TLCPS-Chapter 53: Wen YiHong and Ye RuiXi

 The Long Chase for the President’s Spouse – Chapter 53: Wen YiHong and Ye RuiXi 

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Chapter 53: Wen YiHong and Ye RuiXi

 Wen YiHong grabbed Ye RuiXi’s hands, and rubbed it up and down… to scrub the underwear. Due to the large load, it took slightly longer to wash it.


  The most tired person was not Wen YiHong. Wen YiHong basically did the whole process, but because he squatted behind Ye RuiXi, Ye RuiXi had to straighten his spine and stretch his arms out in order to avoid leaning into Wen YiHong’s embrace. He stayed in that stiff position for more than ten minutes.


 After they finally finished washing, Wen YiHong stood up behind Ye RuiXi and left. He walked to the bedside and looked at Zhang Heng who was still sound asleep.


Previously, when they were in the car, Zhang Heng told Wen YiHong that the person he liked was Gu Zhun and not Ye RuiXi. Of course, Wen YiHong did not directly ask if he liked Ye RuiXi.


 It was just that, Ye RuiXi liked Zhang Heng… That was what Wen YiHong thought.    


 In fact, the three of them misunderstood each other…


Seven years ago, when Zhang Heng left China and boarded the plane to the United States…


The subjects taught in American schools were fully taught in English. Zhang Heng, who was a student that did poorly when it came to China’s exam-oriented education, felt as though he was reborn when he arrived in the United States… After all, the American high school syllabus was still considered simple when compared to China’s.


  Therefore, Zhang Heng was easily admitted into the preferred university that his family wanted him to attend.


Afterwards, Zhang Heng met Wen YiHong and Ye RuiXi in college. They were also Chinese students studying abroad in the United States. It was just that he got to know them at different times.


Zhang Heng got to know Wen YiHong first.


   That was when Zhang Heng was a freshman. He was not very familiar with this university. Especially when American universities were really different from Chinese universities— He had a cultural shock.


One day, Zhang Heng arrived at the classroom really early. It was so early that even his American classmates almost couldn’t believe it— He reached the classroom at 4:30 AM, brought a dry and hard loaf of bread, braved the cold and snow during the winter, and entered the classroom.


Zhang Heng stepped into the classroom. He saw that the light was still on, but the light produced was warm white, so it seemed a little dim. He saw a man in the dim light. That man was different from those Caucasians or African Americans that he had seen the past few days—


    That fine black fringe seemed long, and it happened to cover the person’s eyes because the owner had his head lowered while reading a book. The man wore a thick fur-trimmed coat. There was a large scarf wrapped around his neck, and his hands were covered with wool gloves that were clumsily turning the pages.


The staff had not come to work because it was 4:00 AM, so naturally the classroom heating systems were not turned on.


  Zhang Heng walked over. In the silence of the classroom, the footsteps were extremely loud and clear—


  The man stopped turning the page. He lifted his head and looked at Zhang Heng.


“Did you also come to self-study?” Wen YiHong was the first to ask questions.


Zhang Heng nodded his head embarrassedly and said— He was unable to catch up in his studies so he especially came early, just like Wen YiHong.     


   But Wen YiHong actually replied to Zhang Heng— “I’m unable to change my habit of waking up early from high school, so I could only come here. If I’m at the dorm, it would disturb my roommate.”




Zhang Heng sat down beside Wen YiHong.


 Zhang Heng glanced at Wen YiHong’s book. Sure enough, it was neither a textbook nor a reference guide. It was a very thick literature book.


  Zhang Heng was ashamed, but he still took out the reference guide from his bag. He forced himself to go through the books— but some of the words were really long. It was really difficult to understand!


However, Zhang Heng still pushed on. He used a bilingual dictionary to search up the words one by one.


 Well, less than a few minutes later, there was another terminology for this field. This time he really…


 As a result, Zhang Heng gently pushed the book towards Wen YiHong. After all, they were Chinese citizens. Wen YiHong would not be like the Americans and laugh at him for being ‘uneducated’.


 Wen YiHong felt an object poking his elbow and raised his head from his book. He saw the English book that Zhang Heng had pushed over and a word circled by a red pen—


 Wen YiHong did not choose to answer verbally because it felt weird to answer questions in such silence.

He took his own black pen and wrote the Chinese meaning of that word next to it.


   After Zhang Heng looked at it, the article suddenly made sense— It turned out that this article was about new medical discoveries… Who would be able to understand those terms!


