TLCPS- Chapter 40: Post-vacation Blues (2)

The Long Chase for the President’s Spouse – Chapter 40: Post-vacation Blues (2)


Translator: PKitty

Editor: Rei

Quality Check: Tezuka

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Chapter 40: Post-vacation Blues (2)

Gu Zhun had doubts. However, he was also able to roughly guess that the problem lay in the eye mask. He flipped over the eye mask. Unexpectedly, words were blatantly written on it— ‘I like Zhang Heng.’

These 4 blatant words were also filled with various pink hearts.

Gu Zhun stared at Zhang Heng with questioning eyes: “What is this?”

Zhang Heng look at Gu Zhun with an expression that asked ‘Huh? What? I don’t know anything.’

Gu Zhun indicated that he did not want to bother with his idiotic president. He put on an earpiece and turned his head away to read his novel.

Soon after, the two of them who had just fallen asleep for a short while heard the announcement that the plane had landed in the airport. They had returned to the country smoothly.

Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun dragged their suitcases, but they did not go home. They decided to return to the company first. As such, they dragged their various luggages and directly got on a bus. After they changed transportation, they finally reached the company headquarters in the city.

When Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun arrived at the entrance of the company, they were stared down by countless laser beams. This great amount of laser beams actually came from all their colleagues. Whether it was a male or a female colleague, they stared at Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun with a peculiar look in their eyes.  

Gu Zhun felt strangely self conscious about their gaze. What had he done? Why were people staring at him like that? Zhang Heng wasn’t bothered about it though…

What were they looking at?

The female colleagues looked at Gu Zhun and Zhang Heng. They felt that both of them looked fair and clean, especially the handsome President Zhang. In a cultural industrial company like this, there was an overwhelming amount of ladies. It was hard to meet such a handsome man. In addition, there was an aloof (although he was only indifferent) Gu Zhun standing beside him.

How could they not look at those two pairs of long legs a few more times?

If that was told to Gu Zhun and Zhang Heng, they would definitely be over the moon. However, the hearts of these female colleagues were actually saying: “I looked because there is something going on between the two of you~~~~~~~~~~~~”

After that, there were fantasies in a fujoshi’s mind that were unfit to be seen.

Zhang Heng temporarily placed the luggage at the front desk of the first floor. After that, he took Gu Zhun and pressed the button for the elevator.

When the elevator opened, everyone inside was adorn in black and white formal attire. The office workers inside saw their big boss, as well as his assistant standing beside him.

However, Zhang Heng’s appearance this morning was different from the usual working days.

In the past, Zhang Heng would come to the company early in the morning with a black face. It seemed as though if anyone were to touch him, a fire would spark and they would explode spontaneously—

Zhang Heng was not a morning person.

As such, all of the male and female office workers in the lift would all rush out in a crowd. Even if some of them originally wanted to go up, they would still squeeze out of the lift.

Zhang Heng felt that this was a very normal situation— After all, everyone was busy with their work.

However… they felt a sense of insecurity. Who knew whether this young president of theirs had a good or short temper? Or whether he would be the type to hit your head with documents if there was a small problem with your work.

But, today Zhang Heng was different from everyone’s expectations. He looked unexpectedly happy, and the corner of his lips were actually curved slightly upwards. On the other hand, the assistant by his side was still solemn, indifferent, and aloof.

After that, the assistant Gu Zhun formally bowed to the people standing in the lift and said: “Good morning everyone.”

“…” For a moment, there was an awkward silence in the lift. Finally, a few female colleagues standing in the front reacted. They felt that when faced with their superiors, they should at least give a greeting.

Hence, following the lead of this female colleague that gave a greeting, the people behind chorused together: “Good morning President Zhang!”

“What about him?” This time however, Zhang Heng was not unhappy because he was grouchy. He was unhappy because they ignored Gu Zhun.

“Err…” But not everyone in the lift knew Gu Zhun. Naturally, they did not know how to address Gu Zhun. If they address him by his job position, it was a bit too churlish to point out hierarchy.

It seemed as though Gu Zhun understood the awkwardness from the other party, so he tactfully told his president: “President Zhang, the lift has arrived.”

“Oh, okay…”

After that, the people in the lift quickly moved so there was a space for the two of them.

In the end, it was still a little crowded, so Gu Zhun was forced closer and pressed against Zhang Heng’s chest. The breath that Zhang Heng exhaled was easily transmitted to Gu Zhun’s face, and it was warm.

Zhang Heng suddenly felt that there might be a day when the person pressed in front of his chest would belong to him.

Right now, there was only a 50% probability because it was a trial. Who knew, perhaps he could be dumped after the trial?

“Ding”. A sound rang out, but it still wasn’t Zhang Heng’s office floor. All of the office people in the lift left. Only Gu Zhun and Zhang Heng were left in the lift. At last, they stood side by side and it was no longer awkward.

“You said ‘try’—” Zhang Heng spoke up. The lift was still rising.

“Yes.” Gu Zhun looked at the lift door. He did not dare to look at Zhang Heng’s eyes directly. But in the end, when he finished speaking, he still raised his eyes, glanced at Zhang Heng, and said: “I promised to ‘try’, which means I’ll try. You know I don’t like to crack jokes.”

That’s right, sometimes Zhang Heng would act like a kid. Just like Gu Zhun, he could not have a sense of trust and security in love.

“Ding”. The lift finally reached the President’s office on the top floor.

Gu Zhun followed behind Zhang Heng and entered the office.

