TLCPS-Chapter 54: The Love Triangle Between the International Students

The Long Chase for the President’s Spouse – Chapter 54:  The Love Triangle Between the International Students

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Chapter 54: The Love Triangle Between the International Students

Ever since the trio became roommates, the American students exclaimed that the Chinese students were up to no good!


 Actually, that wasn’t the case. They were only being misunderstood.


  Don’t assume that when they got to university, American students would be able to look at the bigger picture and not vilify the Chinese like they did during the last century. Actually, they still retained a little of that prejudice inside them.     


Especially when it came to Zhang Heng, Wen YiHong, and Ye RuiXi. The trio always grouped together and it looked really strange.


When three people were together, it would definitely create a misleading image—


 “Zhang Heng!” Ye RuiXi cut in and inserted himself between Wen YiHong and Zhang Heng’s shoulders. He separated Wen YiHong and Zhang Heng on purpose.

Zhang Heng thought that Ye RuiXi did not like it when Wen YiHong was walking with him all the time. However, Wen YiHong did not show that he was angry or upset when someone cut in. He only smiled and quietly looked at Zhang Heng and Ye RuiXi stare at each other.


  Ye RuiXi must be jealous. He must create an opportunity for them to spend some time together and get along.


   “Ye RuiXi, you’re looking for me so we can play again?”


At that moment, the two girls who walked past them were surprised— “What?! Play? Play what?!”

 Wen YiHong really wanted to step forward and explain— However, he decided not to after looking at the two of them— Maybe some ambiguity between them would be able to promote the feelings of love?


Ye RuiXi took out a leaflet from his bag—


 Zhang Heng took a closer look and realized that it was actually a ball game competition hosted by the school. Any kind of ball game could be played…


 Ye RuiXi raised his head, looked at Zhang Heng who was a head taller than him, and seriously demanded, “Let’s play with balls!”


Wen YiHong, who was standing at the side, was half a head taller than Zhang Heng. He was one and a half heads taller than Ye RuiXi. When he heard Ye RuiXi shamelessly mention the phrase, ‘play with balls’, how could he watch the match with a civilized mind now?


As such, Wen YiHong approached Ye RuiXi and softly reminded him: “Precious Xi, boys should not talk about ‘balls’ in public.”


Ye RuXi’s first reaction was— Gosh! Oh my God! Wen YiHong was so close to him!


When he was excited, his face turned red. He also forgot about the advice on ‘balls’. He could only stiffly shove the leaflets to Zhang Heng and shout: “Think about it and send me a text!”


  Afterwards, he scurried ten miles away, and in the midst of it, he even bumped into a buff American guy.


Wen YiHong smiled and looked at Zhang Heng, who was baffled.


Zhang Heng actually wanted to ignore Ye RuiXi. After all, he was pretty busy with his club activities and research projects. He did not have time to compete against Ye RuiXi from the beginning to the end of the competition.


   He firmly believed that Ye RuiXi was the type that would risk everything to ensure that he would get into the final match to compete against him.    


  However, every time they had a challenge, it usually ended with the proclamation of Zhang Heng’s victory. They rarely ended with a draw. Over time, Zhang Heng gradually lost the fun from the challenge and competition.  


“Can I refuse to go?” Zhang Heng helplessly looked at Wen YiHong, who was still smiling, “I feel like this type of challenge has no meaning. If he liked—”


Actually what Zhang Heng wanted to say was— If Ye RuiXi liked Wen YiHong, he didn’t have to use Zhang Heng as a shield. He could get close to Wen YiHong directly and confess to him.


  However, what Wen YiHong planned was this— Zhang Heng was about to get tired of Ye RuiXi’s advances. That wouldn’t do, there needed to be a fresh aspect mixed in. Only then would their path of love be spiced up.


 That was because his literature teacher talked about it when explaining 《Mourning the Dead》— “Love needs growth, renewal, and creativity.”


