TLCPS- Chapter 37: Tokyo Night (1)

The Long Chase for the President’s Spouse – Chapter 37: Tokyo Night (1)


Translator: PKitty

Editor: Rei

Quality Check: Tezuka

First Published on Chaleuria


Chapter 37: Tokyo Night (1)

Happy days always seemed to fly by the fastest. There were only two days left before they had to return home. However, this trip to Tokyo gave Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun a chance to skip work. They played for five days and did not attend to their duties. Of course, the main point was that Zhang Heng was the one who incited his subordinate to ‘elope’ with him.

Today, on the sixth day, they were finally on what could be considered a business trip— the annual Japanese Industrial Cultural Exchange Festival held by the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs— which meant attending a business dinner party.

“We are going to work.” Zhang Heng lifted his hand and grabbed the ironed suit that was lying on the newly designed tatami floor chair. He placed it on his shoulders and smoothed the hem of his suit.

“Work?” Gu Zhun was still seated on the hotel’s tatami mat, drinking the warm Japanese oolong tea that had cooled, and looking at— the shoujo manga that Zhang Heng got in passing while at a comic store in Akihabara.

“Haven’t you been complaining to me that we are playing too much and not focusing on work? These are good opportunities for us to work today and tomorrow! We want the Japanese cultural sector to see how good our company is!” As Zhang Heng continued to speak, he became unexpectedly excited about it.

“Chuunibyou.” Gu Zhun’s expression didn’t change much. Previously, Zhang Heng had used this business trip as an excuse to trick Gu Zhun into coming. They had wasted five days in Tokyo doing nothing. Previously he had made a fuss about going to work, otherwise he would feel sorry for the expenses! (The company paid for their round trip flight tickets, two days of expenses, and insurance. But the expenses for the remaining five day were paid from Zhang Heng’s own pocket.)

However, now that work was suddenly mentioned, although he wasn’t used to working, these changes were not a problem for Gu Zhun as he had long been accustomed to sudden changes.


“What sort of work is it?”

“Engaging in social interactions.”

“Going to drink?”

“Going to a ball.”

During this question and answer exchange, Zhang Heng thought that there was nothing wrong with his explanation. However, in Gu Zhun’s opinion, it seemed like this ball was a little sketchy. Was it a problem with Japanese customs or was it… something that Zhang Heng had done?

However, he saw how serious Zhang Heng was when he wore his suit. He brushed off the fine dust on his suit, carefully selected the few ties that he brought in his luggage, and constantly compared them against his suit to compare which one matched well.

It was clear. Zhang Heng had attached a lot of importance to work this time.

In that case, it shouldn’t be a joke from Zhang Heng.

Gu Zhun did not continue to interrogate Zhang Heng. He simply dragged his suitcase over and took out a suit and tie— it was one of the suits that Zhang Heng had previously bought for him.

“I think this one matches.” Gu Zhun passed the tie to Zhang Heng. Zhang Heng took the tie. He looked at Gu Zhun with a stunned expression. He did not expected there would actually be a day that Gu Zhun would have such high EQ. Wasn’t this flirting?

He fantasized that when the sun rose, a wife would pull open the floor length curtains, call to wake up her husband, and tell him to freshen up. The husband had drooping bed head, stood up from the bed groggily, and accidentally fell onto the flat surface. He launched his harem king skills and rubbed his wife’s flat chest.

The wife wasn’t annoyed by it. Instead, she moaned and grumbled about her husband’s vigour. Afterwards, the wife would help the husband take out the suit he would wear from the closet and help him select a matching tie for the day.

“This tie matches it pretty well.”

The husband was aroused by the gentle wife, but he tolerated it. After all, he needed to go to work soon. How could he neglect work because of his selfish desires?

“Why? Do you have a problem with my taste?” It was originally a very normal action. When Zhang Heng stared at him with such a stunned expression, it made Gu Zhun realize in hindsight what his sentence implied instead— An old married couple.

After they dressed, they left the hotel.

The lady boss was seated at the front desk with reading glasses on. She was using an abacus to calculate the hotel accounts when she saw them walk down the stairs. Moreover, they were dressed so formerly.  

Although the lady boss was a granny who was over seventy years old, she was the type of old person that was educated and broad minded. She actually reminded Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun: “Japan still has not legally recognized gay marriage. I suggest that you take this evening flight to the Netherlands.”

This was followed by a kind smile.


Gu Zhun instantly blushed. He thought that no one could tell what kind of relationship they had. But it was true that they were not in a relationship. Previously, they only promised to give it a try. Was actually trying it out referring to a confirmation about being in a relationship?

Zhang Heng naturally had that intention, but it was still an issue that weighed on Gu Zhun’s heart. He was still hesitating about it. As such, his attempt to try it out was merely trying to match with Zhang Heng’s pace and not to blindly avoid it. This was not fair towards Zhang Heng.

Zhang Heng kindly smiled at the lady boss. He did not explain, nor did he mentioned anything else. He only said a word of thanks, held Gu Zhun’s hand, and walked out of the hotel.

Zhang Heng rented an expensive Maserati, picked up Gu Zhun, started the car, and drove it towards the hotel where the business dinner was held.

As soon as they got off the car, there were waiters that used English with Japanese accent to attend to Gu Zhun and Zhang Heng. Zhang Heng nodded his head to indicate he understood. He randomly picked two numbers from the waiter’s tray. These numbers were hidden under a rose.

