TLCPS- Chapter 44: Queen vs Passerby Again (4)


The Long Chase for the President’s Spouse – Queen vs Passerby Again (4)


Translator: PKitty

Editor: Rei

Quality Check: Tezuka

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Chapter 44: Queen vs Passerby Again (4)


Unexpectedly, Ma ShangQian and Xu YaLe talked about trying things out and finding the truth about love. Although it occurred by a strange stroke of luck due to Xu YaLe being intoxicated… the way they put it into practice made it difficult for people to even imagine that something had happened between them.


After all, Xu YaLe was still that lofty queen wearing a pair of killer high heels along with a commanding aura after she came to her senses. On the contrary, Ma ShangQian was still an insignificant staff member in the design department. The feeling he gave to others was a little pinchable rabbit. When they casually stood beside each other, Xu YaLe was a lofty queen, whereas Ma ShangQian could be a servant if he was evaluated at a higher level. If he was at a lower level, he would be a peasant who wouldn’t even be able to enter the palace.


Due to the disparity, nobody guessed about it. As for the reason why people were able to easily guess that something was going on between Gu Zhun and Zhang Heng, it was most probably because they were both guys…


However, they were colleagues from the same department after all. Some perceptive female colleagues seemed to have noticed the secret between Xu YaLe and Ma ShangQian.     


“Could it be that our elder sister YaLe is…”


“What kind of nonsense are you talking about! Big sister YaLe is younger than you! It’s impolite of you to address her as elder sister!”


“Damn you! Where is your focus?!”


That’s right, it was possible to tell judging by the way that they interacted with each other ever since that day—


Xu YaLe sat in her office the whole morning. The air condition wasn’t on, but her face was still pale. She took out something from her bag and put it into her pants pocket. She walked out of the office and went to the toilet.


Ma ShangQian entered the second after Xu YaLe left, holding a steaming hot cup in his hand. Ma ShangQian placed it on Xu YaLe’s desk. He even thoughtfully turned the handle of the cup outwards so that it would be easier for Xu YaLe to take it. He also moved the cup to a position that would avoid touching the documents on the table.  

Afterwards, he left silently without even leaving a note.


Xu YaLe saw a steaming hot cup on the table when she came back from the toilet. She walked towards it and realized that it was brown sugar water.     

When girls have their period, drinking brown sugar water can ease the pain…


Ma ShangQian guessed that she was on her period when he saw Xu YaLe frowning and holding her stomach these past few days. He specially went to buy brown sugar to make a cup for her to drink when she was resting.


Period cramps were related to stress. In order to ease Xu YaLe’s pain, Ma ShangQian specially prepared and compiled a few hundred megabytes of soothing music for Xu YaLe to listen to when she was at work or resting.


This was nothing; there was something that was even more impressive—

Xu YaLe was born with a silver spoon. Because of that, she rarely went to a commoner’s supermarket to buy things. She was unsure about the product’s shelf life and price. Furthermore, she did not know where to look for the information.


One day, Xu YaLe had a sudden impulse to go to a supermarket. She invited the other female colleagues from the company, but no one responded because Xu YaLe was a rich girl from a wealthy family. If Xu YaLe saw them acting like a middle aged aunties despite being in their twenties, haggling over the prices of products and comparing the prices of the same products but different brands just to save a few dollars, she would definitely laugh!


This was a poor man’s shame!


Thus none of the female colleagues dared to utter a word.

Ma ShangQian walked by while carrying documents. He happened to hear Xu YaLe’s invitation and said: “I happened to be going there to buy Master Kong’s instant noodle. Is it alright for us to go together?”


“Of course.”


After they ended work, Ma ShangQian brought Xu YaLe to a supermarket. It was the first time Xu YaLe saw aunties fiercely jolting each other with their bodies and fighting over things with their saliva spraying everywhere… It was the first time she learned that there were frozen dumplings which could be consumed without making them by hand… It was the first time she knew that meat could be packaged and wrapped with plastic wrap after they were butchered instead of buying a live cow and butchering it…

Well, the wealthy Miss Xu YaLe lived a life of luxury.

At the same time, Xu YaLe was also very interested in the variety of exquisite snacks in the supermarket. She never ate snacks like potato chips or biscuits because all of her snacks were either made by herself or her mother. Alternately, there were desserts her housekeeper made…


Soon, the trolley was piled up like a mountain.


When they were at the instant noodle section, Ma ShangQian grabbed Master Kong’s braised beef noodles and wanted to throw it into the trolley.


Xu YaLe deftly grabbed Ma ShangQian’s hand and prevented him from placing it in the trolley.


“Why, what happened…?” Ma ShanQian was slightly shocked by Xu YaLe’s imposing manner.


Xu YaLe eyed that red packaging weirdly. It seemed as though she wanted to use her third eye to see through the contents. Of course,  Xu YaLe didn’t have a third eye.


“What is constructed in the packaging?”


Ma ShangQian finally knew what Xu YaLe wanted to ask. She was curious about this magical instant noodle.


Ma ShangQian answered with a question: “Have you eaten noodles before? Those thin ones.”


“I’ve eaten those before,” Xu YaLe nodded her head and continued to speak, “When we want to eat noodles, our family’s chef would wake up very early to roll the dough.”


