TLCPS – Chapter 81: Life on the Road (7)

The Long Chase for the President’s Spouse – Chapter 81: Life on the Road (7)

Translator: PKitty

Editor: Espada

Quality Checker: Tezuka

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Chapter 81: Life on the Road (7)


 “Hehe, Gu Zhun, it’s really cold tonight. Why don’t we… we…”


  Zhang Heng had a sly smile on his face. If Zhang Heng didn’t have a handsome face, he would have been kicked for looking creepy!


“… What do you want? Gu Zhun was huddled up in the corner of the bed. It was a small RV and the bed wasn’t big. How far could he hide?


 What happened to waiting for his consent before taking any actions?


   Zhang Heng laughed cunningly and said: “Of course it’s to get some warmth!”



Gu Zhun looked at Zhang Heng skeptically. Logically, Zhang Heng should have been very warm. Not only was the heater in the RV running, but he was also wearing a few layers of clothing.


 Zhang Heng was just purely flirting.


“… I refuse.” These two words sent Zhang Heng into a dark abyss.


“But your sister assured me that you are ready… I just need to be gentle…”


“…” Gu Zhun ducked his head down and didn’t dare to look at Zhang Heng. His gaze was too intense!


“Stop staring at me!”

Zhang Heng’s lips curled up as he slowly approached Gu Zhun. At the same time, he switched off the lamp and the RV plunged into darkness.


“Shh, we have to sleep soon and get up early.”


“Ah—!” Muffled groans and passionate moans filled the RV.


They thoroughly warmed each other with an intense ‘workout’.


The next day, Gu Zhun sat up and touched his aching waist. He looked around with sleepy eyes and blurry vision while Zhang Heng was still soundly sleeping on the bed.


Gu Zhun lifted the blanket and realized that he was completely naked under it. He was also able to see Zhang Heng’s manhood in all of its naked glory from the corner of his eyes.


“Get up…” After Gu Zhun nudged Zhang Heng, he endured the pain and got out of the bed first. Gu Zhun found his clothes and got dressed before he took some instant food from the RV to prepare breakfast.


Based on the distance, he should be able to reach his mom’s place by today.


“…” Zhang Heng opened his eyes and grunted. He rubbed his eyes and refused to get up— “Gu Zhun, the bed doesn’t want me to get up! It’s seducing me!”


Gu Zhun opened a Master Kong instant cup noodle and was about to pour hot water into it. Without turning around to look at Zhang Heng, he replied: “Who are you trying to kid! What’s next? Are you going to tell me that the blanket turned into a succubus?”


After spending more time with each other, Zhang Heng became even more shameless and spoiled. He was like a Shiba Inu and Gu Zhun started to drop the defensive barrier around his heart. He started to joke around, although there were times when a joke progressed into a sarcastic retort.


 Zhang Heng struggled to sit up. He only managed to get up under Gu Zhun’s supervision. There wasn’t any place to wash up inside the RV so he had to get out to wash up. Zhang Heng was lethargic due to yesterday’s late night intense workout and having to rise up so early in the morning.


Hence, Zhang Heng did not notice that he was naked. He walked towards the door unaware of the state that he was in.


“Wait, wait—!” Gu Zhun suddenly reacted and stretched out his hand. In a moment of panic, he almost told him to wait in Japanese— “Chotto matte!”


 Zhang Heng was about to pull the door open when Gu Zhun rushed forward and hugged him in an attempt to stop him. Zhang Heng’s raised hand was left hanging in the air.


  Zhang Heng turned around in shock: “…” A look of satisfaction fleeted across his face before it changed into an emotional look. It was as though he was a mom with a spinster daughter that had finally gotten married. “Little Zhun, you’re really affectionate. Do you want to go for another round?”


 “…” Gu Zhun frowned and said: “The second you go out, the headlines for tomorrow’s newspaper would be— The president of a large company is suspected of being kicked out naked and abandoned by his lover late at night.”



Zhang Heng broke out into cold sweat and lowered his head to take a look at himself. He discovered that Gu Zhun was telling the truth!


 He was really naked!


Moreover… he was hard again.


Zhang Heng was stimulated when Gu Zhun hugged him from the back and restrained him. Without realizing it, Zhang Heng had an erection…  Gu Zhun’s hand that wrapped around Zhang Heng accidentally brushed against it. They were both guys so naturally, Gu Zhun knew what was happening to Zhang Heng.


 “…” An awkward silence ensued between them. After all, last night they…


Gu Zhun asked: “Are you able to resolve it on your own?”


“But…” Actually, Zhang Heng wanted to say that the RV was really small. Gu Zhun would be able to see him resolving it if he stood at the side. Since Gu Zhun knew how to do it, he might as well… might as well…


“…” Gu Zhun dashed Zhang Heng’s hopes, “Wear your clothes first and I’ll go outside. When you’re done, just call me.”


 Zhang Heng was obviously disappointed. Zhang Heng lowered his head in disappointment and silently looked as Gu Zhun walked out of the RV to get some fresh air.


“I am really unhappy.”


 Gu Zhun leaned against the RV door. Yesterday, they stopped and parked at the rest area located next to the highway. He unwittingly reminisced about the past as he looked at the vehicles that entered and left in a hurry once their refuel was done.


  Zhang Heng said that he had liked him since seven years ago. But why did he not have any inkling of it? He only thought that Zhang Heng liked to rely on him when it came to learning. Zhang Heng was very smart and a good learner, but he lacked the willpower and motivation. It wasn’t until their third year of junior high school that Zhang Heng would constantly seek his help on various questions.


