TLCPS- Chapter 39: Post-vacation Blues (1)

The Long Chase for the President’s Spouse – Chapter 39: Post-vacation Blues (1)


Translator: PKitty

Editor: Rei

Quality Check: Tezuka

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Chapter 39: Post-vacation Blues (1)


After being unrestrained in Japan for a week, Gu Zhun and Zhang Heng were finally heading back to China. Gu Zhun was in the hotel room, packing his luggage. He even collected the clothes that were hanging outside the balcony. Gu Zhun looked at big president Zhang, who was still sleeping on the bed. He had no choice but to help him collect his underwear from the balcony.

After Gu Zhun finished packing his luggage, he walked to the bed that was laid on the floor. He knelt on his own bed, leaned over, and decided to shake Zhang Heng awake with his hands.

Who would have thought that Zhang Heng could not wake up. He even ignored Gu Zhun. He directly turned his body away and went back to sleep.


There was nothing that could be done. Who asked Zhang Heng to be so happy that he could almost fly up to the sky and be shoulder to shoulder with the sun? Through that kiss, Zhang Heng started to fantasize about all sorts of things…

Gu Zhun stood up and kicked Zhang Heng’s butt. After that, he turned away sulkily, and pretended that nothing had happened. After all, there would be a serious problem if a subordinate used violence against his superior…


Zhang Heng was finally kicked awake by that foot. He shook his messy bed head with eyes half opened. He groggily wanted to stand up, but he fell instead. After he fell down, he persisted and stood up again.

Finally, Zhang Heng defeated the sleep monster. He brushed his teeth, jerking the toothbrush around without putting any effort into it.

Gu Zhun entered the toilet and kicked Zhang Heng from behind: “Be serious.”

Gu Zhun casually took his towel that had dried and prepared to put it into the suitcase. Zhang Heng stood in front of the washbasin and looked at Gu Zhun in a daze.

Oh my God… It seemed as though he was looking at the Gu Zhun from seven years ago…

The Gu Zhun from seven years ago was also like this, constantly reminding him about his studies and the trifling things in life.

Zhang Heng remembered a day during their preparation period for their third year exams— It was a very normal and ordinary day.

“Class, we will revise until here for today, go back and…” The language and literature teacher on the podium assigned classic prose, classic poem, and modern text readings to be completed this week… Although the number of exam topics that should be completed this week was fixed, they had actually already completed a lot of language test papers.

Gu Zhun seriously listen to these 3 minutes that dragged on the class time. He recorded the homework seriously and timely added it into the study plan. Gu Zhun had drafted out this study plan since last week.

This study method was made based on Gu Zhun’s analysis of the lecture courses filled with various exchange pointers, combined with his own experience. In general, he would not tell anyone about it because there wasn’t a need to. In Gu Zhun’s class, they were all elite students.

Those elite students would not give a fuck about your notes and experience, but a bad student was different.

During the third year, Zhang Heng was still a bad student. He relied on his looks and that fact that he was good at basketball, so there were always male and female juniors who idolized him. Because of that, Zhang Heng would always get ignored by some of the guys in the class.

Halfway through the semester, a debonair transferred in, handsome and talented, causing them to burn incense and pray for a few more years. In the meantime, they would have to look at other people showing off their affection.

However, Zhang Heng did not accept any of the female student’s confessions. He just silently stayed single, even though there were various rumours spreading around that he already had a girlfriend.

Zhang Heng felt that if he were to accept the confession, not only would it hurt the girl’s heart, he simply did not have the time for it— He wanted to be ‘together’ with Gu Zhun— Studying together, eating together in the canteen, and sitting one in front of the other…

For a period of time, even the homeroom teacher felt puzzled. Although this Zhang Heng kid would not usually sleep in class, he would always space off. Revision homework would be assigned, where they basically marked and corrected their own answers after they were done with it. This was a special case because the exams were approaching. It was rarely checked, so the homeroom teacher did not know how well Zhang Heng completed his homework.

Whenever the exam results were released, the homeroom teacher noticed that Zhang Heng was only ranked mid tier in the entire grade. His results happened to meet the bare minimum for the elite high school. However, that left him at a huge risk. When it boiled down to a school that was sharply focused on results— Zhang Heng was a student that did poorly.

The homeroom teacher thought that Zhang Heng’s parents were rich, so they would throw money and send him packing to cram school before the exams so that he would improve vastly. Unexpectedly, Zhang Heng’s parents did not even care about his grades due to their busy schedules. Since Zhang Heng was going overseas sooner or later, even if he did not get good grades. It would only lead to him going overseas sooner to receive the relevant education for business. And he could just inherit the company earlier.

It was the elite class, so they could only sit alone at the tables. Each column was separated to avoid desk mates from talking during the evening revision class.

As such, Gu Zhun did not share the same table with the others. It was time to exhibit the power of desks in the same column. It just so happened that their class was seated in alternating rows.

“How to do this question?” Zhang Heng passed a revision book from the back— It was a history practice book.

Gu Zhun was stunned. He quietly turn his head, took a glance at it, and saw that it was history…

“Can you properly take notes and look at your textbook or something? History is actually quite easy.”

“Why do I feel like you are insinuating that I am stupid?”

“You think too much.”

Gu Zhun turn back, took his pen, and swiftly helped Zhang Heng fill in those history multiple choice questions with either A, B, C, or D. In less than 15 minutes, 20 multiple choice questions were done.

