TLCPS- Chapter 50: The Supporting Characters’ Efforts Come to Fruition

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Chapter 50: The Supporting Characters’ Efforts Come to Fruition


Ever since that kiss at the public bus stop, no, after those two kisses, they were inexplicably joined at the hip. They were lovey-dovey in front of their colleagues and openly flaunted their love.    


Even though most of the people in the company were fellow fujoshi comrades, when they saw that Ma ShangQian had a girlfriend, they could not even find a glimpse of their future boyfriend.

Oh god, what was wrong with this world…


I might as well buy in-game currency since I don’t have anyone to buy lipstick and doll up for.


As such, those female colleagues took their phones and continuously summoned heroes.     


One day, Zhang Heng happened to see Xu YaLe sweetly end a call as she stood in the office lounge. “You two are together?” Zhang Heng asked curiously.   


“That’s right!”


 “Congratulations.” It was only one word, yet it also contained a sigh of relief. This way, he would be able to focus on Gu Zhun.


 At the same time, Zhang Heng also wanted to ask his parents about that joke-like arranged marriage that restrained him since he was a child… For the sake of their family ties, and at the same time, in order for his parents to not have another enemy in the business, he tolerated it for more than ten years.


However, a few years ago, when he inquired about Gu Zhun’s university and the direction of his career, he already had his game plan laid out.


 How could Gu Zhun, a newly graduated student, get hired by a large cultural company so quickly in the first place? When he was being framed, why was he only suspended for a few days before proven innocent?


 Actually, all of these events were secretly arranged by Zhang Heng…


All of this was to ensnare Gu Zhun, to make Gu Zhun accept him.


  Seven years ago, he left Gu Zhun because of his cowardice. If he were given another chance, he would cling on to Gu Zhun and refuse to let him go.


He was unable to tolerate those seven years of yearning.


Zhang Heng clearly knew in his heart that seven years ago, Gu Zhun was as pure as a piece of blank white paper. He did not know about his own feelings, not to mention Zhang Heng’s. That’s why he would tolerate Zhang Heng’s silly nonsense…


Zhang Heng thought of that toilet incident again— There were regrets in his heart— He should have done it with Gu Zhun and made Gu Zhun’s body remember him…


 However, Zhang Heng was a gentleman. He promised Gu Zhun that he would not lay a hand on Gu Zhun until Gu Zhun fell for him.


He did not want to leave Gu Zhun with painful memories. What if Gu Zhun did not like him? Although Gu Zhun said he was willing to try it with Zhang Heng…


   In the end, was trying this out done out of pity and sympathy?


 Now let’s talk about Xu YaLe and Ma ShangQian. Xu YaLe did not wait for Zhang Heng to ask about that awkward childhood arranged marriage. She mentioned it herself: “I will explain it clearly to both of our parents.”


 “…So,” Xu YaLe put down the cup in her hands. She looked up, smiled at Zhang Heng, and continued to speak: “You can’t fail and waste my sacrifice. You must nail down my ‘sister-in-law’.”


   Afterwards, a cackling “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” laughter rang out.


 Ever since Xu YaLe and Ma ShangQian got together, she did not put on pretence in front of Zhang Heng. Xu YaLe often revealed her true nature and overturned Zhang Heng’s understanding of her.


This girl… She finally came to her senses…


Xu YaLe returned to her office. She would definitely do what she had just promised Zhang Heng in the lounge.


As such, she immediately called the Zhang and Xu families. She invited them for a meal, and at the same time, she could explain her situation.


 Naturally, as one of the parties involved, Zhang Heng also had to attend.    


 At the dinner, their families were warmly asking about each other’s well beings.


After they ordered and the dishes were served, Xu YaLe stood up and said—


   “I have something to tell everyone—”


Xu YaLe’s mother anxiously tugged Xu YaLe to sit down, because as a dignified lady, she should not stand up and talk to the elders during meal time.


 Xu YaLe ignored her mother’s protests. She just blurted out— “I want to break off the engagement with Zhang Heng.”


Zhang Heng lowered his head and silently ate the meat in his bowl. It seemed like he was not bothered about the undisguised and burning looks that were shot from his surroundings— That was too hasty!


Moreover, this made it seem like he let down someone else’s daughter, which caused the girl to initiate the breakup. However, Zhang Heng thought that since this would allow him to get rid of this perplexing nominal title, it would be easier for him to confess about his relationship with Gu Zhun in the future.


 “Why?” It was not the guy’s parents who spoke. Instead, it was Xu YaLe’s mother who spoke.


 Although they were not thinking clearly when they agreed to their daughter’s engagement, the other party was the Zhang family after all. They were very wealthy. Even if there was no true love, it still couldn’t be considered a loss, right?


 After all, this world practiced monogamy… Moreover, Zhang Heng was also considered quite an honest kid.


(No no no no… In front of Gu Zhun, he was very sly—)


Xu YaLe replied: “That’s because I don’t love Zhang Heng. I only treated him as my brother. These few days, I finally understood my own feelings.”


