TLCPS-Chapter 51: This Year’s Delicate Spring Festival

The Long Chase for the President’s Spouse – Chapter 51: This Year’s Delicate Spring Festival

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Chapter 51: This Year’s Delicate Spring Festival


 Time quickly passed by. This was already the second Spring Festival since Gu Zhun started working at the company.


He still remembered the previous Spring Festival. That was the first Spring Festival he celebrated after graduating from university. At that time, Zhang Heng organized a staff trip.


Everyone was focused on having fun while Zhang Heng was secretively pulled him away. They got into a car and went to a hot springs resort.


 At first, Gu Zhun did not know why Zhang Heng, the president, gave him such a great perk— to soak in a hot spring.


The other employees clearly did not have such benefits. Only Gu Zhun was able to enjoy them. Was it because he was Zhang Heng’s personal assistant? In order to prevent Gu Zhun from betraying him, he took preventive measures and wanted to win him over?


However, Gu Zhun did not look like that sort of person, right?


  After that, this incident was clarified. Zhang Heng did not bring him along because of such a silly matter— At least in Zhang Heng’s eyes, the silliest thing was when he left Gu Zhun seven years ago.


 Zhang Heng pulled Gu Zhun to the hot springs, and with a ‘thud’, he locked Gu Zhun into a kabedon.


That time—


Zhang Heng stealthily swam towards Gu Zhun, taking advantage of when Gu Zhun was not paying attention. He grabbed both of Gu Zhun’s arms and forcefully lifted him up. Gu Zhun’s whole body was placed on the black and gold tile that was at the edge of the hot springs and his whole body was exposed to the air outside. Although the continuous steam from the hot springs was at a warm temperature, when his butt suddenly made contact with the frigid tiles, Gu Zhun was unable to stop himself from shivering slightly. Even the symbol of his manhood followed suit and trembled thrice. After picking Gu Zhun up, Zhang Heng quickly released his arms and braced them along Gu Zhun’s sides— both his legs were blocking Gu Zhun’s respective legs with one on each side to prevent him from escaping.


   “President Zhang… What are you doing?”


  Zhang Heng said, “I am just playing in the hot springs with you. We often used to play like this, although it wasn’t in the hot springs.”


    ““Let’s date!” Zhang Heng blurted that sentence out. He always wanted to say that in the past, but he was too weak and too much of a coward back then. He had been too afraid to speak up. Only when time waited for no man did he come to regret it.


“Will I still make it in time now? Gu Zhun…”


When Gu Zhun heard that sentence from Zhang Heng, he couldn’t help but be stunned. Although he was naked, he no longer attempted to break free from Zhang Heng. A black vortex was starting to swallow him whole and it was pitch dark inside— He couldn’t even see himself… Why did you have to talk about it in this manner?


“Let’s date!” Zhang Heng tried to seek confirmation once again.


“…I…” Gu Zhun did not know how to reply to Zhang Heng. He wasn’t attracted to men at all. Although he’d never had a girlfriend before, that was all there was to it…


“It’s alright… I will wait for you, I want you to personally tell me that you like me and that you agree to be together with me.” Zhang Heng let go of Gu Zhun, and his body that was shivering in the cold was no longer quivering because he had returned to the warmth of the hot spring. Yet the atmosphere in the pool was ruined. They were both embarrassed and they didn’t speak to each other.


At that time, Gu Zhun remembered that there was at least one person in his life that he could count as a friend. Moreover, this person was a bad student. He did not expect that there would be such a reversal of fortune. He became a big president after going abroad for just a few years.     


Moreover, at that time, it wasn’t a simple reunion between classmates. Instead, it was a confession.


  Gu Zhun did not really understand why Zhang Heng liked him so much, but from Zhang Heng’s tone, it seemed like he had liked Gu Zhun for a really long time…


Today was the Spring Festival, but the company did not organize anything. The employees who enjoyed the sweet benefits during the staff trip felt a little disgruntled and they complained— The company should not take away the employee’s benefits just because the company’s performance wasn’t up to standard.


Actually, these were benefits that the young and newly hired employees got. The old employees would never say that.


That was because in the past, years before Gu Zhun came to the company, there was no such thing as a staff trip. You want to go overseas? Go on a business trip.


So while the other employees were complaining, the older employees were wondering if something good happened to the young president. He actually wanted to organize a trip? Was it for real? Did he want to settle accounts with people in the company afterwards? Was there a hidden agenda?


