TLCPS- Chapter 56: Why I Like You

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The Long Chase for the President’s Spouse –  Chapter 56: Why I Like You

Translator: PKitty

Editor: Rei

Quality Check: Tezuka

First Published on Chaleuria



Chapter 56: Why I Like You


Ye RuiXi was admitted to the hospital and stayed there overnight. Wen YiHong wasn’t acquainted with Ye RuiXi, so he was naturally unable to contact Ye RuiXi’s friends. The only thing Wen YiHong knew was that when he searched Ye RuiXi’s pockets, he found the other person’s student ID with their name written on it— Ye RuiXi.


 Ye RuiXi woke up early in the morning. He looked at the unfamiliar man lying by his bedside. This person looked similar to the figure that he had seen before he closed his eyes.

Ye RuiXi stretched his hand out and touched Wen YiHong’s head.


   As a light sleeper, Wen YiHong woke up easily. He looked up at Ye RuiXi, who was now awake and looking at him in confusion.


They stared at each other. Only after about five minutes did Wen YiHong finally ask a single question: “Do you want to drink water?”


Ye RuiXi nodded his head.


   Wen YiHong got up and brought him a glass of warm water. He also handed over some medicine because Ye RuiXi still had a slight fever.


Wen YiHong rested his cheek on one hand and watched Ye RuiXi swallow the medicine with water. He couldn’t understand why the other person was out alone in such heavy snow.


“You still dare to go for a walk when it was snowing so heavily?”


Wen YiHong paused after he finished asking his question. He was unsure whether Ye RuiXi could even understand him when he subconsciously started a conversation in Chinese.

Ye RuiXi could have been Japanese or Korean. After all, Ye RuiXi’s clothes resembled Japanese and Korean fashion.


  Ye RuiXi replied: “That is… I didn’t look at the weather forecast… God doesn’t love me…”




“Do you believe in Christ?”


“No, I am a pantheist.” Ye RuiXi placed the glass on the bedside table and told Wen YiHong: “Don’t think you’re my God just because you saved my life…”


 Wen YiHong was rather impressed that Ye RuiXi could be so shameless even facing such a situation. Moreover, he acted so roguishly towards the man who was his saviour.


  Wen YiHong pushed Ye RuiXi down to ensure that he would rest after he drank the medicine. If Ye RuiXi still didn’t recover, Wen YiHong wouldn’t be able to afford the bills. He didn’t carry enough cash on hand, and there wasn’t enough money in his card. His mom would only send money in the middle of next month.


“Why did you press me down just because we didn’t agree on something?” How uncompromising…


Wen YiHong pushed his glasses up. A devilish smirk adorned his face— “I advise you not to say words like ‘press down’.”


“Why?… Could it be that you’re really interested in me?” Ye RuiXi shrugged and looked pleased. Even such a handsome guy was charmed by him~!

Actually, Ye RuiXi never thought that his sentence, which was originally intended to tease Wen YiHong, would get him teased by Wen YiHong instead. In the end, he even fell for Wen YiHong and was unable to extract himself.


 Wen YiHong used one hand to brace against the bed’s side railing. The other hand was propped beside Ye RuiXi’s head. He leaned down and looked straight into Ye RuiXi’s eyes. Ye RuiXi seemed to see the flames of desire burning in Wen YiHong’s eyes. Of course, that might have just been Ye RuiXi’s imagination.


 Wen YiHong spoke with ambiguity: “Do you hope that— I am interested?”


   Actually, Wen YiHong just wanted to this tease this bratty Ye RuiXi. He was already at this age. Not only was he haughty, he also acted like a spoiled child. This was his benefactor. How could he be so rude to his benefactor?


Ye RuiXi’s eyes were slightly shifty. When he shifted his head slightly to the left, Wen YiHong turned it straight so that Ye RuiXi would look at him properly. Ye RuiXi was unable to shift his head, but he could still move his eyes— As such, Ye RuiXi’s eyes darted elsewhere, but Wen YiHong’s eyes chased after Ye RuiXi’s gaze the very next second.


 “Have you played enough?” Ye RuiXi was a little annoyed. Most importantly, just how long was Wen YiHong going to keep him pressed down?!


