TLCPS- Chapter 80: Life on the Road (6)

The Long Chase for the President’s Spouse – Chapter 80: Life on the Road (6)

Translator: Kotoni

Editor: Espada

First Published on Chaleuria


Chapter 80: Life on the Road (6)


The end of Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun’s road trip was still nowhere in sight. After remarrying, Gu Zhun’s mother moved to another province; it would take a while before they reached her current place of residence.


“How are you feeling now?” Zhang Heng asked again, for the umpteenth time.


Irritated, Gu Zhun replied with a question of his own, “Do you realize how many times you have asked this question already? You’re the one who’s worked up, aren’t you?”


“… Yup.”


It was Gu Zhun’s turn at the wheel. Zhang Heng flipped through the pages of his “Vistas” listlessly, stealing sideways looks now and then at Gu Zhun’s expression. In truth, Zhang Heng was nervous about meeting his ‘mother-in-law’.  There was no telling whether she would fly into a hysterical rage and object to their relationship like the stereotypical mother-in-law in a melodramatic soap opera.


“Your mother… what kind of person is she?”




“Oh… I see…” Zhang Heng’s voice trailed off, leaving an awkward silence in the air.


Zhang Heng thought that Gu Zhun was unwilling to talk about his mother, but the truth was that Gu Zhun did not know how he really felt about meeting her. Although Zhang Heng had been the one who planned for these meetings, when he saw his father again, he began to feel as if there were invisible strings that directed the events in his life and led him back to his father.


This was perhaps what it felt like to be bound as a family by fate. There was no escaping the affinity of blood ties, it seemed.


Gu Zhun pulled over at a rest area along the highway. Zhang Heng asked if he was tired and offered to take over. “You drove for the most part of the journey. You must be more tired than I am,” Gu Zhun replied with a shake of his head before taking out his phone to call Gu Li.


“Sis, I met dad.”


[Mm… how is he?]


“Not too well…”


[Is that so…]


“He’s still as simple and silly as he used to be…”


[I see…]


“He left us because he didn’t want to be a burden to us. How could he have been so silly?”


[All parents lose their cool when it comes to things they care about the most.]




[… Are you on the way to see mum now?]




[Don’t be sad if she is happy in her new life with another child. It’s been so many years after all… Perhaps that is the child she truly loves.]




Suddenly, as if she was attempting to liven up the mood, Gu Li added teasingly, “If you’re really down, you can always get Zhang Heng to comfort you – as long as you don’t overexert yourselves, of course.”


“You can definitely count on me!” Zhang Heng shouted enthusiastically in response to Gu Li’s suggestive comment. As Gu Li wondered how Zhang Heng overheard their conversation, Gu Zhun jumped in shock at Zhang Heng’s outburst. Gu Zhun’s phone fell from his hand. Zhang Heng acted on his quick reflexes and caught the device in the nick of time – all was well.


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