RIAH – Chapter 98: Hacked

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Chapter 98: Hacked

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: screenshot.jpg.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: YL’s chairman has already agreed to allow us to take charge of the entire project. You can rest assured that your design drawings won’t go to waste, so work hard.

After negotiating with Yan Jin, Xiao Yu contacted Nannan.

When Nannan suddenly asked him if YL would actually allow them to be responsible for the designs, Xiao Yu could not understand why Nannan would ask such a question. Thus, Nannan started to analyze this situation for him from a business standpoint.

Xiao Yu totally did not understand the terminology and only “hnn” a few times. All that he took away from the explanation was: Since this was a public fight, it had significant implications for both parties involved. Not only could the winner obtain an extremely lucrative order, the standing of S City’s number one jewelry corporation was also on the line. If YL had any rationality left, they would not put all their eggs in one basket. That was to say that they would never allow one person to create all of the designs.

Nannan even brought up a few examples from well-known trade wars to make his point, causing Xiao Yu to stare at it blankly.

Xiao Yu might consider himself talented in design, but obviously, after the heavens had gifted him his design talent, it did not bother giving him any other abilities. Ever since he was young, he sucked at both science and math. Because his thoughts and logic could not compare to other elites, he hated roundabout matters.

There was no need to bring up the trade wars that were complicated enough to make his head burst. Even the cliché court dramas were enough to twist his thoughts around.

Putting that aside, although Xiao Yu had no talent in business, he was at least able to “understand” what Nannan was trying to get across. That was good enough.

But what he found really strange was Nannan’s attitude.

Although Xiao Yu had always contacted Nannan online and had never seen him in real life, Nannan had never given him this kind of sharp and oppressive feeling before.

After the lengthy explanation, Nannan ended with, “In short, YL would never allow the mysterious designer to be responsible for the entire project and the drawings will be wasted.”

At this point, Xiao Yu completely “understood” what the other was trying to convey.

So afterward, he went to poke at Yan Jin and coerced Yan Jin into handing the entire order over to him, which caused this incidence of “being taken advantage of.”

(“Nannan”: …)

After Xiao Yu sent the message, he anxiously waited for Nannan’s reply.

Just now, he was able to feel Nannan’s imposing manner even from across the screen and it really scared him. This was the first time he felt “intimidated” by Nannan. Nannan’s tone had always been carefree, especially after he acknowledged Xiao Yu as his master. His tone became even more respectful and reverent, and Nannan would address him with honorifics. Xiao Yu truly did not know why he suddenly acted like that.

Could it be that Nannan wasn’t satisfied with his reward? If that was the case, then he could just let Xiao Yu know. He would speak to Yan Jin about it…

After waiting a long time without getting a reply, Xiao Yu subconsciously started to imagine all sorts of crazy scenarios.

Ding dong.

[Nannan]: Guru, it’s my fault. TAT

[Nannan]: I was just hacked! Ah, that bastard!

[Nannan]: crying.jpg.

Xiao Yu: …

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: Ah, a hacker?

[Nannan]: I’m sorry master. I already hit him.

[Nannan]: kneeling.jpg.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: A gentleman uses his words and not his fists. You shouldn’t hit people.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: … Wait, can you explain what happened to me?

[Nannan]: Yes, master. No problem, master.

[Nannan]: That bastard hacker is my friend. We have known each other since childhood, so he frequently comes over to hang out. It could be that lately I was too focused on my designing, leaving that bastard hacker to be bored without a playmate. He took advantage of when I fell asleep earlier today to secretly log onto my account and sent you a message. I beat him up immediately when I found out. I’m really sorry Guru.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: So it’s like that. I was so surprised by the drastic change in your attitude.

[Nannan]: It can’t be. I would never be so disrespectful to master!

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: You don’t have to hit him. He was just concerned about you. Speaking of which, your improvement was really too quick. But how can you draw to the point of forgetting to sleep and eat?

[Nannan]: Haha, once I start drawing, I can’t stop until I’m done.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: I was the same in college. It’s not a bad thing, but you have to make sure you get enough rest. Being a designer is a long career, so don’t ruin your future by overtaxing yourself.

[Nannan]: Thank you for your concern, master.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: That’s right. I thought the person from before was you, so I spoke to the chairman of YL about the order. There won’t be any problems on your end right?

[Nannan]: No problem, no problem. It should have been our responsibility in the first place. The drawings for the entire order are ready. I’ll send them to you.

[Fish and Hamster – You Can’t Have Both]: Okay, send it. I’ll let you know what to change after I take a look at it.

Xiao Yu already had Nannan get started on this project a long time ago, so he did not find it strange that Nannan was able to finish the drawings already. But just because the drawings were done did not mean that this project was over. By Xiao Yu’s estimate, it would take at least three to four rounds of editing before the final draft could be set. Two weeks should be just enough time for them to meet the deadline.

