TLCPS- Chapter 43: Queen vs Passerby Again (3)

The Long Chase for the President’s Spouse – Queen vs Passerby Again (3)


Translator: PKitty

Editor: Rei

Quality Check: Tezuka

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Chapter 43: Queen vs Passerby Again (3)


Xu YaLe, who ran out crying, saw Ma ShangQian at the first floor lobby when he was on his way back. They looked at each other for a second before Xu YaLe ran out barefooted. This time, she had learnt her lesson. She took her bag so that there was money and a credit card inside. There wasn’t a need to worry about Xu YaLe.


Hence, Ma ShangQian went upstairs to take the belongings he wanted to bring home.


Ma ShangQian was leisurely sitting at home and watching the drama show《A Slight Smile is Very Charming》. The grown man was unexpectedly touched by the drama’s romance and sobbed.


 However, halfway into the show, he received a call from Gu Zhun.


“Hello? Is this Ma ShangQian?”


“What’s the matter?”


   “Recently, I noticed that you were quite close with Xu YaLe. I wanted to ask, did Xu YaLe look for you?”


When Ma ShangQian heard Xu YaLe being mentioned, his heart thudded. He pressed the off button on the remote, the television switched off, and there was silence in the living room.


After he replied that she had not, he listened to Gu Zhun’s narration seriously—


It seemed that Xu YaLe had not gone home after she ended work today. Her family called Zhang Heng to inquire if it was because of overtime, but Zhang Heng said no. As such, everyone called Xu YaLe’s phone, but she didn’t pick up to answer her phone or reply on WeChat. Thus, everyone was worried and thought that something happened to Xu YaLe.


“I’ll go and look for her…!” Ma ShangQian blurted that out before Gu Zhun could say ‘thank you’. He grabbed his key, wore a coat, and rushed out immediately!    


Something might have happened… If I had known, I wouldn’t have encouraged her to confess.


 If something really happened, he would really be condemned for eternity.


YaLe! You must not do silly things!


Ma ShangQian said that prayer in his heart more than ten thousand times.


Ma ShangQian ran past countless traffic lights and he ran to numerous shopping malls, but he didn’t see Xu YaLe.


  According to Gu Zhun, Xu YaLe’s car was still parked inside the company’s garage, so she shouldn’t have gone too far.


Ma ShangQian continued to look around the company’s vicinity— In his heart, he was deeply worried, but he was helpless. There weren’t any clues.


  Suddenly, there was a scream that came from an alley— “What are you guys trying to do?!”


Ma ShangQian smartly turned his head and discovered that there was a girl in a dark alley. She wore a sexy jumper dress, with her coat drooping down, and her hair scattered messily.


  She was surrounded by a few men with strong physiques…


Ma ShangQian walked closer to take a look and discovered that it was Xu YaLe.


Other than holding her bag, Xu YaLe was also holding onto a big bottle of whiskey.


“Hehehe, how about playing with us, babe?”


Although he was really tempted to ridicule the phrase for being such an outdated villainous statement… these strong men that stood before him were not people that Ma ShangQian could knock down.


However, those strong men started to do whatever they liked to Xu YaLe.


Their stout and hairy hands grabbed Xu YaLe’s hands. They wanted to drag her into a car that had been parked at the side beforehand.     


   “No!” Ma ShangQian saw that the situation wasn’t favourable. If he continued to hesitate, then it would truly be a disaster!


Ma ShangQian picked up a broken badminton racquet that someone had thrown beside the rubbish bin. He rushed to one of the strong men, swung the racquet, and fiercely hit him.


 The surprise attack was certainly effective, but the subsequent attacks were not.


  A few of the strong men realized the threat around them. They decided to beat this threat first, then it would be easier to do things and get it done.


   As such, Ma ShangQian dropped the racquet when they hit his hand that was holding it. Ma ShangQian lost the weapon that made a big difference, and he became defenseless. He wasn’t even able to protect himself, not to mention protect Xu YaLe.


Ma ShangQian was propped up by someone and the other person swung their arms and punched his abdomen.


 Followed by the face, then the legs, and finally the head…


Soon, Ma ShangQian was swollen and bruised everywhere. Xu YaLe, who was completely drunk, fell and sat on the ground. She huddled at the corner of the alley and vacantly looked at Ma ShangQian, who was being punched by those guys over and over again.


“Ma ShangQian…?


