TLCPS- Chapter 61: Defective Love

The Long Chase for the President’s Spouse – Chapter 61: Defective Love

Translator: Kotoni

Editor: Espada

Quality Check: Tezuka

First Published on Chaleuria


Chapter 61: Defective Love


After making sure that Gu Zhun’s trousers were undamaged, Zhang Heng took his hand and led him out of the toilet.

When Ye RuiXi saw the two of them, he immediately confronted Zhang Heng, “Why did you give up in the middle of our competition? You have no respect for me, do you? Did you do it for his sake?” Ye RuiXi pointed at Gu Zhun.

It was obvious that Ye RuiXi was deeply obsessed with the outcome of every challenge he issued to Zhang Heng. However, this obsession stemmed from his even deeper obsession with Wen YiHong. Wen YiHong was an outstanding man, and it was only natural for him to like those who were just as outstanding. In Ye RuiXi’s mind, Wen YiHong’s preference for Zhang Heng’s company over his own made it clear that Wen YiHong considered Zhang Heng to be someone of excellence.

If he could win against Zhang Heng, he would be able to prove his own worth, wouldn’t he?

Thus, Ye RuiXi drove himself into a frenzy challenging Zhang Heng to all kinds of competitions. He became half-crazed with the desire to win in the most trivial game of rock-paper-scissors against Zhang Heng.

Wen YiHong did not say or do anything about this state of affairs, and allowed Ye RuiXi to continue tirelessly with his onslaught of challenges.

Wen YiHong thought of himself as a matchmaker who was nurturing the relationship between Zhang Heng and Ye RuiXi. On the other hand, Ye RuiXi was convinced that Wen YiHong thought nothing of him because he had not been able to surpass Zhang Heng.

This dance-off would have been a great opportunity for Ye RuiXi to display his excellence if it wasn’t for Gu Zhun, the meddling assistant. How dare he disrupt their competition!

Zhang Heng nodded in response to Ye RuiXi’s confrontational accusation. “Yes.”


“…” Silence.

Onstage, the emcee complimented the dance-off before redirecting everyone’s attention back to the main program for the night – a networking session for the elites of the business world.

“Just do as you please and keep yourself entertained,” Ye RuiXi said to Wen YiHong before leaving the ballroom hurriedly, as if he was in pursuit of something, or someone.

“Little brat, didn’t you say that this was going to be a learning experience for you?” Wen YiHong sighed. For the sake of helping Ye RuiXi keep his position as company president, he continued to entertain the conversations struck up by renowned businessmen who came to speak with him.

In the meantime, Ye RuiXi was closing in on Gu Zhun, who was seated and sipping on a glass of juice.

“Come with me.”

What Ye RuiXi had in mind was a private discussion with Gu Zhun in the toilet.

Since he had been dragged to the toilets multiple times now, Gu Zhun began to wonder if he had an affinity for such places. But unlike Zhang Heng, Ye RuiXi had no intention to go into a cubicle with Gu Zhun.

“Tell me, why are you being such a hindrance to Zhang Heng?”

“…” Gu Zhun was at a loss for an answer. Why was the president of Wen Corporation accusing him of hindering Zhang Heng? Perhaps I haven’t done a good enough job as an assistant?

“I am not. I believe I have been conscientious in my role as his assistant.”

Ye RuiXi was annoyed. “Really? You were the one who interrupted Zhang Heng and made him give up in the middle of our dance-off! He would never have acted like this in the past!”

“If Zhang Heng continues to let himself go because of you, winning against him would be pointless. Even if I manage to score a win one day, he would still remain unmoved!” Ye RuiXi crouched down, holding his head in his hands as his face contorted in agony.

If Zhang Heng was no longer outstanding, there would be no point to Ye RuiXi’s continuous attempts at proving his superiority over him. Everything he had done so far to prove his own worth would be pointless!

Gu Zhun squatted down beside him. He wanted to speak but no words came out. His pathetically low EQ was of no help in a situation like this.

Gu Zhun began to straighten out his thoughts. There were two leaders at the helm of Wen Corporation: President Ye RuiXi and Vice President Wen YiHong. Wen YiHong was the eldest son of the Wen family whileYe RuiXi was a complete outsider. Gu Zhun was puzzled by the reversed roles between them – wouldn’t it make more sense for Wen YiHong to take up the higher leadership position? Since it was a mystery he could not figure out, Gu Zhun moved on with his thoughts.