Zhang Heng explained to Gu Zhun the rules of the game in this business dinner.

For every guest that arrived, the men would randomly pick a red rose. There would be a number hidden under the rose. The women would be assigned blue roses— Rosa Rugosa. Similarly, there was a number hidden underneath the blue rose.

Zhang Heng’s number was 2010, and Gu Zhun’s number was 5020.

All these numbers were the highlight of the business dinner party. It was for them to play the lottery and the upper class society’s favourite king’s game.

Gu Zhun and Zhang Heng entered the venue for the business dinner party. It had a luxurious style and was lavishly decorated. All of the guests present were dressed to the nines. That could be seen from the female guests’ long and flowing dresses.

There were some that wore plunging V neck long dresses that stunned the crowd, some wore sexy body hugging spaghetti strap dresses, and there were others that wore the traditional classic kimono…

All of the female guests were beauties. It caused some of the rich bosses and business men to covet them with ill intent.

It was standard practice for business dinner parties to have a host start off with a loathsome and long opening. Although the guests did not like it, the top executives that sponsored and hosted this event liked it, because after the long wait for the loathsome and lengthy host to finish the introduction for the course of events, he would talk about their accomplishments and awards. After the introduction, the representatives for the top executives made their speeches.

Sure enough, just the opening from the host and the speeches from the various executives took more than an hour.

Within this hour, Zhang Heng pulled Gu Zhun away from his seat at the dinner party. They walked around. Zhang Heng relied on the fact that few people at the venue knew him, so he did not bother about his identity as a president. He pulled his assistant aside to eat sushi and snacks, and commented on his gourmet experience.

After the long and loathsome speech finally ended, it was now time for the prelude to the dinner party’s highlight— Dancing.

Of course, a man would feel less exhausted when they worked with a women. Most of the male guests here were paired with a female guest. Unfortunately this dinner party was conducted by Japan. Because of that, there was a very limited amount of foreign cultural companies that were invited. Zhang Heng’s company was one of the five companies that were lucky enough. Moreover, without any exceptions, the rest of the companies sent a fellow country men. Well in any case, there were no open minded country women.

Naturally, the somewhat reserved and shy Japanese girls would not dare take the initiative to invite the handsome Zhang Heng and the good looking Gu Zhun for a dance. Afterwards, they were invited to dance by the wealthy sons whom they knew from their own Japanese industry.

Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun stood in the midst of the people that were dancing in pairs and looked at each other speechlessly. In fact, Zhang Heng was forcing himself to keep a smile on his face. He was trembling— He thought to himself that he, Zhang Heng, was handsome. Why was it that no girls came to invite him for a dance? In the past, no matter which dinner party it was in the country, he was the legendary president that was the most dazzling and even men were jealous of him.

But now he only had his small assistant to accompany him.

Moreover, his small assistant still had a blank look on his face, that seemed to spell ‘what has it got to do with me’? Why did none of the bosses come over to talk about business yet?

Zhang Heng sighed, with no other alternative, he held Gu Zhun’s hand: “Let’s dance.”

“…Huh?” Gu Zhun, who was still spaced out, was only roused by Zhang Heng’s statement. If he did this, wasn’t it equivalent to telling everyone indirectly that they were together?
How could this be alright?

Although Japan’s gay and adult videos were widespread, Japanese people’s characters and bones were still shy and conservative!

“Not doing it.”

“Have you read 《Dragon Raga》?”

“What about it?”

“Ricardo M. Lu and Finger Vons Frings danced at the dance party. Moreover, the scene was amazing.”

Why did Zhang Heng mention this book to Gu Zhun? That was because this book was something that had appeared during the times they had spent seven years ago.

At that time, junior high school students were in a phase that generally liked to imagine things. They liked to read novels, especially this type of supernatural novel, constantly imagining that they might have super powers or the ability to summon things, and maybe they could transform into Ultraman or magical girls…

That’s right, it was the legendary chuunibyou.

It was also thanks to this book that Zhang Heng became a teenager with chuunibyou. As he grew older, he recovered from the illness, but the remnants of those evil influences remained in Zhang Heng’s body and would still flare up occasionally.

This novel was also the only novel that Gu Zhun read during an exam period. At that time, Zhang Heng would be constantly glued to him. Gu Zhun went to the library and Zhang Heng would also follow him to the library.

Zhang Heng would constantly take this Dragon Raga book, sit opposite Gu Zhun, and read it with great relish. On the other hand, Gu Zhun would be seriously completing practice questions. Gu Zhun could not understand why Zhang Heng would be willing to stay and accompany him in the library for the whole afternoon.

Gu Zhun never promise to let Zhang Heng copy his home work. During the time spent in the library, he did not even speak one sentence to Zhang Heng. However, Zhang Heng just liked to stay by Gu Zhun’s side. He would follow him to the library regardless of rain, hail, or shine.

So much so that Zhang Heng had the opportunity to finish reading almost all the books in the library, although in the early stages, there were mainly fiction books. However, due to some bald leader that suddenly said fiction books were detrimental to the studies, from then on, there were rarely any books that would enter the library unless it was the classic work of a well known person. At that time, however, Zhang Heng still did not have such an ideological awareness, so he finished reading all of the biographies in the library.

Due to that, he was able to promptly wake up from his delusional world.

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