TLCPS – Chapter 83: Life on the Road (End)

The Long Chase for the President’s Spouse – Chapter 83: Life on the Road (End)

Translator: PKitty

Editor: Espada

Quality Checker: Tezuka

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Chapter 83: Life on the Road (End)


  “No, I strongly oppose.” At the dining table, Li XiaoYue sternly expressed her opinion as she looked at Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun sitting opposite her.


“…” Gu Zhun lowered his head and kept quiet. Zhang Heng nervously squeezed Gu Zhun’s hand under the table and silently waited for Gu Zhun’s mom to continue speaking.


   Li XiaoYue continued: “I know that I don’t have the right to interfere in your affairs ever since I left you and your dad, but I want you to understand the reality of your situation. Society will judge you harshly and you would have to live with this pain for the rest of your life. Do you both understand? There is a long road ahead for the both of you and even if you truly love each other, it is hard to foresee the future. What if you are unable to withstand the pain and pressure and choose to go separate ways instead? Do you understand how painful it will be? Your mom… faced it before and understands that sort of pain… it is really painful…” Li XiaoYu clutched her chest and sobbed.


Gu Zhun looked at Zhang Heng. How could they not know that this was a difficult and thorny path? But how would they know the outcome if they don’t give it a shot?


   Li XiaoYue wiped her tears and refilled the red tea and snacks for Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun before she continued: “When you were eight, your dad asked for a divorce but he didn’t give me an explanation. I still resented him even after I got remarried. What did I do so wrong for him to easily divorce someone who was married to him for more than ten years? It was only until you came… and told me about your father’s dilemma that I could finally let go of my resentment…”

“Your mom is a prime example! Unable to withstand financial pressure, we split up and suffered miserably. If that was the case, he shouldn’t have married me! Why did he marry and hurt me! Son! Mom doesn’t want you to have the same ending as I did. One moment, you’re on cloud nine and the next moment, you fall into a pit of despair. It’s really painful!”


 Li XiaoYue couldn’t hold back her tears. The tears pooling in her eyes overflowed and dripped down. Gu Zhun grabbed almost all the tissues from the tissue box and handed it to Li XiaoYu to no avail. It still couldn’t stop Li XiaoYu’s endless waterworks.


There were no other sounds in the house except for Li XiaoYue’s cries.


  Zhang Heng broke the silence: “Auntie, trust me. No matter what happens, I would never let Gu Zhun go. Even if the sky falls down, I would shoulder it with him. I will not selfishly leave him because I think that it’s for his own good nor would I choose to run away and escape by myself. That would be too contemptible.”


 Li XiaoYue laughed bitterly: “Hahaha… That’s right. During that year, Auntie chose to run away by herself… That’s really despicable of me… I am the same as your father. During a difficult situation, I chose to run away instead of trying to work things out together… In the past, if I firmly chose not to leave and asked him about his difficulties… would everything be different? Hehehe…” Li XiaoYue’s knitted brows unfurrowed. Although her tears continued to flow, she had a faint smile.


 Gu Zhun stood up, walked behind Li XiaoYu, and patted her shoulder: “Mom… you don’t have to worry about me. I’ve grown up. After deep consideration, I’ve decided to be with Zhang Heng and I am serious about it. In the past, I kept avoiding Zhang Heng. I was afraid that I would be unable to give him complete love, afraid that Zhang Heng would leave me, and I would be hurt once again. After all, the more you love someone, the deeper the pain… I closed myself up and ran away… It was only when Zhang Heng told me that he liked me… he liked me ever since junior high school…”


 Gu Zhun frowned and his nose turned red. Unexpectedly, he started crying: “… I didn’t know that a person like him existed in this world. Someone who was willing to stay by my side even though I am weak… he also accompanied me and traversed all over to look for you and dad… I finally realized… I love him. I still love him even though I might get hurt…”


“Mom, trust us. We will live well.” Gu Zhun raised his mother’s head and looked right into her bloodshot eyes that had turned red from all the crying.


   Li XiaoYue sighed before she smiled and stroked Gu Zhun’s head: “You’ve grown up. You should grasp your own happiness. Don’t be like me. I let my own happiness slip when I chose to leave. After I got remarried, my living conditions have changed for the better. But all year round, he is always away on business trips and the house became really empty…”


Zhang Heng also walked towards Li XiaoYue to reassure her: “Auntie, don’t worry! We will live well!”


 Li XiaoYue smiled happily and said: “Shouldn’t you change the way you address me now? You’re still calling me auntie?”


Zhang Heng rubbed his head and shyly said: “Yes! Mom…!” In front of other people, Zhang Heng was usually a cold an overbearing boss. But in front of Gu Zhun, he showed a softer side and acted like a loyal puppy.  During these few days, Gu Zhun underwent a huge change. Initially, he was still a stoic and innocent child but now, he would laugh and cry. He started to open himself up and let his guard down towards Zhang Heng. Now, he began to show and express his feelings.

