TLCPS- Chapter 36:The Trip to Acquire Knowledge (3)

The Long Chase for the President’s Spouse – Chapter 36: The Trip to Acquire Knowledge (3)

Translator: PKitty

Editor: Rei

Quality Check: Tezuka

First Published on Chaleuria


Chapter 36: The Trip to Acquire Knowledge (3)


From the moment Gu Zhun turned the first page, his heart was already full of inner turmoil. After all, he did not have such a personal experience. But Gu Zhun was still very obedient. He flipped all the way through to the last page, closed the book, shut his eyes, and recollected himself.


“How was it?” Zhang Heng asked.

Gu Zhun did not answer, but the blush on his face gave him away.


“You seemed prepared for action…” Zhang Heng raised his brows and said.


At that moment, it seemed as though the shadow of Gu Zhun from seven years ago, who was being openly teased by Zhang Heng in the classroom, overlapped with the present. It was also at this moment that Gu Zhun realized that Zhang Heng was the only one who could be counted as his friend in junior high.


Whether it was being unjustly accused by his classmates or being the only one left out when they formed groups in class, Zhang Heng would always stand by his side and promptly resolve all his embarrassing situations.  


Zhang Heng stood up and placed one hand on the coffee table, slightly moving his body forward. The tips of their noses touched. As they breathed, their breaths fanned against each other’s faces.

Zhang Heng kissed Gu Zhun lightly. Yesterday, after Gu Zhun suddenly experienced being kissed for the first time, he had gotten slightly used to it. However, who could have expected that Zhang Heng would actually be even more unpredictable? He used his tongue to pry Gu Zhun’s upper lips open and directly inserted his tongue into Gu Zhun’s mouth.

Gu Zhun was suddenly invaded by this foreign object. He was a little unaccustomed to it and groaned out a muffled “mhm”. Unconsciously, his body slightly trembled. Zhang Heng was stirred up by Gu Zhun’s reaction and his motions became even more frantic. His tongue started to move around haphazardly inside. After that, his teeth bit the upper lip, and then bit the lower lip.


Zhang Heng slightly released Gu Zhun. Gu Zhun took the opportunity and said: “I’ve had enough.”


“I still have not had enough.”


Gu Zhun placed his hand on Zhang Heng’s waist and pinched it. Although Zhang Heng’s abdominal muscles were solid, Zhang Heng’s waist was his weak spot. He was ticklish. Zhang Heng laughed, stepped back, and left Gu Zhun’s lips.

Gu Zhun angrily asked: “What the heck did you make me read!?”


Zhang Heng pretended to be innocent and said: “《The World’s Greatest First Love》” [1]


Yes, there was nothing wrong.


“I know… this was your idea of widening the horizons? There was no need for indecent knowledge.” Gu Zhun was an elite student. Moreover, he was a pure person who never looked at any pornographic… pictures nor… books. He was a young and upstanding elite student. As far as the mysteries of the universe were concerned, the textbook’s key points were in its difficulty as well as its endless pursuit of knowledge.


Initially, when Gu Zhun heard that Zhang Heng wanted to bring him to a sacred place and increase his knowledge, he thought that Zhang Heng wanted to bring him to tour Japan’s historical sites to study and learn about Japanese culture and history.


However, Zhang Heng unexpectedly brought him to this place to look at this thing. Gu Zhun could tolerate it, but the wise Confucius would not allow it. It was a disgrace to proper knowledge!

“That’s right, this is also a way to widen your horizons.”


Gu Zhun gestured to stop and thought about the different pronunciations between widening horizons and increasing knowledge. [2]


“Widen horizons or increase knowledge?”


“Widen horizons.”


Yes, it was once again answered correctly.


At times, Gu Zhun was unable to follow Zhang Heng’s thought processes. On the other hand, Zhang Heng thought that his logic was really good. Of course, there were times when his logic was not something a normal person could understand.


Zhang Heng continued and asked seriously: “Would you be willing to try it with me?”


“… Try, was it not referring… to the feeling of being together?” Gu Zhun stammered and asked. To this day, he was still unable to understand why he had said that to Zhang Heng.


Was it a moment of impulse from not being used to Zhang Heng’s dispirited expression, or had the seed been planted a long time ago? This was something that remained unknown.

Zhang Heng still replied gravely, without smiling. He was serious.


“I hope to try both.”


Gu Zhun was struck by Zhang Heng’s sentence. To try both meant that Zhang Heng wanted both his body and his heart. This was the first time that someone wanted him so much, and wanted to treasure him so dearly…


Maybe it was worth a try?