This order was not like the others from before. Xiao Yu did not use his own draft. Rather, he should say that he did not use the human Xiao Yu’s draft.

Lin Zhou did contact him yesterday, but he did not send Xiao Yu the design drawing that he had stolen. He only spoke of how he would use his own ability to win this order.

Xiao Yu also knew that this time, Lin Zhou did not have time to waste plagiarizing the human Xiao Yu. At the moment, the human Xiao Yu didn’t even have time to worry about himself.

Five pairs of rings inspired by ten characters, each with two different color options. Even if Xiao Yu considered himself a genius, he wouldn’t be able to complete this order within only two weeks. This time, SI decided to utilize all the top level designers they had on hand, thinking that they would be able to perfectly and beautifully come up with all of the design drawings. As the chief designer, Xiao Yu was responsible for two pairs while the others were responsible for one pair each.

Although Lin Zhou was promoted to design director, since he used to be an outstanding designer, he also received a task from the company. This prevented the malicious fights between himself and the human Xiao Yu from happening.

But things did not conclude so simply.

Xiao Yu could clearly remember, in his past life, he ended up designing three pairs of rings. In the days leading up to the deadline, Lin Zhou would use a family emergency as an excuse to ask Xiao Yu for help. Xiao Yu was not suspicious at all and worked overnight a few times in order to complete this extra amount of work before putting Lin Zhou’s own name on it and giving it to him to turn in.

At the time, he did not feel that it was a big deal. He even felt happy that he was able to help out his senior. But thinking about this incident now, other than wanting to slap his stupid self, Xiao Yu realized that it was all a scam.

No doubt, what Lin Zhou told him about his family was a big fat lie. The reason Lin Zhou needed his help with the design was probably because Lin Zhou had been so busy scheming that he had forgotten how to actually design. Not to mention… it might have had some connection to Yan Jin.

Ever since he found out that Yan Jin had a crush on the mysterious designer for such a long time, Xiao Yu suspected that Lin Zhou knew about it the whole time.

After all, only Lin Zhou would have been able to make the connection to the matter that happened all those years ago. Whether it was the message in a bottle contest from college or the times he offered Xiao Yu’s work to Yan Jin, Xiao Yu could not believe that Lin Zhou had done everything unknowingly.

Maybe Lin Zhou had even wanted to pretend to be the mysterious designer.

Xiao Yu thought about this possibility and succeeded in disgusting himself.


Xiao Yu’s birthday celebration in January fell near the deadline. Xiao Yu was busy monitoring Nannan’s most recent developments. After Yan Jin received the first drafts from Xiao Yu, he was also busily handling the background support like the advertisement and promotion for votes.

This meant that regrettably, under one person and one hamster’s preoccupation, this birthday in January took a backseat.

Yan Jin was so busy he could not come home, so he sent Chu Ge over with a little golden hamster sculpture to give to Xiao Yu.

Originally, Chu Ge’s tasks included bringing Xiao Yu up to show him the latest miniature artifact and play with him. Then Chairman Yan would have dinner with them via FaceTime.

But the moment Chu Ge propped up his cell phone, Xiao Yu kicked it over.

Having dinner together through a video was so pretentious.

Xiao Yu would never admit that he did feel moved by the gesture.

“Squeakk.” You can go.

A corresponding emoji appeared on the iPad.

“Oh? That’s not good, what will we do if Yan Jin asks about it?”

“Squeakk.” You don’t have to worry with me around. Now go.

Xiao Yu was very impatient. Grey-white SS was madly sending him files, and he currently did not have any time to waste with Chu Ge.

“Okay, fine. I’m depending on you, Master Hamster. I’m leaving now.”

Not expecting Chu Ge to be so cooperative, Xiao Yu let out a sigh of relief. At the same time, he typed, “Are you going to spend time with your girlfriend?” on the iPad.

Chu Ge did not answer.

Xiao Yu did not know if he was mistaken, but he felt as if the ambient mood suddenly dropped.

“Fishy, do you have any magical powers?”

Once Xiao Yu heard his question, he remembered how Chu Ge had asked before if he could turn into a human. He casually wrote “I can’t turn into a human. Can you stop asking about that?”

“I’m not asking if you can become a human…” Chu Ge hesitated for a while: “Do you have a spell to wake up someone who is in a deep coma?”

“Like Sleeping Beauty?” Xiao Yu could only think of this example and thought that Chu Ge was interesting.


“Like, do you have any way of saving someone who suffered a serious injury and is dying?”

Chu Ge’s tone of voice was hoarse. It was hard to understand if one did not listen to it closely. It was like Chu Ge himself knew that he was asking for an impossible miracle.

But the hope hidden within his eyes was enough to make people feel sorry for him.

Xiao Yu heard him clearly and as if he was able to sense something, he put away his playful attitude and seriously typed out:

“I’m sorry, but I don’t.”

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