No matter how big the President’s office was, it was impossible to occupy the whole floor, so that floor was shared with the company’s design department and the business advisory office specially set up for Xu YaLe.

Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun took the lift and entered the office together. This scene was seen by Xu YaLe, who was standing behind the door installed with blinds.

Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun usually took the lift up and down together.

However, Xu YaLe relied on a woman’s sixth sense. She felt that when Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun went for a week long business trip, a ginormous change happened between them.

The way Gu Zhun looked at Zhang Heng changed— It seemed a little ambiguous and affectionate…

Zhang Heng still stared attentively with fixed eyes, but now there was more joy and contentment in them.

That’s right, something must have happened between them!

Xu YaLe opened the door of her own office, walked in with her killer high heels, and headed to Zhang Heng’s president office with clicking noises. Afterwards, she forcefully shoved opened the door.

“Zhang Heng!” After that, she deliberately made a fuss.

Zhang Heng slowly raised his head and said: “What’s the matter? Look for my assistant if it is something related to work.”

When Xu YaLe heard Zhang Heng ask in such an unruffled manner, she became even more angry. The staccato clicks from her high heels echoed off the floor.

“I came here to look for your assistant!”

After that, she walked past the coffee table in the office, stormed in front of Gu Zhun, grabbed his collar, and said: “Tell me! How did you seduced my Zhang Heng?! Are you even compatible to be with my Zhang Heng?”

This time, Xu YaLe was completely insane, even when she was in front of her fiance in name.

Zhang Heng was accustomed to Xu YaLe’s behaviour. Since young, whenever Xu YaLe did not get the toys that she wanted, she would make a fuss and throw a tantrum, then she would make a fuss, then throw a tantrum and make a fuss again! She made her grandparents and parents buy limited edition things from far away countries.

This situation became worse after Xu YaLe got into high school. There was a period of time when Xu YaLe was obsessed with Big Bang. As a result, she would frantically buy plane and concert tickets. She would not spare a single Big Bang concert. Afterwards, she would frantically buy all of their merchandise.

Due to that, she was promoted to Big Bang’s Chinese fan club’s honorary president— There wasn’t a need to do anything. She only needed to invest regularly, casually buy a few concert tickets and merchandise.

However, fixations on idols never lasted long. Soon, Xu YaLe’s fickleness striked once again. She no longer liked Big Bang…

As a result, she brought all those thousands of posters, merchandise, souvenirs, and autographs, and moved them all to the back of the garden. She took a basin, kicked all of it in, and burnt it with a lighter.

It burned… and burned…

If she took a picture of it and sent it to her friend circle, she would most likely have died a horrible death.

There were a lot of fans in her friend circle, and there was also a lot of fans in her friend list.

When other people were no longer fixated on idols, they would be fixated on tall, long legged oppa. As long as the previous merchandise had good packaging and the product was not considered tattered, they could repackage it again to sell for a low price on the net. At least they would not be short of money…

However, Xu YaLe was a special type of woman.

This was the same situation— Xu YaLe did whatever she wanted. It included being angry when she looked at Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun sharing an affectionate look while entering the office. She wanted to interrogate and take down Gu Zhun.

As a result, this happened.

Xu YaLe clutched Gu Zhun’s collar and loudly questioned him. She completely disregarded the ladylike, composed, and virtuous image she previously portrayed in front of Zhang Heng.

Ma ShangQian was just in time to see this scene when he came to send documents. He saw that now was not the time to send documents for Gu Zhun, so he quietly hid behind the big and tall sago palm plant beside the door, and observed the situation inside because the glass was transparent.

“Let go.” Zhang Heng stretched his hand out and pressed on Xu YaLe’s hand that was clutching Gu Zhun’s collar. Zheng Heng had a very serious expression. It was also very stern, and his brows were furrowed.

Xu YaLe understood that Zhang Heng was set on protecting Gu Zhun. He did not even care about her feelings, or maybe from the start, Zhang Heng did not know about her feelings.

Xu YaLe released Gu Zhun’s collar. She turned around, faced Zhang Heng, and asked: “Don’t you know that I love you a lot? I really love you a lot!”

Zhang Heng was still very calm and replied: “I don’t love you.”

Finished, he added another sentence, which made Xu YaLe even more heartbroken— “The one I love is Gu Zhun.”

Tears filled the corner of Xu YaLe’s eyes, but she endured and halted them so that they would not flow down. If a girl cried because the guy she liked said that he didn’t like her, wasn’t she too useless?

Since young, Xu YaLe had a bosslike and headstrong personality. She hated those kind of girls that cried and sobbed for no reason.

So, she would not weep because of matters of the heart…

That should be the case, but Xu YaLe felt an unbearable pain in her heart. It was as though she was being drowned in the ocean, completely suffocating in pain.

Finally, tears trickled down the rim of Xu YaLe’s eyes. They rolled down her face and dripped onto her neck. It wet the jade pendant necklace on her neck.

“…” Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun saw Xu YaLe’s tears.

Xu YaLe fiercely brushed off her tears. She shoved Zhang Heng and quickly ran out of the room. At the same time, Ma ShangQian, who was squatting behind the sago palm plant, saw Xu YaLe, who was running and crying. He saw her tears…

And he was unable to refrain from standing up.

He looked at the two people who stayed in the office. He did not bother about matters like subordinates eavesdropping on embarrassing matters. He took the documents inside, stuffed them into Gu Zhun’s hands, and immediately ran out to chase after her.

He had a strong feeling that Xu YaLe would be in trouble.


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