Zhang Heng tore a piece of paper from his notebook and wrote on it—


  【Hello, I am Zhang Heng. Thank you, classmate. Classmate, are you from China? Which province are you from?】


Wen YiHong took the note and looked at the words written. He replied—


【You’re welcome. Hello, I am Wen YiHong. I am from X province.】


“We are from the same hometown!”


When people from the same hometown met in a different country, it was like meeting their family. Zhang Heng was so excited he hugged Wen YiHong. Wen YiHong felt a little embarrassed, but he did not get angry. He just gave a good mannered smile and pushed Zhang Heng away. At the end, he softly said: “If you miss home, come to my house and have a meal. My sister’s family immigrated to the United States. She cooks good hometown dishes.”


Zhang Heng was pushed away, but after he heard Wen YiHong’s warm acceptance, he hugged Wen YiHong again because he was touched. Zhang Heng kept pressing against Wen YiHong’s body. He rubbed against Wen YiHong so much that even his spectacles were lopsided.


Zhang Heng had no other intentions towards Wen YiHong. He felt that it was just the way that two boys expressed their friendship— Like giving each other a high-five when they scored a goal, or things like patting each other’s butts…


Wen YiHong also went along with Zhang Heng.


Wen YiHong clearly knew the type of emotional excitement that Zhang Heng had when he found support in an unfamiliar place.


 Since then, Zhang Heng often went to Wen YiHong’s sister’s house to have a meal. Over time, Wen YiHong and Zhang Heng got closer.


During their sophomore year, Wen YiHong directly suggested: “Why don’t you move into my dormitory? There is no one in the dorm except me. The three other roommates moved out and rented apartments with their girlfriends.”


There was a rule in the American school where they were currently studying— Once someone moved out, that meant that they rejected the school’s lodging. In that case, no matter what happened in the future, the school would not provide another lodging for them.


Hence, there was indeed only one person in Wen YiHong’s dorm. In the future, if no other students moved in, he would still be the only person.


  Zhang Heng had long since been unable to tolerate that roommate who wore a chunky necklace, smoked cigars and pretended to be rich in front of Zhang Heng, who was a Chinese citizen. At first, Zhang Heng pretended to not notice. However, the way his roommate flaunted his wealth was too extreme. He was unable to stand him.


When he heard of such an invitation from Wen YiHong, he obviously accepted it with great joy.


Soon, Zhang Heng moved into Wen YiHong’s dorm and stayed with him.


They started to go to class and have their meals together. Although the two Chinese men were very handsome, the two handsome men were always together. In an open-minded country like America, those pretty Caucasian ladies felt that there might have been something up with them, so they did not dare to boldly invite them out and ask to be snubbed.


One day, they were walking back to the dorm when they felt an unexplainable chill behind their backs. This chill did not come from the curious gazes of those pretty Caucasian girls. It was a different type of gaze, and Zhang Heng was the one who felt it frequently.


Wen YiHong decided to learn more about this strange feeling of being watched. He pulled Zhang Heng’s hand when they were at a corner and entered a restaurant next to the school canteen. They sat on the sofa at the corner.


They silently waited for the appearance of the person behind those chills.

Sure enough, there was an unfamiliar man who appeared at the entrance. It wasn’t a person that Zhang Heng and Wen YiHong knew— However, he had the same black hair and yellow skin as them— An Asian.


The figure of the person standing at the entrance was slightly smaller than Zhang Heng and Wen YiHong, but the gaze in his eyes was fiery and seemed like it could devour a person.


He looked around the place and tried to look for Zhang Heng and Wen YiHong— That was because he clearly saw them turning into this place.


Finally, he noticed two people sitting on the sofa in the corner. They were black-haired customers that were rarely seen in this predominantly Caucasian country.


He walked over.


When he came up to the table, Wen YiHong lifted his head and looked at him in the eyes. This man’s ears and cheeks had actually turned red when Wen YiHong looked at him, and his body trembled uncontrollably.


  In the end, it was uncertain whether it was because the weather was a little cold, or if the problem lay with him. Even snot dripped down due to his trembling.


Wen YiHong gave a gentle smile— However, when that man saw it, it seemed as though Wen YiHong was mocking him.


  Zhang Heng took the restaurant serviette on the table and gave it to him. The man angrily took it, but he still used it to wipe his nose.


It was followed by—


“Zhang Heng! I want to challenge you!”


