TLCPS- Chapter 77: Don’t you like Zhang Heng?

The Long Chase for the President’s Spouse – Chapter 77: Don’t you like Zhang Heng?

Translator: PKitty

Editor: Espada

Quality Check: Tezuka

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Chapter 77: Don’t you like Zhang Heng?


  “I wonder if your mom is doing well through all these years? I heard that rich people are temperamental…” Gu Zhun’s father stowed the cigarette away. Over the years, he gradually quit smoking. However, he still craved a puff whenever there was something on his mind.


 Gu Zhun didn’t reply. He was just staring at the field in front of the shabby house, absorbed in his own thoughts.

Zhang Heng made a suggestion: “Uncle, are you willing to go with us to meet up with Auntie? Our next plan was to look for Gu Zhun’s mom. We also hoped to gain both your approvals.”


“Approval?” Gu Zhun’s father raised his head and scrutinized Zhang Heng carefully, “The both of you have really decided to be together?”


“Of course.”


  Gu Zhun’s father stood up and walked into the house. He used a key to unlock a steel box that was placed at the bedside table and took out a few hundred dollars from it. He walked out of the house and handed the sum of money to Zhang Heng.

“Even if the both of you get married, homosexuality is still widely seen as morally wrong… but the both of you truly love each other. Back then, I made a foolish decision. I don’t have the right to stop the both of you nor do I have the right to pry into your matters. Although I don’t have much savings, you should accept it and consider it as Gu Zhun’s dowry… Based on what I see, you seem to be assuming the husband’s role right?”

Zhang Heng nodded his head and accepted it. He cried and hugged Gu Zhun’s father: “Uncle! If I’ve met you much earlier, I wouldn’t have to chase after Gu Zhun so arduously! It was hard on me!”


Gu Zhun disregarded Zhang Heng’s ruckus. Instead, he walked over and asked his father: “Dad, are you still going to stay here?”


Gu Zhun’s father nodded his head. He looked at the village’s natural scenery and replied: “The scenery here is good and there isn’t much pollution. My state of mind is different when I stay here. In the morning, I feed chickens and spray insecticide. After lunch, I go down the hill and play chess with old men or talk about Chinese opera with old ladies. My days pass in simplicity and I’ve almost made a full recovery from my illness. I stopped smoking and almost kicked my cigarette cravings away. I won’t be going back to the big city. It was really draining for me and I am not suited for it…”


  Gu Zhun nodded his head with understanding. He asked another question: “Are you going to see Mom?”


“So what if we meet?” Gu Zhun’s father laughed helplessly. So what if he sees her again? It had been so many years and all that was left would be her hatred for him. She might have even forgotten about him. Forgot about the fact that she was once married to a poor scoundrel who asked for a divorce out of the blue despite being married for so many years…

“You mom wouldn’t be happy to see me…” Gu Zhun’s father really missed her. After they divorced, he was unable to fall asleep every night. He would always reminisce about her tenderness.      


   Zhang Heng stopped Gu Zhun from trying to persuade him any further. He only asked: “How about writing a letter to auntie?”


Gu Zhun’s father nodded: “I’ll write a letter.”

Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun followed Gu Zhun’s father and entered the house.


 They didn’t know they would be so shocked the moment they entered the house. All these years, the house that Gu Zhun’s father lived in was made of wood and the roof was covered by a metal sheet. It was very cold and narrow.

“Dad, how could you recover from your illness when you stayed in this type of house?”


Gu Zhun’s father smiled weakly as he took out a pen and paper from an old cabinet before saying: “The air here is incomparable to the air in the city…”

Gu Zhun’s father spread out a crumpled paper and held a pen for the first time in a while. He seemed a little awkward as he wrote the letter to his ex-wife.

“… Done.” Gu Zhun’s father kept the pen, folded the crumpled paper, and sealed it in an envelope before handing it to Zhang Heng.


 Zhang Heng carefully received the letter before they bid Gu Zhun’s father farewell and set out in the RV.


The RV’s bedroom was filled with two sacks of agriculture products. Gu Zhun was seated at the passenger’s seat. He turned back and saw his father waving his hand to see them off.


“You’re reluctant to part with him?” Zhang Heng asked.


Gu Zhun nodded but didn’t speak. In the past, he thought that he would definitely hate his father but now that the misunderstanding was resolved, he realized that children would always love their parents. Regardless of any mistakes that their parents might have committed, they were still their parents.

Gu Zhun sat properly and did not continue to turn back to look at his father. As the RV drove off, his father became a hazy figure in the distance…


They continued their journey and passed provincial boundaries.


“Is the company really fine without you?” Gu Zhun felt slightly guilty that Zhang Heng skipped work for so many days to accompany him. He was also really worried about it. A president actually ran off with his assistant… Even though they didn’t abscond with money…

Zhang Heng drove the RV and assured Gu Zhun: “It’s alright. Wen YiHong is there to look after the company for me.”

