TLCPS – Chapter 86: A Very Technical Question

The Long Chase for the President’s Spouse – Chapter 86: A Very Technical Question

Translator: Kotonii

Editor: Espada

Quality Checker: Tezuka

First Published on Chaleuria


Chapter 86: A Very Technical Question

Gu Zhun lowered his head. He was unsure of how he should respond, or what expression he should be wearing right now. After all, his silence back then was proof enough that he did not know the answer to Zhang Heng’s questions. Yet, after all these years, twenty-two-year-old Zhang Heng still wore the same starry-eyed look of expectation as he waited for his response, transporting Gu Zhun back in time to their second year in junior high…

Back then, as Gu Zhun continued to remain silent, Zhang Heng began voicing out his conjectures aloud.

“Hey! Do you think…”

“What are you trying to say?” Gu Zhun’s ears rang from Zhang Heng’s deafening, cracking voice.

“Well, um…” Zhang Heng took a surreptitious look around to make sure they were alone before continuing carefully with a lowered voice. “Well… we’re both guys and we have balls, right? So… do female parts get a completely different name because girls don’t have balls?”

Gu Zhun was speechless then, and he was just as speechless now, since he was still absolutely clueless about girls. Back then, he had been obsessed with his studies and had no time for useless things like romance and sex. Now that he already had Zhang Heng,  it did not matter anymore whether he knew anything about girls. Zhang Heng’s anatomy was all he needed to know.


He remembered how he replied seven years ago that Zhang Heng could “find out for himself through first-hand experience.” Although Zhang Heng had seemed unaffected by his cold response back then, Gu Zhun now knew that Zhang Heng had been deeply hurt, refusing to talk to Gu Zhun for an entire week after that.

For fourteen-year-old Gu Zhun, the world felt like a much better place without the incessant harassment from the ignorant and unmotivated Zhang Heng. While he was enjoying his newfound freedom, Zhang Heng was sulking and waiting for Gu Zhun to make the first move to mend their relationship. After all, Gu Zhun was the one at fault for wanting to give him away to other women!

In the end, however, Zhang Heng was the one who ended this brief standoff between them. That Friday, he broke his silence at the usual time and asked, “Gu Zhun, would you like to go home together?”


Just like that, they were back on speaking terms again. If Zhang Heng had not taken the matter into his own hands, it was highly possible that the standoff might have dragged on indefinitely.

However, the questions remained unanswered. Although Zhang Heng had grown more knowledgeable over the years and was well aware of the answers to his own questions, he could not resist the idea of teasing Gu Zhun, whose sexual knowledge had always been rather lacking.


“Well, do you know the answers now? You never answered my questions back then, you know…”

After a slight pause, Gu Zhun began to explain, “In response to your questions about why the names of male and female sexual organs are so dissimilar… the answer can be found in Chapter 3 of Introduction to Modern Chinese. The chapter focuses on phrase-construction and has a section dedicated to the explanation of antonymy. The names for male and female sexual organs are not antithetical in meaning; they stand for two different lexical meanings that are entirely independent of each other. Hence, they cannot be considered as antonyms, thus explaining why their names are not more structurally similar to each other. Furthermore…”

Zhang Heng hurriedly held up a hand to fend off any further explanation from Gu Zhun. “I think you are missing the point,” he said gingerly, his face contorted in confusion.

“Isn’t the point a linguistic one? Weren’t you asking about the structural relationship between the terms?”

“Well, even if your answer was on point, I couldn’t understand a single word you said…”

Gu Zhun replied nonchalantly, “Because you’re dumb, perhaps?”

“Of course not! It’s because I was a Science student!” a fuming Zhang Heng retorted before taking a short moment to plot his revenge against Gu Zhun’s insult. Minutes later, Zhang Heng raised a new question, “So… is it really true that conception is impossible between two men?”

Gu Zhun looked blankly at Zhang Heng, wondering if his understanding of the world had become obsolete in some way. Even if he was sexually inexperienced and rather lacking in such knowledge, he was still aware that he was conceived through the union of his parents. Surely this meant that conception was only possible between a man and a woman? Yet, he could not help but waver when he saw the look of certainty on Zhang Heng’s face… What if it’s really possible?

“Stop messing with my mind…”

Zhang Heng could not help but feel a sense of amusement at Gu Zhun’s confusion. Such an innocent child… With a twist of his body, Zhang Heng flipped himself atop Gu Zhun. Successfully trapping Gu Zhun under himself, Zhang Heng took a long, loving look into his eyes.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m thinking of doing some investigation of my own.”

