TLCPS- Chapter 41: Queen vs Passerby Again (1)

The Long Chase for the President’s Spouse – Queen vs Passerby Again (1)


Translator: PKitty

Editor: Rei

Quality Check: Tezuka

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Chapter 41: Queen vs Passerby Again (1)

Ma ShangQian had a hunch about Gu Zhun and Zhang Heng’s affair the moment they came out from the lift. The way they looked at each other differed from the awkward and evasive gazes from the previous week.


 Ma ShangQian initially thought that he would receive a huge blow, like being lovelorn. Why was it only ‘like’ being lovelorn? That was because he could not even manage to start anything…


  However, out of the blue, the second after he decided to enter the office and pass the documents over, Xu YaLe suddenly appeared out of nowhere when Gu Zhun and Zhang Heng entered the office. She angrily pushed her office’s glass door open. Afterwards, she rushed out, clicking in her killer high heels, filled with a queen’s aura.


However, aside from her seemingly insane interrogation and complaints, when Xu YaLe entered Zhang Heng’s office, she was only a delicate girl who wanted a person’s love…


Luckily, Xu YaLe did not do anything stupid like threatening that she would jump down from the twentieth floor… or take a pair of scissors and slash her veins.


However, Zhang Heng’s office made that impossible anyway because his office was theft proof. Thus, the windows could not be opened. Gu Zhun doesn’t do handicraft, furthermore he used a computer to crop text so there wasn’t a need for scissors (He still kept that crude high school habit of using a ruler). As such, there was no such thing as a pair of scissors in the office.


Xu YaLe cried and made a fuss. Additionally, she shoved Zhang Heng twice. Afterwards, she cried and ran out…


 At that moment, Ma ShangQian, who was hiding outside the door, felt very strange. Unexpectedly, he was not upset about the matter between Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun. Instead, he felt that Xu YaLe was a little pitiful. He couldn’t stop himself from wanting to comfort her, so he chased after her.


  Although, she previously made him crossdress as a girl to get closer to Gu Zhun…


  Along the way, Xu YaLe stared at her extremely difficult to walk in high heels, sprinted to the lift with the speed of a hundred metre dash, and rushed out of the company’s doors. In order to prevent pedestrians from seeing her tears, she did not stop.


She did not know where to go, so she didn’t take her car. If she went back again, it would only increase the embarrassment.


She had no choice but to wander around aimlessly. However, because she left in a hurry, she had neither money nor a credit card. She walked into a shopping mall near the office, looked at the latest seasonal clothes in the display window, and sighed.


She didn’t have any money, much less be in the mood to shop.


Xu YaLe walked out of the shopping mall with her head bowed. She walked under a pedestrian’s overpass and squatted on a small stone pillar. This was originally a place where vagrant beggars would stay. Now, it unexpectedly became a sanctuary for a broken hearted rich girl.


Along the way, Ma ShangQian followed the directions based on pedestrians. He fumbled about for a long time before he finally found Xu YaLe under the pedestrian’s overpass. overhead bridge.


At this time, Xu YaLe had already removed her killer high heels. Her hair was loose and strewn about messily. There wasn’t any shred of the dignified or elegant demeanor from the past. In fact, when she started making a scene, she no longer had this image.


“Why did you come here?” Without waiting for Ma ShangQian to speak, Xu YaLe bowed her head and softly asked. She had realized that there was someone around her. When she glanced from the corner of her eyes, she knew that it was Ma ShangQian


He walked with his feet turned inward. As a staff member from the company’s design department, there was no one else other than him who did not wear a suit to work.


Ma ShangQian walked next to the small stone pillar where Xu YaLe was sitting and said: “I came… to comfort you…”


“Forget it,” Xu YaLe took out a packet of tissues from her pocket. She pulled a tissue from it, blew her nose, and continued to talk: “We are both suffering from the same sickness. Aren’t you sad?”


“I…” Actually, Ma ShangQian did not feel much in his heart. Instead, when he actually saw this queen in front of his eyes become so depressed, her past arrogance and magnificence completely gone, his heart felt a pinch…


 It began from the moment he met Xu YaLe at the corner of the lift, when Xu YaLe advised and helped him plan how to get Gu Zhun. Furthermore, whenever he was discouraged or indecisive, she would give him the push he needed.


At first, Ma ShangQian felt that she had a big sister vibe. However, when he thought about it, he noticed that it wasn’t the feeling of a big sister. Because if it was, why would he look for Xu YaLe so impatiently to comfort her?

Ma ShangQian wasn’t really sure about his feelings. Moreover he knew that Xu YaLe really liked Zhang Heng. Ma ShangQian couldn’t tell Xu YaLe that perhaps he liked her. This would only serve to push Xu YaLe towards the edge of the pit of despair.


“Why do you like President Zhang so much?”


When Xu YaLe heard Zhang Heng’s name, the waterworks that had stopped, started again. She sniffed and looked at Ma ShangQian. It was obvious that she did not want to talk about it.


 After a long silence, Xu YaLe told Ma ShangQian: “It is because Zhang Heng was the only person that would not treat me specially or distance himself from me. He was a normal person.”


 It was summer vacation. Xu YaLe returned to the hometown that she had not seen for a long time. At that time, whether it was the Xu family or the Zhang family, they were both at the stage when they had just made a fortune. They were not very rich. The newly renovated house in the village was just a refurbishment of their old house.


