TLCPS- Chapter 55: First Encounter during the Snowfall on the Return Trip

The Long Chase for the President’s Spouse – Chapter 55: First Encounter during the Snowfall on the Return Trip

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Chapter 55: First Encounter during the Snowfall on the Return Trip

The sky was bright. Zhang Heng slept until noon before he was willing to wake up. He began to look for food the moment he got up.


Ye RuiXi kicked Zhang Heng’s back because he remember that last night, only Zhang Heng slept so well. Meanwhile, his heart was racing as he washed his underwear…


 Moreover, he accidentally chanced upon Wen YiHong looking at Zhang Heng last night— Unknown to him, at that time Wen YiHong was just thinking about how to move Zhang Heng so that he could make space for himself and Ye RuiXi to sleep.


Ye RuiXi was angry when he thought about it.


  “Why did you kick me?” Zhang Heng was not annoyed by his actions. He knew that Ye RuiXi had a childlike attitude. On the surface, Ye RuiXi would always compete and try to defeat Zhang Heng, but in his heart, Ye RuiXi liked interacting with him.


  Ye RuiXi turned his head away and pursed his lips. He harrumphed and ignored Zhang Heng.

Zhang Heng sighed. When Ye RuiXi came back last night, Zhang Heng did not know if something had happened between Ye RuiXi and Wen YiHong while he was asleep.


Based on Ye RuiXi’s character, whenever he was angry or happy, it was most likely because of Wen YiHong.


Zhang Heng had seen through it a long time ago, so he approached Wen YiHong who was sitting at the dining table reading the newspaper. He used his elbow to nudge Wen YiHong’s shoulder. He then pouted his lips in Ye RuiXi’s direction and hinted at Wen YiHong to take care of Ye RuiXi.


However, Wen YiHong was dense. It wasn’t the simple kind of dense, but rather an advanced level of denseness. It was also different from how oblivious Gu Zhun was.


Gu Zhun was oblivious in that he did not even know who liked him; he had a low EQ. Wen YiHong knew that his two close friends both had someone they liked. However, he was too dense to figure out who his two close friends liked, or whether the directions of his thoughts should have been reversed from the start.


Wen YiHong nodded his head as an indication that he understood when in fact, he actually understood nothing.


 Zhang Heng thought about how Wen YiHong gave him advice like a love expert when it came to his situation with Gu Zhun. However, Wen YiHong seemed to turn a blind eye when it came to Ye RuiXi’s efforts towards him.


Ye RuiXi was also quite pitiful… But who asked him to have such a prideful character…? He loved Wen YiHong, but he could not bring himself to say it.


 After freshening up, it was already 3:00 PM. There was an event later that night, so they stayed in the hotel suite and did their own things.


  In just a short while, it was as though the scene from their university dorm life had reappeared.


 “Eh— Hong Hong, which suit should I wear to attend tonight’s dinner party?” Zhang Heng sweetly asked Wen YiHong while watching American dramas on his laptop. He held his phone up and typed a message into a chat that had not gotten any replies.  


 Zhang Heng was like that. In front of Gu Zhun, he pretended to be dependable. Although he really was dependable, he still had to rely on his assistant to handle things like clothes and food in his daily life, so… yes, that was why he brought Gu Zhun to pick out suits at the shop.


Wen YiHong was not only good at his work, he was also very competent when it came to domestic matters, so he took on the role of Ye RuiXi and Zhang Heng’s parent.

“… Disgusting.” Ye RuiXi rolled his eyes at Zhang Heng, yet he turned his head and asked Wen YiHong: “What about me?”


  After that, Wen YiHong stopped what he was doing and stood up. He entered the bedroom and pulled out Ye RuiXi and Zhang Heng’s luggages—


It was possible to vaguely see the vein on Wen YiHong’s forehead throbbing—


“After a night, your luggages still have not been sorted out?! Yet you still want to talk to me about matching your clothes?”


Ye RuiXi and Zhang Heng looked at each other—


Their luggages were indeed in a mess.


“…” They obediently rushed to organize their luggages.


This type of situation was a common occurrence that happened when they lived together during their university days.

How were Ye RuiXi and Zhang Heng, who were born with silver spoons able to live well and look impeccable after they left their carefree life of having a nanny to serve and wait on them? That was because Wen YiHong was by their side. He taught them how to buy clothes and even small things like how to take care of their own personal belongings.


Wen YiHong stood on one side and rubbed his eyes. He silently looked at them sweating profusely while scurrying about to unpack their luggages. At the same time, he was also thinking about how to coordinate their outfits so that they could collectively stun the guests when they attend the party.


 … (Summary of the dinner party: There was food, the VIP made a speech, the couple was obviously Ye RuiXi and Wen YiHong.)


