TLCPS- Chapter 47: The Supporting Characters That Finally Learned How to Love (1)

The Long Chase for the President’s Spouse – The Supporting Characters That Finally Learned How to Love (1)


Translator: PKitty

Editor: Rei

Quality Check: Tezuka

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Chapter 47: The Supporting Characters That Finally Learned How to Love (1)


     Ever since the ‘narrow escape’, based on the script, shouldn’t Xu YaLe’s family have paid their benefactor a visit and betrothed their daughter to Ma ShangQian? However, the development of the plot was unexpected. It did not turn out that way…


They avoided each other like how mice avoided cats.


For example, small matters like design drafts that had copyright issues needed to be passed to the business consultant to verify. Of course, they would send their junior, the newcomer Ma ShangQian, to be in charge of liaising with the business consultant Xu YaLe… However, Ma ShangQian would rather buy an expensive drink from a popular bubble tea shop to bribe the female colleague sitting in front of him to take his place. He definitely would not go.


Look… Wasn’t it clear that there was something weighing on his mind?


  On the other hand, Xu YaLe was even more direct. She knew that at this point in the afternoon, all of the staff from the design department would go to the cafeteria. They would have their meals while discussing their current working schedules and progress. In that case, Ma ShangQian would definitely be waiting at the corridor during that time.


Xu YaLe definitely could not go out at that time.


   When her assistant Little M was around, she would ask her assistant to buy food from the cafeteria for her. Due to that, Little M was not able to have a meal with her close colleague for many days. Her assistant also could not look at and appreciate the handsome president’s back when she ate.


What happened when Little M was on leave? She would order delivery. Due to the company’s regulations, the delivery man could only wait at the front desk. So Xu YaLe had to pass through the design department to get to the front desk. Only then could she collect her takeout.


   This distance was simply damning!


 As such, she shamelessly called Zhang Heng.


 “Hello?” Zhang Heng picked up the call. He could not guess who would call at this time. It was almost 12:30 PM. Clients who wanted to arrange a meeting over a meal would usually arrange it tomorrow, right?


  It actually turned out to be a weak voice from a girl. She feebly said: “Brother! I am starving to death!”


 Zhang Heng thought— She actually called me brother… The reason she did not call me Zhang Heng was most likely because she had gotten over it… Yes, that was good… This way, he could focus on capturing Gu Zhun’s heart!


When he thought about it, his eyes unconsciously drifted to Gu Zhun, who was typing on the keyboard.


Gu Zhun looked up and happened to look at Zhang Heng. Afterwards, he frowned— It showed that he, as an elite student, disliked how his President did not attend to his work during working hours. If you kept that up, I’d topple you and become president myself!


It’s just that Gu Zhun recently graduated. He did not have the capital, nor Zhang Heng’s rich experience in the business industry, which Zhang Heng had attained when he was grappling his way up overseas.


Zhang Heng helplessly replied: “What are you planning again? My little sister…”

Zhang Heng’s sister was currently slumped on her office desk. The ear that her phone was plastered to was tilted up. Both her arms were dangling downwards with no strength. She whispered: “I’m so hungry…”


“Go eat.”


 “Help me order delivery—”


“You have hands and legs. Order it by yourself.”


“Help me collect the takeout and bring it to my office.”


Xu YaLe hung up before Zhang Heng could ask for the reason. Little M went to eat with her close friend, so Xu YaLe hid in the office without restraint. She removed her killer high heels and buried her head on her knees. A few strands of fine hairs fluttered from her ears…


  “Is this love sickness? But other than Zhang Heng, there isn’t anyone else that is worthy of my affection…”


However, what was with this kind of feeling where you wanted to meet, yet you also didn’t want to?


 On the other hand, Zhang Heng told Gu Zhun about this incident and asked him to order delivery while instructing him to send it to Xu YaLe.


“Why doesn’t she go? Doesn’t she have hands and legs?” At first, Gu Zhun asked the exact same questions that Zhang Heng had asked.


   Zhang Heng never focused on the main point when he was in front of Gu Zhun: “Our hearts are connected! That was the same question that I asked just now! But YaLe didn’t answer me.”


“Tsk tsk— already calling people YaLe.” Gu Zhun replied softly. In fact, according to logic, Gu Zhun was not someone who would joke around with Zhang Heng. However, he developed this venomous way of ridiculing people when he stayed by Zhang Heng’s side for a long time.


“I think— Spring is coming.” Zhang Heng pretended to be mysterious and said.


  Gu Zhun flipped the calendar and indicated that he was not looking at the date wrongly — ”It’s November now. Winter is coming.”


 “What should I do to save your EQ, my love?” Zhang Heng looked on helplessly.


  Gu Zhun also had a blank expression. In the end, he still ordered delivery and helped bring it to Xu YaLe’s office.


He knocked on Xu YaLe’s door. Xu YaLe said: “Come in.” Gu Zhun pushed the door open and entered. He placed the takeout on the coffee table and reminded her: “Eat while it’s hot.”


“You brat, when did you start to be concerned about other people?”


  Gu Zhun shook his head. He sat on the sofa near the coffee table and explained: “I am only responsible for conveying the message.”


When he walked through the corridor, Ma ShangQian, who would usually be too nervous to utter a word in front of Gu Zhun, actually talked to him out of his own initiative: “Someone entrusted me to tell Sister Xu to eat while it’s hot.”

However, Ma ShangQian did not want his name to be conveyed, so Gu Zhun did as he was told.


 Xu YaLe walked to the coffee table, sat down, and started eating her lunch. It was about 1PM, so she was famished. That morning, she was absent minded and had not eaten anything either…


“Did something happened between you and Ma ShangQian?” Although Gu Zhun had low EQ, at the very least, he witnessed that startling scene at the roadside. yesterday. Just now, Ma ShangQian even requested that Gu Zhun convey his message. He understood that, maybe, hmm… the two of them were in that sort of relationship?


 Couples that were in love suddenly quarreled, so they didn’t know what to do and were currently in a cold war?


 Of course, Xu YaLe and Ma ShangQian were not even together, so there were no such things. Then what was going on?


  Xu YaLe did not answer Gu Zhun. She only said: “Manage your own side first, don’t come and supervise me. I want my brother to supervise me.”


My brother… Zhang Heng?


Gu Zhun nodded his head to indicate that he understood. After that, he no longer involved himself with anything else.


  He exited Xu YaLe’s office and walked along the corridor. He needed to go past the design department to get back to the President’s office.


   From afar, he saw a suspicious figure circling around Ma ShangQian’s seat bend down, and do something.

Gu Zhun silently snuck over to take a look. It was actually Zhang Heng!


This chap Zhang Heng took a heart-shaped post-it note decorated in pink from the shiny table in front and wrote something.


What was it?


“What are you writing?” Gu Zhun lowered his head to take a closer look and made a sound.    


  Zhang Heng did not notice Gu Zhun’s arrival, so the hand that was writing was now suspended in mid air. It was obvious that he was shocked…



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