“Tell me, which question don’t you understand? I will explain them to you, so go back and review the content. It’s an indication of which areas you are weak in.”

  1. Unexpectedly, Zhang Heng flourished his hand and said: “All of it.”

“…” Gu Zhun really wanted to ignore Zhang Heng from that point onwards. However, he used Ah Q’s
[1] ‘spiritual victories method’ of self talk and self deception to persuade himself that helping people was a chance to prepare better for his revision.

As such, Gu Zhun was very patient. Even if he was not patient, he pretended to be very patient and taught Zhang Heng the points that the teacher had laboriously repeated countless times.

Zhang Heng slightly nodded his head when Gu Zhun was explaining to indicate he understood: “Yes, that explains it…”

After half an hour of struggling, Gu Zhun once again instilled the key points that the teacher had taught in class and drilled it into Zhang Heng’s head. He hope that Zhang Heng would not just listen from the left ear and dumped it out of the right ear.

Zhang Heng capped the red pen he just used to highlighted the key points. He absorbed the important points, the changes to the exam notes, and kept the practice book.

“Study hard, don’t always think about playing basketball.” Gu Zhun sighed. After all, this was someone that followed him like a shadow without leaving him…  His only guy friend. It was best that he advise him.

Instead Zhang Heng replied: “I didn’t…”

“You still want to deny it.” Gu Zhun went against the rules and softly whispered.

Wasn’t it obvious that his low scores were caused by constantly playing basketball at the court and seducing women…

“I am always thinking about you.”

Gu Zhun was speechless and lapsed into silence. His earlobes were slightly red.

“…Why are you thinking about me. Go think about your studies.” Gu Zhun ignored him, turned back, and continued to practice on those questions.

That’s right, it was just like seven years ago. It appeared that during this period of time, when Gu Zhun interacted with Zhang Heng, he regained his true temperament.

In the past, he was even more indifferent. He did not bother with the small details in life. Now, he also knew a little about the ways of the world.

After Zhang Heng finished washing up, he walked out, saw Gu Zhun’s packed luggage, and asked: “You’ve packed everything?”

“Big boss, our flight takes off in the afternoon. Please give further instructions for your luggage.” Gu Zhun drank a mouthful of matcha tea after he finished speaking.

Zhang Heng was extremely surprised. He did not expect that after one night, Gu Zhun learned how to crack a dry joke. He became sharp tongued!


“Hurry up and pack your luggage.” It was another warm piece of advice.

Zhang Heng had no choice but to gather himself. It was Gu Zhun’s fault for doing that thing to him last night. It made him too excited the whole night… Moreover, Gu Zhun was sleeping right beside him. He wanted to hug him, yet he could not. That was the loneliest.

Zhang Heng walked to his own luggage and discovered that his clothes were folded neatly and placed together: “You helped me fold it? You’re China’s great assistant!”

Gu Zhun thought in his mind, “It’s more like China’s great nanny”… but he still refrained from saying it to prevent Zhang Heng from saying that he was hexed again, or something was wrong with him…

Zhang Heng assessed their luggage and realized that something was missing.

Gu Zhun asked: “What is missing?”

Zhang Heng thought for a moment and looked around the hotel room— He replied: “Souvenirs.”

“Who are we giving it to?”

“Family members… and our colleagues in the company.”

Gu Zhun nodded his head, expressing his approval. In the end, he said another sentence to specifically provoke Zhang Heng: “You’ll be broke, but being broke might help avoid a disaster.”

Zhang Heng was surprised once again: “Gu Zhun, you’re packed with brilliant poetry statements!”

Gu Zhun ignored him. He took the luggage and pushed it outside.

The lady boss greeted them politely. When she saw Gu Zhun and Zhang Heng pushing their luggage out, she told them: “Please come again, have a pleasant and safe trip.”

“We are going.”

The typical and common dialogue made Zhang Heng feel very warm.

All those sentences like ‘I am back’, ‘Have a safe trip’, or ‘Welcome back’,  were all very warming…

They drove to the mall near Tokyo Tower to buy souvenirs. Although they knew that all these modern shopping malls in Tokyo rarely had any tasteful, meaningful, and unique souvenirs, all of their colleagues were pretty shallow. They liked cosmetics, bags… or the products that otaku liked.

A short while later, Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun walked out of the shopping mall with big and small shopping bags. They threw all the things in their hands into the trunk, stepped on the accelerator and left.

“We are going to return the car to the car rental company right?

“Yes, when we reach the airport, someone will pick it up at the car park.”

The reason Gu Zhun asked was because it was an occupational disease. He was Zhang Heng’s assistant. He was responsible for the management of the president’s office documents, along with the confirmation and planning of his schedule.

They checked their luggage in, carried only a backpack, and boarded the plane after they passed through the boarding gate.

Zhang Heng took out an eye mask from the backpack, passed it to Gu Zhun, and said: “Wear this eye mask when you sleep.”

When Gu Zhun received it, he asked: “Why?” as he wasn’t afraid of the light.

“No particular reason!” Zhang Heng’s eyes dodged about.


Translator Note:[1] Ah Q is a character in an episodic novella, famous for “spiritual victories”. Ah Q is a bully to the less fortunate but fearful of those who are above him in rank, strength, or power. He persuades himself mentally that he is spiritually “superior” to his oppressors even as he succumbs to their tyranny and suppression.

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