 “Child, do you like another man?” Zhang Heng’s mother was more thoughtful. She could guess the girl’s thoughts in just a short while.


Xu YaLe embarrassedly nodded and said yes.

 Afterwards, Xu YaLe’s mother was stiff in her seat. On the other hand, it was rare for Zhang Heng’s mother to talk so much at once. She hurriedly asked what sort of person the other man was. At that moment, it was as though Zhang Heng and Xu YaLe’s mothers had switched personalities.


  Xu YaLe immediately found a way to get out of this situation— “If everyone supports me, then next time, I will bring him to see you! After all, Zhang Heng’s mom and dad watched me grow up too!”  


“That’s right!” Zhang Heng’s mother had a look of approval on her face. Afterwards, she turned her head and told Xu YaLe’s mother, “It’s already the 21st century. We don’t have to act out that sort of scene from a television drama right? We must support the freedom to choose one’s spouse!”


“Of course… hahaha…” Xu YaLe’s mother gave an awkward and humourless grin. She was really unable to refute anything.


Since their wives, who were concerned about the matters, approved of it, then the dads had nothing to say about it.


Zhang Heng’s father boldly drank with Xu YaLe’s father.


After that, Zhang Heng spent the whole night eating meat while Gu Zhun was at home, still working late into the night…


Xu YaLe kept her word. She immediately found free time and arranged for both families and Ma ShangQian to have a meal together.


During the dinner, Xu YaLe introduced their families to Ma ShangQian. It was the first time he saw his big big big boss and boss Xu, who was renowned in the business world. It was inevitable that he would be a little nervous, so his hands shook uncontrollably… Luckily, Xu YaLe held his hands and suppressed them from shaking.


Under Xu YaLe’s guidance, Ma ShangQian dealt with and answered a series of questions from them.


 Of course, they asked him the standard questions. Do you have a car? A house? Where is your hometown? What does your family do for a living?


It was already very hard to find a wealthy son-in-law like Zhang Heng these days, who was rich and handsome in the business world, but at least it should be someone who was moderately well off, right?


However, Ma ShangQian’s earning power was only in the middle class… He was just a normal working class citizen…    


Xu YaLe was not worried about it. “I’ll support him. I’ll back him up!”


“But…” Ma ShangQian did not know whether to laugh or cry. He finally knew that Xu YaLe was not a tough and independent girl. She was totally crazy!


 She had no idea about the toughest relationship to deal with in this world! It was the relationship between the two in-laws from both families!


To let a woman work hard outside while the man looked after the house, how was that appropriate?


Xu YaLe’s mother didn’t want that. Of course, she wanted her daughter to be able to settle down and be the stay-at-home wife of a rich guy… But now, Xu YaLe had clearly stated that she would only marry Ma ShangQian.


 Wasn’t this vexing?


 As such, Xu YaLe’s mother was the first one that opposed it. However, in order to achieve his grand ambitions, Zhang Heng was the first one to stand up and show his support.




Afterwards, Zhang Heng voiced a bunch of reasons to retort. He quoted many sources, from ancient times till the current era. He used the scholar-beauty stories and even philosophy. He argued that all these examples might just be diamonds in the rough. He said so much that Xu YaLe’s mother was stupefied.


Through Zhang Heng’s passionate encouragement, the majority defeated the minority. Finally, Xu YaLe could be with Ma ShangQian.


Of course, it was just as boyfriend and girlfriend. As for marriage… They would at least have to wait until Ma ShangQian saved enough money to get married… Although it would be a little difficult.


 This could also be considered as Xu YaLe’s mother’s trump card. At that time, if Ma ShangQian did not have enough money, there would definitely be conflicts between them. Xu YaLe’s mother knew her daughter well— What Xu YaLe liked the most was that her things must definitely be the best!


Of course, the wedding couldn’t be slipshod. It had to be the best!


The terms of matter about the arranged marriage were explained clearly. After that, the whole company had to accept Xu YaLe and Ma ShangQian’s show of affection every day.


Even Gu Zhun was almost unable to bear the frequency and the extensiveness of their public display of affection. He almost complained to Zhang Heng— “They are always lovey-dovey. It will affect the company’s morale.”


Because now the entire company was lamenting, why didn’t they meet such a good girlfriend/boyfriend?


The girlfriend was rich and had looks. What was important was, after her character changed, she wasn’t fake. In fact, she was very forthright. She was completely different from those arrogant and wealthy girls portrayed in television dramas.


Although the boyfriend looked a bit skinny and weak, his looks were normal. It would not catch a woman’s attention. Moreover, he was also a very warm person!



Let’s look at the office romance in the Zhang corporation—


Ma ShangQian, the nice and warm guy, would usually go to work very early. He would carry a warm breakfast for Xu YaLe because she would barely make it to work on time.  

Ma ShangQian also helped Xu YaLe find information about Korean dramas online. If he really couldn’t find it, he would give Xu YaLe his own membership account.  


