TLCPS – Chapter 85: The Demise of the ‘Racing God of Mount Akina’

The Long Chase for the President’s Spouse -Chapter 85: The Demise of the ‘Racing God of Mount Akina’

Translator: Kotonii

Editor: Espada

Quality Checker: Tezuka

First Published on Chaleuria

Chapter 85: The Demise of the ‘Racing God of Mount Akina’

Before Zhang Heng could knock, the door opened from the inside as Madam Li prepared to dispose of the trash for the day. She was surprised by Zhang Heng’s unexpected appearance. “Young Master, what are you…” She began to speak, but changed her focus when she noticed Gu Zhun standing beside him. “Well, um… this… this must be Mr. Gu… They’re watching television in the hall.” She left promptly with the bags of trash, leaving them standing by themselves in the doorway.

“Let’s go.”




“Grandfather, I’m back. Where are mum and dad?” Zhang Heng looked around. Contrary to what Madam Li told him, there was no one else around apart from his grandfather.

His grandfather replied without turning to look at him, “They wanted a romantic night out… what a joke, given their age.” Zhang Heng understood now. It seemed that his grandfather was really annoyed by his parents’ decision to go out without him.

Zhang Heng sat down, facing his grandfather, with Gu Zhun by his side. “Grandpa, there is something I would like to tell you.”

“I already know what it is.”

“Then…” Zhang Heng probed carefully, hoping to get a sense of his grandfather’s stance before continuing. Aggravating his grandfather even before negotiations began was the last thing he wanted.


“There’s nothing for you to say. I won’t agree to it,” his grandfather said with an air of finality before settling down into a stony silence.


Gu Zhun looked helplessly at Zhang Heng, at a loss about what to do. Frowning in exasperation, Zhang Heng stood up, pulled Gu Zhun to his feet, and turned to leave. “I know the reason for your objection. It’s the company that you’re worried about, isn’t it? I’ll prove that our relationship will not get in the way of managing the company. You were the one who founded it – don’t you know how strong the company really is?”


Was this a declaration of war? – Gu Zhun wondered as he gazed worriedly at Zhang Heng’s profile. “Zhang Heng…”

Zhang Heng paused suddenly in his tracks to continue, “I will return to collect my belongings in two days’ time. From now on, I will stay at Gu Zhun’s place. Don’t you dare try to force my hand by terminating my credit cards or withholding my pay. I’m a legally protected employee of the company; if you insist on denying me my lawful pay, I am entitled to seek legal recourse to defend my labor rights.”

Zhang Heng concluded his speech by closing the door resolutely and walking away. In contrast to Gu Zhun’s persistent anxiety, Zhang Heng appeared unaffected and calm as they returned to their car.

“Zhang Heng… are you alright?” Gu Zhun asked after settling into his seat. Zhang Heng’s face fell immediately and he collapsed into Gu Zhun’s arms, utterly devastated.


“I feel horrible! I have never used such a tone with my grandfather before! What was I even thinking? What right do I have to defend my labor rights? I’m just digging my own grave! I’m doomed…”

The car resounded with wails of desperation as Zhang Heng lamented how he brought on his own undoing.

“Let’s go home first,” Gu Zhun said with an involuntary chuckle. Obediently, Zhang Heng started the car with a pitiful sob and began the drive home. Zhang Heng may play the role of a decisive, overbearing president in public, but he would willingly relinquish all façades when they were alone together and revert to the puppy-like lover he truly was.

When they reached home, Zhang Heng immediately picked up on the sickening scent of newfound romance that pervaded the apartment. The living room was almost entirely covered with Gu Li’s clothes. There was clothing draped over the couch, spread out on the coffee table and chairs, and strewn all over the floor… while Gu Li preened in front of the mirror with a little lacy black number in hand and struck a cutesy pose.

“I’m back,” Gu Zhun greeted her calmly, unperturbed by the outlandish behavior of his own sister, and sat down in an empty spot on the floor. Gu Li was equally unperturbed by their presence, barely acknowledging them with a casual “welcome back~” before ditching the little black dress for a pink frilly number.


Zhang Heng gawked at the bizarre scene before him speechlessly. What in the world was going on? He squatted down hurriedly beside Gu Zhun to whisper in his ear, “Your sister is acting weird…”

Gu Zhun was absorbed in his sister’s fashion show and actively giving feedback when Zhang Heng’s remark interrupted his thoughts. He brushed it off dismissively, “It’s natural for girls to want to look pretty. You just don’t get it, do you?”

“What do you mean by that?” Zhang Heng recoiled in disbelief – was he really being told off, by someone who had never even held a girl’s hand before, for not understanding how female minds worked?

Are you serious?



“You’re missing the point! I was trying to tell you that your sister is in love!” Suddenly, all seemed to have come to a standstill, and an unnatural silence settled in the air. “Hey… are you okay?” Zhang Heng waved his hand before Gu Zhun’s eyes.

