TLCPS- Chapter 60: I Will Buy Trunks With You

The Long Chase for the President’s Spouse – Chapter 60:  I Will Buy Trunks With You

Translator: PKitty

Editor: Espada

Quality Check: Tezuka

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Chapter 60: I Will Buy Trunks With You


Seven years ago, weekly swimmings lesson took place at Green Leaf West City Junior High School. Gu Zhun went to the locker room to change into his swimming trunks as usual.


 Zhang Heng followed Gu Zhun with other intentions… He didn’t need to follow him. Zhang Heng’s locker was located right next to Gu Zhun’s locker. He could stretch his head out and easily see it!


“…” Gu Zhun noticed the gaze from the person next to him. He frowned and said, “Didn’t bring a towel?”


“No…” This person only wanted to peep. Sorry kind-hearted Gu Zhun.


Gu Zhun put on his swimming trunks. He pulled the trunk’s elastic and it was a little loose, but it was still wearable and did not bother him. He followed the crowd of students outside to prepare for warm up exercises and rinse in cold water before entering the pool.


 Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun were assigned to the same group once again.


Zhang Heng held Gu Zhun’s back because he wasn’t fully skilled at swimming. He still needed Zhang Heng’s help to correct his movements. Gu Zhun’s underarms were supported by Zhang Heng’s hands as he leaned back onto Zhang Heng’s chest while slowly relaxing his body and laying flat. In front of him, he spread his legs and kicked off, doing his best to paddle against the water.


Water sprayed everywhere.   


“Practice time is over! Now it’s your own free time! But don’t play too wild! Make sure you understand the techniques! Dismissed—!” The sports teacher blew his whistle. A bunch of boys immediately jumped into the pool and splashed the girls’ faces with water.


“Stupid boys! Acting like a bunch of unrestrained wolves!”


All the boys swam away to have fun, but there were still two boys left at the shallow end of the pool— Gu Zhun and Zhang Heng.


 “Don’t worry about me, I’ll practice by myself. Gu Zhun held onto the side of the swimming pool like a kickboard to practice his kicks. Zhang Heng felt it was alright to leave him alone to practice the techniques and he was about to turn around and go to the deep pool to have fun.


However, when Gu Zhun used his legs to paddle water, the resisting surge of water caused his loose swimming trunks to slip off.


 Gu Zhun did not notice it as the cold water had already numbed his senses. Zhang Heng was standing right beside Gu Zhun and saw the naked glory of his fair and tender butt.


He did not forget to turn around to see if anyone else saw.     

The boys went into the deep pool far away while the girls went to another shallow pool to avoid being in the same one as them.


 Zhang Heng sighed. He was going to tell Gu Zhen that his swimming trunks were floating away! Then it started to drifted further and further away!


All of this happened in the blink of an eye. Zhang Heng pressed Gu Zhun down so he would not be floating above the water. He told Gu Zhun to hide underwater to conceal his bottom.


“Bottom?” When Gu Zhun finally realized that something wasn’t right. Zhang Heng shot out like an arrow and was swimming at high speed fast enough for the Olympics Games!


 He stretched out his hand and caught Gu Zhun’s trunks.


Zhang Heng swam back to Gu Zhun’s side after getting his trunks. Afterwards, he passed the swimming trunks above the water to Gu Zhun.


Gu Zhun pressed down Zhang Heng’s hand and grabbed the swimming trunks underwater. He put on the trunks, but it was still a little loose…


Would he have to float around like this for the rest of the class?


“Teacher!” Zhang Heng could tell that Gu Zhun was in a difficult position. He would feel uneasy if he did not do anything. He raised his hand and reported to the teacher: “I’ve choked on the water! May I go to the school infirmary!”


 “Go!” The sports teacher continued to admire the boys’ vitality and the girls’ cuteness without even noticing that something was wrong. A person who choked on water could energetically raised their hand without him noticing…


Zhang Heng dragged Gu Zhun out of the pool and into the locker room. There was no one else in the locker room at this time.


Zhang Heng grasped and pulled the edges of the swimming trunks. He let go and the trunks snapped back.


 “What are you doing?”


“Testing the elasticity.”




“You need to buy a new pair.”