Wen YiHong and Zhang Heng were close friends who went to university in the US together. Just this morning, Zhang Heng had looked at the invitation with a warm, nostalgic smile and said that he “missed them very much.”

Clearly, Ye RuiXi had also gone to university with Wen YiHong and Zhang Heng.

Judging from Ye RuiXi’s outburst just now, it seemed that he had been hot on Zhang Heng’s heels, issuing all kinds of challenges, ever since they first met. Had he been seeking Zhang Heng’s attention all along?

When Ye RuiXi called him a hindrance, was he actually being accused of obstructing Ye RuiXi’s attempt to court Zhang Heng?

After thinking for five minutes, Gu Zhun thought that he might have finally figured things out. But he was mystified by the sudden feeling in his chest. It felt as if something was tearing at his heart; it was a painful feeling.

“Do… do you like him?” Gu Zhun asked.

——— Do you like Zhang Heng?

Ye RuiXi raised his head in shock. Then he nodded, “Yes.”

——— I like Wen YiHong.

Thus, a misunderstanding was born between the two socially awkward idiots.

Gu Zhun got to his feet and left Ye RuiXi to his own thoughts. When he returned to the ballroom, Gu Zhun was greeted by the sight of Zhang Heng charming his way through conversations with the biggest names in the business world. His smile brimmed with confidence; he was clearly in his element.

Gu Zhun did not tell Zhang Heng that he was leaving. Instead, he left his message with the doorman and instructed him to pass it on to President Zhang.

He did not know why, but his heartache intensified and left him breathless as his chest filled with overwhelming emptiness.

In Gu Zhun’s mind, memories began to emerge uncontrollably——

Seven years ago, he met Zhang Heng for the first time in a pavilion. At the time, Zhang Heng was an arrogant brat who threatened Gu Zhun into showing him the way around campus. They eventually ended up in the same class, and Zhang Heng continued to harass him. Once, Zhang Heng groped him between the legs to check for his sex. Yet another time, during a self-study period, Zhang Heng sneaked up on him from the back and unbuttoned his shirt out of the blue…

Though embarrassed, Gu Zhun did not think much of such incidents back then. However, recalling them now made Gu Zhun’s heart race and throb with heat.

All attempts to compose himself were futile.

In another incident involving an untimely biological reaction, Zhang Heng had taken him to the toilet and helped him through the process. He even told Gu Zhun to leave after his release. Gu Zhun did not understand the gesture at the time and assumed that Zhang Heng was staying to take a dump. Now, thinking about it again, he realised that there was another possibility he did not account for: perhaps Zhang Heng had gotten hard while helping him and needed to stay to deal with his own bodily reaction. He did not force Gu Zhun to help him.

That was how Zhang Heng had always been; he would never cross the line until Gu Zhun returned his feelings. But Zhang Heng… it seems like I have had feelings for you for a long time. It seems like I have fallen for you a long time ago…

I have been so blind.

I should have understood my feelings during our trip to Japan, and yet I ran away, leaving you with nothing but a childish multiple-choice question.

I deceived you, and deceived myself in the process too.

Zhang Heng was there for him when he needed to prove his innocence. ZHang Heng was also the one who spoke up for Gu Li. Through good times and bad times, Zhang Heng had always been at his side, watching over him.


Apart from his own sister, Zhang Heng was the only one who cared so much for him. But now, I am nothing more than a hindrance to you… Ye RuiXi is much more compatible with you than I would ever be. You will like him more for his liveliness and openness; he won’t overthink things in secret or require cautious care from you.

Being with me must be tiring.

I’m sorry, Zhang Heng…

Maybe I will leave you.

I once told you, “Material things easily disappear in ten years or so. There isn’t really a point to having them, so I might as well not ask, and save the space that would otherwise be wasted on storing them.”

But you replied, “Gu Zhun, don’t worry. I have been in love with you for seven years. Whether it is seven or a hundred years from now, I will continue loving you. Everything I possess is yours.”

I’m sorry. You have given me too many promises that are too heavy to bear.

I’m scared of getting hurt, amongst many other things. I won’t be able to give you any real happiness… Staying with me will exhaust you.

The love I can give is not only limited, but it is also defective.

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