TLCPS- Chapter 59: The Presidents’ Dance Competition

The Long Chase for the President’s Spouse – Chapter 59: The Presidents’ Dance Competition

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Chapter 59: The Presidents’ Dance Competition

Gu Zhun took a look at the letter for an invitation to another business dinner. He turned it around to look at the back and then the front. The invitation was from Wen Corporation.

Gu Zhun handed the invitation to Zhang Heng and asked if he would attend this event. If so, he would free up time from Zhang Heng’s schedule.


Zhang Heng didn’t even open the envelope. He already agreed to it when he saw who it was from.


“You’re decisive. You’ve agreed to it so quickly this time.” Gu Zhun was pleased.     


Why did Gu Zhun phrase it that way? Usually, Zhang Heng wouldn’t attend insignificant events purely focused on expanding connections and resources.

   He was confident since Zhang Corporation had vast connections and many resources.


If he attended tonight’s event, he wouldn’t be able to send Gu Zhun home. He would miss the chance to spend a few hours with Gu Zhun!


“Was it because of ‘Wen Corporation’?” Gu Zhun probed. Usually when Gu Zhun asked these questions, Zhang Heng would tease him, but he did not this time around. Instead, he appeared to be in deep thought as he replied: “It has been awhile since I last saw them…”


 Them? Gu Zhun had only heard of Wen YiHong, who was the Vice President of Wen Corporation and Zhang Heng’s classmate. He had not heard of anyone else.

“Come attend the event on that day.”


 The night of the dinner party.


Wen YiHong and Ye RuiXi stood in the middle of the ballroom entertaining guests. As Gu Zhun and Zhang Heng entered the ballroom, they noticed them immediately and called them over.


  Zhang Heng waved his hand in acknowledgement. He held Gu Zhun’s hand and weaved through the crowd to get to the VIP seats.


“Zhang Heng, it has been a long time!” Wen YiHong expressed his nostalgia by giving Zhang Heng a bear hug. In the eyes of the Chinese, it was unacceptable for two men to publicly embrace each other for such a long time. But in British and American culture, this was just a form of greeting.


Unfortunately, Ye RuiXi did not even link it to greeting etiquette. There was a visible sense of jealousy.     


Gu Zhun looked at them and felt pain in his heart.


 Ye RuiXi stood at the side and looked at them. He noticed Gu Zhun was inseparable from Zhang Heng since the moment they arrived. Ye RuiXi continued to stare at Gu Zhun— Unfortunately, he didn’t detect anything. He only saw that Gu Zhun was taller than him…




The host stood on the stage and held the event. As usual, it was the upper class’s favorite segment— Ballroom dancing.


“Humph! Zhang Heng, it has been a long time since we had a match! This time, we will compete in dancing! You can choose anyone as your partner!” As if he was afraid that Zhang Heng would pick Wen YiHong, Ye RuiXi swiftly grabbed Wen YiHong’s arm and proclaimed, “I will team up with Wen YiHong!”

 Zhang Heng held Gu Zhun’s hands: “I will partner up with you.”


 Zhang Heng was delighted! During the Japan trip, he did not dance with Gu Zhun in the ballroom, but this time he had an opportunity to. This was truly a blessing in disguise!


  Accompanied by the melodious piano, Wen YiHong grabbed Ye RuiXi’s hand and they both held onto each other’s waists. Their posture signaled that they were ready to begin ballroom dancing.

That’s right, this was the dinner party’s biggest highlight— Heavens! The presidents of Wen Corporation and Zhang Corporation were having a dance competition!


 Ye RuiXi led the taller Wen YiHong. He forcefully twirled, kicked, and lifted his legs… A few minutes later, Wen YiHong felt uncomfortable being led around by a dwarf. Wen YiHong reversed the roles when they were briefly separated in the midst of twirling. He twisted his hand, tugged Ye RuiXi into his embrace, and became the lead instead.

Wen YiHong’s arms enveloped Ye RuiXi’s small waist. When it was time to twirl, Wen YiHong held onto Ye RuiXi’s hand and released his other hand for momentum. Then, he gave a strong tug to rein him back while his other hand continued to hold onto his waist. Ye RuiXi’s legs followed the momentum and kicked out. The tight dress pants outlined the beautiful curves of Ye RuiXi’s butt and legs.

The duo flawlessly cooperated with each other. In addition, their looks and Ye RuiXi’s captivating figure caught the attention of the dancing guests, who stopped to watch their performance.


Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun would not be outshined.