Gu Zhun had actually been wearing these trunks since fifth grade. Gu Li bought it for him in a bigger size so he could wear it when he was older. In the end, Gu Zhun grew taller, but his waist was still too slim to fill it out. He continued to wear it but overtime, the elasticity declined.


  Gu Zhun’s clothes, pants, underwears, and personal items were bought by his sister. He didn’t know anything about clothes so he never bought them by himself.


Zhang Heng noticed Gu Zhun’s confusion and said: ““I will bring you to buy it this weekend!”


 “…” Although Gu Zhun felt bad about troubling Zhang Heng, he still agreed to it.


Zhang Heng constantly looked at the nearby swimwear stores so that they could buy a pair of swimming trunk quickly.


Zhang Heng usually bought clothes at high end boutiques. Gu Zhun did not have such spending power so Zhang Heng went to ordinary stores to pick out swimming trunks.


On the weekend, it was time to pick out a pair of swimming trunks from the store.  


  In front of the store.


“How is this pair?” Zhang Heng pointed at the trunks hanging on the wall. It was black with white stripes at the sides.


“Anything is fine. It doesn’t matter what design it is.”


Doesn’t matter? If I pick a woman’s two piece swimsuit for you, will it matter? Zhang Heng looked amused.


  Gu Zhun had a long fringe and his thick hair in the back hadn’t been trimmed for a while. He had fair skin and a slender physique. If you didn’t look carefully, you wouldn’t realize that Gu Zhun was a guy.

   Even the lady boss came over to say: “Customer, that’s for men. There are other female swimsuits for you to choose from!” The friendly lady boss pulled out a few designs on the rack for Zhang Heng to look at.


Gu Zhun grabbed Zhang Heng’s wrist and looked at him with resentment. It seemed to say— If you dare to pick it, I will beat you to death.


Zhang Heng’s blood turned cold. He admitted: “Lady boss, he is actually a guy… hahaha…” Afterwards, he asked the lady boss to pick out a swimming trunk for Gu Zhun.


Gu Zhun took the trunks and held it in his hands. He looked it over but  he did not know what to do with it.

Zhang Heng snatched the swimming trunks. He compared it against Gu Zhun’s body— “You can’t just look at it. You need to compare it. It would be better if you tried it on.”


“Lady boss, is there a fitting room?”


The lady boss nodded and her hand pointed in the direction of the fitting room.


Zhang Heng pulled Gu Zhun into the fitting room.


“Why did you come in?”


  Zhang Heng touched his head and awkwardly said: “Hahahahahahahahahaha— I’m afraid that you wouldn’t understand…”


 Zhang Heng taught Gu Zhun and he listened to him talk about swimwear as well as other things to look out for when choosing swimming trunks. The lady boss had an blank expression when she looked at the fitting room with two people chatting inside. She was puzzled— What was up with those two guys chatting inside the fitting room for so long?     


Awhile later, Gu Zhun and Zhang Heng came out.


Gu Zhun told the lady boss: “Boss, I’ll take this.”


The boss packed it up for Gu Zhun: “Alright!”


   “Hey! Hold on, lady boss how much is this?”


The lady boss stopped packing and said: “Fifty.”


 “A bit cheaper.”


“Well, state the price young man.”


  “Forty.” Zhang Heng gestured four with his hands as he firmly told the boss.


 “No, that’s not possible young man. We are a small business and we will lose out if we do so!”


 “We don’t want it anymore.” He pulled Gu Zhun out of the store after he finished speaking. After walking out a few steps, the lady boss chased after them and said: “Fine! All right! I’ll make it forty! You are our first customer…”


Such bad luck… The lady boss grumbled.


 Gu Zhun looked at Zhang Heng in disbelief. This was the legendary bargaining?


  How impressive…


  As the flashback of the memory ended, they still found themselves having a standoff in the toilet in their original positions—


   “This weekend, I’ll bring you to buy underwear.” Zhang Heng invited him once again. Seven years ago it was— “I will bring you to buy it this weekend!”


Gu Zhun: “…”


  This time it wasn’t buying swimming trunks, but it was underwear. They were slightly different… Was Zhang Heng also experienced when it came to this area?


    In fact, all that knowledge that Zhang Heng told Gu Zhun seven years ago was found on Baidu.

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