TLCPS- Chapter 46: Queen vs Passerby Again (6)

The Long Chase for the President’s Spouse – Queen vs Passerby Again (6)


Translator: PKitty

Editor: Rei

Quality Check: Tezuka

First Published on Chaleuria


Chapter 46: Queen vs Passerby (6)


 “Why?” Gu Zhun was naturally puzzled. Other than a few rare sentences, when had Gu Zhun interacted with Ma ShangQian?


 “I… I also don’t know why either…” Of course, that incident when Gu Zhun ‘rescued’ him was a crucial point. However, it was hard to say that he fell in love with Gu Zhun just because of that incident. Ma ShangQian lacked confidence.


  Ma ShangQian was the type of guy who was pure at heart. He stuttered so much that he did not dare to continue speaking. On the other hand, Gu Zhun was still someone whose EQ was in the negatives. He had an aloof expression on his face as though nothing had anything to do with him, while he quietly waited for Ma ShangQian’s explanation.


 At this point, Gu Zhun was naturally unable to accept it.


As a man, he was confessed to by two different types of guys. It was pointless to talk about Zhang Heng, he was an eccentric person. When Gu Zhun was in junior high, he was so used to Zhang Heng’s peculiarities that he no longer found it strange. But what about Ma ShangQian? Gu Zhun basically did not have any other interactions with Ma ShangQian apart from work.


  Xu YaLe was hidden at the back. She was seated at a secluded corner listening to their conversation. It was at this point that she got very angry listening to Ma ShangQian stammering over his words.


 She rushed out anxiously, shoved the stammering Ma ShangQian, and spoke on his behalf— “Love at first sight! It was love at first sight! Big idiot!”


Zhang Heng was listening in the car when he suddenly heard Xu YaLe’s familiar yell— In his mind, he speculated: “What kind of drama are they playing at?”


      From a pure boy’s love romance drama, it turned into a drama focused on a love triangle?


Of course, when Xu YaLe spoke on Ma ShangQian’s behalf, Gu Zhun finally seemed to recall that there was a particular incident. However, that was just Gu Zhun helping others.    


  Zhang Heng was seated in the car, anxiously racking his brains about how Gu Zhun was going to reject Ma ShangQian.


He knew that Gu Zhun’s EQ was in the negatives. Gu Zhun was absolutely horrible when it came to affairs of the heart… What if Xu YaLe caught hold of Gu Zhun’s weakness while he was mulling over it somewhere else? Did that mean that Gu Zhun wouldn’t be with him?


Unexpectedly, Gu Zhun actually said this— “Are you able to die for the person you love?”



Ma ShangQian and Xu YaLe were stunned.


 Actually, Gu Zhun also learned a lesson when he was bullied seven years ago by those delinquents from the school next to theirs. At that time, Zhang Heng, who was a hooligan and a chuuni saved him.

 It was obvious that it would be impossible for Zhang Heng to defeat more than ten junior high school students, even if he was a head taller than them.


However, Zhang Heng kicked the knife away as though it was a toy and rushed towards them without any hesitation nor concern about his own safety.


Maybe that was love?


Gu Zhun gained enlightenment when he mistakenly borrowed a romance book from the library.


Xu YaLe was very angry. She wanted to drag Ma ShangQian away. Xu YaLe felt that it was a ridiculous reasoning. There were a lot of methods to express love now. Those with the mentality of dying for their loved ones were extreme.


  Ma ShangQian still remained motionless. He thought about how he had a favourable opinion of Gu Zhun because of that incident. If that was the case, wouldn’t all the good Chinese citizens be deeply loved by their countrymen? —Was that a type of romantic love?


 This logic did not make sense.


Since young, he had never experienced being in love. Of course he didn’t know what love was about.


Xu YaLe saw that Ma ShangQian did not move and still stood there foolishly, so she angrily flung away her hand that was used to pull Ma ShangQian’s hand. She pushed the door open and walked out to the road.


   “Xu… Wait a minute!” Ma ShangQian realized that Xu YaLe was leaving him.


He immediately chased after her. His body seemed to move instinctively.



He saw Xu YaLe rush out without noticing that it was a red light. Ma ShangQian, who followed behind her, broke out into a cold sweat. Once again, it was instinctive. His legs already made the leap to dash out. He forcefully grabbed Xu YaLe’s hand and they both fell onto the ground. At that second, a big truck drove past them. It was a narrow escape!


Xu YaLe was still in shock. Ma ShangQian was still hugging Xu YaLe and felt that something had changed.


 It seemed that the so called ‘try’ and ‘practice’ had some results…

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