TLCPS-Chapter 52: Ye RuiXi Appears

 The Long Chase for the President’s Spouse – Chapter 52: Ye RuiXi Appears

Translator: PKitty

Editor: Rei

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Chapter 52: Ye RuiXi Appears

Gu Zhun stayed in his small apartment and watched the rerun of the Spring Festival Gala. He watched the comedy skit that was no longer funny and cracked the melon seeds open. Just like that, he planned to hole up in his small place for the whole Spring Festival holiday. Other than occasionally accompanying his sister when she had the urge to shop and posing as her doting boyfriend…


Why didn’t Gu Zhun meet up with anyone?


When Gu Zhun was young, he didn’t really interact with his male classmates. There weren’t many guys that he could really talk to, not to mention girls.


Those dormitory roommates that he had spent four years of university with did not have the time to bother with Gu Zhun because they were either attached or they had returned to their hometown. Perhaps they did not think that Gu Zhun would be lonely because he was not able to go out and have fun.


That was the truth.


Thus, Gu Zhun had a very different holiday compared to Zhang Heng.


Zhang Heng was going on a business trip together with Wen YiHong.


On the way to the airport—


“What are you smiling and giggling about?” Wen YiHong was looking straight ahead with his glasses, but he was still able to catch a glimpse of Zhang Heng’s silly smile from his peripheral vision. He was also able to hear muffled sounds from Zhang Heng trying to hold his laughter in— He wanted to laugh, yet he resisted from doing so.     


 Zhang Heng waved his hand: “Nothing…”


“Little punk, you didn’t organize a staff trip this year?” Although there was a smile on Wen YiHong’s face, there were actually masked intentions behind that smile— He recalled the end of the year before the last Spring Festival, when he was so busy that he had to fly, and yet he still had to help Zhang Heng plan and arrange his staff trip.


That was because he thought that it was for that punk,Ye RuiXi’s lifelong happiness. He did not expect that it was actually for another pretty boy…


“I won’t be going, I was just in Japan.”


Wen YiHong’s face twitched, and the smile on his face turned stiff— Not only did he go there, they grew fonder of each other and were like newlyweds.


“Didn’t Ye RuiXi set off first and go to the other side? I’m afraid that you’ll be lonely when you go by yourself.” Zhang Heng lowered his head and refreshed his friends circle. He gave a few likes and comments towards the commemorative new year greetings that were shared on his friends circle, yet he did not see Gu Zhun share anything.


At first, Zhang Heng’s first impression was that Gu Zhun did not use WeChat often. However, after he thought about it, he corrected his wrong idea— Any social media that Gu Zhun used was casually registered to match with the information that he had filled in his application form. He was still stuck in the olden days— Using text messages and replying slowly.


 Wen YiHong felt a slight inclination to beat people up— “Why are you saying such inauspicious things during the Spring Festival? Be careful, or else I’ll beat you up~”


“So tell me, who did you organized that staff trip for?” Wen YiHong continued to try and get Zhang Heng to spill the beans— After all, it was different from what he had guessed.     


He thought that Zhang Heng liked Ye RuiXi… But now that didn’t seem to be the case. Moreover, that wasn’t the case from the beginning…


 Wouldn’t Ye RuiXi be terribly upset? Wouldn’t he cry?

Wen YiHong thought that Zhang Heng would not answer it honestly; he did not expect that Zhang Heng would reply frankly— “Gu Zhun.”


 Wen YiHong thought about this name in his mind. After that, he remembered a particular day when he was at the Zhang corporation’s meeting room when he told a young employee whose innocence had just been clarified— “Treat your superior well, he is a very warm person.”


Oh— That was Gu Zhun?


That time, Zhang Heng came running and explained this matter to him. At the start, Wen YiHong thought that Zhang Heng was angry because his employee obtained the collaboration rights by using such an underhanded method. Only then did he know that Zhang Heng was not angry because of the collaboration project. Although he was also slightly angry, that was only 5%— It was because Zhang Heng had enough confidence that he would be able to get other projects— He did not lack opportunities. There were always other opportunities that were waiting for him.


Zhang Heng was angry because of Gu Zhun— He could not bear to see Gu Zhun, who forced a smile to grace his face, even when he was clearly aggrieved.

There was another time where Zhang Heng looked for Wen YiHong again. This time, it was to investigate someone. It was for a woman— This woman was cheated by a scumbag— She was Gu Zhun’s sister.


  Twice was enough for Wen YiHong to remember this from the vast crowd of people in his mind.


A fair face, slightly thin frame, with his head lowered, quietly doing his job… It gave people a pure and untainted image.


After Wen YiHong learned what Zhang Heng did was for Gu Zhun, he did not speak.


