQ account. Recently, to prevent Yan Jin from landing a surprise inspection on him, he had installed two versions of the QQ app. Thankfully, this iPad originally belonged to Chu Ge. All of the identity verifications were already completed, making it convenient for Xiao Yu to do shameful deeds.

[Fishy]: hamstersobbing.jpg

[Grey-white SS]: What’s wrong?

[Fishy]: Toxic is releasing merchandise soon.

[Grey-white SS]: What drug is that?

[Fishy]: ……

Xiao Yu sent a wiki link over to country bumpkin Yan Jin with complicated feelings.

After a short while, Yan Jin replied with a sentence that made Xiao Yu feel both depressed and frustrated.

[Grey-white SS]: You’re looking at the gaming industry? Planning to open you own company?

[Fishy]: No! This is the game I’ve been playing recently. Do you even pay attention to me?!

[Grey-white SS]: I already told you to spend less time on those games. A hamster’s eyesight is poor to begin with.

Xiao Yu suppressed his urge to cross over the internet and punch Yan Jin in the face. He grit his teeth and continued plotting.

[Fishy]: That’s not the point. The point is, they are releasing merchandise. Merchandise! Do you know what merchandise is? Do you need to wiki it?

[Grey-white SS]: Buy it.

[Fishy]: But the official just informed us that due to the changes in the collaboration company, there will be delays in the release. They can’t be sure when the delay will be extended to.

[Grey-white SS]: Can’t you wait?

[Fishy]: I want it immediately.

[Fishy]: hamstersobbing.jpg

Grey-white SS stopped replying.

Xiao Yu counted in his head. One, two, three, four, five…

Just as expected, when he counted to ten, there was a message from his other QQ.

Xiao Yu snided coldly as he tabbed his Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both account.

[Grey-white SS]: Regarding the contract, I just discussed with my secretary. Indeed, there’s a possibility of growth and prospects.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: That’s good.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: smile.jpg

The meaning of that smile was no doubt full of sarcasm.

[Grey-white SS]: How confident are you in taking down that deal?

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: A hundred percent.


Even since Nan Wei returned from the Four Seasons Manor, he quickly continued with the task that Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both had given him.

His childhood sweetheart was leisurely sitting on the couch, looking at his mobile as he occasionally stole side glances. Every single time, he could see Nan Wei working cautiously, conscientious and hardworking. He felt that it was kind of incredible.

Ever since they were young, Nan Wei had never persevered on anything he had done. Most of the things he tried had all been given up halfway. The xxxbao store could probably be considered the only thing that he had completed thus far. But if he scrutinized, it was still a half-assed job. After all, the most difficult parts were managing it when it first started and funding issues, which were all settled by Yan Jin. When the business was finally in Nan Wei’s hands, it was basically a half-finished product. In addition, Nan Wei had a super hacker like him watching over him long term. If the business didn’t work out, it would waste halos above the two shining gifted talents that only appear every hundred years.

That was why, in the eyes of a childhood sweetheart, it was truly rare for Nan Wei to be so devoted to doing something.

At first, he thought that Nan Wei would keep it up for a month at best before he lost motivation. He never expected that Nan Wei would still have the ambition to enter the professional industry.

“It’s almost one. Shall we head out for a meal?” The childhood sweetheart slid his cell phone in his pocket.

“You can go. Get me braised chicken rice and add fried tofu. No coriander, no spring onion, more chili.” Nan Wei said without even turning.

“Not unless we go together.”

“Then no thanks. I’ll eat cup noodles later. Boil water for me on your way out.”

The childhood sweetheart walked over and stood behind him depressed. He saw piles of drafts in front of Nan Wei and he asked: “Did your Guru give you a new mission again?”

If it was just a product in Nan Wei’s xxxbao store, he would never spend so much effort on it, waking up seven in the morning and completely wrapped up in his drawing until now.

“It’s the merchandise from the collaboration with XX gaming company. There’s quite a lot of concept products and I haven’t play some of those games before, so I have to do it carefully. Have you played any of these? Give me some ideas, quick.”

The childhood sweetheart rubbed his eyes: “I remembered the first time I played those games was to get a rare item for you.”

“Why are you talking about the same boring old gossip? Are you bored?”

“…… No, what I mean is that I don’t play games.”

“Then why are you not leaving? Go boil some water for me, I’m starving to death.”

“…… Speaking of this company, it gave me a certain impression. They didn’t mention that they were going to work with YL.” The childhood sweetheart took out his cell phone, searching for some evidence to prove to Nan Wei: “It’s the climax stage between YL and SI’s competition. If there were new collaborating merchants, they would have informed me to have a look to see if there are any problems.”

Nan Wei still did not turn around. Other than spending a little more attention to talking, his remaining focus was still on the drawings: “Oh, check thoroughly again then.”

“There’s really none.” He said as he showed his phone to Nan Wei: “Look, the official website didn’t even talk about it. How is it possible that there was no news for such a big matter? Instead, our neighbor SI seems to be saying that they’ll be signing a new contract. See, the news was released yesterday.”

Looking at “hard evidence” such as the official release, Nan Wei felt puzzled too. But he remained firm that his Guru would never be wrong: “The contract hasn’t been signed yet, so nothing can be confirmed. What if Guru made cousin steal the contract back?”

“How could that be? The Yan Jin I know would never do such a self-damaging thing.” The childhood sweetheart refuted without a second guess.

“You see…” Just as he was about to analyze the situation from a professional perspective, he suddenly noticed that Yan Jin had sent him a message.

Without a second thought, he opened the message in front of Nan Wei.

[Yan Jin]: We’re preparing to fight for the deal with SI. I may need your help.

The childhood sweetheart: ……

Nan Wei was pleased as he patted his childhood sweetheart’s shoulder and laughed: “I told you Guru is our future sister-in-law. Why can’t you believe it? If he wants that deal, how could cousin not give it to him?”

Childhood sweetheart: “Fine. I believe it now. What do you want to eat? I’ll buy it for you.”

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