TLCPS- Chapter 65: Walking Away From Your World

The Long Chase for the President’s Spouse – Chapter 65: Walking Away From Your World

Translator: Pkitty

Editor: Espada

Quality Check: Tezuka

First Published on Chaleuria

Chapter 65: Walking Away From Your World


“Gu Zhun, do you want to leave me?” Zhang Heng was on the plane to Japan. He knew Gu Zhun ran away from him because he didn’t dare to face his inner demons. Zhang Heng decided not to talk about getting back together the moment they met nor promise that he would love Gu Zhun forever. They would just be empty words…


He would use his actions to prove that he really loved Gu Zhun. At the same time, he would prove that his love was strong enough to withstand all sorts of trials and it would not be extinguished so easily.


If Gu Zhun felt that being with him would hurt me, I will do everything to show that being with me wouldn’t cause me any harm. Instead, I am hurt because you are running away from me!


“… Excuse me sir, would you like any food or beverages?” The flight attendant softly asked him.


“…” Zhang Heng ignored her, he looked like a ferocious Chinese triad member that specially flew to Japan to collect debts from the Japanese Yakuza.


The flight attendant could only walk away in silence.


After he landed in Japan, Zhang Heng anxiously called for a taxi and rushed to downtown Tokyo. This time, he decided not to stay in a hotel as there was nobody to accompany him. How lonely would it be?


It was really lonely!

He would rather be beaten to death than endure a night without Gu Zhun!


   It was because Zhang Heng loved Gu Zhun. He loved Gu Zhun so much that he was almost at the point of being madly in love with him.

On the surface, Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun appeared to have a normal superior and subordinate relationship. However, their hearts were restless and their emotions constantly fluctuated.


 Zhang Heng often stared at Gu Zhun when he did not have any documents to approve. Sometimes when Zhang Heng only had a few documents to read and sign, he would stare at Gu Zhun for almost half the day.


Zhang Heng looked like he was daydreaming and staring into space, but he was actually try to flirt with Gu Zhun!


With a hand propping up his head, he turned slightly and stared at Gu Zhun with raised lips. It was as if Gu Zhun had a valuable treasure on him and that could slip away at any moment.


Gu Zhun was working seriously so he didn’t notice Zhang Heng’s gaze. However, Zhang Heng’s gaze was burning and very intense. It was like he was looking through someone’s soul.


“…” There was one time that Gu Zhun wanted to stand up and lift Zhang Heng by the collar and question him like how TV shows always played out— “Why are you constantly looking at me?”


“…” But reality was far from fantasy. Gu Zhun stood up only to take his cup and walked out of the office to refill water. A faint command sounded behind him: “I need a refill too.”

“…” Gu Zhun turned around to get Zhang Heng’s cup. The moment Zhang Heng’s fingertips brushed against his, Gu Zhun felt like he was being tickled and his heart itched.

It seemed like he had experienced these feelings seven years ago.


Every single time during class, Zhang Heng would always stand up behind him and stretch his head in front of Gu Zhun— The teacher was writing on the blackboard with her back facing the class. The form teacher routinely asked questions to wrap things up once she finished writing on the blackboard. Well… who did the teacher like to pick the most?


The form teacher liked to pick people who would definitely be unable to answer, such as Zhang Heng. She used Zhang Heng to show off her knowledge and achieve her own satisfaction in teaching!

It wasn’t a surprise when the form teacher called on Zhang Heng to answer a question—


“Zhang Heng, what kind of feelings was the poem trying to express?”


“…” Zhang Heng scratched his head. From the corner of his eyes, he glanced at Gu Zhun’s desk and the notes written in Gu Zhun’s textbook and notebook. He did not even understand most of it and was only roughly able to see the word ‘love’…

He answered: “The poet was filled with vitality since he missed his wife and needed the nourishment of love.”


“…” The veins on the form teacher’s forehead started to bulge. It was clear that the form teacher didn’t want to associate herself with Zhang Heng. She even wished that Zhang Heng would not stay in the top class that she was teaching. It was too embarrassing! He was already a second year student and yet, he was still unable to analyze a short poem!    


“Gu Zhun, answer it for Zhang Heng.” The form teacher called on Gu Zhun to answer the question.


Gu Zhun smoothly answered the question without leaving out any details. The form teacher was happy with the answer as she nodded her head with approval and told Gu Zhun to sit down.    


After class, Gu Zhun had his head lowered and was doing the homework that the form teacher had assigned. Zhang Heng was seated behind him and saw Gu Zhun continue to bury his head in his homework right in front of him. They had already attended two literature lessons in a row. It was actually really amazing that Gu Zhun didn’t get a headache from it!

If he placed his head close to Gu Zhun’s head, would he be able to gain his secret of preventing a headache even without getting Gu Zhun’s IQ?


Zhang Heng stood up and walked in front of Gu Zhun before bending down. All of his actions were very light and soft but Gu Zhun didn’t react to it. With his head buried, he was still doing poetry dictations and solving modern Chinese questions.


