TLCPS- Chapter 45: Queen vs Passerby Again (5)

The Long Chase for the President’s Spouse – Queen vs Passerby Again (5)


Translator: PKitty

Editor: Rei

Quality Check: Tezuka

First Published on Chaleuria


Chapter 45: Queen vs Passerby Again (5)


The way that Ma ShangQian and Xu YaLe interacted was very similar to lovers, but it seemed like they were not conscious of the similarity. Other people, including themselves, thought that it was just a friendship between two close girlfriends.


   It just so happened that Ma ShangQian was a guy.  


For a period of time, after Xu YaLe learned about her feelings, she felt very awkward when she faced Zhang Heng. She would often dash to Ma ShangQian’s seat, which was the closest to her and hide underneath the table when she saw Zhang Heng coming around the corner.


Unfortunately, it just so happened that Zhang Heng came to look for Ma ShangQian to discuss some matters related to designing. That’s because Ma ShangQian was finally going to have a turning point in his career. He was going to participate in an important design project.


“Could you tell me the reasoning and thought processes that led to your usage of a billboard?”


 Ma ShangQian knew that Xu YaLe was hiding underneath his office table. She was crouched underneath and nervously pulling his pants. In her heart, she was reciting— “Just leave! Leave!”


On the other hand, Ma ShangQian calmly replied to Zhang Heng: “It’s more fitting here…”


Afterwards, Ma ShangQian talked a lot and Zhang Heng listened for a long time. Naturally, Xu YaLe had to squat for a long time. She had to be cautious about her skirt riding up and exposing herself, so the position she had to squat in was very strenuous.


After Ma ShangQian and Zhang Heng finish their discussion, Xu YaLe crawled out from underneath the table— “Did you do it on purpose?”





To a certain extent. Of course, Ma ShangQian did not dare to talk nonsense, or he would get beaten.

He hoped that Zhang Heng and Xu YaLe could be friends even though they were not in a relationship. After all, they were childhood friends that grew up together… even if they weren’t childhood sweethearts.


 Xu YaLe pulled Ma ShangQian’s chair. She sat on it, crossed her legs, and rubbed her ankles that ached from squatting. She complained: “You wanted me to be friends with Zhang Heng right? Unable to become lovers, yet it’s also alright to be close friends, right?




Xu YaLe rapped the table and said: “Don’t you know that it would be very awkward?”


“I, of course I know… But how much longer can you avoid this? One day, you will run into him, right? We are in the same company after all.”


Actually, Xu YaLe could just submit her resignation, but she had a big ego and was fiercely self reliant. She wanted to show other people that the heiress of a wealthy family was able to carve out a successful career in another person’s company!


 Moreover, she had a project to follow up on. It would be very hard to find someone else to take over her job. Actually, there was no need for so many words. In any case, she did not want to leave.


 Ma ShangQian kept quiet. Instead, Xu YaLe thought of something. She slammed the table with her palm and told Ma ShangQian: “You’ve also been avoiding someone, haven’t you?!”    


“Who am I am avoiding…” Initially, Ma ShangQian did not know who Xu YaLe was referring to, but he remember that Xu YaLe knew that he liked Gu Zhun. He immediately reached his hand out to cover Xu YaLe’s mouth which was blurting things out.


“Big sister! Don’t hurt me like this!” Ma ShangQian bitterly smiled and pleaded with Xu YaLe.


Xu YaLe was pleased. She raised her head with an expression of anticipation as though she was watching a show and said: “Oh— you know that it hurts too?”


“This fellow, why have you not confessed your feelings? Look at you. Ever since that encounter in the first few chapters, there hasn’t been any scenes between you and Gu Zhun!”


“Big sister! You’re ridiculing my role!”


Xu YaLe flung Ma ShangQian’s hand aside. She stood up, leaned in closer to Ma ShangQian’s ear, and said: “I’ll help you.”


Help me? How are you going to help?


Xu YaLe limped out and walked towards her own office without waiting for Ma ShangQian to ask clearly. She was too tired from squatting just now, and she had not recovered from it yet.


Xu YaLe knocked and opened the door to the President’s office. This time, Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun were inside. They were quietly busy with their respective work, and appeared to be in good shape.


Who would have imagined that a few minutes ago, they were being intimate with each other.


  —What happened was…


 Zhang Heng opened his work inbox and saw an unfamiliar email. He was also unable to recognize the sender’s email address. When he clicked on it, it was actually his junior high school alma mater— an alumni invitation letter from West City’s high school— West City’s High School Specially Invites Special Guest for Centennial Celebration.    


“…” Zhang Heng used the mouse and continued to scroll down. He saw the cordial invitation from the students in the student council. Afterwards, there was a note which wrote— “It would be good if you could record a video to encourage West City’s high school students. We encourage you to bring your family members to join us.”


Zhang Heng closed the inbox. He silently stood up, walked behind Gu Zhun with light steps, and leaned down. He even held his breath when he leaned down so that Gu Zhun was unaware that Zhang Heng was next to him.


“Do you want to go as my family?”


Zhang Heng deliberately spoke softly. Even the tone of it was extremely enticing… It was an attractive utterance.


 Gu Zhun was frightened by this sudden sentence. Furthermore, it was in such a suggestive tone that goosebumps broke out.  Gu Zhun habitually leaned back and happened to lean on Zhang Heng stomach. Gu Zhun looked up at Zhang Heng, and they stared at each other. Zhang Heng leaned over slightly. Now he was even closer to Gu Zhun. Their noses touched and they could easily feel each other’s breaths.


Zhang Heng planned to take advantage of this opportunity to get a kiss. Seven years ago… Although he could not even get a single kiss seven years ago, he did those indescribable things. How could he not get a kiss at this time?