Zhang Heng seemed annoyed and was determined to go all out against Ye RuiXi. He made Gu Zhun, a beginner, perform many difficult moves.


 Zhang Heng supported Gu Zhun’s waist and dipped his body down. One of Gu Zhun’s feet was lifted straight up in the air while the other foot’s toes were angled on the ground.


After a few seconds, Zhang Heng let Gu Zhun up from that position.


That intense move was followed by a relaxing one. Zhang Heng happily embraced Gu Zhun’s waist, but Gu Zhun was distressed: “Can we not do the same action when the rhythm changes?”




  “My pants seems to have torn…”


“…” Zhang Heng was stunned. How could they win if they don’t do difficult moves? Zhang Heng had to reevaluate the situation! Which was more important, Gu Zhun’s chastity or the outcome of the competition?!


Gu Zhun’s underwear can only be seen by me. In the future, I will be the only one allowed to see it.


  Zhang Heng did not even inform Ye RuiXi as he rushed into the men’s toilet with Gu Zhun.


Wen YiHong and Ye RuiXi stopped dancing when their opponents left the competition. The outcome was determined and Ye RuiXi won. He clenched his fist so tightly that veins popped out.

  “How could you do that? If you did that, it would be useless no matter how many times I challenge you!” Ye RuiXi exclaimed angrily.


 Men’s toilet.


Zhang Heng pulled Gu Zhun into the toilet. He placed the yellow floor sign that read ‘Do not enter, restroom closed for cleaning’ outside the toilet entrance.


 “Let me take a look.” Zhang Heng bent down and leaned forward to inspect Gu Zhun’s crotch area before Gu Zhun allowed him.

Gu Zhun pressed his hands against Zhang Heng’s neck. He wanted to stop Zhang Heng, but due to the tight space, Zhang Heng’s head was pushed even lower and he got a clearer view instead.


“… It seems like it is, yet it seems like it’s not…” Zhang Heng continued to observe. When Gu Zhun’s crotch was being inspected by someone, it was natural that he would be shy and blushed. Even though it was covered by a black suit fabric, he still felt Zhang Heng’s fixed gaze staring at him.


 Zhang Heng straightened his back. Touching his chin, he said: “I can’t see it clearly, the lights here are a little dim. Take off your pants.”

“… Can I not?” Gu Zhun wanted to find another way. It was in front of another man, who happened to be Zhang Heng. It was obviously not a good decision to take it off in front of someone who likes him!


 “Do you want to go out and participate in the event like this? What if was really torn? You still need to follow me around and meet all kinds of important people.”

Zhang Heng strongly persuaded Gu Zhun and he could only compromise.


 He unbuckled the belt and grabbed the edges of the pants. At the last second, he hesitated about whether to take them off.


   Zhang Heng was looking forward to it, but Gu Zhun was apprehensive about it.


Gu Zhun inched it down one second at a time. Five minutes had passed but the pants were still above his knees.


 But that was more than enough!


 Zhang Heng used one hand to grab Gu Zhun’s hands that were clutching the pants while the other hand rested against the cubicle and locked Gu Zhun’s position.


“Let me take a look. It will be quick.”


  Gu Zhun closed his eyes. There was a nervous look on his face: “It’s just taking a look… Why are you constantly repeating it…”


He was a pure person but once again, he recalled that eye opening experience in the toilet seven years ago.


Zhang Heng leaned down and looked closely at the dress pants— It wasn’t torn. On the contrary—


 Zhang Heng gazeed up and saw the grey underwear containing Gu Zhun’s package. There seemed to be a slight tear.

 After taking a closer look, this was actually the case.


Zhang Heng stood up. He helped Gu Zhun pull up his dress pants, buckle his belt, and  straighten his suit.


Zhang Heng finally stopped after helping him, but he was having a hard time speaking.


In the end, he said— “Gu Zhun, don’t buy underwear from that shop again. If you don’t know how to choose, I’ll help you next time.”

 “…” So— At first, Gu Zhun was still confused. He did not know what Zhang Heng was talking about. Afterwards, he connected the dots and deduced that his underwear was torn…


  Didn’t that mean Zhang Heng had seen everything? Moreover, he was acting like a mom offering to help him buy underwear!


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, how embarrassing! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, he really wanted to hide in a hole.


 Gu Zhun still looked the same despite being in the midst of having a mental breakdown. Besides his poker face, his complexion and lips were pale, yet his cheeks were still rosy.


He was shy and embarrassed behind the astonishment!


It wasn’t the first time that such an incident had occurred…


Seven years ago… at Green Leaf West City Junior High School…


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