TLCPS- Chapter 66: What Sort of Thoughts Are You Thinking About?


The Long Chase for the President’s Spouse – Chapter 66: What Sort of Thoughts Are You Thinking About?

Translator: PKitty

Editor: Espada

Quality Check: Tezuka

First Published on Chaleuria


Chapter 66: What Sort of Thoughts Are You Thinking About?

“Sex, sex, sex! That’s all you think about. No wonder you’re still single!” Zhang Heng pounced on the store manager and smacked his head.

The store manager rubbed his head dolefully: “What… You’ve read so much manga, don’t you think that it has become the norm?”

“…” Zhang Heng really wanted to crack his head open and check whether it was filled with mush instead of brains. “That’s only a norm in the manga industry.”

“Not much of a difference since it’s still a norm for authors.”

Although Zhang Heng was being teased by the store manager, he seemed to have slightly recollected himself. But he was still very upset about not having a solution where Gu Zhun would accept and be together with him.

The store manager sat on the sofa with Zhang Heng. He acted like a relationship expert and mumbled: “Whoever caused this knot in his heart needs to be the one who unravels it… Perhaps there might be a way if you eliminate the root of the problem?”

“Root of the problem?” Zhang Heng thought about that— Could that be the root of the problem?

“Initially, they sent a lump sum of money for our daily expense. But it gradually came to a stop when they each had a new family and abandoned us at the old house in our hometown. We were being taken care of by our relatives, who also got sick of us later on. I had to quit school a few months before the National College Entrance Exam and even took the graduation certificate that my principal had handed me out of pity in order to look for a job. Afterwards, I struggled and worked hard until this day. I wasn’t the only person affected because Gu Zhun was the one who was really affected by this. He really loved his parents until one day, his parents got into a fight and by the next day, he never saw his parents again. I told him the truth because I didn’t want to lie to him that our parents went on a trip…”

Zhang Heng recalled what Sister Gu Li had mentioned to him. Gu Zhun changed drastically when he and his sister were abandoned. Wasn’t it because his parents abandoned their whole family? At first, Gu Zhun thought that his family was very happy and blissful. He loved his parents, his sister, and all that encompassed his family, including the toys and furniture. He loved all of it deeply. But what about now?

The two people he loved the most had left.They no longer loved each other and thus, abandoned their children. Wouldn’t their children feel betrayed when they were abandoned by the parents whom they loved and trusted?

Zhang Heng was roughly able to guess how a young Gu Zhun felt at that time. The two people who meant the world to him left and and his whole world fell apart. Only an ugly void of sadness was left behind.

“…” The root of the problem lay in Gu Zhun’s parents.

But what about it? Gu Zhun’s parents divorced because they had their own reasons. They also didn’t want to hurt Gu Zhun nor did they think that it would hurt him so badly that his outlook on love and life would be affected even until now.

Gu Zhun was eight when his parents divorced and he never saw them again. He wouldn’t be able to contact his parents.

During all those years, perhaps there were various reasons and difficulties why Gu Zhun’s parents couldn’t make up for their lack of love towards him?

Zhang Heng hoped that was the case. If that was so, Gu Zhun could be considered someone who was treasured and loved. Nonetheless, he would smother Gu Zhun with all of his love in the future to make up for his lack of love in the past.

In fact, Zhang Heng truly loved Gu Zhun. His love wasn’t frivolous like his usual teasing actions. He always buried that love in his heart. Seven years ago, he learned to use those actions to conceal his thoughts towards Gu Zhun. Seven years later when he was brave enough to confess, Gu Zhun no longer believed in such frivolous actions. He was even cynical about whether true love existed.

Zhang Heng jumped up in excitement. Since things were uncertain, wouldn’t it be alright if I looked for the truth by myself?

When the store manager saw Zhang Heng’s confident expression change into a smug look, he really wanted to kick him so that he would snap out of it.

“Why did you kick me? You’re just a supporting character that doesn’t have a name!”

“Woah! You even learned to be mouthy! You’ve become so amazing, my Zhang Heng!” Retorted the store manager as he got up on his feet and confronted Zhang Heng.

After that, they fought and wrestled each other— Just like the past, there wasn’t any anger between friends that couldn’t be resolved after a fight. If there was, they would just fight again.

Zhang Heng quickly made an international call using the store manager’s shop landline.

“Hello, President’s proxy buyer? Is there any upcoming overseas delivery that you need to update us?