“… No kissing.” However, Gu Zhun however rejected it.


“Why?” Zhang Heng pouted his lips like a small kid and threw a small tantrum. Usually, in front of others, he was a swift and decisive president. He would scold others when they deserved a scolding. He was decisive. However, in front of Gu Zhun, he would revert back to that bad school boy who had a severe case of chuunibyou from seven years ago.


“There is no reason… I am just still not mentally prepared.”


“But didn’t we agree to try?”


“Try… I’ve kissed you before, is that still not enough?” Gu Zhun’s earlobes turned red as he spoke.


“But I still want to try.” He took advantage of when Gu Zhun wasn’t paying attention and kissed his lips. He even naughtily bit Gu Zhun’s upper lips to show his dominance.


Afterwards, he fled back to his own seat, afraid that Gu Zhun would raise his hands and beat him.


  Afterall, seven years ago, Zhang Heng was beaten up by Gu Zhun many times.


This time, Xu YaLe knocked and opened Zhang Heng’s office door. She was here for Gu Zhun because of Ma ShangQian. As such, when she looked at Zhang Heng, she did not feel bothered. There was no trace of the awkward situation from that morning.


“Go away, Zhang Heng.”


“Excuse me?” Zhang Heng was feeling puzzled on the inside. His internal expression was equivalent to the confused Nick Young meme.[1][1] However, his facial expression in reality was ‘Oh, in that case, I won’t bother you’. He stood up, walked past Xu YaLe, and left the office. Only Gu Zhun and Xu YaLe were left in the office.


“Are you free tonight?”


 “What happened?”


 “I am going to be a matchmaker.”


  …On the inside, Gu Zhun’s expression was also like the confused Nick Young meme. [1] However, Gu Zhun had such a stiff face that would not reveal such an amusing expression. It was such a pity…


“I am free, but why are you looking for me?” Of course, Gu Zhun would be cautious and ask questions to be clear about it. Who knew whether Xu YaLe would take revenge on him again because she was dumped by Zhang Heng? After all, Xu YaLe knew that Zhang Heng liked him. It would not be good if a crime of passion was committed.


 “Not me, it’s my younger brother.”


 Finished, Xu YaLe walked out of the office. She pulled the door handle, turned back, and added: “Take note of messages on your phone, I will inform you of the time and venue through it.”    


   Afterwards, this information was quickly sent to his phone within ten minutes.


 8PM, at Twilight KTV.


Gu Zhun attended this strange invitation on time. He walked one round inside the KTV lobby on the first floor. There were different types of women that walked past, but he did not see Xu YaLe.


Instead, someone noticed Gu Zhun standing outside the KTV entrance, looking around. He gestured and waved for Gu Zhun to come over. Gu Zhun took a good look and saw that it was actually Ma ShangQian.


He walked over, pulled out a chair, and sat down.


Ma ShangQian respectfully passed the menu and asked: “Senior, what would you like to eat?”


 “You called me senior again. Didn’t you get used to calling my full name not too long ago?” Gu Zhun did not know whether to laugh or cry.


 Ma ShangQian was nervous. He was suddenly dragged over by Xu YaLe to confess.


“I’m sorry, you can order first.”    


Gu Zhun was once again at a loss about whether to laugh or cry. He said: “This is a KTV entertainment venue. It should be a buffet right? I just ate at a ramen shop near the company. I am not too hungry. If you want to eat something, you can take it from the buffet section. I’ll just order a cup of coffee.




Ma ShangQian took two people’s worth of food from the buffet. He ordered two beverages, sat and settled down. He was about to approach the main point.


 “Gu Zhun, do you know why we met here?”


Gu Zhun thoughtfully considered and said: “I guess Xu YaLe most probably had something going on at the last minute. She couldn’t teach me a lesson, so she sent you to teach me instead, right?”


“Absolutely not!” Ma ShangQian anxiously rushed to clarify. He bowed his head and hit the table to express all his sincerity.


“You don’t have to be so anxious.” Gu Zhun felt like he went overboard with his jokes.


Ma ShangQian lifted his head and said: “Although I will also admit, the reason you were framed was also because I was indirectly involved. At that time, if I had not…”


“Do you hate Xu YaLe for making use of you?”


  Ma ShangQian shook his head.


“That’s really strange then.” Gu Zhun felt puzzled because he had a low EQ. Later on, when Zhang Heng came to fetch Gu Zhun home, Gu Zhun mentioned this matter to Zhang Heng in the car. Zhang Heng, who had a high EQ, was quickly able to guess what was going on— Overtime, feelings developed.


“No… I have decided!”


“What have you decided?”


   It seemed like he made up his mind. What Ma ShangQian intended to say next was something that he was firmly determined to say…


  What is it? It also made Gu Zhun a little nervous too. He was more nervous than for the mid-term exams, but less than the college exams by a few levels…


  Ma ShangQian gulped down a mouthful of a Bloody Mary cocktail, closed his eyes, and frowned. It seemed as though he used up all his strength and courage to say— “I like you, Gu Zhun.”






Zhang Heng was seated in the car listening to the conversation. After that, he heard the crucial part.


When Zhang Heng sent Gu Zhun to Twilight KTV, he pretended to brush the dust off Gu Zhun and planted a listening device on Gu Zhun’s body. Similarly, Xu YaLe placed one on Ma ShangQian’s body.


  At the same time, Zhang Heng and Xu YaLe’s expression were worlds apart— One of them went, “What the fuck! I am pissed! Someone actually dared to chase the person that this president fancies!—” The other person went, “Good job!” She was so happy that she could fly to the sky and be shoulder to shoulder with the moon!


Translator Note: [1] Confused Nick Young Meme.

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