TLCPS- Chapter 79: Little XiXi is Really Pure at Heart

The Long Chase for the President’s Spouse – Chapter 79: Little XiXi is Really Pure at Heart

Translator: Kotoni

Editor: Espada

First Published on Chaleuria


Chapter 79: Little XiXi is Really Pure at Heart

Gently cupping Ye RuiXi’s face with his large hands, Wen YiHong leaned in suddenly and claimed Ye RuiXi’s lips without warning. Stunned, Ye RuiXi’s eyes widened as he pushed Wen YiHong away in bewilderment. His head swam in confusion at the physical contact and Wen YiHong’s uncharacteristic behavior —— Where am I? Who am I? Who is this before me? Is Wen YiHong high on something…?

Wen YiHong pressed in again immediately, his tongue pushing aggressively past Ye RuiXi’s lips. “Nnngh… ah!” Uncontrolled moans escaped Ye RuiXi as Wen YiHong ravished his tongue, making long, sensual sweeps against the insides of his mouth. Such stimulation to his highly sensitive body was almost too much for Ye RuiXi to bear, but the knowledge that he was being ravaged by Wen YiHong sent his senses further into overdrive.

Why is Wen YiHong doing this? Doesn’t he admire and love Zhang Heng for his outstanding abilities? Why would he care about someone as useless as me, whose only redeeming quality is a stubborn obsession with winning?

As moans of pleasure spilled freely and helplessly from Ye RuiXi, Wen YiHong felt his desire intensify inexplicably within him. His usual rationality seemed to have deserted him. He knew he was slowly losing control as his breathing sped up and his heart raced painfully in his chest…

It was clear as day that he was in love with Ye RuiXi.

Wen YiHong eventually released Ye RuiXi from the kiss. Thoroughly ravished and weak at the knees, Ye RuiXi stumbled backwards helplessly against the edge of the table. He panted heavily as he looked up at Wen YiHong with a flushed face and a frantically beating heart. Wen YiHong’s glasses were misted over, concealing the emotions in his eyes, while his lips remained in a neutral line, giving nothing away. Ye RuiXi could not read his expression at all; he could not tell how Wen YiHong felt. He had always assumed that Wen YiHong was attracted to people like Zhang Heng. It seemed impossible for Wen YiHong to be even remotely interested in him…

“I… I have a confession to make… and I owe you an apology…” Ye RuiXi began hesitantly. He sat down on the couch by the table with an air of solemnity. Wen YiHong looked at him silently and waited for him to continue. “… I haven’t been myself since the day you saved me. Ever since that day, I couldn’t stop thinking about you… I did everything I could to find out about you…”

It was snowing that day. Ye RuiXi, underdressed for the weather, was on his way back to the dormitory when the weather took a turn for the worse. He fainted in the cold but was saved from certain death when Wen YiHong passed by and drove him to the hospital. Ye RuiXi was reliant on others by nature. In the subsequent days of his brief hospitalization, he began to grow attached to Wen YiHong. Through their interaction, Wen YiHong became a source of warmth and comfort for Ye RuiXi in the foreign land.

When Wen YiHong disappeared after Ye RuiXi was discharged from the hospital, Ye RuiXi did everything in his power to find Wen YiHong again. However, his long-awaited reunion with Wen YiHong was marred by the intrusion of Zhang Heng, who was a constant presence by Wen YiHong’s side. In order to get close to Wen YiHong, Ye RuiXi developed the habit of provoking and taunting Zhang Heng. Over time, they began hanging out as a trio on a regular basis. Although Ye RuiXi eventually succeeded at getting close to Wen YiHong, his habit of baiting Zhang Heng began to give Wen YiHong the wrong impression that he had a crush on Zhang Heng. Why else would he spend so much time on getting Zhang Heng to take him seriously?

It took Wen YiHong years before he found out that he had misread the situation entirely, and realized that Ye RuiXi had been in love with him all this time but was too proud and awkward to express his feelings clearly.

Wen YiHong first began to doubt his understanding of Ye RuiXi’s feelings when they started living and working together. Upon graduating from university, they returned to China. Ye RuiXi began work as the president of Wen Corporation and stayed at Wen YiHong’s place for a while. His unusual levels of enthusiasm and excitement at getting to spend so much time with Wen YiHong every day eventually gave him away.

As a result of their company’s partnership with publishing companies, their employees were often exhausted from work when publication and event deadlines drew near. It was a common sight to see zombified employees drifting and moaning about as the pressing deadlines sucked the last breath from their overworked bodies.