Convinced that Zhang Heng was just messing around, Gu Zhun remained unruffled as he replied playfully, “As if you’re capable of doing anything of the sort.”

Unable to resist the charms of his adorable lover, Zhang Heng lowered himself and pressed his lips hungrily to Gu Zhun’s. Trapped between Zhang Heng’s arms, his hands locked firmly behind his back, Gu Zhun began thrashing his legs wildly as helpless moans spilled uncontrollably from his throat.


“Be good… stay still, won’t you?” Zhang Heng coaxed as he eased his weight off Gu Zhun briefly.


“Nnngh… why…?”

   “Because you’re just too adorable.”


“H… hah?”

Zhang Heng leaned in again with far more aggression than before to continue his assault on Gu Zhun. Like a raging tempest, he ravished Gu Zhun’s lips thoroughly, hungry and greedy for more. It was as if he could never have enough of them, nor could he ever escape their alluring hold on him.

“Stick out your tongue…” Zhang Heng murmured, crazed and desperate with desire. It no longer seemed to matter whether Gu Zhun was willing or not. It had been seven years since they met – seven long years filled with trials and tribulations. Now that they had finally beaten the odds and gotten together, Zhang Heng would never let go again.

“Zhang Heng, what’s the matter?”


“What’s the matter?” Zhang Heng panted lightly by Gu Zhun’s ear. “Can’t you tell what’s the matter with me?”


Gu Zhun stared at the ceiling as his memories flashed before his eyes. Ever since they met seven years ago, Zhang Heng had always been trailing after him, though he never spared Zhang Heng a backward glance. He was always cold and passive, while Zhang Heng was always the proactive one. He would check in on Gu Zhun regularly, buy lunch for him whenever he lost track of time during his self-study sessions, and save him from embarrassment by partnering with him in swimming classes (under various pretences) when he had trouble forming teams because he was the only one who did not know how to swim… Even now, after seven years, Zhang Heng willingly set his work aside just to help him overcome his childhood trauma by accompanying him on a long, tiring road trip across provinces.

Zhang Heng gave him so much, but what had he given in return? All this time, Zhang Heng was the only one putting any effort into this relationship…

Tears welled up suddenly in Gu Zhun’s eyes at this thought.

Zhang Heng began to panic at the sight of tears rolling down Gu Zhun’s cheeks. “Are you alright?” he asked frantically.

“I’m sorry…” Gu Zhun turned away, refusing to look Zhang Heng in the eye. “I’m so sorry for my selfishness all these years… Love ought to be equal, but you’re the only one who keeps giving to keep this relationship going while I’ve always taken you for granted… Just now, when you said that you couldn’t take it anymore… it must have been hard for you all these years to keep sacrificing yourself for a love that offers nothing in return…”


Gu Zhun sobbed softly between words. Zhang Heng turned Gu Zhun’s averted face gently towards him. “Look at me.”

“No… I have no right…”

“Since when have you become so stubborn?”


“This is how I have always been…”

Zhang Heng chuckled uncontrollably, his heart melting at the rare sight of Gu Zhun’s adorable petulance. He replied with an indulgent smile, “It’s okay. It’s never too late for self-awareness. What happened just now wasn’t entirely your fault either. I was the one who wanted you. It’s my fault for being so urgent and forceful… I’m sorry for overlooking your feelings.”


As Zhang Heng dropped a gentle kiss on Gu Zhun’s lips, Gu Zhun wrested a hand out of Zhang Heng’s grasp and touched his face lightly. “Well… it seems that we are both pretty dumb in love, aren’t we?”

“Speak for yourself. Clearly, you’re the only dummy here.” Gently, Zhang Heng brushed aside the strands of hair in Gu Zhun’s eyes. “I love you. You’re the person I love most in the entire world – in the past, in the present, and in the future too.”

“What a coincidence. That’s exactly how I feel.”

Zhang Heng lowered himself again and slowly undid Gu Zhun’s buttons one by one. “May I…?” he asked.

Gu Zhun smiled – it was the most dazzling, angelic smile that Zhang Heng had ever seen. It was nothing like the forced smile in Gu Zhun’s graduation photo, nor the smile of resignation he wore when he failed to protect Gu Li… It was the sweetest smile, filled with loving warmth.

“Of course you may. Didn’t you want to conduct an investigation of your own? After all, you have a very serious technical question that deserves some first-hand experimentation.”

“Mm… yes… very serious…”

“That serious question about whether conception is possible between men, remember?”

“Well then…” Zhang Heng propped himself up again. “Shall we also try to answer another equally difficult and serious question?”

“No! You’re going too far…”

“Too late for that! We’ve already gone too far to turn back now!”

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