The Spring Festival holiday had just ended. It was also time for Zhang Heng’s business trip to come to an end.


 The trio booked the return flight tickets in advance and prepared to board the plane.  


Zhang Heng took his cell phone out of his pocket and exhaled a breath of warm air—


   Ever since the Spring Festival holiday, the amount of messages that Gu Zhun sent him could simply be counted on one hand.  


 Other than that slightly humorous short text message at the beginning of the Spring Festival holiday, there were no other messages.


  Oh, there was one. Last night, when he was about to turn off his phone before he slept, he received—


 【Boss, work resumes tomorrow. Please remember to come to the company.】




Good job my trusty assistant, I’ll reward you!


In truth, Zhang Heng’s heart was in despair.


 The trio boarded the return flight and did not talk throughout the journey. It was just that Ye RuiXi’s face quickly turned red when he sat next to Wen YiHong.


When Zhang Heng saw that, he couldn’t help but wonder… Just how much did Ye RuiXi like Wen YiHong? How did Ye RuiXi end up falling for him? How come Zhang Heng did not have any impression of it in his mind? He didn’t have any memory about this part?


 At that time, Wen YiHong was still a freshman. Ye RuiXi was obviously also a freshman. Only their majors were different.


Ye RuiXi had lived in America for many years. He was different from Zhang Heng, who only came to America when he had graduated from his third year of high school. Ye RuiXi grew up in America. He returned home to China annually during the holidays, so he was still proficient when speaking Chinese.


However, he was already used to the American culture.


   During the winter of freshman year, Ye RuiXi was walking on the campus grounds. He rubbed and blew his hands, shivered, and continued to walk forward.


However, it was still snowing heavily.     


 Ye RuiXi was the only person on this deserted street. Moreover, that day was cold and it snowed heavily.


“Just a little more before reaching the dorm…”


Ye RuiXi forgot to check the weather forecast when he left today. Ye RuiXi’s American roommate had not given him a reminder. He thought that Ye RuiXi must have known about America’s unpredictable weather, so that was why this happened…


 Yesterday was actually bright and sunny. Just wearing a thin coat and a few sweaters inside would suffice. Unexpectedly, it started snowing heavily when he came out of the library.


  Ye RuiXi suddenly felt like the universe was playing a prank on him. It also happened to be at the time when the library was closed for a break in the afternoon.


With nowhere to stay, he could only trod through the snow…


Ye RuiXi folded his arms. His snot had frozen into ice, but he still had to continue walking forward. The library was unexpectedly far from the dorm.


Ye RuiXi happened to walk past a car parked at the curb of the road. The door swung open, and a hand stretched out from inside the car and pulled him into the backseat.




  Ye RuiXi was so cold that he had already lost his awareness. He didn’t even want to verify that he may have been abducted during the heavy snowstorm.


“A man acting like a woman. You chose appearance instead of warmth. Do you want to die?” Although the words appeared to have an overbearing and frosty reproach, his tone was still gentle.     


Ye RuiXi looked back stiffly. Previously, he was freezing to death outdoors. Now he was in a warm interior that had a huge temperature difference. He sneezed unintentionally.  

 After Ye RuiXi sneezed, the fragments of ice also flew and landed on Wen YiHong’s face.  


Wen YiHong took out a tissue box from the front seat. He pulled out a tissue and wiped Ye RuiXi’s snot. He reached his hands out to remove Ye RuiXi’s coat.


  Ye RuiXi’s blushed unconsciously. He did not know whether the long journey from just now caused his head to feel like it was burning.     


 After Wen YiHong removed Ye RuiXi’s coat that was soaked with snow, he raised his hands to touch Ye RuiXi’s forehead and said, “Your head is really hot.”    


“I am going to drive you to the hospital now.” Wen YiHong quickly laid Ye RuiXi flat on the back seat and covered him with a thick blanket from the car. He wormed his way into the front seat—


 He started the car and prepared to drive to the hospital.


 “Don’t go, I will be fine. What if you catch a cold…?” Ye RuiXi was already dizzy. It caused him to see double when he looked at Wen YiHong.


  Wen YiHong was determined and insisted on sending Ye RuiXi to the hospital.


He did not say anything else. He just stepped on the accelerator and raced forward.

Ye RuiXi was in the back. He had one eye open as he watched Wen YiHong’s hands turn the steering wheel.


How much strength did he use…


 Luckily, there wasn’t such a heavy snowfall at this time. Otherwise, Wen YiHong’s car would be stuck on the road, in the middle of nowhere, and they would be in a predicament.

Afterwards, Wen YiHong quickly sent Ye RuiXi to the hospital.



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