TLCPS – Chapter 82: Life on the Road (8)

The Long Chase for the President’s Spouse – Chapter 82: Life on the Road (8)

Translator: PKitty

Editor: Espada

Quality Checker: Tezuka

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Chapter 82: Life on the Road (8)

 The radio was playing in the RV as they proceeded to their destination.


  “We are approaching soon.” Actually, Zhang Heng wanted to ask Gu Zhun the same question but he held back.


Gu Zhun knew what Zhang Heng wanted to ask: “I am not nervous.”


“Oh, alright…” Zhang Heng glanced at the trembling hands on Gu Zhun’s laps.


He didn’t know why he was nervous. Previously, he wasn’t this nervous when he went to meet his father. Maybe it was because he was closer to his mom. Moreover, there was a bigger reason for his nervousness— Compared to his father, his mother was less likely to compromise and allow her son to marry another man.     


“Are you worried about our issue?” Gu Zhun nodded his head when Zhang Heng questioned him.


   It wasn’t strange. Anyone would be concerned about their future but Gu Zhun wasn’t worried about it. Gu Zhun was a rarity in that he was aloof and didn’t care about how others would view him.


However, his mother’s warmth and tenderness still existed deep inside his heart. He really missed it.

It was his father’s fault when he abandoned his mother that year. There was no reason for Gu Zhun to hate his mother nor could he urge her to stay if she wanted to leave.


  He cannot stop his mother from finding her own happiness after his father left. After all, his father was the one who abandoned her.


  During all these years, he still missed his mother. He relied heavily on Gu Li and she was just like his mother. Hence, he was willing to risk his life and beat up that scumbag when he found out that the scumbag superior cheated on Gu Li.    


   “Don’t worry, I am here.” Zhang Heng smiled at Gu Zhun warmly and comforted him.


Gu Zhun gave a faint smile in return: “Yes, I know.”


I know, I don’t have to be afraid with you by my side. Seven years ago, that was the case. Seven years later, that is still the case.

 “I know…”


 The RV finally stopped in front of a luxurious three-story villa. Not only that but even the garden was so huge that it was astonishing. It seemed that after her divorce, Gu Zhun’s mother really married a wealthy person!

  Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun alighted from the RV and bought some gifts since it was their first time meeting each other. Gu Zhun looked at the red gift box in his hand and felt a little worried. His mother had married into a wealthy family that was comparable to Zhang Heng’s family. Would she like the gifts that they had bought from a roadside supermarket? Moreover, it was even packaged in bright red. Would his mother think that it’s gaudy?


Zhang Heng pressed the doorbell and grasped Gu Zhun’s hand: “I am here.”




A few minutes later, someone came out and opened a small gap from the iron gate. He poked  his head out and asked: “May I know who you’re looking for?” Zhang Heng looked at the person’s appearance and guessed that he was probably a steward.


Zhang Heng answered on behalf of Gu Zhun: “We are here to look for the mistress of this household— Li XiaoYue.”


   The steward evaluated them when he heard that they were here to look for the madam. Initially, the steward didn’t want to let them in. Though they looked quite good and handsome, the gifts that they were holding were… a little… a little…




It was crude…


  It could be described with one word— ‘Gaudy’.


“If you want to say that it’s gaudy, just say so… even though I think that it’s the truth…” That was what Zhang Heng was thinking in his heart, but he was still polite as he spoke to the steward. He was unable to use his identity to gain access into a place and city where the Zhang family didn’t have a reach.

The steward noticed an RV behind them and only realized that it was actually a luxury vehicle after he tiptoed to take a closer look. Suddenly, he was thrown into confusion about their statuses.


But what if? Thus, he didn’t dare to slight them and brought them to meet the madam.


The steward led Gu Zhun and Zhang Heng into the villa’s living room. There was a woman in silk pajamas sitting on the sofa. She picked up a teacup leisurely and took a sip before placing it down. Afterwards, she teased the little white dog lying beside her.


This person… is Gu Zhun’s mother?


 Zhang Heng was astonished. He didn’t expect that Gu Zhun’s mother, who was born in a poor household, would be this refined and blossomed during her later years. It was as though she was a well bred lady born from a rich family…


“Madam, there’s two people outside who would like to meet you.”


She stroked the dog’s fur before waving her hand and said: “Bring them in.”


“Yes.” The steward ushered them in with a gesture. Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun followed the steward and sat on the sofa opposite Gu Zhun’s mother.


Gu Zhun’s mother was resting with her eyes closed. She did not immediately open her eyes to look at them. Thus, she did not know that the person sitting opposite her was her son that she had left when he was eight— Gu Zhun.

Li XiaoYue only asked: “Are you looking for me or my husband?”