Gu Zhun stood up, circled around the coffee table, and arrived at Zhang Heng’s side. He knelt on the sofa with one leg and leaned towards Zhang Heng’s ear— “This is the multiple choice question you gave me. A: Body, B: Heart, C: Body and Heart.”


“…” Zhang Heng waited for Gu Zhun’s answer.


Gu Zhun only open his mouth after a few seconds had passed, and he faintly replied: “I choose C. I hope that it is the correct answer.”

Zhang Heng reached his hand out, stroked Gu Zhun’s face, and pulled it towards him. After that, he kissed Gu Zhun’s lips again.

This time it was a light and chaste kiss. It was not the deep and lingering kiss from before.


“Thank you for your choice. This is most definitely the right answer, because I’m the one that will be grading it.”


Gu Zhun lightly pretended to slap Zhang Heng: “A bad student still wants to decide on the grades.”


Zhang Heng wasn’t happy. Although he knew that this was the first and only time that Gu Zhun cracked a joke, he still pretended to be angry and said: “Elite Student Gu. In any case, I have studied abroad and I am now your boss.”




Yes, it was a flawless sentence.


The store manager was counting money and smoking on the first floor. He looked at the aisle with the rows of shelves, or the groups of girls that giggled and whispered, or the person that paced around comparing which book to buy. That was how he idly passed his morning. It was now 2:30PM in the afternoon.


The store manager looked at his watch and thought about how he did not see them come down since 9:30 AM. Could it be that they were doing that upstairs?


“I only promised Zhang Heng that they could use the room to widen horizons, not to conveniently practice it!”


The store manager threw away his cigarette butt, informed the staff to handle the store, and ran up to the second floor.

The store manager did not knock on the door. Instead, he violently kicked open the pinkish door that was plastered with pink floral wallpaper. Thereafter, he messed around and shouted loudly in a northeastern accent: “Messing around! Messing around! What are you guys doing messing around! I let you guys come to widen your horizons, not to put it into practice! This place is a philosophical paradise! Not a love hotel!”

Unexpectedly, the moment the door opened, he saw two people lying on the sofa. Zhang Heng was laying on Gu Zhun’s thigh, his face covered with a BL manga, in a deep sleep. Meanwhile, Gu Zhun leaned against the sofa and idly read the manga in his hands.


The manga in his hand was this room’s only limited edition copy— it was the one and only BL manga that focused on true love, instead of explicit content— The store manager bought it when he was young and ignorant. It was also this book that opened the door to a new world for him.


Zhang Heng woke up from his dream when he heard the door crash open. He lifted his hand and removed the book that was resting on his face. He stood up and looked at his friend grumpily: “What are up to?”


As Zhang Heng’s childhood friend, how could the store manager not know how serious it was when Zhang Heng woke up on the wrong side of the bed? He politely said: “Nothing, nothing, I am only here to remind you that it is already 2:30 PM. Do you want to eat out or do you want me to order delivery for you…”


Oh my god! I came up to quickly chase people away. I’m not here to help people run errands!


“Don’t trouble yourself. Gu Zhun and I will eat out. Thank you for your room.” Zhang Heng stood up, patted Gu Zhun’s head, and motioned to Gu Zhun that it was time to go.


However, Gu Zhun seemed like he read until he got addicted. The book that he read was the third volume. There was no time left to read the next few volumes.


Suddenly, he felt that a relationship between two men could also be deeply moving and profound… Of course, Gu Zhun had never watched Chiung Yao’s [3] romance dramas, such as ‘My Fair Princess’. As such, he did not know what should be called deeply moving.


He only felt that when they were together, they had misunderstandings because they were not frank about their feelings. One of them thought that this was good for the other party, the other felt that he could not let go of the problems that weighed in his heart… However, the course of true love never runs smoothly.


The store owner was accustomed to the usual pattern of all these pure love and non-explicit manga. Usually, it would always have a happy ending. It rarely ended tragically, unless it was a dark BL. However, Gu Zhun did not know that, he was deeply worried for the pair.


The store manager saw Gu Zhun’s reluctance to part with it. He was very satisfied with his small study room’s success in turning a straight man gay! As such, after they left, he secretly packed this entire set of pure love manga and mailed it to Zhang Heng’s house in China.


“Childhood friend, no need to thank me.”

Translator note:
[1]《The World’s Greatest First Love》Also known as Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi, a Japanese boy’s love manga series.
[2] In Chinese, (widen horizons and increase knowledge) 姿势 and 知识 sounds the same but the pronunciations are slightly different.
[3] Chiung Yao, the author who wrote the popular drama ‘My Fair Princess’. Her romance novels are well received.

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