Wen YiHong took the flyer and looked at the rules on it—【Volleyball/Football/Soccer/Basketball/Tennis/Badminton/Hockey】【Accepting single players and team entries】

 It went without saying that Wen YiHong was able to quickly translate in his head. That was because Wen YiHong was proficient.


Wen YiHong told Zhang Heng: “I’ll participate too. I will team up with Ye RuiXi and you’ll team up with David. We will play doubles and compete in table tennis. Is that exciting enough?”


Wen YiHong was confident that he would be able to convince Zhang Heng to take up this challenge because Zhang Heng’s strength was comparable to his own. There were even times when Wen YiHong was able to easily win against Zhang Heng.


As a young man, Zhang Heng was very competitive. He was eager to play against strong opponents. This was an explanation as to why he was able to represent the company一 successfully clinching deals that were difficult to close.


“Of course you can!” Zhang Heng was looking forward to it!


 Hence, Zhang Heng hastily went to find their good friend David who was an African American.


“Hey~! David! Can you help me?”


Zhang Heng explained this competition. When David heard that they were going to play China’s national sport, his heart felt like it was about to collapse, because he knew that Chinese people were very good when it came to table tennis.


 He had never touched such a small ball. It was really difficult to control!


However, Zhang Heng said: “It’s alright! You only need to awestruck by how strong I can be!”


Why would he say that? That was because Zhang Heng knew that Ye RuiXi would be nervous as long as he stood beside Wen YiHong.


On the day of the competition, Wen YiHong, Ye RuiXi, Zhang Heng, and David joined the game in accordance with their agreement. It’s just that the two teams did not compete against each other during the four consecutive preliminary matches.


That was because in this school, only Chinese international students were good at this game. As such, other than those Chinese students who joined other competitions, Chinese students would join this table tennis competition as it did not have that many participants. Nonetheless, there were still a few Americans who joined the competition.

As such, from the preliminaries to the semi-finals, the two teams did not get matched up against each other, but they still defeated the other teams.


 Wen YiHong and Ye RuiXi were the first to compete. When they started, Ye RuiXi was so nervous that his hands shook. He did not serve the ball properly and he hit it in the wrong direction. However, they relied on Wen YiHong’s great skills. He magically saved them from the crises and won all of the matches.


 On the other hand, Zhang Heng and David also won quite spectacularly and earned praises from the audience.


Throughout the match, David held the table tennis racket and nimbly used 【special skill: repetition side step】, but he did not manage to return the ball. He only allowed the ball to bounce everywhere.


What could David do? He could only comfort himself with the expression “cheer up and work hard, Brother” that the audience was throwing at him. After all, the opposing teams were mainly Chinese, and they were very skilled.


Every time a point was lost, Zhang Heng would always tell David: “Don’t mind!”


David also did not really mind. He just continued to side step and dart about. Finally, he scored a point for Zhang Heng.


It was not easy; Zhang Heng’s team had a close shave and narrowly defeated the other teams.


At the finals.


Wen YiHong and Ye RuiXi were about to compete against Zhang Heng and David.


 “Yo!” Ye RuiXi straightened his back, puffed out his chest, and lifted his head. He wanted to be like those NBA players and provoke Zhang Heng, but Zhang Heng nonchalantly lowered his head to look down at Ye RuiXi, who was one head shorter than him.


 “…” Ye RuiXi felt that Zhang Heng was insulting his height!


“What! ! What’s so great about being 177cm?!” Ye RuiXi was furious!


Wen YiHong, who was standing at the back, smiled and walked over. He patted Ye RuiXi’s head and said: “Be good, don’t be angry.”


“…” Ye RuiXi would like to be angry, but he was unable to become angry when in front of Wen YiHong. He could only lower his head adorably and proudly say: “I am very tall!”




At the final match, the host was elated and excitedly introduced the two teams in fluent English.