 Wen YiHong stood up, creating a larger distance between him and Ye RuiXi— “If your answer is ‘Yes’ then tell me. Perhaps I will grant your desire?”


Of course, Wen YiHong was originally just teasing Ye RuiXi because Ye RuiXi was petite and one and a half heads shorter than him. Moreover, he was obviously a young boy with slight tsundere tendencies— He was rather adorable. It made people want to tease and spoil him.


Unexpectedly, it was as though Ye RuiXi had popping candies in his heart that was in the midst of being dissolved. His heartbeat became jumpy and erratic.




 When the sun rose, Wen YiHong left the ward to finalize Ye RuiXi’s discharge procedures. Ye RuiXi’s fever had mostly receded. As long as he returned to the dorm and rested, he would recover back to the active Ye RuiXi by tomorrow.


Wen YiHong sent Ye RuiXi back to the school. He waited below the dorm for Ye RuiXi to go upstairs. He also waited for Ye RuiXi to let him know that everything was alright.


“… I’ve arrived.” Ye RuiXi waved to him from the balcony.


 “Okay, remember to take your medicine.” Wen YiHong always filled the role of the gentle older brother. Although he was occasionally devious, he only treated Ye RuiXi that way. When it came to Zhang Heng, Wen YiHong would not be devious with him because Zhang Heng was even more devious than Wen YiHong. Moreover, Zhang Heng could play around until he became really wild…


Ye RuiXi stood at the dormitory’s balcony window and looked down at Wen YiHong’s car leaving the dormitory. Only then did he climb back to bed. Ye RuiXi rubbed his forehead, gazed up at the ceiling, and recalled that scene from yesterday.


  Why was his heart still— Racing?


After a few days, Ye RuiXi fully recovered. He could exercise properly and there were no signs of a runny nose. These few days, he had not seen Wen YiHong at the dormitory.


Ye RuiXi was a little upset that he had not properly asked for Wen YiHong’s name, dormitory  number and phone number…


When the nurse came to change Ye RuiXi’s IV drip while he was lying in the hospital, he only vaguely heard the nurse calling him in English— “Mr. Wen.”


Was his surname Wēn or Wén?


Ye RuiXi carried distracting thoughts and spent his week consumed by them—  He really wanted see that person once again!


  That was what Ye RuiXi thought in his heart, but he spoke in Chinese and said: “That’s not true! I just want to thank him personally, that’s all!


 As such, Ye RuiXi earned a sigh from his American roommate— “XiXi’s brain has been flooded by water and gone haywire…”


 No, XiXi’s mind was flooded with thoughts about Wen YiHong.


  Another week passed. Just as Ye RuiXi gradually decided to give up the notion that he would meet with Wen YiHong one more time, he actually saw Wen YiHong eating and laughing with another guy in the school’s canteen.


   Ye RuiXi actually did not dare to charge over. If he walked over, wouldn’t it mean that he anxiously wanted to meet Wen YiHong?


 No! That was too embarrassing!


   As such, Ye RuiXi thought of a method that compromised—


 Ye RuiXi walked over and stood beside the dining table. He looked down at Zhang Heng and arrogantly demanded: “Let’s compete against each other!”


It had been a long time since Zhang Heng was able to hear someone speak Chinese apart from Wen YiHong. He was unconsciously touched by that, but then he remember that this guy came to challenge him.


An enemy?


Wen YiHong explained to Zhang Heng helplessly: “No, he is just an assertive and slightly competitive person.”


   Zhang Heng looked at Wen YiHong and asked: “So it turns out that you know him?”


 Hence, Wen YiHong explained everything that had happened previously. Zhang Heng burst into rambunctious laughter: “So it turned out to be a tragedy caused by a fool!”


“Enough, stop laughing! Are you going to compete against me?” Ye RuiXi was very angry. After that, he scornfully provoked: “Could it be that you’re scared?”




Afterwards, they decided on and agreed to compete in a tennis match.    


As such, these various challenges and confrontations gradually became a norm in their daily lives. Of course, Wen YiHong was the spectator.   

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