  Xu YaLe opened her eyes slightly to take a proper look at who was being beaten up…


“No… I must save him…”


 Xu YaLe supported herself against the wall and stood up with much difficulty. Afterwards, she stumbled forward with that large bottle of whiskey. She did not pay attention to being stealthy, she just stumbled around as though she was doing drunken boxing


Xu YaLe smashed the head of the strong man who was in charge of beating Ma ShangQian. That man was dizzy after his head got hit. The other two strong men who propped Ma ShangQian up immediately released him and went to check on their companion’s injury.


 At this moment, Ma ShangQian, who was very clear-headed, pulled Xu YaLe’s hand and charged out of there quickly. They held hands, passed through countless small food streets and ran through countless shopping malls. They returned back to the place from before, went to the underground subway tunnel, and squatted at a corner in the underground station.


That corner was very concealed. Sometimes, even the staff would overlook it. Naturally, when those strong men entered the station, they could not see any signs of them. They left in anger and disappointment.


“Ma ShangQian…” This time, Xu YaLe spoke first.




“Did I fall in love with the wrong person?”


Could it be that she got rejected? He did not expect that President Zhang would be so cold and unfeeling…


 Ma ShangQing conjectured that in his head, but Xu YaLe said: “The love I had for him was only platonic love, not romantic love.”


“…” Xu YaLe threw away the whiskey bottle in her hand. She didn’t care that there was a guy sitting beside her. Moreover, that man was one who would easily make a fuss out of nothing. She just casually stretched forward her pair of smooth and fair thighs and laid it flat on the cold tile floor.


She tilted her head and asked: “So, what is love?”


“I don’t know…”


   “Virgin.” That sentence from Xu YaLe practically broke Ma ShangQian’s heart. Not knowing what love meant didn’t mean he was a virgin, right… Friends… with benefits still existed in the world!

It was just that, Ma ShangQian was indeed a virgin.


 Ma ShangQian bowed his head and did not speak. He was thinking— What exactly was love?


After that, he thought of this classic Marxist philosophical theory article— ‘Actual Practice is the Sole Criterion for Testing the Truth’.


 What is love like? Let’s actually practice and put it to the test!


Ma ShangQian shifted his butt and moved closer to Xu YaLe. He suddenly embraced Xu YaLe and said: “Let’s try to find out what is love.”


Xu YaLe was suddenly given such a hug. Moreover, that was the first person to hug her other than her parents and girl friends. He even said to try… to find out what is love…



“Hic… You… Do you want to be my… Boyfriend…?”


The corner of Ma ShangQian’s lips were raised into a fond smile even though Xu YaLe did not see it.


   He said: “I will guide you on this experiment to let you experience the feeling of love.”


Xu YaLe struggled free from Ma ShangQian. She looked up and asked: “Why are you doing this? Treating me so well…”


Ma ShangQian replied: “I don’t know why either…” Well, that was my first instinct, I was impulsive.


  Xu YaLe said guiltily: “Did you know… That incident where Gu Zhun was framed as a traitor, I was the one that single-handedly caused it. I used you and purposely gave the information that you gave me to Wen corporation. Don’t you hate me? I framed your beloved Gu Zhun, made him sad and aggrieved…”


After Ma ShangQian knew the truth, he wasn’t very upset even when he knew that Xu YaLe really made use of him.


   “That was because you did not understand love at the time. I don’t understand love either, so I hope that we can understand love together.”


That’s right, because Xu YaLe didn’t understand love, she blindly thought that she could be obstinate when it came to love. Because Ma ShangQian didn’t understand love, he didn’t know whether his feelings for Gu Zhun were real or fake. In fact, he also wasn’t sure if he was gay.


In the subway station, dim lights were on. The trains stopped at the station in the middle of the night. This subway station had a secret passageway that linked to the outside, so Ma ShangQian and Xu YaLe were able to easily enter the subway station.


They sat in the subway station for the entire night. Other than that dialogue at the beginning, there was nothing else.


They both remained silent and slowly fell asleep…


The next day, they were woken up by a noisy voice.


“Public morals are degenerating as the days pass! Couples being dead drunk in the subway station with no propriety!”



 Ma ShangQian opened his eyes. He discovered that Xu YaLe was covered by his coat, sleeping on his thighs, and even drooling.


   Ma ShangQian looked at his watch and realized that it time for the subway station to resume operations. Just a few more minutes and it would be the rush hour. If too many people witnessed this scene, they would both appear on today’s headlines.


  Afterwards, he would be too embarrassed to face anyone…


Ma ShangQian wanted to wake Xu YaLe up by shaking her. Unfortunately, he was unable to wake her up that way. He could only piggyback Xu YaLe and walk towards the subway station exit.


So that was how the two of them slept overnight in the subway station…



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