TLCPS- Chapter 64A: Revisiting the Same Places Without You

The Long Chase for the President’s Spouse – Chapter 64A: Revisiting the Same Places Without You

Translator: Pkitty

Editor: Espada

Quality Check: Tezuka

First Published on Chaleuria

Chapter 64A: Revisiting the Same Places Without You

  Last minute, Gu Zhun booked the earliest flight and flew to Japan the next day. He disembarked from the aircraft and wandered around with his luggage.

 He only knew was that this was Tokyo, as he continued to wander around aimlessly. Coincidentally, he was back in the same country that he had visited with Zhang Heng.

   However, Zhang Heng didn’t come with him so no one would carry his luggage. Gu Zhun dragged his luggage and continued to wander the streets of Tokyo.


   He gazed up at the signs that filled the streets and the floating cherry blossoms that were falling like snow against the backdrop of the night.


“It’s already the end of spring. We’re really lucky to be able to see cherry blossoms this late in the year…” Gu Zhun heard a passerby say.


   That’s right, they were lucky to be able to see the cherry blossoms but you’re not here…

If you saw it, would you whip out your phone frantically and take pictures? I knew that your lens were always focused on me.


The first time we travelled together on the bus, you brazenly took pictures of me from all angles right in front of all the new company employees.

  At the time, I thought you were just collecting data from employees for a more detailed report.

 You brought me to soak in the hot springs while we were on our staff trip. When we entered the hot springs pool, you wanted to bring your phone in but I advised you against it since your phone had a lot of important client contacts saved inside. If you dropped your phone, you would have to bear the consequences yourself. It was only then did you drop the idea, but you kept leaning towards me. Initially, I thought that you wanted to bridge the superior and subordinate gap.


The second time we went on a trip to Japan, you lied to me that it was a business trip. You brought me to a comic store and showed me different things and broadened my knowledge. I thought that it was the necessary knowledge to have as President Zhang’s personal assistant.


 “…” But…


Now, I have realized…


   The reason why you took pictures of me at every angle during the first employee trip was because you liked me. You even confessed to me at the hot springs.

The reason why you brought me to Japan and broadened my horizons was because you liked me. You wanted to take the next step with me.


 I finally realized that you truly liked me… I didn’t believe it in the past…


  When did you start to like me?


 You said that you liked me seven years ago and you will continue to like me in the future.

But seven years ago, you told me that we would be good friends. It was just friends, right?



If you liked me, why did you disappear without attending the post-exam party during the third year of junior high?  During senior year of high school, I learned that you went abroad from other people… It seemed that it was planned beforehand.


 You were kidding when you said that you liked me, right?


You said that you liked me in the past, present, and you will continue to like me in the future. If so, why did you leave me during the third year of junior high?


Did you know? The year that our exams ended, the stress and burden that I had was released and I became really relaxed. Although I was unable to do anything about my stoic nature, I really wanted to talk to you about different topics… your favorite NBA teams, computer games, and female celebrities…


I knew that you liked those topics because you would always talk about it during our self study lesson after class ended.


“I know…”


  You’re just joking and using me for your own entertainment, right?


Gu Zhun walked by several streets and coincidentally arrived at the hotel they had previously stayed in. For a second, the lady boss who was seated at the front desk was stunned when she saw Gu Zhun. She wore her glasses and stared at him for awhile before recognizing him— “Aren’t you the Chinese guy that came here before? Why are you alone this time?”



“…” I don’t want to lead him on.


 Gu Zhun kept quiet and took out some money from his wallet to pay.


The lady boss only took a one thousand yen note and said: “It’s not worth it for a heartbroken person to spend so much money to stay at such an expensive hotel. I will only take one thousand yen and you can stay as long as you like. I will not chase you out. “




   Although Gu Zhun really wanted to clarify and reject the lady boss’ good intentions, he was pushed away by a young and energetic girl: “Rest assured, my granny meant what she said! We are a credible hotel with a hundred years of history and we would not ask you to pay more money in the future!”


 The little girl pushed Gu Zhun all the way to his room. Afterwards, he took the room key that she handed him.


Gu Zhun organized his luggage, sat on the bed, and looked at the wooden ceiling.  


 He still remembered that scene during their trip in Japan—


Zhang Heng closed the door and looked at Gu Zhun quietly. Gu Zhun felt that Zhang Heng’s sudden silence was a little strange.


“What’s the matter?” Gu Zhun asked.

Zhang Heng walked in front of Gu Zhun with his head lowered and lifted his head to look at Gu Zhun.

He looked at Gu Zhun straight in the eyes. It was as if there were signals that would transmit from Zhang Heng’s eyes to his.


Zhang Heng suddenly hugged Gu Zhun. He used a lot of strength to hug him and it flustered Gu Zhun .

 “What’s the matter with you?” Gu Zhun’s hand, which was was stretched behind Zhang Heng’s back, was left hanging in midair. He didn’t dare to touch Zhang Heng.


Zhang Heng finally said one sentence: “Thank you for spending time with me this week.”


“…” Gu Zhun actually wanted to tell him that it wasn’t necessary to say thanks for such matters. There was nothing to thank him for…


The corner of Gu Zhun’s lips curved up and his brows gently lifted up. Revealing an indulgent smile, he said: “Isn’t accompanying one’s superior on a business trip something a subordinate ought to do?”

“Yes… it’s a shame. That’s the reason I used from the start to con you to Japan.” Zhang Heng gave a dejected smile.