Ever since Li XiaoYue married into a wealthy family, there would always be people knocking on their doors and constantly trying to rise above their station. This was regardless of whether it was people in the business or her own family members. Initially, Li XiaoYu would warmly entertain them but that gradually changed when she realized that these people were looking for her because they were after her husband’s assets and power.


 Gradually, Li XiaoYue, who was born into a poor family, started to change. She stopped being so innocent and amiable and became astute. After these last ten years, she started to be like those upper class women around her. She learned how to handle such problems and slowly became a capable wife that was able to help her husband.


They had two children. She had a daughter with her current husband and he had a son from his previous marriage.


Zhang Heng had investigated all this beforehand. However, when Zhang Heng looked around, he didn’t see any signs of her children. It was the weekend and there shouldn’t be any classes, right? After thinking about it, it seemed that Li XiaoYue’s daughter was a junior high school student whereas the son from her husband’s previous marriage seemed to have graduated and started working. He and Gu Zhun should be around the same age.


Zhang Heng zoned out and didn’t reply to her as he was too absorbed in his thoughts. Luckily, Gu Zhun reacted quickly. Otherwise, Li XiaoYue might have misunderstood and assumed that they didn’t answer her question because they had ulterior motives.


“For you.”


“… Why?” Li XiaoYue opened her eyes. She was curious. Who was this shameless person trying to rise above their station?

When she opened her eyes, she realized that the man who was slightly shorter with a smaller build looked… very familiar…


But it couldn’t be right…?


An unbelievable thought flashed through her mind… but… he looked really familiar… his voice and even his looks.

She had not seen her son for over ten years. But as a mother, how could she forget his appearance?


“Why… and… you are…” At the beginning, Li XiaoYue was calm and imposing.  Now, she was anxious to find out about the identity of this person sitting opposite her. Was it him…


Even though she dreamt that Gu Zhun would look for her countless of times, he didn’t even after she waited over ten years. Since she couldn’t see him again, it was better for her to forget about it. Gradually, Li XiaoYue lost all hopes of being able to meet and reunite with Gu Zhun…


Now, someone who looked like Gu Zhun appeared right in front of her and said that he was here to look for her.  Lost for words, Li XiaoYue blankly looked at Gu Zhun…

Gu Zhun coldly said: “… Does your son need a reason to look for you?”

 She was shocked as something she deemed impossible had just happened.




Yes, a reason wasn’t required.


But don’t you hate me?


That’s right. “Don’t you hate me?” Li XiaoYue asked in a quivering voice as her body trembled unconsciously.

The moment Li XiaoYue started to question them, the steward sensibly retired to the side and gave madam and Gu Zhun the space and privacy to discuss their issues.

 “… It was only natural for you to leave dad.”


Li XiaoYue was rendered speechless. If that never happened, if that heartless man who was Gu Zhun’s father never mentioned having a divorce, she would still be his wife and live in that tiny place. She would still be Gu Zhun’s and Gu Li’s mother and… everything would be different.


  But he said it…


  He didn’t want her… He wanted to have a divorce…

Li XiaoYue didn’t have a choice. She was a woman and wanted to be with a reliable person, so she married someone wealthy.

 “Do you understand why I made this decision?…”


Gu Zhun nodded his head.


A smile of relief graced Li XiaoYue’s face. She placed the dog at the side before she stood up and walked in front of Gu Zhun and Zhang Heng. Gu Zhun also stood up courteously and hugged her before she said anything.


“…” Although Li XiaoYue was puzzled, she was comforted and smiled. She asked warmly, “What’s wrong?”


“… Nothing.” Gu Zhun buried his head into her neck. He was like a small kid who needed his mother’s warm embrace, “I have always… missed you…”


“I miss you too…”


 Li XiaoYue invited Gu Zhun and Zhang Heng to stay for a couple of days because her husband was coincidentally on a business trip and would be back after a few days. Her daughter was staying in the school’s dorm whereas her son was always working outside and didn’t have the time to return home.


Li XiaoYue happily brought out a stack of dishes for them: “It’s great that you two are willing to stay behind!”


Every time she placed down a dish, Zhang Heng would swiftly take the biggest meatball in the dish.


“…” Li XiaoYue laughed until she almost teared up when she saw Zhang Heng eating so greedily, “Don’t rush, eat slowly…”

Li XiaoYue seemed to be able to recall the past. When Gu Zhun was eight, he would bring his friends home and they would have a meal together. This warm and happy scene was just like the past.    


 Suddenly, Zhang Heng, who was biting a shrimp, seemed to have recalled something. He lifted his head and announced to Li XiaoYue: “Auntie, I want to marry Gu Zhun.”

Parents would not get angry with a child’s babble. Instead, they would find it cute or interesting. However, that was if Gu Zhun was a girl and a boy randomly mentioned about getting married to their child.


   But Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun were both guys. No matter what, neither of them would turn into a girl.

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