  He knew that Zhang Heng really liked Gu Zhun. He would not hinder Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun because of Ye RuiXi’s feelings. He could only lament for Ye Ruixi in his heart— Hopefully he would not be too upset.


Wen YiHong always thought that Ye RuiXi liked Zhang Heng. Although Zhang Heng’s actions were ambiguous, for the time being, it could be counted as having a favourable impression of Ye RuiXi—


Now the truth was confirmed by Zhang Heng himself. The person that Zhang Heng liked was Gu Zhun and not Ye RuiXi.


   In this group of three, as a middle person and an outsider in this whole issue, he could only stand aside silently and give a moment of silence for Ye RuiXi.


  Wen YiHong held the steering wheel and looked in front, but he was unable to help himself from sighing— Silently grieving for Ye RuiXi.

Zhang Heng refreshed his friends circle and did not notice that his sigh. If Zhang Heng noticed him sighing, then the relationship between the three of them would become even more complicated.


They did not talk during the second half of the journey and reached the airport. They checked in smoothly and proceeded to do their own things.     


When the air stewardess gave them their in-flight meals, Zhang Heng took off his earphones and was about to tuck in. During this time, after they had checked in, Wen YiHong passed Zhang Heng a note that he had written while Zhang Heng was reading the information about the cultural event and the cultural conference that they were about to attend.


 Zhang Heng took the paper and looked at the words written on it—


     【If you think that he is the one, then continue to be bold and press on.】


 【No one can resist your charm.】


 In his heart, Zhang Heng was at a loss— But seven years ago, my charm had no effect against Gu Zhun. Seven years later, it still doesn’t seem to have any effect…


Why was it different from those comics?


 Didn’t the comics always show that once the two main characters held hands and kissed, they would successfully get together?


Afterwards, Zhang Heng recalled the plot of those BL comics that he had read before—


 He realized that there seemed to be a certain aspect missing…


 Oh oh oh oh oh! Zhang Heng had a moment of epiphany and said: “So that’s how it is!”


Wen YiHong, who was seated beside Zhang Heng, had an expression of scorn when he looked at Zhang Heng, who was occasionally not in his right mind. He did not know what Zhang Heng was up to again. Did that piece of paper rouse him that much? Was he usually not confident in his charm? That was impossible…


 Zhang Heng thought of a very important aspect— Sex!!!


Whether both parties liked each other or not, whatever the case was, this method always proved to be effective!


 But! He promised Gu Zhun before— He would not lay his hands on Gu Zhun until Gu Zhun liked and accepted him…


  After that, Zhang Heng had a hopeless expression— He had dug a hole for himself! How could there be such a stupid person!


After they ate the in-flight meal, they quickly fell asleep on the airplane. When they woke up, the plan had already landed. They had arrived at another city.


 They took the airport shuttle, pulled their luggage, and arrived at the hotel where they were staying at.


They did not check in to a new room. Instead they went to the front desk—


 “Hello Miss, may I know which room Mr. Ye RuiXi is staying in?”


The hotel receptionist looked up and actually saw two very handsome men. Moreover, this ‘Ye RuiXi’ that they had mentioned was handsome too, so that left a very deep impression on the receptionist— She widened her eyes, unable to believe that she was able to see three handsome men in just one week!




The young lady blinked her eyes, and finally woke up from her lustful daydream. The receptionist flipped open the registration book and found Ye RuiXi’s room. At the same time, she found the instructions that Ye RuiXi had passed on.


【There will be two friends that will come over to pick up the room keys. They are Zhang Heng and Wen YiHong. If they come, you can give them the keys after you confirm their identities.】


Since that was something that the guest had instructed, then they would do as told.


   The receptionist asked for their identification cards to confirm their identities. After their identities were confirmed, she handed them the keys.


 Wen YiHong and Zhang Heng took the keys and went to the floor where Ye RuiXi’s room was located.


Wen YiHong inserted the key into the keyhole. Before he turned it, he was able to predict the horrifying state of the room.


After all, he was a good brother and a good nanny when they stayed and studied in the United States.





Wen YiHong opened the door, Zhang Heng pushed the door open, and they entered.


“It’s still the same…” Zhang Heng looked around and showed that he was already used to it.


Wen YiHong used his leg to kick a black sock that was lying on the floor to the east and kicked a Doraemon sock to the west…


Afterwards, all around the bed, even on the lampshade and anywhere else that could be seen— The underwear that Ye RuiXi had worn— Black, grey, white, dark blue…


Stripes and plain colours—


“Did you… know that Ye RuiXi liked striped underwear?” Zhang Heng resisted laughing and poked Wen YiHong’s waist.


