TLCPS- Chapter 64B: President Wants Some Time Alone

The Long Chase for the President’s Spouse – Chapter 64B: President Wants Some Time Alone

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Chapter 64B: President Wants Some Time Alone

Sitting in his office, Zhang Heng appeared calm on the surface but his heart was in a frenzy! Were these people really the elites that he had personally hired? How could all of them be so slow?!

On the surface, the elites accepted their president’s request to search for his assistant but they didn’t dare to neglect the work they had on hand. Zhang Corporation had a large market value business deal. If there was even a slight mistake, who would take the responsibility for it? Moreover, it was impossible to guarantee that the president wouldn’t shrink from his responsibilities and put the blame on them.

During work, they searched for any relevant information regarding his assistant and analyzed the footage from the surveillance camera near Gu Zhun’s apartment. They would investigate any suspicious people loitering around the neighborhood at night. However, they had to take advantage of their lunch break to secretly discuss their work.

The president wanted some time alone, so he told them not to bother him if there wasn’t anything important… (By important, he was referring to Gu Zhun)

Gu Zhun, why did you leave without a word? Was it something that I did? Did you dislike the endless social gatherings? Or did you feel very helpless and embarrassed by that baffling dance challenge that Ye RuiXi issued? It’s alright since I will set things straight!

I even berated Ye RuiXi. He was a grown up yet he still wanted to dance and compete!

Come back quickly! My heart can’t bear this any longer!

The silence was broken by the sound of someone knocking on the door.  

The veins on the president’s forehead bulged. Who was it that had nothing better to do than to knock on his door at this time?

“Reporting, President!”

“What do you want to report?! Didn’t I mention that…”

“President, it’s regarding the matter you’ve instructed us about Gu Zhun…”


The employee stood stiffly and started to report.

……………………………………………………….. A lengthy speech was omitted.

Zhang Heng cut to the chase and said: “Did you all find him?”


“Where?” You talked so much about the process to find him but what I care about is his whereabouts!

“He is in Japan!”

He is… in Japan?

Zhang Heng was baffled. If he wanted to avoid him, why would he choose to go to a place that was related to him?

Moreover, they agreed to try and take the next step there…


Zhang Heng left the office and called Gu Li: “Sis, I want to ask you about Gu Zhun…”

Inside a cafe—

Gu Li added sugar as she stirred the bitter coffee with a teaspoon.

“So, Gu Zhun is in Japan?”

Zhang Heng nodded his head. It was apparent that even Gu Zhun’s sister was doubtful about her brother going to Japan without leaving any explanation ….

“Sis, did you know why Gu Zhun always avoids me?”

Gu Li took a sip of coffee and said: “Wasn’t it because you made him unhappy?”

Zhang Heng raised both hands to express that he was wrongfully accused!

Zhang Heng continued: “Usually, Gu Zhun doesn’t respond when I tease him and sometimes, he would intentionally distance himself from me… He even left on his own during the last dinner party…”

“Actually, that child isn’t hiding from you. He is just avoiding his own feelings…”

“What do you mean?”

Gu Li took out an old photo from her bag. It was a family portrait of her and her parents standing beside a young Gu Zhun. He looked really young, like he was an elementary school student.

Gu Li pointed at the two adults in the photo and said: “These are my parents and they divorced a long time ago. At that time, I was eighteen years old and Gu Zhun was eight.”

Zhang Heng kept quiet. He waited for Gu Li to divulge the past; the pandora box that no one dared to open—

“Initially, they sent a lump sum of money for our daily expenses. But it gradually came to a stop when they each had a new family and abandoned us at the old house in our hometown. We were being taken care of by our relatives, who also got sick of us later on. I had to quit school a few months before the National College Entrance Exam, and took the graduation certificate that my principal had handed me out of pity in order to look for a job. Afterwards, I struggled and worked hard all the way till this day. But it wasn’t just me who was affected, Gu Zhun was the one who was really affected by this. He really loved his parents but one day, his parents got into a fight and by the next day, he never saw his parents again. I told him the truth because I didn’t want to lie to him that our parents went on a trip…”

Zhang Heng really wanted to know the reason why, because a child wouldn’t be able to accept such a harsh truth— It was too painful and cruel.

Gu Li saw Zhang Heng’s misgivings and said: “I did think about lying to him but Gu Zhun was a sensitive child. He knew something happened and when he looked at me, it was as though he was imploring for the truth… so I told him. We can only depend on each other, since our parents didn’t want us anymore. But as a sister, I would take good care of him.”

Midway through, Zhang Heng ordered a tiramisu cake for Gu Li.  He felt that throughout all these years, Gu Li had suffered and was unfairly treated. As Gu Zhun’s future husband, he must take good care of his sister-in-law.

Gu Li did not stand on ceremony as she ate and talked at the same time. It seemed like she had already treated Zhang Heng as her sister-in-law. Oh no. It should be brother-in-law?