 The girls who were watching were shocked— “Heavens! Aren’t those three OOXXXX?!”


 Please figure out what OOXX was for yourself.


The match began.


Wen YiHong served a smash and Zhang Heng was unprepared for it! However, after he familiarized himself and understood Wen YiHong’s method of serving, he managed to adapt and he returned the next two hits.


They played like this, back and forth. The Americans watching the match turned their heads to and fro to watch the ball movement.


 Although they did not really understand, it was inexplicably exciting when they looked at it!


There were three Chinese people in this match, so Zhang Heng unconsciously neglected David’s feelings and directly shouted in Chinese—“Super Whirlwind Spin!”


“…” Wen YiHong was so shocked by the “unleashing power with a roar” that he couldn’t quite react to it. Because of that, he missed a ball.


 “Great!” Zhang Heng celebrated enthusiastically with David, his teammate.


Zhang Heng and Ye RuiXi were very similar when it came to being lively and easily content, but that also made it hard for them to progress and get together.

Wen YiHong always thought that it was possible for Ye RuiXi and Zhang Heng to get together. However, he did not expect that Ye RuiXi, who was beside him, holding the racket and seriously looking at the table in preparation to hit the ball, had always liked him.


During the final table tennis match, it was very obvious that Ye RuiXi and Wen YiHong were both above average. Furthermore, they were more outstanding. Naturally, there had to be a rookie for them to compare the team against, and there had to be a team that was more skillful than the average.


There wasn’t any protagonist plot armour, Zhang Heng lost.


Ye RuiXi won a rare victory.


Ye RuiXi was really happy, but when he saw Wen YiHong looking at Zhang Heng pouring water over himself, his heart felt a little lonely.


 He thought that he should not measure others with his own despicable thoughts. Thus, he quietly walked behind Wen YiHong and wanted to celebrate their victory by giving him a high five.


However, Wen YiHong walked forward. He took away the mineral water that Zhang Heng had used to pour on himself, handed Zhang Heng a towel, and warmly said: “Don’t pour water over yourself after intense activity.”


 “Thank you.”


“…” Ye RuiXi felt like he was about to cry.


 He did so many things, challenged Zhang Heng so many times, and yet Wen YiHong did not even notice his feelings every single time.


 He was always watching Zhang Heng…


  Which part of him couldn’t be compared to Zhang Heng?


 He was also clearly doing his best to train himself and challenge Zhang Heng. It wasn’t easy for him to persevere and defeat Zhang Heng… but…


Ye RuiXi’s shoulders trembled and he sniffled.


 The corner of his eyes glistened with tears, but he refused to let them fall…


Zhang Heng stood opposite and noticed Ye RuiXi. He saw him with his head lowered and standing in silence. He looked a bit out of place with the noisy crowd around him. He even looked a little lonely.

There could also be desolation even in a world of festivities.


  Zhang Heng used his hand to poke Wen YiHong’s waist. He used his eyes to point out that Wen YiHong should look behind him.


Wen YiHong followed Zhang Heng’s line of sight and looked behind—


He saw Ye RuiXi, who was one and a half heads shorter than him, with his shoulders trembling.


  Wen YiHong walked over, leaned down, and whispered into his ears: “You’re so happy that you’re upset?”

Ye RuiXi rubbed the tears from the corner of his eyes: “… No, I am not upset…”

“You’re putting up a front again…” Wen YiHong thought of it in his heart, but he did not talk about it. As a man, Ye RuiXi would get worked up if he heard others mentioning that he put up a front, but he was actually kind and sensitive on the inside.


  Ye RuiXi could actually make use of this chance to confess to Wen YiHong— “I am upset because I like you, but you keep looking at Zhang Heng.”


However, Ye RuiXi did not mention it… He was prideful. He wanted to wait for Wen YiHong to tell him that he liked him.


As such, Ye RuiXi waited for four years. Unexpectedly, he was still waiting to this day.


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