“Aren’t they in the same industry? Aren’t you afraid of the competition?” Even though Gu Zhun was a liberal arts student, he learned about economics before…


  Zhang Heng thought about it before refuting Gu Zhun: “Ye RuiXi doesn’t have those sorts of thoughts nor does he have the brains for it. As for Wen YiHong, he is too busy cleaning up after Ye RuiXi’s mess.”


How were they able to work with each other?


Far away in the big city, Ye RuiXi and Wen YiHong, who were holding the fort at the company, sneezed at the same time.


“Did you catch a cold? Did you keep it from me and spread the cold to me?” Wen YiHong wiped his nose and turned to question Ye RuiXi. Ye RuiXi shook his head as snot dripped down his nose and raised his hands in the air: “I swear that I didn’t! It’s Zhang Heng. That rascal must be cursing me!”


“…” Wen YiHong was baffled. You clearly like Zhang Heng. How could you say that the person you like is cursing you? Doesn’t it seem strange?

  However, Ye RuiXi thought that Zhang Heng was jealous that he and Wen YiHong were together and holding down the fort while being in the comfort of a big city.


 “Where is Zhang Heng and his assistant? Although the company announced to the public that the President would be away to do some inspections, he shouldn’t leave for such an extended period of time, right? The longest time that we went on a business trip together was a week. Now, two weeks have passed…” Wen YiHong mumbled and recalled his experience of traveling with Zhang Heng on a business trip.

Ye RuiXi was slightly angry. He harrumphed in annoyance and turned his head away to play his mobile game— Anipop. Ye RuiXi deliberately increased the volume. When Wen YiHong heard the sound, he turned and walked up behind Ye RuiXi. His hands braced against Ye RuiXi’s sides as he leaned on top of Ye RuiXi’s head and watched him play Anipop.


“You don’t use cash to buy in-game currencies?”


  “Screw off! Do you think that the president has a lot of money? Aren’t you the one paying my salary? Vice President and Finance Director.”

 Wen YiHong was the Vice President and the Finance Director of Wen Corporation. It would be impossible to siphon money from the Wen family even if Ye RuiXi assumed the position of President. First and foremost, Ye RuiXi wasn’t a scheming person. He didn’t have selfish motives nor did he have the smarts to deceive Wen YiHong and abscond with the money. Moreover, there wasn’t a need. He liked Wen YiHong…


Wen YiHong asked: “Yes, do you think that the pay is low?”


   “…“…” Ye RuiXi really wanted to say yes because he really needed the money to buy in-game currencies. His spending habits were as fervent as his parents’ love and appreciation for art as he spent a huge sum of money collecting art pieces. If it didn’t affect his daily needs, he would definitely buy in-game currencies! This was also the reason why he didn’t buy in-game currencies to gain extra resources in the game.     


Wen YiHong also knew that Ye RuiXi wouldn’t dare to complain about the pay. Compared to presidents from other companies, Ye RuiXi didn’t have as much work to do compared to them. Ye RuiXi was just the company’s figurehead and he wasn’t very skilled in handling projects. In many instances, he needed Wen YiHong’s guidance. Wen YiHong had to supervise the project when it was in progress and even after completion, he still had to rectify Ye RuiXi’s mistakes.  


 Why would a family’s rightful heir obey a president who wasn’t as capable and hard working as him? Shouldn’t he kick this president out?


Wen YiHong  pondered about it. Maybe he felt that he had to be there for Ye RuiXi when he got rejected and hurt by Zhang Heng. At least when the truth was revealed, Ye RuiXi would be able to lean on his shoulders and be comforted.


But if he doesn’t have any mental preparation, how would Ye RuiXi be able to accept such a blow? What if Ye RuiXi took things too hard? Should he give him a heads up?




 Actually, the person that Ye RuiXi liked was him…



 “Do you know who… Zhang Heng likes?” Wen YiHong finally dropped the bomb when Ye RuiXi was playing Anipop. Ye RuiXi’s fingers paused momentarily, causing him to lose the game when he was unable to clear the stage on time…

“I know…”


Wen YiHong didn’t expect Ye RuiXi to know… But if he knew, why didn’t he show any reaction till now? He didn’t have any reaction even after knowing that Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun ‘eloped’ during these two weeks. Instead, his appetite seemed to improve and he even slept soundly.

During noon, he would often order delivery instead of eating in the cafeteria. Once Ye RuiXi finished eating, he would sleep on the office’s sofa without any consideration for Wen YiHong’s suffering as he audited the funds.


Wen YiHong asked: “Who?”


“Gu Zhun.”

“But… Why do you seem unaffected?”


   “Why should I be affected?”

“Don’t you feel jealous?


“Why should I be jealous?


“… Don’t you like Zhang Heng?”


“… Don’t you like Zhang Heng?”


The both of them said the same thing at the same time.

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