TLCPS – Chapter 29: Re-enactment of the Green Leaf West City District’s Legend (END)

The Long Chase for the President’s Spouse – Chapter 29: Re-enactment of Green Leaf West City District’s Legend(END)

Translator: PKitty

Editor: Rei

Quality Check: Tezuka

First Published on Chaleuria

Chapter 29: Re-enactment of Green Leaf West City District’s Legend (END)


After they left the pier, Zhang Heng drove the pair of sibling and stopped in front of a food stall.


“I came here once with Gu Zhun. This time, we came with sister Gu Li[1] . I really missed the taste.” Zhang Heng locked the car and found a place to sit. He skillfully ordered the dishes— ‘Fried snail’, ‘spicy salted duck chin’, ‘beef broad noodles’, ‘crispy spare ribs with garlic’, and ‘two bottles of beer’. Gu Zhun and Gu Li also sat down.


“We’ve made you spend again.” Gu Li smiled politely.

Zhang Heng waved his hand and said: “This is just a small amount. It’s nothing.”


Zhang Heng did not know that he was flaunting his wealth again.


Gu Zhun was still curious about how Zhang Heng was so proficient and familiar when he ordered the dishes: “The young master of a wealthy family also knows about the signature dishes from a street food stall?”

Zhang Heng propped his chin up with both hands and smiled: “That’s because I ate here before…”


“Those people just now, how did you find them? They were the police?” Gu Li recalled the scene from before, there were a lot of details worth scrutinizing. She was curious about how Zhang Heng had the capability to move the police forces.

At first Zhang Heng just pretended by giving a mysterious smile. He did not want to talk about it because those were just trivial matters, but in Gu Zhun’s heart, this was not a trivial matter.


Previously, had Wen YiHong not told Gu Zhun about the incident where Zhang Heng clarified his innocence, Gu Zhun would still be kept in the dark without any knowledge about the person who had done so much for him.


This kind of good character… It had been like this from the beginning…


Gu Zhun grabbed Zhang Heng’s clothes and said: “We want to repay you.”


Zhang Heng looked at Gu Zhun and Gu Li’s faces. He understood that the pair of siblings had the same temperament. They were not easily indebted to others. Instead, they found joy in helping others, and they knew when to repay a favor.


“Well alright—


“I went to look for Wen YiHong, the Vice President of Wen Corporation. Gu Zhun met him before. I asked him to investigate Lin Feng, and he gave me the account information on Lin Feng and Su DaShun’s company. I looked at the data and found it suspicious. After checking it thoroughly, it confirmed my suspicions— Su DaShun relied on the triad’s backing and was involved in alleged overseas money laundering. Lin Feng was just one of his pawns. Of course, my goal was not Su DaShun. I am not righteous enough to get involved in such a complicated matter. I just wanted Lin Feng and Su QingMu to apologize to sister. Not only that, if Lin Feng made a false accusation, it would implicated sister’s company instead. There would be no conclusive evidence unless he admitted it himself.


“I paid a visit and met with the president of sister’s company. I told him about this matter. At that time, his mind was in a state of confusion. I gave him those two choices— ‘Eliminate him, or let him go’. Sister chose to ‘eliminate him’ after that. Of course, I eliminated him.


“I asked someone to tap into Lin Feng’s phone and monitored it in advance. I knew he would come to the pier at 9 P.M. for a gold bar transaction. I informed my old friend, who used to be an undercover cop. In the past, he used to mingled with the triad as a mole. However, he retired for some unknown reason and became an instructor and trained a big batch of undercover professionals. I gave the evidence to him, and he arranged for those undercover cops around the pier’s vicinity to cooperate with my act to make it seem as though the triad was seeking revenge, and gave them a good beating.


“But I still have not vented my anger… I should have kicked him a few more times, made him kneel down, crawl 3 rounds, and bark 3 times. That would have been much better…”


Zhang Heng easily switched from gangster to devious mode.


Even though Zhang Heng’s expression did not show it, when Gu Zhun heard Zhang Heng say ‘make him kneel down, crawl 3 rounds, and bark 3 times’, he could imagine Zhang Heng as a medieval witch stirring a pot of disgusting concoction or an empress in a palace drama that would mete out orders for a flogging.


“That old friend of yours was really willing to help you out.” Gu Li probed as she took a bite of the duck chin.


Zhang Heng took a swig of beer and replied: “After all, his prey wasn’t Lin Feng. It was the big fish behind him and the gold bars. Within these next few days, there will most likely be an upheaval in the financial industry…”


“…” Gu Li smiled helplessly. Perhaps when Lin Feng, Su QingMu, and Su DaShun got thrown into prison, that would truly be the end of Clear City’s finance tycoon.

Translator Note: [1] Gu Li is not Zhang Heng’s blood related sister, he addressed her that way as a form of respect. (Huehue, Zhang Heng you want her to be your future sister-in-law, don’t you?)

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