  Wen YiHong shook his head. Although he did not want to be Ye RuiXi’s maid even after he had graduated and became the vice president of Wen corporation, he was still unable to stop himself. It seemed to be instinctual. He picked up a variety of Ye RuiXi’s underwear that was lying all around the floor.


 Afterwards, he also threw the dirty clothes into the basin.


 Although this was a five-star hotel, the room was still used by the many people who had stayed here previously. The washing machine was obviously used by many people too. Hence, Wen YiHong could only throw Ye RuiXi’s dirty clothes and underwear into the basin.


He definitely would not help him wash! Ye RuiXi must wash them himself!


 Zhang Heng placed his luggage down and joined the two big beds in the room together so that it would form a bed big enough for the three of them to sleep in. Afterwards, he lay on the bed and slept…


  “Young Master Ye just left, yet here comes Young Master Zhang…” Wen YiHong shook his head and sighed, yet he still helped Ye RuiXi organize the state and cleanliness of the room.  After all, they would be staying in this five-star hotel presidential suite during their entire time here.


 After Wen YiHong cleaned up the room, he lay beside Zhang Heng. He was so tired that he fell asleep.


 Late at night, someone outside inserted the key, pushed the door open, and entered the room. However he did not rouse Zhang Heng and Wen YiHong from their sleep.


 The person who pushed the door and entered was the president of Wen corporation— Ye RuiXi— The friend who lived in the same dormitory as Zhang Heng and Wen YiHong in the United States.


 Ye RuiXi silently turned on the light. He discovered that Zhang Heng and Wen YiHong were lying on the bed— Luckily they were dressed properly. If they wore only briefs and singlets…


Ye RuiXi would definitely pounce on the bed and beat up Zhang Heng first.


Due to the sound and brightness from the lamp, Wen YiHong woke up and slowly opened his eyes—

  “Oh? Ye RuiXi?”


Ye RuiXi nodded his head to indicate ‘yes’. After that, he placed a finger on his lips and gestured to Wen YiHong so that he would not wake Zhang Heng up.


How was Ye RuiXi able to become the president of the Wen corporation which Wen YiHong’s family owned when he was so young? Moreover, he was even the president. Shouldn’t their ranks be reversed?


That was a story for another time…


Ye Ruixi’s most distinctive trait was that he was haughty. He would always unconsciously act like a spoiled brat, especially in front of Wen YiHong. The number of times he acted coquettishly was really high.


 When he was at the office in China, he would always have scathing remarks when it came to the staff that handed in the strategic plans and evaluation reports.


“Why don’t you cook for me? I’m starving!” The presidential suite was equipped with facilities for their daily needs, like a toilet, a bathroom, and a kitchen. Thus, Ye RuiXi’s request was not considered excessive.


Ye RuiXi folded his arms, leaning his bottom against the horizontal dry kitchen marble table. He spoke with an angry expression. Although the lights were slightly dim, it was still possible to make out Ye RuiXi’s face that was flushed from anger.    


Wen YiHong ignored Ye RuiXi’s question. He only walked over and leaned in close to his ear— “Wash your underwear and you’ll get to eat.”




No wonder the room was so clean when he walked in. He even thought that he walked to the wrong room… He looked at the room number to make sure that it was his room. He only entered after he made sure that it was the right room.


Wen YiHong and Ye RuiXi stared at each other speechlessly…


Ye RuiXi’s face became more flushed after Wen YiHong stared at him. He pushed Wen YiHong away, threw his bag onto the floor with a “thump”, and ran to the toilet as though he was crying. He found his underwear in the basin…


  “What’s wrong with helping me wash them! Didn’t I wash yours before?!” Ye RuiXi furiously clutched his underwear, turned his head, and yelled.


Strangely enough, Zhang Heng was still lying there and sleeping as though nothing had happened…


Wen YiHong’s lips curled up. He walked behind Ye RuiXi and squatted down. His arms crossed under Ye RuiXi’s armpits, then he grabbed the hands that were initially clutching the underwear. After that, Ye RuiXi’s hands froze in the air because of Wen YiHong’s approach.


“I’ve taught you, you can’t always rely on me. Previously, when you helped me wash my underwear, didn’t you tell me to treat your unconditional labour as my birthday present?”




Ye RuiXi’s face turned even redder—


“That was because, because…”


“That was because you were poor during that period of time. You lost a bet with Zhang Heng. You said that you wanted to throw a grand birthday party for me, but you did not have the money, so you helped me ‘wash underwear’; this sort of ‘touching’ thing, right?


Ye RuiXi was speechless— Because what Wen YiHong had said was right—


“The first time he helped his roommate to wash his underwear.”=“The first time he helped to wash underwear for a man other than himself.”=“The first time he washed underwear as a form of celebration for his roommate.”    


    That’s right, it was very touching. There were so many of his first times…


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