“Although Gu Zhun really wanted to know the truth, he knew he would be hurt by it. After finding out the truth, he locked himself in his room and wallowed over it. He didn’t leave his room to eat for several days. At the beginning, I was really worried about him and also felt really guilty about telling him the truth. I was so upset and I blamed myself while abruptly breaking down into tears outside the room…”

Gu Li’s eyes turned slightly red when she spoke about this. It seemed like it had struck a chord in her heart.

“But did you know? Gu Zhun actually opened the door when he heard me crying. He hugged me and told me not to cry…” He was only eight years old yet wasn’t he strong? He was so mature that he didn’t seem like a child…

Gu Li sighed and took a deep breath before she continued: “Gu Zhun continued his studies but ever since then, he seemed to have changed completely. He started to distance himself from his good friends. From that point onwards, Gu Zhun didn’t have any friends and he became a loner…”

A sudden realization struck Zhang Heng. He finally realized that Gu Zhun wasn’t aloof because he was an elite student. Gu Zhun wasn’t used to socializing with others at a young age. It would be more accurate to say that he purposely distanced himself from the crowd…

Zhang Heng didn’t understand. “Why did Gu Zhun shut the door to his heart?”

Gu Li angrily pointed her fingers at Zhang Heng. After she said so much, he still didn’t understand Gu Zhun?

“He is scared! He is afraid that once he gets into a relationship, he would be sad and hurt if the other person abandoned him! Just like the day he found out the truth…”

Zhang Heng was stunned… He didn’t know that Gu Zhun actually had such a past. He only knew that the Gu Zhun from seven years ago was an aloof elite student with a stoic face and cold disposition.

Zhang Heng lowered his head and was deep in thought. Gu Li continued: “That child is afraid of hurting you…

“… What do you mean?”

Zhang Heng couldn’t understand. Why did Gu Zhun avoid him? Why was Gu Zhun running away from him because he was afraid of hurting him? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Seemingly unworried about how her brother was getting by in Japan, Gu Li ordered another cake. This future brother-in-law of her’s was slow and indecisive like a girl…

“He wouldn’t invest his feelings easily because he is afraid of getting hurt, and he felt that he couldn’t completely give you his heart. However, you invested 100% or even 1000% of yourself to love him… He felt that this kind of love was unfair and it wouldn’t last for long. In the end, the both of you would only be badly wounded and scarred. It would be better not to be together from the start. Do you understand?”

“…” Zhang Heng bowed his head and kept quiet. Gu Li was seated across and was happily munching on cake— It was great being a love advisor!

Zhang Heng stood up. He took out a few hundred dollar bills from his wallet and gave it to Gu Li: “Sis! This is my gift for you! Use it as you please! Please don’t stand on ceremony!”

He dashed out of the cafe and rushed into a car parked near the cafe. He stepped on the accelerator and left in a flash…

Gu Li caressed the pink hundred dollar bills… She couldn’t help but remark: “Heavens… My brother-in-law is really filial…”

Gu Li decided to continue eating up a storm! Let it sweep all her bad luck away! Once this bad luck was swept away, her luck with romance would come storming in…

When he got in the car, Zhang Heng called May, the front desk receptionist: “Hurry up! Help me book the earliest flight to Japan now! I’ll give you a pay raise!”

He hung up the call without waiting for May’s response. If she couldn’t even react to such things, then she didn’t need to continue working in Zhang Corporation. She could just pack her bags and go home.

Five minutes later, Zhang Heng received the information on his flight while he was still driving to the airport.

The earliest flight possible was at 6PM. Zhang Heng didn’t prepare anything so he only had his wallet, which contained some cash and credit cards.

He took out his phone and dialed: “Ma ShangQian, tell Xu YaLe to go to my house and take my passport along with my luggage that I have set aside for last minute business trips. I want to see you at the airport in 20 minutes!”


Zhang Heng rashly hung up the call once again.

Xu YaLe was able to guess the situation before Ma ShangQian could react to it—  He must have found out about Gu Zhun’s whereabouts and rushed to find him.

Xu YaLe quickly left the company with Ma ShangQian and arrived at Zhang Heng’s house. They took Zhang Heng’s passport, some documents, and stuffed a formal suit in his luggage.

“Why are you stuffing these? Didn’t he just ask for his passport?”

“Are you dumb? What if Zhang Heng went to the Netherlands to look for Gu Zhun? Wouldn’t it be perfect if they get married there? How could he get married without these documents? I don’t know about the formalities there so I helped him stuff all these in.”

But wasn’t it unnecessary to stuff Zhang Heng’s elementary graduation certificate that his mother had stashed away? Was it necessary? Besides, why are you so familiar with Zhang Heng’s house?!

“Don’t be bothered by all these small details! Did you forget about my initial plans before we got together?”

“…” Ma ShangQian was exasperated. Was this Xu YaLe still that Xu YaLe from before? He was at a loss for words…

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