“Why are you ignoring me?” Zhang Heng gently placed his hand on Gu Zhun’s head. Moving his head forward, he leaned his forehead onto Gu Zhun’s forehead to the point where even their noses were touching. Luckily, the weather was perfect outside and most of their classmates took a small break from their studies to get some exercise. Other than a few students sleeping on their desks, Gu Zhun and Zhang Heng were the only ones awake.


“…” Gu Zhun stared into Zhang Heng’s eyes but he didn’t know why Zhang Heng did it. He only knew that this sort of action was done to check if someone had a fever but…    


He didn’t have a fever. He felt that it was actually getting hotter now that Zhang Heng plastered himself against him. Even though there was air-conditioning in the classroom, the temperature was set really low. Gu Zhun was even sitting right beneath the air-conditioning and it was colder for him, so he wore a school blazer over his uniform.     


His body was really cold but he felt his face heating up.


 “Zhang Heng, I don’t have a fever…” Although he didn’t have a fever, the cold air from the air-conditioning caused Gu Zhun to sneeze— “Achoo.”

 “Are you cold?” Zhang Heng asked him straightforwardly as he stared at Gu Zhun without moving away. Gu Zhun felt his heart skip a beat when he was being stared at with such intensity. He was surprised by the reaction.


“…I.” Zhang Heng stood up and removed his school blazer. He covered Gu Zhun with his blazer: “Wear mine. You are so thin and frail that I don’t want you to catch a cold.”


His heart skipped a beat the first time they stared into each other’s eyes. When Zhang Heng stared at Gu Zhun in the office, he even looked at him with a sly smile —


“…” Gu Zhun had that feeling seven years ago and this time, it seemed the same yet there was something different about it. Gu Zhun didn’t know that at that time, he already started to fall for Zhang Heng. Seven years ago, he didn’t know and now that it was seven years later, he still didn’t know any better. He had a slight improvement, and at the most, he only knew that he seemed to have fallen for Zhang Heng…



Gu Zhun was still as dimwitted as ever when it came to his emotions. It seemed that he read so many books that his mind had become dull.


Zhang Heng dragged his luggage and arrived at Akihabara. With his legs crossed, he was reading manga in his childhood friend’s shop. Zhang Heng was actually preoccupied with thoughts about Gu Zhun, but he needed to wait for his friend to close shop. Even if the store manager closed the shop early, they would only be able to leave in the evening. Therefore, Zhang Heng simply made himself at home and occupied the second story’s precious collection of manga.    


This place was filled with memories…


In a few hours, the sun was about to set. The sunset rays shone through the window and illuminated the room floors. The sun casted a golden hue on Zhang Heng’s hair. Gu Zhun   read manga until he fell asleep there. He was lying on his thigh and the sun was also shining on his hair, making it look so soft and beautiful.


Conflicting feelings arose in Zhang Heng’s mind. He really hoped that time could have stopped at that moment so Gu Zhun would stay by his side forever. But at the same time, he did not wish for time to stop because Gu Zhun had not said anything to confirm their relationship yet.


He hoped that they could be together and become each other spouses…


“Let’s go, lovelorn young master.” The store manager carried a pile of books upstairs. The moment he opened the door, he saw Zhang Heng leaning against the sofa. His head was resting behind his arms and he looked out of the window at the sun setting behind the department store. Occasionally, there were a bunch of wild geese that flew past and honked. The pedestrians on the streets crossed the traffic lights and the zebra crossings in a rush to get back home.


At this time, Gu Zhun should have ended work. What about now? Are you eating properly? Where are you in Japan?


The store manager put down the private collection of books he had carried up and arranged it onto his bookshelf. He arranged a book and said: “Do you want to go yet? You pestered me to bring you back early and now you don’t want to move. What do you want?”    


“Let’s go…” Zhang Heng got up listlessly and slightly stumbled.


On the surface, Zhang Heng appeared to be a perfect and capable president. However, he was also a normal human being. This was his first love and he was jilted when the relationship started to progress. The object of his love had always been the same person, which was a man. Perhaps, this was the difference between Zhang Heng and other people.


“… Do you think I’ll be able to find him? Once I find him, will he come back with me?” Zhang Heng was sitting in his friend’s delivery car.

Normally, Zhang Heng wouldn’t accept a ride from his friend. He would even criticize it as his friend’s car was a small, old van that had been used for many years. But Zhang Heng wasn’t a spoiled young master. It was because the store manager’s car was only fit for delivering goods and not people… Not only were the leather upholstery of the seats damaged, but even the stuffings inside were exposed. The moment you sat down, air would be released from the seat. Moreover, it was really dirty… That was due to the store manager’s laziness since he hasn’t cleaned it all year.

“I really don’t have the confidence. Moreover, I am really scared…”


  Zhang Heng was in despair. His friend sitting at the side could not tolerate this any longer. He quickly stepped on the gas pedal to bring Zhang Heng back to his house.


After that, he slapped Zhang Heng a few times— “Don’t be a coward! If it still doesn’t work out, just have make-up sex!”


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