    During that time, he felt that Zhang Heng was like a good comrade. They tackled difficult questions together as they prepared for their major examination.


He invited Zhang Heng to his house for a one-on-one study session and Zhang Heng readily agreed to it. Ever since then, Zhang Heng would freely come and go from Gu Zhun’s house. Everyday, they were always together regardless of whether they were at school or at home.


 Zhang Heng had a wide range of interests and hobbies. On the other hand, Gu Zhun was only into studying as he believed that only knowledge could change destiny.

“Do you like to watch anime?”


Gu Zhun shook his head. I don’t get it. Does Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf [1] count as an anime?


 “Do you like the book, Dragon Raga?”


Gu Zhun shook his head. He didn’t like nor dislike it.

“Do you like to play games?”


 Gu Zhun shook his head. He had never thought about gaming.



Slowly, Zhang Heng understood that all these questions were unable to rouse Gu Zhun’s interest. Only the word ‘studies’ was able to spark his passion and interest.  


   Thus, Zhang Heng pretended that he didn’t understand all sorts of questions and used that as a pretext to look for Gu Zhun.


There was a lousy student and an elite student. The elite student didn’t mind that the lousy student looked for him. Surprisingly, they both improved when they helped each other and studied together. They overcame many psychological and physical difficulties during that preparation period. Gu Zhun successfully graduated and even entered into a good senior high school. But what about Zhang Heng?


 On the day of their graduation, Zhang Heng left without any notice. Even their form teacher was puzzled as she felt that someone seemed to be missing from their class. However, she wasn’t bothered by it… because she was only concerned about the students who had gotten good results and entered good schools.





 When it was time to take a graduation class photo, the order was based on their seating arrangement. Gu Zhun and Zhang Heng were seated in the last two seats next to the window, so when it was time to take pictures, they were in the last row. There was an empty space to the left of Gu Zhun that was supposed to be Zhang Heng’s place, but no one stood there. Even though Zhang Heng was absent, it didn’t look strange on the graduation photo.


“…” As he walked back home, Gu Zhun held his graduation book and photo… and kicked the stones on the streets. Even after graduating junior high school, he still played with the sort of things that kids liked to do.


That was because Zhang Heng invented these sort of games when they were walking home so that they could play together. Of course, Gu Zhun only watched Zhang Heng and didn’t participate.    


“…” Gu Zhun unconsciously turned around when he thought that he heard Zhang Heng’s hearty laughter but realized that no one was beside him. He didn’t even know Zhang Heng’s whereabouts…


Inside the RV, Zhang Heng used a tissue to wipe his head. Gu Zhun was leaning against the door when Zhang Heng pushed it open. Absorbed in his thoughts, Gu Zhun didn’t pay attention to the door opening and stumbled forward. Luckily, Zhang Heng, who was right behind, quickly grabbed Gu Zhun. Otherwise, he would have face planted to the ground. That would definitely hurt…


“What are you thinking about? You looked so absorbed in it.” Zhang Heng said with mirth as he supported Gu Zhun.


Gu Zhun glanced at Zhang Heng.


“You felt that you would have the qualifications to chase me after studying abroad?”

“… Yes, that’s right.”


Gu Zhun sighed: “Sometimes, I feel like I don’t really understand you. Now you’re so straightforward, patient, and you even took great pains to confess to me. At that time, why didn’t you tell me about it?”


“I… I was afraid…”


“Afraid of?”


Zhang Heng hugged Gu Zhun and said agitatedly: “I was afraid that I would ruin our friendship and that you would hate me and think that I am disgusting…”


Gu Zhun replied to Zhang Heng: “Now you’re so overbearing and confident but in the past, you were so delicate and sensitive. If you told me seven years ago, I might have agreed to it?”



At that time, Zhang Heng didn’t even dare to imagine Gu Zhun’s reaction if he learned about it. That was because Gu Zhun’s brain was only filled with studies. There was nothing else apart from it. Moreover, Gu Zhun didn’t know anything about sexual attraction. How would he even know about homosexuality?


If Zhang Heng confessed at that time, Gu Zhun might have just thought that Gu Zhun just wanted to be good friends with him.


Zhang Heng: “Let’s be together!”


   Gu Zhun: “Aren’t we already together?” We end school, go to the canteen, and return to the dorm together.


Zhang Heng: “Really? That’s great!


 Gu Zhun: “Yes, please guide me along.”


Zhang Heng: “I’ll be in your guidance too.”


When Zhang Heng thought about it regardless of whether it was in the past or the present, he still felt overwhelmed by sadness!

Gu Zhun looked at Zhang Heng: “Can I go in yet?”


“…” Zhang Heng nodded his head. Not only was his morning portion of semen on the bed but even the portion from yesterday night was also on it…


  The moment Gu Zhun entered, he saw white liquid and stains on the bed sheet.
Gu Zhun was shy and turned away. He didn’t expect that there would be so many ejeculations… It was all Zhang Heng’s fault.


 It was as if Zhang Heng read Gu Zhun’s mind. He softly whispered: “You can’t blame me! You were too seductive! Hahahaha!”


 “… You’re asking for a beating.” Gu Zhun pulled the bed sheet out and threw it at Zhang Heng. “Go and wash the bed sheet.”


“Yes!” Zhang Heng saluted in acknowledgement. He would definitely complete the task perfectly!


Footnote:  [1]A popular Chinese kids cartoon.

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