 When they were drawing items in the games, Ma ShangQian would never boast about the cards that he drew, but from time to time, he would recommend some theory to Xu YaLe so that she would be able to get super rare items in games…


Every time Xu YaLe accepted Ma ShangQian’s warm gesture, she would always have a bashful look and say: “I did not make it a requirement for you to do this…”


“I know… I just want to pamper you… hehe.” Ma ShangQian rubbed his head and laughed embarrassedly.


Those eye blinding things like showing off their affection happened daily. Zhang Heng was used to it. However, when he looked at the person he loved, cooping himself up in the office for the whole day, typing documents and organizing his schedule…



Why don’t you pamper me?


One day, Zhang Heng slammed his hand on Gu Zhun’s table. He towered over and looked down at Gu Zhun.


  Gu Zhun paused with a pen in his hand. He looked up puzzledly at the president in front of him. He was occasionally chuuni, at times striking, and sometimes a little crazy—


“President Zhang, do you have any instructions?”


“… Why don’t you pamper me? If you don’t pamper me, how would I know if you like me…?”


Gu Zhun was even more puzzled: “What kind of logic is this…?”


Zhang Heng expressed his disappointment. In order to teach Gu Zhun how to dote on someone, he decided to demonstrate it to Gu Zhun first.


  He straightened up, stretched his hand out, and stroked Gu Zhun’s hair— “I’ll dote on you.”


 As such, Zhang Heng changed from an overbearing and loyal president into a wife-pampering maniac…


On the second day, Gu Zhun arrived at the company with his usual timing that was not too early and not too late. When he put his things down, he suddenly realized that there was actually a bowl of plain porridge and a few meat buns on his table.


   He looked around. No one walked past the corridor. Even the lady at the front desk had not arrived yet. There was only Ma ShangQian and two other staff members from the design department. Moreover, they were all guys.


Logically speaking, other than Zhang Heng, there would be no other guys that would buy breakfast for him.


No, even if there was a girl, she would not buy it for him.


That was because Zhang Heng knew that he did not have an expressive face. It was impossible for girls to like that.


In that case, the only suspect was Zhang Heng…


  However, when Gu Zhun took a look at Zhang Heng’s chair, there wasn’t any trace that he had arrived early… Furthermore, by the time Zhang Heng arrived at the office at his usual time, he looked indifferent when he saw Gu Zhun eating breakfast.


It was noon—


Gu Zhun ordered takeout from the company’s cafeteria and went up. Dishes that were assigned for office lunch were cooked in large quantities, so seasonal vegetables were used as the ingredients. It was not something that Gu Zhun could control. Today it happened to be bitter gourd, which Gu Zhun disliked.


 Moreover, the bitter gourd was sliced into pieces. It covered everything. Gu Zhun could imagine that all the rice in the lunch box was coated with that bitter taste.


Gu Zhun could not help but frown.


  Zhang Heng, who was also eating takeout from the cafeteria, looked at Gu Zhun frowning and knew what was up with him.


Seven years ago, when they were studying at West City junior high, Gu Zhun already expressed his dislike for bitter gourd. As for what he liked to eat… In order for Gu Zhun to eat better dishes, Zhang Heng would order food for Gu Zhun, who was so obsessed with studying that he lost track of time. Afterwards, he would sit in the canteen and wait for Gu Zhun to appear when the sky had slightly turned dark.


Zhang Heng did not eat his own food. If he ate it beforehand, he would not have an excuse to stay with Gu Zhun. The canteen aunty would chase out those who loitered and stayed in the canteen without a meal.  


“Give me your bitter gourd. I’ll help you deal with it.” Zhang Heng brought his lunch box and chopsticks over. He picked the bitter gourd from Gu Zhun’s lunch box and placed it in his own lunch box.


“You… did not forget my preferences?”


   Zhang Heng’s eyes were filled with love. He smiled and said — “Of course I wouldn’t forget about it.”


I still need to chase you! That was what Zhang Heng thought in his heart.


In the afternoon, a sponsor came over. They took the product that their company manufactured and gave it to Zhang corporation as an employee benefit.


There was a large volume of it, so Zhang Heng decided to give one to every employee. Even after that, there were a lot left over.


As such, he changed the way that it would be distributed. Everyone would get two. As for the people who occupied high positions, they would get a box. Zhang Heng gave his to Gu Zhun.


 Zhang Heng was gleeful when he imagined Gu Zhun’s touched expression—


Who knew—


 When Gu Zhun opened the box and took a look— It was filled with sanitary pads.


“…” Zhang Heng did not know what was in it. He only knew that the sponsor’s company manufactured daily products. He thought that the boxes contained toothbrushes or things like toothpaste. He did not think that it would be products for women to use during their periods.


Gu Zhun scowled and did not bother with Zhang Heng. Even if he gave it to his sister, she would not be able to use so many!


Since it was an employee benefit, then it must be close to the expiration date…


After this incident, Zhang Heng said, “I just wanted to pamper you!”


“Your warmth is too cold…” Gu Zhun mocked.

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