 “… Who are you?” Not only that, why?


Zhang Heng felt puzzled. Actually, not only did Zhang Heng feel puzzled, even Wen YiHong felt puzzled.


This man introduced himself and said: “I am Ye RuiXi. Do you dare to accept my challenge?!”


“Why?” Zhang Heng also had his principles. He would not accept a meaningless challenge. Although he challenged too many people during junior high school— He basically did it because of Gu Zhun.


Ye RuiXi unconsciously glanced towards Wen YiHong. Wen YiHong did not notice, but Zhang Heng did.


This kid was doing this because of Wen YiHong? But what did this have to do with challenging him?


Zhang Heng still could not figure it out. He only knew that Ye RuiXi might have other ‘intentions’ towards Wen YiHong.


Ye RuiXi only replied: “Let’s compete in calligraphy! I heard that you won first place in the calligraphy competition a few weeks ago!”


“…” Did this child’s brain short circuit?


Although the university that they were studying at had quite a good reputation and staff, the overseas students that were able to study in this school had strong financial support, otherwise they would not be able to study here. That was especially so when it came to Chinese students.


There were very few foreign students from China studying at this school— So in a situation with very few people, Zhang Heng relied on the calligraphy that was instructed by his grandfather— cursive script, and won first place…


They did not really understand what was written, so as long as it looked good and bold…


  Firstly, let’s not talk about whether Zhang Heng accepted Ye RuiXi’s challenge. Since then, Ye RuiXi was always seen around Zhang Heng, yelling to challenge him.


Of course, where there was Zhang Heng, there would be Wen YiHong standing at the side with a smile, looking at Ye RuiXi pestering Zhang Heng about having a match. Afterwards, he saw how helpless Zhang Heng looked when he rejected Ye RuiXi. Sometimes he was unyielding, at times he coaxed and cajoled him, finally he gave in— He would compete with him every single time…


After that, the duo became a trio. In the eyes of the other female students, it didn’t look that weird anymore— It seemed like there was just brotherhood between them like how it was written in traditional Chinese culture…


Afterwards, Ye RuiXi inexplicably moved into the dorm that Wen YiHong and Zhang Heng were sharing— One more person had joined the dorm.


 Afterwards, the trio got even closer.

  Although they had become close and were roommates that stayed in the same dorm, Ye RuiXi still pulled Zhang Heng around to have all sorts of matches. Calligraphy was not the only thing. It was followed by who could shoot the most hoops in one minute, eat extremely spicy noodles, who could eat the fastest, jump the furthest, run the fastest— There was even who could grow the tallest within a year…


  In Wen YiHong’s eyes, he thought that it was a love-hate relationship. Ye RuiXi liked Zhang Heng, but he did not dare to say it. He could only use those challenges as a guise to approach Zhang Heng and stay a little longer with him. As for Zhang Heng’s thoughts and attitude towards Ye RuiXi, at that time Wen YiHong was not clear about it.


 He only knew that Zhang Heng did not dislike Ye RuiXi. Whether he liked him was a different matter.


However, Wen YiHong was such a kind person. He would always persuade Zhang Heng to free some time to compete with Ye RuiXi. Although Ye RuiXi usually lost or had a draw, Ye RuiXi refused to give up.  


  With Wen YiHong at the side to persuade him, Zhang Heng could only accompany Ye RuiXi.


Thanks to that, the trio’s sports, cultural classes, and other aspects were outstanding.


   Even four years later, Ye RuiXi often looked for Zhang Heng to have a match, although it was not as frequent as before.    


      Wen YiHong thought that the person Ye RuiXi liked was Zhang Heng, yet he did not think that perhaps the person that Ye RuiXi liked might have been him. Did he pretend to challenge Zhang Heng to be able to stay a little longer with Wen YiHong?

Ye RuiXi had also misunderstood. He thought that Wen YiHong and Zhang Heng liked each other mutually, even if he did not know who liked the other first.


  The only one who guessed correctly was Zhang Heng— He thought that Wen YiHong and Ye RuiXi were really suited to be a couple.


Let’s zoom back to the present time—


 Wen YiHong still didn’t know the truth to this day.


Ye RuiXi aired the clothes, walked out, and saw Wen YiHong gazing at Zhang Heng, who was sleeping on the bed.


How to put it? In any case, he felt upset—


It should be jealousy… it was jealousy… it was indeed jealousy…

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