However, in the eyes of the villagers, the Xu family that just became prosperous was impressive. They were respectful when they saw people from the Xu family. When the adults did that, naturally the kids had to imitate it.


It caused the kids that were around the same age as Xu YaLe to be unwilling to associate with her. Some of the more daring boys specially went to the mountain behind their backyards to pick a variety of wild flowers that Xu YaLe had never seen in the city, and gave them to her.


On one hand, it was respectful. On the other, was isolating.


  Even Xu YaLe, who was immature, knew that the things they did and said were all fake…

Xu YaLe was still a child, so she would feel lonely. She would often sit in her garden, biting a watermelon and spitting out the seeds. She would also watch the birds teasing the cats. She spent summer like this for years.


However, there was a year that summer was different. That was the summer when she was in the sixth grade of elementary school. Her mind had mostly matured, but she was a little naive compared to peers her age.


She sat in the garden, eating watermelon, when she saw a young boy walk past her front door with his luggage. He stopped in front of Xu YaLe, and looked at her who was still currently eating watermelon.


  Zhang Heng was also very handsome when he was young. Xu YaLe’s heart unconsciously fluttered because of him.


“Do you know how to go to XXX?” Xu YaLe could not remember the question that Zhang Heng asked that year, but she vaguely remembered that the first thing Zhang Heng asked about was directions.


Xu YaLe did not immediately direct him. She was very curious. It was already the end of summer, so why would anyone come to this kind of poor and desolate place for their summer vacation? She asked curiously: “Why did you come here?”


Zhang Heng felt that this girl in front of him was a bit nosy, but he thought that there weren’t any major problems with answering, so he said: “I came here with my dad.”


“Oh—” It was really hard to imagine that the grown up Xu YaLe was so uncouth when she was young— In front of Zhang Heng, she actually spit all those watermelon seeds onto the ground.    

That’s right, when Xu YaLe first met Zhang Heng, she was a typical headstrong, unruly, and uncouth girl. She decided to change after that summer when she met Zhang Heng.


Xu YaLe lowered her head and kept quiet. She knew that Zhang Heng was just like her. Eventually, they would return to the big city where they belonged. Moreover, once they went back, the chances of them meeting again were slim…


Hence, Xu YaLe plucked up the courage and asked Zhang Heng: “Are you willing to… play with me?”

The reason why she stammered when asking the question was because she got rejected countless of times when she asked to play with the kids in the village. After that, she did not take the initiative to ask again. After all, it was useless to ask in vain. Even the boys that took the initiative to fawn upon the little princess were ignored. She got them to bring home the snacks from her house and go home…


Zhang Heng nodded his head without any hesitation and said: “Okay.”



At that moment, Xu YaLe was so happy, it was as though her world blossomed into colors.

       Hence, Xu YaLe pestered Zhang Heng with questions. She couldn’t wait to dig up everything about Zhang Heng. She knew that once Zhang Heng left, she would not know anything about him.    


The transition happened on a summer night.


 That summer night, Xu YaLe’s mom dressed her up like a real princess— She wore a pink chiffon dress, lined with countless lace, and she hugged a brownish black bear.


 Xu YaLe followed her father. She sat in a car that was rarely seen in the village at that time, and they headed to the most luxurious hotel in the city.   


Xu YaLe’s father had to attend a dinner party. He was going to discuss business with the boss of a company in the big city.  


 Ever since she entered the hotel, she saw Zhang Heng standing beside the piano and ignoring everything else. Everything changed.


 Xu YaLe changed from that previously unruly and impatient girl into a shy and introverted girl.


 “YaLe, go and get acquainted with President Zhang’s son.” Xu YaLe’s father lightly pushed his daughter. He initially thought that his daughter would happily run to Zhang Heng, hug him, and say a bunch of nonsense.


Unexpectedly, Xu YaLe hide behind her father in a daze and did not dare to come out. President Zhang understood her dilemma. He pulled Zhang Heng to approach and said: “President Xu’s daughter is shy~”


“Yes, that’s right…” Although Xu YaLe’s father really want to expose this misunderstanding, he decided not to for Xu YaLe’s sake.

Zhang Heng stretched out his hand. He decided to be a gentleman and get to know his father’s business partner’s daughter: “Hello.”


 Xu YaLe’s hands trembled and she walked out from behind her father. After that, she shook Zhang Heng’s hand.



Xu YaLe and Zhang Heng looked at each other for a few seconds. Zhang Heng was also able to recognize that the girl who was previously asking nosy questions was his father’s business partner’s daughter.


“It’s you!” Zhang Heng exclaimed.


Old President Zhang overheard their conversation from the sidelines and hijacked it. He said: “What’s this? Son, you already knew the Xu family’s daughter? You really have your dad’s demeanor!”


“Don’t jest. No matter how you say it, it’s our daughter’s honour to be acquainted with President Zhang’s son.”


Afterwards, the two of them blabbered and flattered each other.

Unknowingly, their conversation drifted off at some point. It became the fortuitous arranged betrothal between Zhang Heng and Xu YaLe!


“Hahahahahaha! Alright! We will be in-laws!”

Thus, the two were engaged to be married.


Xu YaLe had always taken this matter seriously. She pestered her mother to teach her how to be a good wife. She also signed up for a bunch of classes, like the ones for etiquette, instruments, calligraphy, and painting so that she could nurture her abilities and manners to have the accomplishments of a well educated person. Thus, the present Xu YaLe was born.

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