“Is that a fact?” Gu Zhun asked darkly, raising a hand to grab Zhang Heng’s shoulder.

Breaking into a cold sweat at the sight of Gu Zhun’s expression, he stammered in reply, “It’s… it’s just a hunch… a guess… will you please calm down…”

Gu Zhun snapped his head around to fix his stare on Gu Li. “Sis… what are you dressing up for?”


“Mm… I’m meeting someone.”


“Who is it?” Zhang Heng asked out of curiosity.

“It’s a secret~!” Gu Li replied and made a face playfully at Zhang Heng, effectively giving away the fact that she was hiding something from them.

“Judging from how coy and girly she has become, she’s probably in love,” Zhang Heng whispered to Gu Zhun, who was at a loss for words; he was beginning to share Zhang Heng’s suspicion as well.

As Zhang Heng gloated silently about his sharp deductive skills and perceptiveness, Gu Zhun finally replied, “What should I do? What if another scumbag is taking advantage of her? I don’t want anyone to hurt her again…”

After giving some thought to Gu Zhun’s concern, Zhang Heng came up with an idea. “That can be quite easily fixed. We could do some investigation of our own!”


“Investigate… how?”

Zhang Heng immediately retreated into their room with Gu Zhun in tow, leaving Gu Li to her fashion parade in the living room. As he began to outline his plan to Gu Zhun, Gu Zhun began to wonder if Zhang Heng had ever outgrown his immature adolescent self.

“What is this gibberish you’re spouting?” Gu Zhun remarked disparagingly. Ever since he began opening up to Zhang Heng, his reactions had also become more expressive and casual.

Zhang Heng gave his cheeks a pinch as he replied, “Well, the most straightforward thing to do is to call her boss directly and find out what she’s like at work! Do you have the number to her workplace?”

Gu Zhun shook his head.

Zhang Heng pinched his cheeks again. “What a little fool…”

“Look who’s talking. I know the name of the company she works for; don’t you know how to make an inquiry on ‘114’?” [1]


“Well, who would have guessed that you had such a sharp tongue?”

“So? Deal with it.” A smile ghosted about his lips, adding a somewhat sinister touch to his unreadable placid face.

“God no! Stop looking at me with that expression! It sends chills up my spine…” Zhang Heng grabbed the phone from the table and dialed the number hurriedly. Spooked by Gu Zhun’s expression, Zhang Heng dropped his overbearing public persona. He became extremely cautious as he stammered his question to the operator on the other end of the line, “Good… good evening. I… I’d like to… I mean, may I know the number of so-and-so company?” After a brief pause, the operator answered his query and he quickly jotted the number down on the writing pad Gu Zhun passed to him before heaving a huge sigh of relief.

Goodness! That almost killed him!

“You ask me why I’m scared? Don’t you know how scary your expression is? It’s the same look you used to give me back in junior high – unfathomable and unreadable… I can’t even tell what you are thinking. What if you were thinking just now that you’d fallen for an idiot who was nothing but a braggart pretending to be an intellectual elite? What if you were so sickened by the idea of being loved by such a lowlife that you decided to dump me?”

As Zhang Heng became increasingly hysterical, Gu Zhun interrupted his wild imagination with a cool interjection, “I said nothing of the sort.” He stood up calmly, preparing to change into his pajamas and turn in for the night. It had been an exhausting evening; too many things had happened at once. Zhang Heng’s grandfather seemed very stubborn, and their future seemed uncertain…

Suddenly, a memory popped into Zhang Heng’s mind and he turned to look at Gu Zhun. “Hey… Do you think that Health Education textbooks are always right?”


“Do you remember that Health Education booklet in the second year of junior high? I once asked a really technical question about its contents…”

Gu Zhun felt a distant memory begin to surface – a memory so awkward and embarrassing that it was buried in the deepest, farthest corners of his mind… Zhang Heng must have been making fun of him back then.

The Health Education booklet issued by the school that year created a stir amongst the boys. There was excitement everywhere as they navigated through the vast new knowledge between its pages. Zhang Heng was just as excited as everyone else as he flipped through the booklet. When he got to the page on the female reproductive organs, however, he paused and prodded Gu Zhun in the back. Resigned to his fate, Gu Zhun turned around weakly and braced himself mentally for Zhang Heng’s stupid comments.

As expected, Zhang Heng began to articulate his burning questions.

“Why don’t girls have balls? Why does the female organ have a name that sounds so different from the male organ? Shouldn’t their names be more similar so that it’s clearer that they’re corresponding parts in the male and female anatomies?”

Footnote:   [1] 114: This is the number for the Chinese directory of contact information. Anyone may call this number to inquire about the contact numbers of listed businesses in China.

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