Those old and experienced employees were scared…


Actually, Gu Zhun also thought about it and had some doubts regarding that matter, but in the end, he thought ‘maybe the young president understands the theory about the demise of capitalism’ and dismissed his doubts. Afterwards, he cheerfully continued his work.


Actually, only Zhang Heng and his old classmate, the young vice president from Wen corporation— Wen YiHong, a colleague in the same trade, knew the truth—


  “You want me to help you book a hotel for your staff trip? What about your newly hired assistant? Isn’t that part of his responsibility?” Upon reaching the office early in the morning, before Wen YiHong even warmed his seat, he received Zhang Heng’s phone call.


He initially thought that it was something extremely important that forced President Zhang to personally make the call and give instructions. Unexpectedly, it was to instruct him about things that were completely unrelated to him— Moreover, it was to get a vice president to do a small assistant’s job.


Even if Wen YiHong was usually good-tempered, right now it was a very sensitive period of time. It was also a time where he could flare up at any moment.

 After all, it was the end of the year when they were busy with all sorts of things— Taking orders, receiving orders, sorting out and consolidating financial statements, paying wages— As vice president, he had to follow up on all sorts of things.


Where was the Wen corporation president? Haha… You’ll know in a short while.


 Zhang Heng casually flipped through the financial statements and asked: “Are you going to help me or not? It’s the Spring Festival tomorrow, don’t tell me that you still haven’t settled your accounts?”


 “Mind your own business…” If it wasn’t for that bastard president, Ye RuiXi… God knows where he disappeared to have fun. Would he have to shoulder both the position of president and vice president along with the headaches and responsibilities that came with those roles?


Originally, the vice president was responsible for the internal affairs while the president was responsible for the external affairs. Now it was a mess. Ye RuiXi was having fun somewhere out there whereas Wen YiHong could only remove his spectacles and rest his eyes for a while. He was busy with paperwork for the whole morning, and in the afternoon he had to fly to another city to meet an important client.


  How could he not be busy?


Wen YiHong wanted to brush him off, but he heard Zhang Heng say: “This is about my lifetime of happiness!”


“A lifetime of happiness?” Wen YiHong immediately thought of Ye RuiXi.


That was because Ye RuiXi, Wen YiHong, and Zhang Heng were students that studied at the same university in America. Although they did not study the same major, they studied in the same department and their learning techniques were similar, so the three of them attended classes together. It just so happened that the dorm was nearby.

   By the time they were in their second year of university, the three of them simply applied to live together. Afterwards, they were inseparable.


Ye RuiXi often picked fights with Zhang Heng. They would compete against each other. Moreover, Ye RuiXi’s face was often red. From Wen YiHong’s perspective, he thought that Ye RuiXi liked Zhang Heng.


Now, they were adults that joined the workforce. (Although they were already adults during university, other than Wen YiHong, the other two people were immature adults…)


Wen YiHong was roughly able to guess that Zhang Heng wanted to go on a vacation with Ye RuiXi. However, he was unable to find a good excuse, so he used the staff trip as a cover-up?


If that was the case, it was worth it to help them out.




Wen YiHong really helped Zhang Heng. He helped book the tour and did most of the planning and preparing. Hence, Gu Zhun did not know why Zhang Heng was busy two days before the staff trip. Clearly, the paperwork for the end of the year was nearly done.


Zhang Heng was just really busy during those two days— He was busy begging Wen YiHong.


Wen YiHong thought that he did a commendable deed. He looked at his WeChat friends circle remotely and looked at the excited expression on Zhang Heng’s face when he set off. However, he was wrong, because he noticed that Ye RuiXi also updated his friends circle— He had just come back from Singapore and landed.



“Aren’t you going on a trip?” Wen YiHong rushed to the airport, found Ye RuiXi, and asked him anxiously.


Ye RuiXi took off the sunglasses and playfully quirked an eyebrow. He was obviously a little unhappy that Wen YiHong liked it when he left: “Hmph, I don’t like you anymore!”


“Didn’t you say that you liked me the most the day before yesterday because I helped you settle the financial statements?” Wen YiHong had a gloomy face and he kept pinching Ye RuiXi’s face.


While he jested with Ye RuiXi, Wen YiHong gradually forgot about the issue with Zhang Heng.


That’s right, Zhang Heng specially found someone to arrange this staff trip. It was to give Gu Zhun a pleasant surprise and at the same time— a confession.


Therefore, thanks to Gu Zhun, the company enjoyed the benefits of the staff trip.


This year however, Gu Zhun and Zhang Heng weren’t together. They went home and spent new year separately.     


Zhang Heng opened the house door. He sat at the table where Housekeeper Li had finished preparing a table full of food.