Gu Zhun, whose hand that was still stretched behind Zhang Heng’s back, touched him. He said: “I’m willing.”


“…” There was no reply. Zhang Heng buried his head in the crook of Gu Zhun’s neck and smiled in satisfaction.


That’s right. There wasn’t a need for words.


At that time, it was clear that he and Zhang Heng had so much chemistry… he was the one who promised to take the next step with Zhang Heng. However, he was now a despicable person fleeing from him.


Too hateful! Too selfish!


Zhang Heng, I am unable to return your feelings completely. I’m too scared… My parents’ love must not have been honest enough since it led to their divorce. Once they divorced, they left my sister and I alone without care for so many years.


I’m really afraid. If I am unable to completely love you while you always invest 100% or even 1000% of your love, then our love wouldn’t be on an equal scale. In another seven years, would you still have any feelings for me? Would you still want me? Or would you abandon me? I would be hurt, battered, and bruised once again. If I asked to get back together, you would be unwilling and you wouldn’t even want to look at me.     


   Once it reaches that point, we would only be badly wounded and scarred…


   Gu Zhun woke up really early the next day. He was unable to sleep even though he was really tired after a long journey as his mind was occupied with thoughts about Zhang Heng. It was not until 5AM that he managed to sleep for two hours.      


   He washed up, changed his clothes, and prepared to go out for a stroll instead of holing up in his room. If a traveler didn’t leave their room after a week, it would make people suspicious and cause unnecessary trouble for the lady boss. It was also to prove that he was not running away because of Zhang Heng. He was just… just…


 He should go out and have breakfast first.


 Gu Zhun did not buy breakfast from the small stalls around the hotel. Instead, he took the bullet train alone and arrived at Akihabara, which was a famous place filled with electronic stores.


Zhang Heng brought him to this place and showed him his childhood friend’s BL merchandise store on the second floor.


 Gu Zhun was clearly able to remember what happened that day —


Gu Zhun paused and thought about the different pronunciations between widening horizons and increasing knowledge.

“Widen horizons or increase knowledge?”

 “Widen horizons.”

Yes. It was answered correctly.


 At times, Gu Zhun was unable to follow along with Zhang Heng’s thought processes. On the other hand, Zhang Heng thought that his logic was really good. Of course, there were times when his logic was not easily understood by a normal person.

Zhang Heng continued and asked seriously: “Would you be willing to try it with me?”

“… Try? Was it not referring… to the feeling of being together?” Gu Zhun stammered and asked. To this day, he was still unable to understand why he said that to Zhang Heng.

Was it from a moment of impulse of not being used to Zhang Heng’s dispirited expression or had the seed been planted a long time ago? This was something that remained unknown.


Zhang Heng was serious as he replied gravely.

“I hope to try both.”

 Gu Zhun was struck by Zhang Heng’s response. Trying both meant that Zhang Heng wanted both his body and his heart. This was the first time that someone wanted him so much and wanted to treasure him so dearly…

Maybe it was worth a try?

Gu Zhun stood up and circled around the coffee table before arriving at Zhang Heng’s side. He knelt on the sofa with one leg and leaned towards Zhang Heng’s ear— “This is the multiple choice question you gave me. A: Body, B: Heart, C: Body and Heart.”

“…” Zhang Heng waited for Gu Zhun’s answer.


Gu Zhun opened his mouth after a few seconds and faintly replied: “I choose C. I hope that it is the correct answer.”

Zhang Heng reached his hand out, stroked Gu Zhun’s face, and pulled it towards him. After that, he kissed Gu Zhun’s lips again.

  This time it was a light and chaste kiss. It was not the deep and lingering kiss from before.

“Thank you for choosing. That is definitely the right answer because I’m the one that will be grading it.”

   Gu Zhun pretended to lightly slap Zhang Heng: “A bad student still wants to decide on the grades.”


Zhang Heng wasn’t happy. Although he knew that this was the first and only time that Gu Zhun cracked a joke, he still pretended to be angry and said: “Elite Student Gu, I have studied abroad and I am now your boss.”


 “…” Gu Zhun touched his lips unconsciously when he thought about past. He could still feel the warmth on his lips as if it had just happened yesterday.


 Gu Zhun decided to not continue strolling around! Why did he choose to come to Japan? China was filled with memories of him while Tokyo contained traces of him!


Zhang Heng, I thought that you were sick of my insensitivity so you left during the third year of junior high. But in the end, you still pestered me even after seven years…

  I liked it when you pestered me! However, I am really terrified!


I seemed to have fallen for you! My mind is filled with thoughts about you and I can’t seem to get rid of you, but I must! Because… the deeper you love, the greater the pain.


A gust of wind blew and scattered the cherry blossoms. The ladies on the street hurriedly held down their skirts while the guys opened their umbrella to prevent their suits from being dirtied before meeting important clients. Gu Zhun walked along the hillside that was filled with blooming cherry blossoms. Halfway up the hill, there was a school.


Gu Zhun entered the school. Perhaps there wouldn’t be any traces of Zhang Heng here…


Thousands of miles away, Zhang Heng sneezed while he was sitting in his office.


“Is this a good sign or… a bad sign?”


It didn’t take long for him to deny himself—“No. Gu Zhun said that this is just superstition…”

He snapped out of it and suddenly dialed the resource department— “Have you found it? The surveillance footage after Gu Zhun left?”    


  The president was furious! It had been three hours and they still couldn’t find Gu Zhun’s location!


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