Yes, it was very traditional but a very healthy way of making it…

For a commoner, it was practical to sleep more instead of waking up early. They didn’t have the money to hire a chef to roll the dough, and they were also too lazy to wake up early to roll the dough themselves. They might as well lower the quality, go to a supermarket, and buy packaged noodles. One day, human beings felt that they needed to increase the efficiency further. They even wanted to add things so that it would be tasty. It would be better to manufacture tasty convenient food that only needed hot water— Thus instant noodles were born.


“It’s hard to explain in such a short time. Do you want to eat supper? Let’s cook this.”

“Cook it at?” This was a good question. Xu YaLe’s house was definitely not possible. Xu YaLe’s mother was very health conscious. She would never allow her daughter to eat this kind of food that had high fat and calorie content. As such, Ma ShangQian volunteered and invited her to his house.


Afterwards, for the first time, a girl went to Ma ShangQian’s apartment. Ma ShangQian led Xu YaLe in and told her to sit on the floor cushion. The apartment Ma ShangQian rented was a little small. It was not possible to accommodate a huge table in the living room, so there was only a small coffee table. This was enough for a single man to watch soccer, drink beer, and eat takeaway.


Xu YaLe sat on the cushion and did not show any disgust at how small the table was. Instead, she moved up and down to relish the novelty of sitting on the floor to eat.


Ma ShangQian looked at Xu YaLe with an expression like he was looking at a kid. He took out two packets of instant noodle and put them in a bowl.


“Are you able to eat spicy? There is a spice sachet inside.”


“Yes yes yes! I’ll eat what you’re eating!” Alright, our dearest queen did not put up any airs in front of Ma ShangQian and reverted back to her original self when she was young.


It wasn’t long before the two bowls of noodles were cooked and ready. Ma ShangQian carried two bowls of noodles and walked in front of Xu YaLe. He placed it on the table, sat beside her, and switched on the television.


Ma ShangQian asked: “Which channel do you want to watch?”


“… I don’t know…” Xu YaLe felt inexplicably excited when she smelled the aroma that wafted from the unusual instant ‘junk’ food.


Ma ShangQian casually put on the Hunan Television channel. He slurped the Master Kong’s noodles with great relish and watched cultivators on flying swords.


Xu YaLe was absorbed with slurping the noodles in the bowl. A short while later, she finished all the noodles. She took a paper towel and wiped the grease on her lips. She looked at Ma ShangQian, who was beside her. He had also finished eating and was currently drinking water.


She waited for Ma ShangQian to put down the cup of water before she grabbed a new paper towel. She took the paper towel, brought it towards Ma ShangQian, and helped him wipe the grease from the corner of his lips. At the same time, she wiped the small pieces of noodles that dropped on Ma ShangQian’s white T-shirt— Who told Ma ShangQian not to pay attention when he ate and dropped it everywhere.


“You must concentrate when you eat, don’t be distracted.” Xu YaLe did not have any sort of disgusted or irritated expression. Instead, she had an amused expression.


Ma ShangQian straightened his body, saluted, and said: “Yes!”

   Xu YaLe was amused: Hahahahahaha—”


This was nothing. There were other acts that were much more obvious—

Other than giving brown sugar water, there would be a cup of warm water, along with a few flu medicine pills beside it when Xu YaLe caught a cold.


There was even someone who saw something on a certain rainy day. It was raining heavily and everyone had difficulty walking. They jumped step by step to avoid the water puddles and wished that they had the ability to fly.   


Xu YaLe forgot to take an umbrella because she rushed out in the morning. Her assistant, Little M, applied for leave and returned home, so no one was able to get an umbrella for her at the last minute. As such, Xu YaLe could only carry her bag empty handed, walking in those killer high heels as she stepped into a puddle of water. There was nothing she could do against this heavy rain. The rain was so heavy that even the citizens staying along the coastal areas would definitely be able to feel it.


Ma ShangQian stood in front of the company’s main entrance and saw Xu YaLe’s tenacious struggle against the water puddles. She didn’t even care when the heavy rain drenched her white shirt. She continued running to the underground car park that was next to the shopping mall. She could only park her car at the car park beside the shopping mall because she came too late and the company’s car park was full.     


Ma ShangQian opened his umbrella and speedily rushed behind Xu YaLe. He raised his hand and held the umbrella over Xu YaLe’s head. He was a little late, but at least the umbrella was still able to block the rain.

“…The heels, got stuck in the mud…” Xu YaLe lamented. Of course, she would only do that in front of Ma ShangQian. If a decisive and strong queen was helpless because of high heels, was it pretension, or was it gap moe?


Ma ShangQian handed the umbrella over so that Xu YaLe could hold it. He bent down,  not caring that there was a big wet patch on his pants. Xu YaLe sling her arms around Ma ShangQian’s neck to support herself. She raised her feet to allow Ma ShangQian to help her remove her high heels.


After the high heels were removed, Ma ShangQian held a pair of shoes in one hand, turned his back to Xu YaLe, and piggybacked her. Afterwards, while the traffic light was still green, he immediately rushed across the road towards the shopping mall entrance across from them.

The colleagues waiting for the rain to stop saw this scene. It was only because the rain was too heavy, and the tiny water droplets continued to splatter into their eyes. They could only look at the road in front of them with their eyes half closed. The rain that splashed on the floor, splattered up, and obstructed their view, so they were unable to clearly see the two person in front of them showing affection.

It was just that there was a distinctive feature, and that was the pair of killer high heels— Only Xu YaLe would dare to wear them.



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