Against this backdrop of general woe and utter despair, Ye RuiXi stood out like a sore thumb. Every morning after parking his car, he would skip his way to the main elevator with his briefcase in hand. Although he would slow down and assume a more dignified air befitting a president as he reached the elevator lobby, his cheerful humming always gave him away. The pure joy in his voice would, in turn, fill the bystanders with optimism and give them confidence to deal with the pressures of their looming deadlines. Though mystified by such transformations in his employees, the elevator ride to the floor he shared with Wen YiHong never gave him enough time to think about them.

The reason for Ye RuiXi’s joy was very simple: he would get to see Wen YiHong again! Besides, his job-scope only required him to socialize and make business deals; everything else fell under Wen YiHong’s purview, and Ye RuiXi had absolute trust in him. However, it was only natural for Wen YiHong to take a personal interest in the internal workings of the company – he was the true heir to Wen Corporation after all.

One day, Wen YiHong paid a visit to the security room as part of a spot-check on the company’s internal processes. As he was reviewing the security footage, he was surprised by the sight of Ye RuiXi skipping away happily like a child in the carpark. Utterly confused by Ye RuiXi’s behavior, Wen YiHong could not help but ask as he stepped into the office that morning: “Why are you so happy? Have you received good news from your family, perhaps?”

Ye RuiXi shook his head blankly.

“Then what are you so happy about?”

“I’m happy because I’m in love with my work and my company! I’m thoroughly addicted to my job and I can’t get enough of it…” Ye RuiXi blurted out sincerely. Wen YiHong found Ye RuiXi’s declaration hard to believe. After all, Ye RuiXi seldom showed any interest in the decision-making processes in the company and always left the paperwork-signing to him.


How odd…

As Ye RuiXi made himself comfortable and turned on his computer, he continued aloud absently, “… because I get to see you…” Suddenly realizing what he had just said, Ye RuiXi clamped his hand over his mouth and looked up at Wen YiHong nervously. Seeing that Wen YiHong had his back towards him as he browsed through the documents on a shelf, Ye RuiXi relaxed, thinking that his unwitting confession had escaped Wen YiHong’s notice.

But Wen YiHong heard Ye RuiXi loud and clear.

He is happy… because he gets to see me?

Why does seeing me make him happy? Wouldn’t he be happier to see Zhang Heng? It’s been days since they last met… shouldn’t he be depressed and sullen now?

Could it be that… he isn’t in love with Zhang Heng? Who could it be then…?

Presently, Ye RuiXi continued to struggle with his confession: “Although the three of us started hanging out together after I found you, you never seemed to spare me a second look… Working at the same company with you made me really happy, because I could spend so much time with you at work… but I was also filled with guilt.”

Wen YiHong went down on one knee before Ye RuiXi and lifted his head gently. “What did you feel guilty for? Falling for me was not a crime.”

Ye RuiXi sniffled and raised his head to look at Wen YiHong with reddened eyes. “Because… I love you but I never had the guts to tell you. All I could do was come between you and Zhang Heng… if you were in love with Zhang Heng, wouldn’t I have taken away your chance at happiness?”

Despite his pride, Ye RuiXi was completely honest with Wen YiHong now. Wen YiHong laughed and pulled Ye RuiXi into his arms as he whispered into his ear, “What made you think that I loved Zhang Heng?”

“It looked like you did…”

“But I never said so, did I?”

“Mm… no you didn’t.”

Wen YiHong released Ye RuiXi and kissed him. “If I tell you that you are the one I love, would all that guilt be turned into a sense of pride?” Ye RuiXi could only nod obediently in response. Wen YiHong sent his head reeling by showering him with kisses and he could hardly think straight anymore.

He shifted in his seat and drew his knees up to his chest. Resting his head on his knees, he asked, “When did you fall for me?”

Wen YiHong pretended to think about the question. “Who knows… some time back in university, perhaps?” he answered teasingly.

“Why didn’t you stop us back then? You always had to clean up after Zhang Heng and me…”

Wen YiHong grinned slyly. “Looks like you still have a conscience, XiXi. How about this – I’ll forgive you if you promise to agree to all my demands from now on.”

“Such as…?”

Wen YiHong’s grin widened. He reached out and ran a finger along Ye RuiXi’s chin. “Well… such as going at it at least seven times a night, or trying out some toys I have in mind…”

“That… that… wha…” Ye RuiXi was completely incoherent now as his mind combusted from Wen YiHong’s response. Never in his wildest dreams had he ever fantasized about going beyond holding Wen YiHong’s hand…

Clearly, little XiXi was really pure at heart indeed.


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