Suddenly, Li XiaoYue thought of something and asked: “But Zhang Heng…” Li XiaoYue was conflicted. However, Zhang Heng signaled to her that it was alright to ask. Hence, she could only continue to say: “Zhang Heng, don’t blame me for being conservative about traditions… After all, this is a ticking time bomb that you’ll have to face… Zhang Heng, you are the president of Zhang Corporation and in the future, you will have to take over the whole company right? You will be unable to produce a heir if you marry Gu Zhun. What if your family opposes this marriage…”


Zhang Heng did not hesitate and answered Li XiaoYue’s concerns seriously: “Yes, this is indeed a big problem. In the future, I will have to succeed the whole company. But it doesn’t matter since we are children without parents and there would be children without parents. We will adopt.”


 Li XiaoYue relaxed and nodded her head: “Sure enough, being with you is Gu Zhun’s blessing. In the future, you’ll both live well. Send a wedding invitation over when you are getting married and Mom will go. After all, it is my son’s wedding… The both of you have left the company for quite a long time, right? When are you going back?”


“… Hahaha, no hurry. I am the president and everyone in the company is capable. Even without me, they are capable of handling things. They would only look for me if they are unable to solve urgent issues.” Zhang Heng explained.


“Mom, do you want to go and meet dad?” In the end, Gu Zhun still decided to speak about the idea buried in his heart. Even if the misunderstanding between them had been cleared, it would be better to meet up… Moreover, a tiny part of it was also to fulfill his selfish desire. Throughout all these years, he had always hoped for a reunion. During every New Year, there was only him and his sister silently eating last night’s leftovers in the empty living room.


 Li XiaoYue shook her head: “No, this issue isn’t just simply a bad decision made by your father at that time… It takes two hands to clap so I was also partially at fault. If I didn’t leave him… If I had been determined enough to stay by his side, perhaps… things would have happened differently. Just help me send my greetings and tell him that I am doing well. Besides, I am used to this new family now. I have my new son and daughter and have a new family. I can’t leave them again. There is no point for me to meet him. I cannot give your dad false hope.”


Gu Zhun smiled as he shook his head and said: “Mom, you’re wrong… Ever since the day  Dad mentioned a divorce, he had never thought about getting your forgiveness because he doesn’t want you to waver and return to his poor and destitute side… For dad, his greatest happiness was when you left and gained happiness.”


  Li XiaoYue bawled loudly. She was once again unable to hold back her tears


Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun looked at each other and smiled. This way, their misunderstanding was finally lifted.


Zhang Heng was very pleased in his heart. This trip was invaluable.


Zhang Heng and Gu Zhun packed their luggage and bade farewell to Li XiaoYue. They had accomplished what they had set out to do and couldn’t stay in Li XiaoYue’s house for too long or else it might cause another misunderstanding if her new husband found out.


The moment Zhang Heng got into the RV driver seat, his phone rang in his pocket— Wen YiHong called.


“You still don’t plan to go back?”


   “Why? I am setting out today.”


On the other side of the line, Wen YiHong held the phone and shook his legs. He frowned and looked at Ye RuiXi, who was equally anxious beside him and sighed before saying: “… Well…”


  Zhang Heng did not wait for Wen YiHong to continue his sentence and asked: “How’s your progress with Ye RuiXi?”


“… Hahaha.” Wen YiHong was vexed when he recalled this. He didn’t expect that Ye RuiXi and him would only figure things out after going through one full circle.


 From the start, Ye RuiXi only liked Wen YiHong. In order to get closer to Wen YiHong without discovering his intentions, he created more opportunities to have interactions with Wen YiHong under the guise of challenging Zhang Heng to all sorts of competitions. Wouldn’t it be natural for Wen YiHong to misunderstand that Ye RuiXi liked Zhang Heng? In the end, Wen YiHong picked up some clues after Ye RuiXi’s slip of tongue. He recalled how they met each other and the events that followed… it was only then did he realize that Ye RuiXi liked him from the start!


Wen YiHong shook his head and suddenly realized that he had been unwittingly led on by Zhang Heng and said: “Stop veering off topic! Come back quickly! Your grandfather is looking for you!”


Wen YiHong hung up immediately once he finished speaking. On the other hand, Zhang Heng put down the phone and held the steering wheel in a daze. Gu Zhun, who was next to him, nudged and said: “Stop spacing out and drive.”


“…” Great, now there was a big boss preventing him and Gu Zhun’s marriage and that was the head of the Zhang Family— Zhang Heng’s grandfather.

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