“…No.” Zhang Heng felt very confounded over the phone. When did he ask the store manager to sent him manga so frequently? He thought that he didn’t ask the store manager to send so much manga…

First, Zhang Heng calculated the comic based on the series. Moreover, the receptionist only had to manage the matters of the president. She specially took note of the things concerning him in hopes that she might be able to get a raise or the chance of being able to catch the president’s attention.

But miss, you think too much. During these seven years, the president only loved Gu Zhun… a man.

“I am Zhang Heng. Transfer the line to the heads of the Human Resources Department and the Logistics Department. Hurry! I have a task for them!”


A long wait ensued during the transfer call. He had to explain the task to two different departments at the same time, which felt impossible to do over a phone call. The rule of thumb was that it was necessary to have a conference call.

The store manager gritted his teeth in distress and pleaded pitifully: “Hurry up! International call is really costly! The call time is still running even when the receptionist is transferring the call. Are you trying to kill me?” The store manager was about to beat his chest in anger. He knew that a video conference was the most efficient way to hand out tasks in most companies, especially when it came to important meetings.

The company was shocked when they heard that the President made a call from Japan and requested for an emergency video conference. Xu YaLe was calmly sitting on Ma ShangQian’s seat with her legs crossed and drinking coffee while checking if there were any legal issues with Ma ShangQian’s design and estimating the worth of its commercial market value.

Standing beside Xu YaLe, Ma ShangQian looked at the whole company, busily preparing for the video conference. Yet, Xu YaLe was busy with his unimportant job…

“YaLe, shouldn’t we help out…?”

Xu YaLe looked at the computer and scrolled the mouse wheel as she said: “You can’t even tell from this? What would a call from Japan be about?”

“What is it about?” Ma ShangQian was still unable to make any sense of it. Xu YaLe finished her coffee and stood up. She walked next to Ma Shang Qian and whispered: “Gu Zhun is in Japan.”

Afterwards, she left nonchalantly without even turning back…

“…” Ma ShangQian finally realized what it was about.

Their president was really rich…

The young heads of the Human Resources Department and the Logistics Department were being summoned once again. In the video conference room, they brought their secretaries and a few outstanding employees from their departments and took a seat at both sides of the round table.

In a distant East Asian Country— Japan. The receptionist informed Zhang Heng that the video conference was ready to begin. He hung up the phone and used the store manager’s laptop to start the video conference.

“Hello President!” Everyone greeted uniformly when they saw the image of their president appearing on the screen. The silent and solemn atmosphere was as if they were awaiting orders for a declaration of war…

Zhang Heng said indistinctively: “Help me find them.” Zhang Heng raised a picture and placed it right in front of the screen for all the the department staff to take a clear look.

“I don’t have the original picture. I secretly hired a private detective to take this picture.”

Everyone was stunned when they heard this. How were they supposed to find them when they didn’t have the original picture? Everyone took out their handphones and took numerous pictures to ensure that nothing was being overlooked.

There were two people standing beside each other in the photo. Even though it was an old photo with yellow discoloration, they looked really young. It was a pair of newlyweds and from their expressions, they looked really loving and happy.

“There isn’t much information apart from this so I want you guys to find out all their information within a week! All of you have performed well in the past. If all of you finish this properly and punctually, you will not only get a pay raise, but there will be an end of year bonus and a year end staff retreat!”

Their president was generous! He meant what he said and would never lie to his employees. Thus, all the staff shouted in high spirits: “Yes!”

There was a shadow that appeared on the screen and pounced onto Zhang Heng. That shadow was shouting: “I don’t want to lend it to you anymore! You use it for such a long time every time you borrow it!”

I had enough of you, Zhang Heng! In the past, it was the same when it came to toys. You would take my new toy and use it for a long time! The store manager was furious.

When the staff in the meeting room saw the store manager’s face, Zhang Heng swiftly slammed the laptop’s lid shut and the video conference ended.

The meeting abruptly came to a close and it was time to make arrangements for their task.

To be honest, the benefits they could reap from this task was very attractive…

In Japan, the store manager growled: “Tell me! Why do you like to use my things?! Last time, it was toys. Now it’s my phone and laptop! Who do you think you are?!”

“It’s really impressive how you have such distorted memories. Who do you think you are that I would want to occupy those things?” Zhang Heng retorted.

Why did he say that the store manager’s memories were distorted? The reason why the young store manager’s toys would end up in Zhang Heng’s possession for such a long time was because—

The young store manager said in a small voice: “Big brother, Zhang Heng, I don’t know how to play with this. Could you teach me?”

“… Alright.”

“…” The store manager seemed to have some recollection, he broke out in sweat, and jumped a few meters away from Zhang Heng— Oh God, your memories are really distorted as well!

What kind of thoughts are you thinking about?!



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