“Where is mom and dad?”


Housekeeper Li said: “They are probably working. It seems there is an important client in Beijing.”    


“Oh.” Zhang Heng picked up his bowl and chopsticks. He took a little from every dish and ate it. He swiftly ate a few mouthfuls of rice and put down the tableware.


He stood up and told Housekeeper Li: “In the future, if it’s just me, you don’t have to cook so much. Pack these dishes up and eat it with your family. You said that your husband and son came over this year to spend the festival with you right?”

   Behind him, Housekeeper Li expressed her gratitude.


Zhang Heng returned to his room and simply packed his luggage. Subsequently, he would be busy with work.

There was an exhibition and a string of activities. It could possibly take up the whole Spring Festival vacation.


He had an afternoon flight, which he would be going on with Wen YiHong.


Let’s talk about Gu Zhun again. Gu Zhun was seated with his sister in the small apartment that they were renting. They were watching comedy skits and eating melon seeds.


 When the doorbell rang, he immediately rushed and opened the door in order to prevent their relatives from saying that they were callous and impolite.


This time, when the doorbell rang, he thought that it would just be those relatives that stayed in the same city. Gu Zhun did not expect to see a group of people when he opened the door— The adults were crowded together, and they held various hot pot ingredients. The children stood in a row, laughing and playing happily. They wanted to enter by dashing past Gu Zhun, who was blocking the door.


  Gu Li heard the voices and rushed out from the kitchen. She saw those familiar faces— They were a bunch of relatives from the Gu family…

Some of them stayed in this city, while others lived in cities that were located several kilometers away.

Everyone specially came to celebrate the new year with the Gu siblings.


 Gu Li took over Gu Zhun. She showed them a warm welcome and exchanged greetings. After the dishes were prepared, everyone sat around the table and waited for the hot pot to heat up.


 As such, while they were waiting for the other dishes to be cooked, they each ate a meatball—


“Gu Zhun, how much is the company paying you? Five thousand?”


“How are the girls there? Do you like any of them?”


“Gu Li, why did the boyfriend that you previously posted about in your friends circle not make an appearance lately?”


 “Gu Li, you are not getting any younger. Hurry up and get married! Otherwise you’ll delay Gu Zhun from finding a wife!”


“Gu Zhun—”

“Gu Li—”


“Gu Zhun—”


“Gu Li—”



At first, it was a one-on-one confrontation. After that, one of them was interrogated by a group. Now, the group of people continuously attacked Gu Zhun and Gu Li.


Gu Zhun and Gu Li could only sit there foolishly and hold their chopsticks: “Haha…”


Gu Zhun let his relatives continue to chat while he spaced out.


He could not help but think of the last Spring Festival—

Last year, he sent a perfunctory short text to Zhang Heng.


  This year, he should send one too…


As such, Gu Zhun took out the phone from his pocket and unlocked it. He found Zhang Heng’s name in his contacts and pressed it.


Afterwards it was—


   【Did you eat hot pot?】


     【Just now, my aunt asked about my company’s benefits. What should I say?】


Clicked and sent.


There was an improvement from this new year’s text as compared to last year’s— At least there were more words written— However, you couldn’t make heads or tails out of it.


Zhang Heng was seated in Wen YiHong’s car when he felt the vibration that alerted him of a new message. He took his phone out from his coat pocket and unlocked it (The lock screen image was a close up picture of Gu Zhun, who was out of breath at the finishing line when he participated in the 1500 meter run during their school sports day seven years ago)— He saw that it was a message from Gu Zhun.


That was surprising—


     【Did you eat hot pot?】


【Just now, my aunt asked about my company’s benefits. What should I say?】


“Pfft.” Zhang Heng covered his mouth in order to prevent himself from laughing too loudly— Did this kid eat something wrong?


 However, Zhang Heng was roughly able to guess the situation that Gu Zhun was facing— He was being surrounded and interrogated by a bunch of aunties.


If he said that the benefits were low, the aunties would compare their sons with Gu Zhun. They would say, look even a graduate from a renowned university is earning less than a graduate from an ordinary university. If he earned more, he would earn the ire of the aunties.


As such, Zhang Heng hurriedly typed a few words—


    【I don’t want to eat hot pot, I want to eat you.】


   【The pay is a little low, but being able to stay by the president’s side is the best benefit.】


After that, Gu Zhun really replied in that manner.


 His aunt asked him: “You are a driver right?”

Well… He could also be considered a driver… Sometimes, part of his job was— driving the drunk president— to his own house—

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